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  1. im in no RP-3 for tempest camp,only beacause if they have them then GA guys will take them all they can beter use P-38 or P-47 with rockets+bombs for GA when tempest have only pair of 500 or 1000lbs
  2. They didnt add Typhoon with BoBp, so we can ask to have it with Battle of Normandy
  3. That was only because it was only DF server heavy limiting numbers of airplanes to historical, so normaly you had hurris available more and players are forced to play with them. On most servers it was just spitvs109 all the time and only few hipsters in hurris. When your seling it for 20$ and online in box you dont have anything like sow, who would buy airplane thats so opsolite compared even to vvs stuff in game. Airplanes like hurri is better to have as group in dlc then collectables.
  4. CountZero

    Spit XIV

    you dont have to prove that any axis airplane was used and in big numbers, thats only for allied airplanes and 150 octane, so do335 and ta152 over bobp map is ok ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. CountZero

    Spit XIV

    no no no Spit XIV should be compared to do-335 or Ta-152H , your logical logic is wrong ๐Ÿ˜„ so if spit xiv should be collectable then either do-335 or ta-152H should be also for axis, its just how it has to be
  6. even in clod online hurris were not popular airplanes and they won bob, i just dont see how you can get this airplane to be collectable, when your asking user to pay 2.5 times more for airplane, then it has to be worth it, and hurri is not... As bunch of 5x5 for 80$ dlc where worth of airplane is 8$ is ok, but as collectable for 20$ it would be just bust...
  7. You can learn to use this games MB in few weeks or days depending how dedicated you are, there is good manuals already, but compared to il-2 1946 or il-2 clod MB using this MB is boring task and more like a job, i spend some time to learn it and then just stop using it, i dont expec any changes to this game MB, as it works and its not to complex to learn, only its not fun to use like previous versions of il-2 had.
  8. I think thats the only way to try to fix it, ppl with constant disconects will have to track it and then when enought data is colected maybe present it to devs, as still number of players effected is not big compared to number of users
  9. I belive that ping limiter dont work correctly, so sometimes thats the problem servers should avoid using it, and you can see if it improves, i think thats why wol stop having ping limit. That is sure a problem, i didnt have any problems this year like last year with random disconects ( and nothing changed on my roter pc or server i play) only that update that had fix transfer data lost changed. klobuk did you try to change your net setings in startup.cfg file in data folder of your game, maybe you have it to low at 1024, cange it both to 10240 also guys having problem could try to post how many players was on server when they get disconected, was server on their continent or not, was some big target bombed at that moment, also was someone els using net at same time, and maybe then they can see whats comon thing. my net speed is 20/5MB so i have 4096 and 1024 and it works fine with no problems on server like wol, i expect i would get disconet problems if i played on server in usa or asia or aust also have any of you try to lover its graphic setings in game and see if that helps, maybe it changes something, theres nothing els to try and no help from devs so tray everything... klobuk you have most disco on wol, so try lovering your graphic setings ( go from ultra to normal or change your res from max 2-3 res lover and so on ) and try wol again as there you have most chance of replicating and seing if that changes things at all
  10. I like the style of thouse videos, his other videos are good also. Thanks for info, didnt know about new movie in making,i go search about it on net and it seams its out november 2019 (perfect for anouncment of Midway DLC ) I tought oh november realise date they are going for oscars, but then i saw emerich is director and my expectations for movie to be any good are broken...his last few movies were crapy as heck
  11. Then they can go full steam ahead and make it AI only for start, and 262s have something to crash into at max speed ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. i have still few months before they anounce whats next of beliving it is still Midway, no one can take that away hope the guy gets part 2 before that
  13. It would be better if its late B-17 model, didnt brits bomb only at night late in war, but even as AI only it would be good to have one 4 engine bomber. Only 3 gunner position also look like it would not be more demanding for game then B-25 that is coming with BoBp as AI only.
