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  1. Late 44-45 Italy is place to go as game engine would be fit for type of operations there, interestng map area, no need for naval stuff, no need for big bombers and big formations, you can easy include some airplanes people ask for bobp now, and add top line italian fighters ( mc205, g55, me-410s, 109g10, ar234 ..., razerback p47s or p-51s, mosquitos, b-26s, spit 8s... ) and airplanes that can be used also in bobp for SP, and airplanes from bobp can be used there also in SP ( planty 190F8, p-38J p-51 and p-47 bubble, spit 9s, b-25s operated there), and your not steping on TFS mto as it would take them years to historicly come to that timeline if they are profitable as there is so many things to cover in med befoe italy 44-45. Its like printing money after bobp dlc, accesable airplanes data, accesable campaing data for SP, and both dlc have so many comon airplanes that they fit to be together, and more time to prepare for pto Also they show with Kuban that they have best hight modeling for maps, it would be shame not to use that for all the mountaines area in north Italy πŸ˜„
  2. Here check this video and it will explain you how to make it better to spot contacts:
  3. Doing Italy mid-late 1944-early-mid 1945 period is easy option after BoBp, as it can use almost all airplanes in BoBp and complement them also as airplanes that you can make for this Italy DLC you can use also in BoBp so players will be more inclined to buy both. Also you dont have to improve and optimise game to handle big amount of ships and 100s of aaa guns at one place, that it cant handle now, also you dont have to incress draw distance at witch you see ships, now only 10km, and reaserch for campaign and airplanes is easyer then any PTO. And you can also avoid using big bombers as medium bombers did good number of operations in area, so it would work good with game as its now it plays to its strenghts. And you can have long SP campaign. i made sugestion few days ago, and doing late Italy is easyer option as you avoid naval operations: But going PTO expands game players base, im sure there is some players who dont have this game, and would start to play when we get some carrier vs carrier ops like Midway, if we go in PTO and it dosent have carrier vs carriers and usa naval fighters then its pointles as first step in PTO and would probably be hard sell, then its better to just stick with war over europe as its mutch easyer to do it, and late Italy war is good combo after BoBp. MP players maybe spend more time playing game, but dev dont get money from amount of time you play the game but from how mutch numbers of game they sold, and there is more players who just buy game and play it in SP few time a month or year, and still pay same for it as most MP guys who buy and play it almost every day or week in MP. Zero vs Wildcats server was more popular then Spit vs 109s in Il-2 1946 at some point, and doing first PTO DLC without Zero and Wildcat would be just wrong, and if it cant be done then better just stick with what game does good now and do DLC in europe war insted.
  4. I dont know of any Yak-3 squadron that was based in Italy, most fighting over Yugoslavia and NDH were from bases there. You have planty options for Allied fighter or fighter bomber: Hurricane Mk.IV, Spitfire Mk.IXc, Beaufighter Mk.VIF, P-39Q, P-47D22, P-47D30, A-36A... you can leve Yaks for some future late war east front no need to push them on Italy area.
  5. No Tempest also, planty of B-25 and B-26 as Rani say before its more realistic option for bomber
  6. 37mm in game is useless, and combined with P-39 its like your trying to punish your self. I tested it in controled enviroment, 1v1 good net conection, and empty server , just air spawn and 2 players, (to eliminate any netcode problems) and i can see what happends to me in 109 or 190 when P-39 37mm hits me and its rediciluse week. ( same resoults when try it vs AI 109/190s in quick mission). Thats by far most heavy effected airplane by new DM they introduced with 3.008, in bad way. But its not that big problem as almost no one realy plays with P-39s, this game realy makes this plane look like mistake,to think that it was even made in real life and used, if its like it is modeled in this game, pilots flying them in real ww2 and performing good in them were superheros!
  7. Im all for Italy and see this as realy atractive area for this game. There was no Typhoons in Italy, also dont think well get any 4 engine bombers in this game, so maybe replace that 2 with something els.
  8. funny thing about dislikes on your videos is that when you have axis airplane they are low or none, and look at allied videos and its 10 times more dislikes , i guess some cant stand to see their favorit airplanes get shoot at πŸ˜„ Also no offence to Karaya but what you do is more harder, he has his team covering him, your alone, and usealy your fighting outnumbered by enemys, that k4 fighting 4-5 in short time is my favorit video
  9. I dont think it will ever be that big, WT takes a lot of people that were playing mp in 46 on servers with icons and outside views. In BoX there is usealy 200-350 ppl online on peak times any day in online lobby on servers. planty of interesting airplanes missing, and then time is spend on u-2, insted on them
  10. Me-410s just dont fit in any map area we have now in game from what i could see, while Mosquitos could fit BoBp for SP also.
