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  1. maybe dont forghet to lock nouse weel in forward position on take of
  2. you dont need it, just go in quick mission and try start on runway and youll see your able to take of from any 800-1000m runways we have on maps with some small problems ( speed in red and going a little of runways end) even with 100% fuel and 2x250kg, i just try it and was able to take of on first try just added 25% flap before pull up and pull up at ~180-200kmh.
  3. its just 8000 euro onother look at the setup from 12:10:
  4. From Stormbirds twitter, looks like all work ok today
  5. I also have steam BoS and rest from web, and you can have both on same acount when you link steam to web, i did it when they first introduced that and i just falowed this instructions: https://il2sturmovik.com/m/SteamAndIL2AccountGuide.pdf EDIT: Then when you link youll be able to start game with both DLC at same acount either from steam, or from Il-2.exe in game folder not needing steam ( located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game folder)
  6. That looked great, cockpit visability is so good, will be deadly as expected
  7. BoBp is in early acces, so they are still making rest of airlanes and map and rest... no one still have Me-262, P-51, P-38, Tempest or map or anything in SP campaign.
  8. You can always get first on new things by asking to be beta tester Nice read 👍
  9. Online you have more axis players then allieds, in thouse stories from ww2 allieds had mutch more airplanes in air then axis, if you have same on MP servers then yes you would have 69 allieds just vulching 15 axis on server like in thouse stories. What i expect youll see in game is unlimited 262s vulching allieds as there will be 32 allieds and 52 axis like useal. Also if 262s are in some high numbers available on server youll have no one playing there after a wile, and if they are heavy limited like they shoould be why would some random player that cant take 262 decide to protect it lol if hes not squad mate of that lucky 262 guy he would not care enought about some random 262. In il-2 1946 on servers i played, 262 was heavy limited (4max out of 100 slots) and when it was in hands of veteran player it was dangerous (even more when 2 are paired and mixed with 2 moree K4s), when rookie fly them they were easy kill as they dont have patiance so they are easyer to trap with P-51 and Tempests, and player shoot down would complain how bad modeled it is and how allied airplanes are op, expect same here... Good think for rest of axis when 262 was in air was that allied chat would light up when someone spotted 262, and most would then focuse on shooting down that 262 that other objectives would be less prioratiesed, so other axis had easy time then, so basicly 262 was good destraction if it stayed alive long time It was great for hiting and clearing targets before anyone can be over them, then you climb and just hunt for enemys in furballs with quick passes when they dont know your coming there, with 24km vis range that was not problem but here with 9,5km vis range good luck spotting thouse furballs here before its to late :D
  10. spawn few a20s and do few fast passes on them
  11. On FS Expo stream web page it says "12:30 (16:30z) – Interview: 1C Gmaes Studio" https://fselite.net/fsexpo19/ also "10:30 (14:30z) – Show Floor Tour" 7:23-7:36 1CGS guys and 262
  12. I thought that whats preventing you downloading will probably prevent instalation also, but atleast now you know its your PC settings that are probably problem. It could be firewall, and you say you turn that off and still same problem, then try turn off any antivirus program, also you can check in your Internet Security settings and check if downloads is enabled. (Internet options, security, click Internet, go to custom level… downloads)
  13. i just try to download it and it goes ok, this is direct link i can see when its downloading, you can try from it maybe http://cdn.il2sturmovik.net/x64/IL2_setup_Great_Battles.exe if it dont work its probably like others say some defender or firewall thats blocking it also if you have some other PC/laptop at hand try to download it there, i just try it on smartphoon and it can be download from it also, and then just copy it from there on your gaming pc and it will work ok, its just instaler
  14. rely didnt expect well be waiting so long for next update, so maybe next week ? 😄
  15. and for most players they can bearly see a thing at 5km with the way it works in game now
  16. I dont have mutch problems with ID but vis ranges are the worst i ever saw in flying games, and i dont belive that will ever improve... and then they add 262 with this short vis range, game will be a joke lol
  17. 262 with the update tomorow
  18. Noticed this first time today, i attack 109 and at same time my tm8 attacked 190, then i noticed onother 190, but my tm8 Ripgrunwald after he finish his 190 was saying he dosent see any other 190 in area, and i could clearly see this 190 climbing abow my tm8 and starting to contrail and then doing attack at me ( both of us contrailing on winter map) and still my tm8 could only see me, and then that 190 go for my tm8 and only when 190 hit my tm8 it got visable to him also, and then he say that he could see 190 just shooting for long time in empty space ( i saw only 190 shoot at him and stop). It looks to me like some data pacages get lost, dont look like any abuse as i could clearly see 190 that my tm8 could not, and only when 190 hit him data probably get recived by my tm8 from him and made 190 visable (190 guy that my tm8 could not see was on VR and from russia on russian server if that makes any differance, dont seam like ping could be problem)
  19. i would guess yes, but you can just use icons and outside views in SP no one cares (in SP i play with icons, aim assist, outside view ... all on, and in mp i just play on servers without icons and all that stff...)
  20. untill it comes less then ~2km from you you basicly cant be sure what it is, beyond that distance your just doing best guess based on his behavior, alt, position and info from coms ifr your on it.
  21. i would like to see more offical skins also when there is not mutch to work devs could make poll for each airplane with some historic comunity made skins and let players on forum select what one to add, and then just add them in list, maybe 4-5 aditional for start.
  22. atleast you found what you wonted, if all servers offerd same it would be borring enviroment
  23. you can see on this video what you could do (from 5:36): So you could see all players in lobby waiting to join or in game, you could chat with them easy and also you could see start rooms for coops or df at same place, in chat guy who plan to host coop could inform ppl waiting what he wonts to host and so on... (and when and when he start it you could ocupie slots in that coop 1 area for example) You could make request for some missions and so on... or you can just join already running DF servers, you could see your ping and what settings server is and also who is playing there... basicly all at one place you could join lobby with plan to just go on some random df server but then you see oh xyz is planing to host some interesting coop ill go there for 30min and so on... for bos they could replicate this if they add chat when you enter multiplayer and list of players that are also in multiplayer lobby, they should not split coop and df like its now but have them all in one lobby, then you could easy see in game who is online and planing to play and so on... for df servers it would not change mutch, but maybe it would help with coops
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