  14. and 109f2 same 480kmh at that alt, and then with time as engine overheats and automatic rads open it drops down few kmh to 478, but its combat mode only, so more time on it then mig3 on boosted at same speed. And on top of that you can use emergancy for 3min (or bosted for 1min), and then let it recharge while your in combat mode maintaining distance, and then use it again...
  15. 0% rads on oil and watter will still give you best speed even on yak1b, i noticed only on yak7b out of all yaks in game 0% position will not give you best speed
  16. with time i got used to the way it works now in game, but if you play online youll constantly see new players get confused with how it works, having it oposite then now would be perfect, or just have ability in key settings to remap the keys.
  17. Only if you fly mig3 with fully closed radiators and youll overheat fast that way, if you fly mig3 with rads positions so you dont overheat (like 109F2 do) then your bearly matching 109F2 combat speed on all alts.
  18. On most fighters in game 0% will give you best top speed, only yak7b has lovest drag at 47% both rads position, and P-39 at 40% oil and 60%watter. You can start free flight in QM and turn on aiutopilot and test things there by looking at gui speed that is more accurate and see differances in speed after 5-10min of flying, you can speed up time, also you can go with outside vie and see on P-39 or yak7b where its osition of its radiator flap and will see why its like that best. On lagg3 for example differance in speed when oil is 0 or 100% is 5kmh, and for watter its 16kmh 0-100%, but most of time because it has bad radaiator you fly all 100%, even in winter maps you cant close it below 50-60% or youll brake negine in 2-3min if your low or try to climb or df.
  19. Totaly agree, ad even P-40 is more user frendly then this thing
  20. If your able to RRR only on spawn airbases then its easyer to just respawn. But if spawn bases are far and you have ability to rearm on any/or some unactive bases on your side of front then you save time by doing RRR on close base and go attack objective faster, But your risking geting strafed as base dont have flaks and if you despawn there its like you crashed. I hope server mission maker will be able to define time for RRR. Nice promo video and guy should make them for all expantions, it looks great. EDIT: as now you have non spawn airfields as objectives (located usealy close to frontlines) on most online missions, you could add this RRR ability to thouse airfields and your able to rearm there while that objective is alive, when enemy destroy it you lose RRR there, that could be aditional use of it, depending what mission maker will be able to do with that option, making that objective more important for both sides to defend/destroy.
  21. and thats why they bomb from 7-8km not 5km oh thats from 2016 so your the OG spawn bomber i see 2-3 spawn bases on map, spawn points that are always on same place and spawn airplanes in neat line, so its realy not that hard to camp over all abses and bomb players there, and its done constantly by axis side, as they can do it have better fighters and bombers for it and also have numbers advantage so its not hard to camp over all bases, and flak cant hit them up high. Base should have more flaks but game is limited so you putt more stuff to defend ugenst trolls and you cant have them over real objectives, you have 10 spawn bases insted 2-3 you have less objectives and so on... why each base have 4-5 flaks and not 15-20... its simple game is poor at how many stuff can be in mission for mission to work, so they optimise, and then this is abused
  22. CountZero

    Spit XIV

    that GoT episode was only thing having worst visability then we have here, had to adjust gamma and tv screan constantly during the episode to see anything, it felt like playing BoX lol cant see a think when it mathers ๐Ÿ˜„ Maybe leve Typhoon and mustang III for Normandy, so its only 4 collectables they need to make by end of the year
  23. CountZero

    Spit XIV

    It fits historicly in BoBp campaign and its better performer compared to spits in game now, so only logical is to be collectable airplane sone after bobp is out. But who knows maybe devs will go for Stinson L-5 as sales of Po-2 are so good so its more profitable option, then we can pretend that we are doing recon and maybe add some bazoka mods and go hunt tankers.
  24. And also axis base is defended by airplanes like AI 109s that can catch any bomber or fighter up high, while allied bases are defended by slow fighters that cant even catch ju88 up high, so no wonder spawn bombers are mostly playing on axis side, better high alt bomber and better bombload and ai that cant catch you fast enought to be danger.
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