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  1. and that was reason of dm changes in 3.008, to make t so it take more ammo to shoot down an airplane, and this is exactly what you see in game since 3.008 update, it takes more ammo of any type to shoot down any type of airplane. op is wrong in that this started in 3.009, it started in 3.008 and no change is done in 3.009 thats why his first topic was closed when moderator answer him.
  2. thats 3.008 chages u see in video, and like you see on poll ppl like it this is the sortie from that video, he shot down before attacking that il-2 in video( probably video shows him shoting at not only 1 il-2 but all 3 he shoot at in that sortie), 2xil-2 2xyak1, and then damaged this il-2 (did he even have 20mms by that time on that 3rd il-2, i guess no, its probably only 7.7mms) http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3793350/?tour=42 and that was on 7.12.2018 2 days after 3.008 update, 12 days before 3.009 update, so whats the problem i dont see, should he be able to shoot down that 3rd il-2 with only 7.7mms after he already shoot down 2xil2 and 2xyak in same sortie? also you can see how hes clearly misleading you with video, showing 407 bullets hit, and listing bulet hits on 2xil-2 (for one he got kill) as one il-2 hit (last one that he managed only to damage as he run out of all ammo, and was probably only hitting with 7.7mms), but not saying all that was on 5 airplanes and he shoot down 4 of them, hes showing it in video like all that was only on one il-2 that manage to servive, while in real all that was on 5 airplanes and he shoot down 4 of them with 407 bullets and heavy damaged 5th one, hes trolling ppl and misleading them with that video as hes clearly biased to axis side, and this video and how misliding he edited it is clear prof of it. bubi your naive like franch maid, check things you see on internet before leting ppl like him decive you like that gota love that fair play index 100% message on end of video, hes fair play index should be -100% how deciving video he edited. And to see how many ppl in coment belived him that all that was on one il-2 lol
  3. that was from dd 204 4 months ago and done in 3.006 update same month, it had no effect in what amount of ammo it took to shoot down airplanes, ammo that hit airplanes is what OP is talking about as he can notice from stats that more bullets that hit airplane is needed now in game from what he saw before. And that change to DM in 3.008 update is exactly reason why you would see that it takes more ammo ( ammo that hit airplane your shooting at) to destroy airplanes, maybe OP didnt play mutch in that 2 week period betwen 3.008 and 3.009 and is confuing things, but nothing got changed betwen 3.008 and 3.009 DM like it was said by devs, and i also dont see any drastic changes betwen 3.008 and 3.009. But you can clearly see that it takes bigger amount of bullets that hit airplane now then what we had before 3.008, and poll was posted and most players like this new dm compared to old one. from 3.008 changes done to DM: "The main feature of this release is revised airframe damage modeling - an important part of the damage system. Airframe damage system was completely overhauled to take into account additional parameters. The damage modeling as a whole was tuned and improved and bugs fixed - you can read the entire list below." "Damage model improvements:13. P-47D-28, Yak-7b and Spitfire Mk.IXe wings made less fragile when damaged;14. Aileron control rods correctly damaged when Yak-7b, P-39L-1 or P-47 wing is damaged;15. An overdone HE explosion effect on the primary structure of an aircraft has been reduced.16. Damage calculations of the airframe take a hit angle into account;17. Damage from direct hits and explosions on the skin and control rods has been tuned;18. Minor visual damage correctly appears after a first hit;19. The visual damage of a cockpit glass correctly appears after a first hit there;20. Ju-52 instruments can be damaged now;21. Aircraft primary structure won't erroneously receive double damage in case of hits on the internal components like fuel tanks, engine, radiators, etc.);22. Airframe sturdiness tuned for all aircraft;23. Armor of the internal components corrected whenever it was wrong;24. P-47D-28 wing damage corrected (wing loss is preceded with a wing crack);25. A weapon won't fire if its ammo supply was lost with a wing part;26. Fuel tank fire probability corrected for Flying Circus aircraft;27. Ammo detonation effects differ visually depending on the explosion power;" poll
  4. how its in game i wonder why soviets bathered to build anything els, it has razy roll, 23mm and best dive if only bubble canopy and nothing els u need
  5. You have something wrong, DM got changed in 3.008 and since then all airplanes need mutch more ammo to be shoot down, no DM changes were done in 3.009 compared to changes to dm done in 3.008 from what they said, and i sure dont see any differance in amount of ammo neccesary to take down airplane bewten wat was in 3.008 and is since 3.009. There is big differance in amount of ammo that takes to destroy airplanes from what was in game from start of it and what we got with 3.008 but nothing changed since 3.008 in DM department. I play in SP and MP and see no changes from 3.008 and 3.009 in DM.
