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  1. in ~3 weeks steam will have summer sale, so probably thats the next time BoK will be on 33% or even more discount, they usealy falow steam sales here on web also
  2. Yes if its from steam then nothing will show, i have BoS from steam rest from web, so only that shows
  3. Nav lights are wery buged in this game, from more then few km they become bright like sun and your not even able to see airplane betwen them, resembling nothing like in real. If that get fixed, no one would be using them mutch at day time.
  4. I didnt see P-39 37mm devestate 109 like that, P-39 37mm even when hit dont make that damage like vvs 37mm in video. Thouse russian Cobra pilots were real heros flying that poor airplane in battles and doing good when they had so mutch better lagg3s with great guns and better relaiable engines πŸ˜„ 100-200+ kills per pilot would be must if only they were not forced to fly poor american airplanes
  5. i check and on wol in year time your awaradge time of sortie is 16min , thats normal for server like wol i dont know how it can get faster then that without being berloga with ground targets...but if you need even faster action then try action and tanks server if its still online that one has targets in 20km area... to me wol looks realy compact you realy cant miss enemys, but also for me 30min sorties are short ones, it seams for you thats considered extra longe ones... not every one plays same online so there has to be server what your looking for, question is is it populated when your online.
  6. from my expiriance wol is in middle or even closer to min distances betwen targets compared to other popular servers and you can get in fast df in no time if you wont to, if there is some target that is far away from front you can usealy disrigard it as probably briefing states destroy 4 out of 5 or something like that... flyt times are mostly 10-20min there, bombers go low alt to closest targets most of time... WoL is realy fast action. Also if you dont wont to just hunt betwen closes bases sure way to fined anyone in WoL is go to factory or airfield objective for your side bombers to destroy, there is great chance enemy is covering it, thats 10-15min max for you to get to at 3-5km alt depending on airplane... also arty objectives are usealy hit first so thats good place to hunt.
  7. on wol targets are even closer grouped then on some other servers, when bomber hit target you can get message what target is hit 2min after it, but from chat (after devs alowed it in one of last updates) you can see exactly what object enemy is destroying and as on wol you have usealy one tank one af one arty one factory targets its easy to see whats being hit instantly by this. On wol you just need to go betwen closest bases and youll fined planty of airplanes, but because of short and bad vis ranges this game has maybe your missing all that, even on half full server its not hard to fined action on fast food server like wol.
  8. and after you spend some time on same misions youll see that targets are even to close lone wolfing is not only for fighter guys, i guess you fly alone, why some bomber guy should not fly alone also, like other say mostly targets are spred so ga or bomber guys have a small chance to servive few atacks on targets, the way you can instantly see what object is destroyed by enemy player in chat and have server messages, they are at big disadvantage if you play more youll start to see paterns and learn where to go to fined players even on small numbers or what player go for what target or fly in what area on maps, also you can always escort frendly bomber thats sure way to fined action fast, or pair up with guys on ts3. lone wulf bombers are usealy first on server even when its not populated, then others come to hunt them, if targets are in one 40x40km area no one would be going for targets then as even with good cap or escort its not atractive to go where you know enemy is waiting for you, the way i see if no lone wulf bomber guys servers would be empty most of time
  9. Its not feeling, you are slower then 109s, even 109F4 is faster then M66 spit9 on all alts, if you wont to be faster then them fly m70 spit9 and abow 10km alt πŸ˜„
  10. Trottle to 100% and rpm pitch to 100%, and thats it, no aditional boost key its dependent on altitude what boost values you get and on what engine your using, but for low to mid alts it should be 18lbs boost, and only on weary high alts its below 10
  11. i use that method (removing radio folders) for more then a year now, and no problems
  12. If only 37mm on P-39 was that deadly
  13. Thanks for taking time to make dogfighting debriefs videos, best way to teach new guys to importand detils of fighting online, highly recomended πŸ‘
