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  1. dont expect it as they say its just active on events when i ask few days ago if thats their 2nd 24/7 server
  2. And i still dont understand how they decide that some airplane can recharge their max power settings in combat mode and some not able to do that and have to go in continues like P-47. It should be same for all airplanes recharg only in cntinues or only in combat, not that some have this advantage for no reason what so ever.
  3. your graph shows what he say in quated post, also he says 11km and you show only to 9km. "The G-14 started to lose steam at 8km and totally fell flat on its face at 10km and above, the G-4 just got faster after 10km and was catching right to my tail pipe at 11km. This was on TAW, kuban summer +2C. " if you show 10 and 11km i bet G4 is as fast or faster then P-47 , just look how hard his lines are droping to left and how G4s are just going strait up almost, 10km diff is probably min. 11km G4 prob faster, like hes say that happend to him. Older airplanes FM are just to weard on high alts, you can see that in your graph also
  4. I dont think they would even do droop snoot as modifiication if P-38 version was compatible, amount of changes necessary in cockpit and in outside 3D look from fighter version is just to mutch to be given as modification, J-25 is best option as it was there and its best version of J. BoBp will do good with fighters and fighters-bombers only ( and maybe collectable B-25 in future).
  5. B-25 AI, A-20B there you go 2 allied bombers in game when BoBp is realised
  6. Yes you can change them in startup.cfg located in your main game folder-data folder. They said long time ago that you should use values that are 4x less then your mesured speeds, so if you have upload of only 6mb use 4x less then that for best expiriance. They explained that in DD65.
  7. First pictures of P-51sDs coming today
  8. Its probably testing of tunels in preparation for Italy DLC 😄
  9. Same as Therion, i have 40-80 ping to WoL and all is ok when i attack airplanes with same pings, but when your attacking guy whos from far and he has 200+ pings its a mess, and he warps like crazy and is veary unpredictable, especialy the more he moves controls. I played few times on servers where my ping was 300+ and it was unplayable, never try again. from clod and il-2 1946 i know up to 150ping to server i can play with no problems. and thats why the most popular servers should be based in USA east coast so most ppl would be able to have 150pings and it would be more better for all , then how its now with most popular servers located in EU, so its good when you play with eu guys but its mess in trimes when american or asian players join.
  10. its like that for last 2 months now, if you just noticed it you were lucky to play on not heavy missions. Just now finish playing on laggy mission North42ssum, and after red destroy half of objectives mission was playable, but then red destroy other hal of objectives and mission was over, so first half you have outdated messages and delays and lags, and then after 45-1h all is ok for 30min before red won. Server admins dont wont to change missions as they worked with no problem before 3.007 update so we have to wait for fix from devs or just avoid laggy missions. If you join and see outdated messages in chat, go for ground targets and when good number of them is destroy mission will be ok, or just do brake for 1h and come back when good number of targets get destroy.
  11. I belive they made changes to FF after players complains and now it takes two offence to get automaticly baned. I dont think they pay mutch atention on this forum, they have their own forum and if you post there response is quick, took me some eime to fuiger that out and since then i can bather them all day long with small and irelavant questions and requests and they will respond to them no mather how stupid or uninform i look.
  12. Nice aiming and patiance, that formation flying is realy bad for in game and this video shows why, its good in movies and videos
  13. he hit you in one pass with 1-2 bullets, damaged your engine and wonded your pilot, thouse other "was wounded" lines after he hit you is just your pilot bleading out, all normal nothing strange there.