  11. https://books.google.com/books?id=27nvCwAAQBAJ&pg=PT149&lpg=PT149&dq=ju-88C6+on+russian+front&source=bl&ots=7edSWBWJ9t&sig=Urc7icIXsrNEFDa2-cz7IKOX9sk&hl=hr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjD-tLEyMzfAhVROBoKHa_8DQsQ6AEwE3oECAEQAQ#v=onepage&q=ju-88C6 on russian front&f=false and here if you go on air units, you can check when and where units mentioned in book had them https://www.ww2.dk/
  12. From what i could see both airplanes saw use over Sicily and Italy for big part of war. 2.(F)/122 recon unit used few Me-410A and later B models throughout the war there, and at short periods II. and III./ZG1 used them also (and Me-210Cs, 10./ZG26 used also Ju-88C6s that are also quite interesting airplane for this game). RAF no.23 and no.600 night fighter squadrons used Mosquitos NF Mk.IVs and later Mk.XIXs ( also they first used Beaufighter Mk.IVFs ), for intruder and night fighter missions over Italy. USAF nightfighter squadrons (414,415,416 and 417 at various periods of time) used also Mosquitos NF Mk.IV and later Mk.XIXs (also mixed with Beaufighters Mk.IVFs at begining of op there, and near end of war they used P-61s). So they could easy fit some Italy scenarious, used in SP campaign for historical ops, and online for more fun ground attack strafe and bomb runs πŸ˜„ Check this suggestion for future GB DLC, if you didnt: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/42064-battle-of-rome/
  13. Shows how interesting terain is:
  14. For Mig Ally they would have only MiG-15s for one side, all thouse other prop bombers and fighters were used only in early battles and only in limited use as far i know, so to squise atleast 5 airplanes for N. Korea side you have to have map for their operations so you can use them in SP, and that means one big map, or less airplanes per DLC or 1 por one side and 9 for other side... something would have to change from this 5x5 DLC model.
  15. Finaly tricked my tm8 to buy BoK so we can se how effective P-39 37mm is and i was suprised to see that i could fly my 109 when he hit me with 4xAP from 37mm cannon only and only was shoot down when he got my pilot, no visable damage to airplane when hit by them. Then with HE it took 2-3 bullets to get 109 by damaging the engine, and 4 to brake its parts, 23HE is more effective then P-39 37mm HE after the DM update, i think thats the most effected gun by DM change in negative way i hope they fix that in future, P-39 is now airplane for masochists lol Atleast he likes Yak-7b so its not all lost by buying BoK.
  16. But it doesent have all in one area that can be reasnobly fit you would have to have 2-3 differant maps and 2-3 DLC to cover Battles in Korea its not like, oh just give us for example: MiG-15bis, La-11. Tu-2, Il-10, Yak9P F-86F, F-84E F4U , SeaFury, B-29 For them all to be able to operate you have to have map from West China to Japan , and thats atleast 1000x1000km map to cover whole war and there is planty of UN airplanes missing and almost all N.Korea airplanes that saw little use are acounted for in 5 airplanes. [edited]
  17. Thanks for the link for that book, it has good info and al at one place and all same info from web links. No mention there also that any B-26 squadron was at Foggia at any point. Reading now this https://www.39-45.org/videos/3945/CA073.pdf B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO, some nice pictures there also
  18. Yes PTO is still only one that is next, all other is just what after, i still dont see any reason to not think PTO is next its only will it be Midway as hoped from start or something els. Also that hint about expanding the pool of airplanes with jet tehnologie is 99.999998432% about Ar-234 as collectable in future as they said they made choice of doing it or 262 for initial bobp, and 0.0000789% about Korea.
  19. Start with Battle of Stalingrad and then get Battle of Bodenplatte and youll be cover for some time
  20. Lockheed YP-80A Shooting Star, Italy 1945 πŸ˜„
  21. ok thanks, when i was reserching there was reorts of mistaken id as 262 but in real it was recon arados, so i tought redtails just run with it and used 262s and 30mm that dont do mutch damage when hit pilots πŸ˜„
  22. something like this could fit nicly for late 1944 and 1945 Italy, and almost all airplanes from BoBp operated there also and some from that Italy DLC could be used in BoBp for Axis: G.55 Serie I , MC.205V Serie III , Bf-109G-10 , Me-410B-3, Ar-234B-2 for Allieds: P-39Q-20 , P-47D-30 ( or razerback P-47D-22 or P-51C-10 ) , Spitfire Mk.VIII , B-26G-5 , B-25J-15 ( or Mosquito NF MK.XIX or P-61B-2 ) Map area would be around 450x500km but more populated with big citys but bonus would be no naval operations , something like this ( all airplanes on list had bases in area and operated in operations in late 44 early 45) : and you can use it for operations from after Rome is liberated and Ghotic line advances started, till end of war in Italy in late 45, dont know what would be good name for it Battle of ?. There was big use of Bf-109G14s, Bf-109Ks later, Fw109F8, ( dont know about D9s and 262s (red tails say they were there ) ) and Spitfire 9s, and P-51Ds and P-47Ds and P-38Js from bobp there, so its good combo to have both DLC πŸ˜„
  23. Serching for B-26 operations over italy i stumbled on this picture of B-26 that say its from Foggia https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/b-26-marauder/b-26-marauder-foggia-airfield-comp-italy/ from what i could see B-26s units in Italy operated from Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia in 43-44-45, i could not see any operated from Foggia complex airbases what could be tail number #83 or #88, and serial numbermaybe 243237? should be from 319th Bombardment Group, 440th Bombardment Squadron or 320th Bombardment Group, 441st Bombardment Squadron but numbers dont match, also i could not see any info that they were in Foggia bases https://www.markstyling.com/b26_research.04.htm https://www.markstyling.com/b26_research.05.htm http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/USAAF/319th_Bombardment_Group.html http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/USAAF/320th_Bombardment_Group.html or maybe by checking B-26 serial numbers here http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html #88 42-43276 B-26B-40-MA Marauder, but also not in Foggia and it says its 441st BS for that one, but from what i see they didnt have that high tail numbers so im wodering is that picture maybe from Corsica or Sardinia airbase and not from Foggia
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