  6. If only USAF buy better airplanes from Soviets in ww2, we would have no timer, recharge and octane problems, and have La5FNs and Yak9s for BoBp 😄
  7. yes i never heard stories of P-47s turning like spits something is either wrong with how flaps effect airplane, or real ww2 pilots never bather to try using flaps in combat the way we use them in game and didnt know how nimble airplane they had.
  8. thats not the problem there is so many users having this problems with netspeds from 3mb to 300mb, and servers have 1gb speeds. the amount of stuf you can have in one mission changed to wors since 3.007, who knows why, so if old mission has to mutch stuff server cant handle it and users with lower net get affected first, and they affect then users with high net speds also. also you get random kicks of 20-30 ppl at same time from server, ppl from diff parts of world. the point is it all worked fine in 95% time before 3.007, only few extrem times you would have outdated bullet data or lags and to heavy misions, after it it got mest up somehow, they did fix 1-2s delay of traicer do with 3.007
  9. dont take to mutch fuel, 60% is ok for more then 1h For cowlings you can have them at 0%, oil also at 0%, but inlet at 50% have turbo at 100% from start (youll not brake engine if you leve it at 100% all time) use 52" MP and 2500 rpm to have combat mode for 30+min and good speed use 58" and 2500 rpm+100%mix + boost to get ~15min of wep and good speed when flying strait ~2550rpm gives you best speed, 2700 at high alts abow 7km and in climbs if in combat and you cant run, go on 100% flaps down youll turn better then Spit9 and just outturn enemys and even outclimb them on full power with no speed loss. or just fly axis or vvs and have no problems
  10. nah we can use lagg-23 with P-51 skins and La5FNs with P-47 skins and play on bobp map like that, probably would do better with that vs 45 lufftwafe now in game then with usaf airplanes how they are now in game, and it was shown before that there was planty of 150octan fuel to trow around late in war from what i see on forum, so its not balance its historical to have it 😄
  11. my tm8 landed one time on base and had to wait 1min for server to alow him to hit finish because of outdated stuff, avoiding guys vulching base, he was sending some nice messages to devs over ts3
  12. its outdated bullet data, its normal thing on WoL on some missions since 3.007 patch, hope next update fixes this, if you join server and see that your gps position is not in sick with you or there is outdated messages in chat expect this type of things to happend, you can stay and play or leve server and come back in 1h and when good number of ground objects is destroyed mission should run ok, thats what i do when i see mission that is to heavy will be next on server. this is list of problematic missions that i noticed from playing there: OldtTainStation42ssum ( bad from start, to many damn trains and AI pe2 activating bases ) MalayaZemlya43k ( realy bad from start should be removed from earth and trown in black whole ) north42ssum Taman43kraut ( realy bad from start until ships destroyed but no one goes for damn ships from start ) LastAssault41maut Penetration41maut Vitebsk ( has big number of moving tanks and trains its mess first 1h )
  13. only time i had to wait for finish mission after crash land is when server is having delay problems, so after i land or crsh land i have to wait for my gps icon to come to my position, and only then i was able to press finish mission, when all is ok on server every time when crash land imidiatly i was able to finish mission, so i think this was case for you, mission was probably laggy and you had to wait for server to recognise that you crash landed. Also it would be nice to be able to run away from crsh site like in il-2 1946.