  14. he already have 8gb 1070, so probably problem is cpu, but going from full screan to windowed and turning on 4k textures should eliminate problems
  15. It was explained long time ago by Devs "Secondly, many of you already know about the Network settings in the game menu. This is where you can apply the most effective parameters for received and sent traffic. This section of the Settings is specifically useful in these two cases: - you have a very fast unlimited internet and you’d like to take the best from the game; also the position of planes around you will be shown as precise as possible - you have slow internet and connection is not reliable, but you want to play with comfort and enjoy playing without “warps”, “teleportations” and so on. How it works if settings are incorrect: 1) You have slow internet connection, but in-game settings are for fast connection. This causes other planes to slow down and your own plane is not controlled smoothly. 2) You have fast internet, but your in-game settings are for slower internet. That causes all planes around you seem to be flying oddly slow. How it should work when set up properly: a) Find out the speed of your internet connection (use this test, for instance; EU server - Dublin, US server - San Jose); b) Divide this number into 4; c) Put the result into the Downloading speed field (if the test result is 10Mb/s or less, put 1 or 2 into the settings); d) Uploading speed may stay default which is 1Mb/s (but you may down it to 256kb/s is your uploading speed is limited for some reason) Considering the listed principles, you may experiment with network settings. But what you must keep in mind is that you should not underestimate or overestimate your internet connection quality." so you should have it at max and thats 10MB i belive, this is more problem for guys with MB speds in single digits not for guys with 100+ and in your case its probably playing on server that is far from you. But sometimes you get random disconect and you cant know why, ping 30-40 net speeds 100+ no problems and all of sudden your out in lobby, so its lotto i dont belive users can do mutch, even if you play on server close to you you would still get kicked atleast 1-2 times just because
  16. "May be he lied a little bit about the bullet. But, don't tell me you are not surprised also by the number of shells that hited that IL2 on the video, and still flying. " Fachon after what you see he did in that video you realy belive hes showing you il-2 that run away, thats probably sceans from 2xil-2s that he shoot down, why would anyone with open mined belive that Vade guy after that obvious misliding video i dont understand. "lied a little" LOL hes showing in video that il-2 can servive 407 bullets from 109 and still go back and land in that video. Little lied LOL and i see he removed my coments from his video so future viewers also dont know what realy happend. Why would devs take them seriously i dont know, people like that Vade guy is just hurting normal complains about DM by making that fake video like he did, and who knows how many more of his videos are fake like this one "but some LW complainers will ignore this on purpose, just like they choose to ignore or minimize the biased bulls*it video made by Vade. A total lack of honesty...i agree with you, should be considered trolling by now." Exactly, it dosent fit their agenda so its just a small error in editing lol i bet in future some one wil again post this video as proff how tuff il-2s are in game or how broken DM in this game is, without knowing that its fake, if for 1 month no one bathered to questioned it and just all blinedly belived in that BS shown by Vade in that video.
  17. if they continue with 5x5 airplanes per side in each dlc, problem is what airplanes you use for german side if you do 2 or more east front expantions, or even any other expantion involving german airplanes. They should at one point just sell map with career and campaign for map for existing airplanes to be used there + some missing airplanes for that area as collectables.
  18. didnt see where they said it will be fully out on end of 2019, and even if it is its more like year and half work on it, good thing we preordered and can play earlyer
  19. i remenbered seing video of it in one game, i located it, i dont know if that flaps problem is only on early models or not:
  20. his adiance is probably not questioning him mutch so he can get away with bs like that, i comented on video with link to his sortie but damage is already done as video is month old and planty ppl saw it and belived him on what its shown there without questioning him.
  21. No i see your only one on forum not understanding things 3.008 update make changes to DM so it takes more ammo to destroy airplane and made wings harder to brake then before. 3.009 update try to fix outdated delays and by doing that maded ALL (not only gunner bullet hits) hits look like 100% damage, and with 12h that was fixed with hotpatch and explained that it had nothing to do with DM or bullet changes in 3.009. 2-3 amount of ammo that takes to shoot down airplanes that you say you notice is from 3.008 changes there was only 2 week period betwen 3.008 and 3.009 updates
  22. mk 108 was heavy tested after 3.008 come out, as ppl complained that it takes many many many more bullets to shoot down airplane then it was before 3.008, you can serch for it on forum and see resoults of tests in berloga or in sp. Also tests were done by vvs 37mm, that also now takes 2-3 direct hits on 109s to disable it after 3.008, and it took only 1 before 3.008 to destroy it. and all thouse changes come with 3.008 update and nothing changed in 3.009 from 3.008 in dm departmant.
  23. use rpm controler only to set rpm turbo supercharger keys or axis control MP, your slow if you dont use it, but contol with it is delayed compared when you use trottle also boost key will increse your MP, but you cant control it with it, only turbo and trotte axis effectivly control it
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