  14. Nice work on new skins plane looks great in them.
  15. no 262 in may, thats not posible, we are geting it tomorow πŸ˜„
  16. If they cant do PTO or think it would fail ( and also same for Korea) then best option to avoid another 2x109 2x190 + random bomber is Italy, as you can have italian fighters + atleast 1 axis bomber and fighter, so you please most, and Italy map would be best looking map in any flying game
  17. CountZero

    ME 262

    this is how turn times looked in old il2 262v51 i expect similar here, 262 unbeatable at high speed
  18. no need for new game engine as they dont have any competition. For PTO how big map is is is probably not limiting game as mostly is just empty sea, bobp would be most demanding map in game then any PTO map i would guess. Also most bombers are single gunner if its ships vs ships, and then only limiting factor loooks like could be how detail they wont ships to be and if your able to limit flaks on ships that can shoot and on what rate of fire (and they can do this as options to help game deal with big number of ships). They can just keep seling new DLC every 1.5-2years and stedy improve like they do now and no need for time spend on creating new game engine, when no one els is doing what they are doing. Probably something from this group: Axis: A6M2/3 D3A2 G4M1 Ki-21 Ki-43 Ki-45 Ki-51 Ki-61 Allieds: P-38 P-39 P-40 P-47 P-61 A-20 B-17 B-24 B-25 C-47 Beaufighter Hudson Beaufort Vultee Vengeance
  19. For Guadalcanal map in 1:1 scale from south san cristobal island to atleast Rabaul would be ~1300kmx1000km, they can probably make that and would not be to mutch to fly in SP as you can just timeskip for historical campaigns, in MP you wuld just have either airstarts close or use closer bases for DF servers, historical aspects dont mather online. But they can easy make island distances as short they wont, make whole map half scale and no one would even notice, and it would be bearly bigger then bobp map then and 90% sea. But go for first time to PTO after so many years and not have carrier opertions would fail, Midway is only option πŸ˜„
  20. Beacose its just that, bias complain and nothing more based on ingnorance fact is all gunners track targets to fast when set on high skill, and online you set them on high skill so bomber player has chance of atleast geting to target before he gets shoot down by many more attackers then bombers, as online you usealy have single bombers and not big formations. In SP you have bombers set to lowest skill and you have then more realistic outcomes, and still deadly as AI bombers fly in group. So all works as intended, mission maker has option to select what skill bombers will be, and depending on skill set outcomes will be differant. Most complains come from online players and its normal as online bombers are set to highest skill, if they were set to lovest no one would be playing with bombers... If attacks are planed well youll servive even attacking ace skill bombers, but most of time they are not... and random strange angle hits are not comon... To me there is no problem that needs to be fixed, as mission maker is given skill options for bomber airplanes that in this game work as intended.
  21. I would even add more: Call it Battle of Midway for name sake, but you can have min of 3 maps, one Midway area, one Aleutians area, and one map just sea. And you make campaigns for: The Battle of the Coral Sea, 4–8 May 1942 A6M2-21, D3A1, B5N2 , Shokaku, Zuikaku and Shoho F4F-3/3A, SBD3, TBD1 , Lexington and Yorktown Battle of Midway, 4-7 June 1942 A6M2-21, B5N2, D3A1, F1M2 , D4Y1-C , Kaga, Akagi, Hiryu and Soryu F2A-3, F4F-4, TBD-1, SBD-3, TBF-1, PBY-5A, B-26A... , Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown Aleutians (Dutch Harbor, Umnak and Cold Bay area) A6M2-21,B5N2, D3A1 , Junyo and Ryujo P-40E, PBY, B-26A... Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 24–25 August 1942 A6M2-21, B5N2, D3A1 , Shokaku, Zuikaku and Ryujo F4F4, SBD3, TBF1 , Saratoga and Enterprise Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942 A6M2-21 and A6M3-32, B5N2, D3A2 , Shokaku, Zuikaku and Junyo F4F4, SBD3, TBF1 , Hornet and Enterprise So you basicly need only this 10 airplanes + AI and cover all that preaty good: A6M2-21 B5N2 D3A1 F1M2 A6M3-32 F2A-3 (or F4F-3) F4F-4 TBD-1 SBD-3 TBF-1 Most carriers are same class so not mutch work needed at start Ai only PBY-5A, make it flyable with time. (P-40E is in game as collectable already) And later you can even make separate Pearl Harbor map with its campaign, and P-40B as pack for 30-40$
  22. They forghet about it but well sure get Tempest MkV wioth 13lbs boost as modification like 1.98K4, just wait and see πŸ˜„ Be lucky we get Spitfire 9 and not Spitfire V to fight 1945 D9s 1.98K4s and no engine problems 262s
  23. nah , no dd today that is written in stars, but 262 is coming on 28th next week at 10:56 moscow time, and then acouncment of Battle of Midway on june 7th in Florida to celebrate 77th anniversary, you can bet a house on it πŸ˜„
  24. Clod already have map for it, and will probably cover 1942 channal battles after tf5 that covers 1941 there ( already said they plan to do 190s ad spit9s next so, Dieppe is covered then ) So then Normandy that is 1944 is better option if both games should exist at same time, to not make same things as it would take long time to get to normandy cronologicly for clod. Also it would be imposible to have 5v5 type of airplanes that BoX needs for DLCs. But all this is what if as Midway is next 100% ;D
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