  14. Tempest apeal is maybe more in 4x20mm hispanos, does anyone know if Tempest could split to fire 2x20 and 2x20 insted all 4 at once, if thats posible it would be even better, i remenber in 1946 P-47 could do that, 4and4 on two trigers. edit: here is report for P-51B with 67" and 75", with and ithout bomb racks, and with 150 octan and 75" its 16mph faster then 67", and 8mph faster without bomb racks then with bomb racks, max speed is 388mph on deck thats 624kmh, so he was probably thinking about this one. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/mustangtest.html So if diff could be +16mph with 150 fuel, then D-15 model that does 375mph at 67" from report on same link would be even faster then 624kmh on deck lol, add 16mph of 150octan and 8mph for removed bomb racks, and you get 399mph and thats 642kmh on deck lol
  15. thats strange, i didnt have any problems when i was joining df or coop hosted by tm8, and he has weeker net then you, and it was mission from wol so it had stuff on it. Try asking support about it maybe you get answers faster.
  16. It would be nice to get K-14 as modification, also maybe metal elevators they probably come with D-20 and probably retrofited on earlyer models in 1945, like it was with tail fin on D-5 models. B/C is just totaly differant airplane better have it free for some future expantions But how will timers and recharges work will determin if airplane will be of any use for normal servers, on berloga it will be fun like 47 is, for rest its just to masohistic he he 5min wep rest recharg on nominal and after i read that report again i see it was with bomb racks so maybe that 610kmh is posible on clean version, for P-47D that is in game they say just bomb racks lose 7kmh on top speed, and report say on deck speed is 603kmh.
  17. but P-47 P51 and P-38 will have planty of nice skins, so you can look at them in hangars...
  18. 620 looks to mutch i expect in around 600 by looking at this report of test at P-51D-15 http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/p51d-15342.html
  19. problem is somwhere in comunication from you to that guy joining, i dont know where you can change MB settings for you when your hosting without dedicated server, what is your upload and download set in startup.cfg file. And what is net speed of guy joining then, can he spawn with no problems on other server. What you describe hapends on servers when client dont recive data from server at time, i see this on WoL when missions start and there is to mutch stuff, guys with low net speeds have problems first. Also try hosting with some other mission just to see if same happends on it also.
  20. No pictures of P-51D, Tempest V or P-38J or B-25,for rest we saw atleast something. Maybe they gona get TempestV P-51D and Me-262 as final game update for BoBp to get it officaly out with a bang and we get P-38J aster D9
  21. i expect we get D9 with next update, and then P-51 after it i also dont think it will be both at same time as nothing was shown for P-51D in DDs pictures, and from how it looks P-38 and Tempest could be last two for Allied side.
  22. D-20 has k-14 gunsight D-25 has more weapon points for HVAR rockets thats what i could remenber maybe there is more diff from D-15
  23. Problems you describe are comon when your either have to week PC or network upload and download set wrongly for hosting or your mission is to heavy and have to many objects and moving stuff for your server. how did you set up server upload and download MBs, try to lighten the mission, how mayn ppl were you trying to have? whats your upload and download speeds maybe they are to low also. here Han explain how you should have set your server download and uploads depending on ppl you host to To game servers hosters - please check that in your SDS config file the correct traffic limit is set. At least 50 magebites if you have around 30 clients limit, and at least 150 megabytes if you have maxed up client number limit. So it means: DownloadLimit = 50000 or more UploadLimit = 50000 or more
  24. first 3 related to this problem with missions that worked ok before 3.007, now being to heavy for servers, 4th one is realy fustrating one, i usealy get 1-3 random disconects per month, i see other people get even more. I expect 1-3 should be fixed with next update hope they got enought of info abot outdated messages problems.
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