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  1. D-15 was said in one DD 194, and then later one of DD 202 said D-25 (maybe by mistake) , D-15 fits whole campaign so its probably that one. Maybe we get first view on 3D look of it in next DD
  2. In MP you join server, select airplane and spawn and take off, if you see enemy and shoot at him and lose all your ammo and are stil able to fly, then you return to your base and land. After you land, you click finish flight, and start new flight and you have new airplane, and all new ammo, and you do new sortie on same mission on same server. Not so complex, no need for rearm or refule what so ever. In SP you just turn on unlimited ammo and who cares what you do there, shoot down 1 or 50 airplanes in flight, its your time in SP fly how ever you wont. In MP host server dictates what settings it will use.
  3. Try to go in your settings and turn on Use 4K textures, turn of Full screan, set Screan resolution to your native one, also turn on Vsync. You have intergrated graphic card on procesors of laptops, so what he ment is to check if insted your main graphc card that is strongest, game is using week processor graphic card, if this changes dont help.
  4. I ask , and admin replay: "for HaunterHero - 1 week for 69TH_PUG - 3 week for 69th_LuckyHawk - 2 week 69TH a lot of checks done... It's automaticly ban for gunner, one crew member = 1 week" http://il2war.ru/index.php?showtopic=1003&p=31870
  5. And if only devs would include this skin for LaGG-3 as official so it can be used on servers that have locked costum skins it would be perfect fit for BoBp as P-51C , it looks just to good
  6. perfect skin for playoffs season, fly eagles fly
  7. Yes on most DF servers you had take off cariers and landing carriers, also when you spawn on carrier you were with chocks in and at that time your plane was invanruble so if anyone behined you started he could just pass trough your airplane, and when spawn slots on carrier deck were full when you press start you would just spawn in air next to carrier at 500-1000m alt. So there was no big problems, it was even easyer to get in air then from normal land bases. I would like them to do some maps of area where they already have most airplanes in game that flew there, they could sell map and career that comes with that map, and as they say 95% users are SP, if server has that map in rotation, MP users dont have to have that map (like its now) to play on it just need to have airplanes used on bases. This could give us more areas to fight over and no worry of how to fill 10 airplanes when most are already in game. Also they can then tie it with some collectable airplanes. Maybe that would be profitable, for interesting areas but no so interesting airplane sets of 10 airplanes. ( something like Smolens, Crimea, Lvov or Kiev area maps from il-2 1946 would fill in some gaps could be used in differant years of war, and we already have most airplanes to use there, also there is that Leningrad map that is worked on by Finland players )
  8. I see you play as fighter so what Ehret said is important, your df skill dosent mather mutch if you play to stay alive as long as you can. if you play alone whats most important is to have good SA, fast airplane, know when enemy is trying to trap you or drag you to his frends (know when to give up) , and to understand whats going on on mission you should be ok in staying alive on any server no mather of your df skil level. If your with wingman then if his bad hell get you killed most of time, if hes good its mutch easyer then playing alone, but then you need to think how to feed him with kills so hes happy also, so youll get less kills in same flying time then when you hunt alone. If your alone be in areas where someone from your team can help you, and try to be where enemy dont expect you so you just suprise them, as thats easy way to get kill with no effort. On any server you can play just for staying alive, or just for geting most kills in sortie posible or just for quick furball fun. And FB Vaal stat system that 90% of online servers use promotes and rewords players who stay alive more then players who get most kills or spend most time on server so even avradge player who has 1-2h a day to play can look good when he plays to stay alive, i see good number of players playing for staying alive as long as posible on any server that has stats as stats in this game reword that behavior.
  9. i also ment that as distance, not high as hight, so i dont remenber reading anything about that high range
  10. i think 75km is to big i dont remenber reading anything about that high. but recently i was reading something about testing lights on wings of torpedo bombers to hide them from enemy flaks, and without any lights detection range was ~12miles ~20km, and when they had thouse lights on wings it was only ~2miles only. ill post link when i locate it. It was caled Yehudi, and that was tested on avenger size airplane, so we should be able to see airplanes that size in game from 20km atleast: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/stealth-aircraft-early.htm https://blog.xbradtc.com/2017/06/project-yehudi.html
  11. found some nice info here for soviet a-20g http://www.airpages.ru/eng/mn/b20_00.shtml https://vvsairwar.com/2018/01/09/the-douglas-a-20-havoc-boston-in-soviet-service/
  12. What is shown in video is not cloud problem its 9,5km rendering distance problem, as for big airplanes you can clearly see how they just apear out of nowere when they come 9,5km from you, its even wors on high alt when you have contrails just apear out of nowere at 9,5km from you, and for ww2 airplanes 9,5km is nothing. and to answer op, its not bug its game limitation, and its not since 3.009 its in game from start, and devs said they would like to change it when they have time from answers on redit from last year.
  13. If your thinking about that first black and white picture then yes, but that area in one map would be to big, and would be hard to select just 10 airplanes for whole period. For all that you would have to have atleast 3 maps ( one tunis sicily and malta, one sicily and south to central italy, and one central to north italy ).
  14. MC202 is looking almost same as Ki-61 when it have IJA skin on it:
  15. I dont use any program, i just open fies with notepad and read whats there, i was using that mostly when deciding what bullet was better for antitank, you could see what damage % it does when you test in SP. DM model works ok in MP when server or mission is not overloaded so it cant transfer bullet data betwen players and server fast. On WoL there is around half missions that will work with no problems, and half that wont work ok from start untill objects get destroyed to level server can handle after 3.007. If you go and test in MP on empty server and in controled enviroment and good pings, you should have same resoults as in SP test. But players usealy report strange or extream cases when they happend and not normal cases. So its important to understand that when strange or extream thing happend check first if server or mission was to heavy and that could be couse of it. and in that poll i voted that i like dm from before ( i only saw problem there with small calibar bullets riping wings) but big number of users show in poll they like new DM so it is to stay and probably inproved apon when they have time to do it.
  16. PM DenLarik on their russian forum about it, he disco when someone is shooting at him 7 times last month and 17 times in 6 days of this month, he either have realy terible conection and should not play online or is doing this intentionaly to piss of players shoting at him and dont give them kills ( more likely ).
  17. That other 190 hit him only with 2x 20mm bullets, all that delay is from your 190 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3878199/?tour=43 in this case delay is not 5min, but i did see delays of 200+s on outdated messages, also look at stats when ships flak hit him, and then compare that with what you see in video, and you can clearly see that when you start to count flak hits in video, you dont attack him in video after it, BUT in stats you can clearly see that you damaged him after ship flaks shot at him, as outdated hits got to him only then, so yes you were having outdated hits on him, and stats and your video shows that, as you did acording to stats 82% damage to him after flak hit him (thats the moment all your other not previously detected bullets got recived by him and thats why that one event has that big % of damage in 1s ), and thats not what you see in video. When i join WoL server and i see mission is one with to many objects and will be to heavy, i just wait untill objects get destroyed and join in 1h, as there is no point in playing on mission that is lagy, as you never know what will happend when you attack enemy, its good for bombers ( as they can bomb and flak shoots at them with delay, so they can drop bombs on target without geting shoot down before it by flak, as damage will be delayed) to play then but not for fighters.
  18. If you look at this: you will see that early 190s perform to good up high like la5s, 2nd fastest axis airplanes when using boosts, only 109k4 on boost is faster then them on axis side that high. test only up to 10km
  19. From video it looks that delay bullet impacts are from first 190, so i dont see why this video would be of any interest as its not showing for sure whats happening, im sure pe-2 in game can servive that amount of bullets, but this video is poor in showing that as it can be questioned because of lag that is comon on wol server on that mission. If you realy wont to show how strong Pe-2 is then load it in Quick Mission and attack it there, you can even change in your startup.cfg value of mission_text_log = 0 to 1 so you get mission logs and you can clearly see there what type of bullet hit airplane and show that with video and replay. That would be more acceptable, and devs would take notice of it. But video like you shown is exactly why devs say they dont bather to look at DM videos from MP as you can see you dont know exactly whats happening, and you need to know who and when hit what, and you can get that only for sure in SP, or cean server with good conection and only 2 of you, 1 attacker and one in attacked airplane telling you what damage you did. Im not questioning that Pe-2 servived that amount of bullets, i dont know what amount he should servive in real, but im questioning your metod as it can not show exactly whats happening to be sure when he got hit with what and when would he go down if all bullets are with no delay.
  20. That video is exactly why devs dont bather to even look dm reports from MP, you can clearly see how your bulet data is delayed, even you say in video text that there is no damage visable, and later you see explosions happend when no one is shoting, if you could see chat i bet there was planty outdated messages in chat, as missions with ships on WoL are to laggy since 3.007 update, and constantly you can see outdated bulet data on them, like shown in video here. Good test of DM in MP you can done only in empty server and 2 of you, showing situations like this on server and mission that is lagging is waist of time, no one will take it seriously.
  21. Coral sea and Midway would be my favorit, but with time i see how for this game New Guinea is best option for start PTO ( only minus is lack of US naval airplanes )
  22. And we dont have Battle of Kursk or plan to get it, and yes it would not work with so many tanks so why tray it and fail showing battle for what is famous for. Doing for example Battle of Midway with fleets of 5-6 ships and range of only 9,5km is pointles and shows flaws of game engine, your not showing it in what is made to be, so why bather do half job and give ammo to haters, where there is better options to show game engine in what it does better then others. BoBp is great example of Devs making smart decision and play to games strenghts, while making extreme interesting DLC in area that is famous with hot airplanes, and buying time to inprove on game.
  23. show me working mission with 30-40 ships in same area and all 100s of AAA shoting at airplanes and ill belive in crriers as posibility in this game, its more likely to go New guinea or Burma then big naval engagments that PTO is famus for, also 9.5km visibility range for ships is useles in PTO that would have to be changed to atleast 60+km and how would game work then? Also over normandy there was almost 0 oposition from axis in air, that would be one boring SP campaign, its just having good name like okinawa for pto but its one sided.
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