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  1. yes your missing a barn with a howicer before i press E and all is started automaticly, no i didnt have to set 100% mix on spit or p-47 or yak or lagg3 its done automaticly now i press E and all other 10-20 things are done automaticly exept i now have to press mix to 100%, how is this increasing my imersion, how one thing that needs to be done manualy now makes differance betwen rookies and experts after i done this 10 times i dont see why is this change neccesary or why im now not able to play on same level as experts who know how to press 2 keys and repet that like monkey or parrot
  2. problem fixed complexity of this aditional manual startup was preventing me to play online so i trained my parrot alfonz to press 2 keys on startup, guess he can now start up vvs ww2 fighters. Requiem post fully shows whats the problem , its not that its to complex its just that is totaly unneccesary and tedious to do when needs to be repeted for no reason and can not be skiped if you dont have a monkey or parrot at hand when you play this game more then one flight per week.
  3. P-51D-15 should fix this problem, if they use RAF manual for engine timers and not usaf one
  4. in your "C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\Audio\radio" folder you can just renam "ger" and "rus" folders there to "-ger" and "-rus" and then they are not active
  5. vvs side has things locked in same maner axis side has, its caled balancing the maps or server, strange concept for axis to understand i know but it works, look other servers that have all unlocks on, they are most of time empty or full of only axis players... if you wont to have ppl to play ugenst, picture of balanced and fair server is neccesary, if you wont all avialable with no restrictions then youll be playing alone vs AI
  6. fastest i go was 1100kmh, and s later i was going 0kmh, no way youll be able to go abow sound or close to it in game, and i dont beleve anyone did it in real 262
  7. most of 109s are in DLC, only one is collectable and at tme it was anounced it give something new, 30mm like yak-9t would give something new, jusr yak-9 would not
  8. even before last patch P-47 on full boost is faster then 190a8 on full power at 1500m, it was faster then a8 on any alt exept sea level, so if he was using his 5min of boost then its normal you could not catch him in A8 EDIT: i check speeds on P-47 in new patch and its exactly the same as before, also i dont see any changes in dive, max dive and losing alerons, turn and super flaps behavior, climb or engine timers... so it looks nothing changed for P-47 in latest patch
  9. the point is why add just one more thing, if its not full auto why not make it full manual then, what is it now dosent make sence, for whom your doin it, to atract DCS guys lol with adding one more thing to press
  10. part where i now have to press 2 keys insted 1, and for no reason what so ever, whole process is still automatic but now i have to manualy incress mix to 100%, how is this improvment to what we had before, is this one more thing to do when starting airplane so important that it had to be separat from all other automatic things pressing key E does ? will this now atract all thouse DCS guys who like manual starting engines of airplane as now one thing is not any more automatic out of 10 others that are done automatic ? why not have full manual startup then, i dont see the point of this aditional one more thing you need to do every time you refly
  11. its clearly unneccesary, somehow pressing one more key is better then what we had last 5+ years lol either go full clicable stuff or just keep it as it was, whats the point of this half half thing i dont know
  12. its in custom difficulty settings on right side, but if you play online on server then this is decided for you by server host so you cant do mutch there. this type of changes done clearly by people who dont play online make me concerne for how air marshal will look or if it wil be of any use to MP guys when its done by SP guys, why not have key E as auto start on all settings and for ppl who like to press keys once a week when they bather to play this game have some other key for their manual engine starts, why make this conected to difficulty settings, is just poor judgment, it looks more like bug then new future
  13. yes online i dont even bather with costum skins, if its not offical i dont use it, offline i play with costum skins and i downladed many of user made ones that are great, but i wont use them online, i realy belive devs could simply add 4-5 skins per airplane from historical skins made by users and win win for both sides
  14. this system is nice to avoid that, but there is small number of offical skins per airplane (and no option to select number or squadron like in older il-2s this is noticable), it would be nice to reword good player made skins by including them in offical skins section, and then you give more skins to players to use on servers without having devs to do them, and skiners are also pleased to see their skin in game.
  15. They would, but from what i can see selection of collector airplane is, can it be used on existing map area in historic campaign, and only then it seams it get added as option, and then better performing Yak-3 or Yak-9U or Yak-9M or La-7 dont fit any map area we have, and would only come as some part of late east war DLC. From what i could see Yak-9T was used in Kuban area after timeline of existing Kuban SP campaign in game, and on Prokhorovka map even though they were used in Kursk they didnt operate in that south area, i think BlackSix would be able to know for sure if thats true from data hes able to see and they would then be able to see if its worth making and adding. just adding Yak-9 i think would not do mutch as it seams it has similar performance to Yak-1b that is already option for collector airplane.
  16. And here is replay: "Этот вопрос уже обсуждался. Давно. С помощью пользовательских скинов можно получать преимущество для группы пилотов. Поэтому пользовательские скины были запрещены." This issue has already been discussed long time ago. With the help of custom skins you can get an unfair advantage for a group of pilots. Therefore, user skins were prohibited.
  17. just use +% stabilazer and youll be able to pull up on any speed if you have few 1000m, i avoid flaps as they can get stuck
  18. i posted your questions on their russian forum, in case server admin is again unavailable to post on this forum so cant answer here to you
  19. i was posting that it dosent look od when using stabz that airplane have, to me it looks realistic the way its in game now
  20. Thats how its in CloD, and it gets boring realy fast, if they decide to go for more manual key pressing i hope they have sence and have E as automatic start, and other manual keys (where some other key then E start engine) at same time available on any difficulty, so player then can select if he wonts to do manual start for 467th time, or just use E and wait for automatic, no need for separating this by diff settings so players who like game of pressing keys can play on same server with players who like to just flying game. For now what they did is not so dramatic, but i dont like the way it goes, on lagg i need to start with E and go 100% mix and then ~15-25% trottle and it will start, for Spit9 or P-47 i just need to press E and go 100% mix, didnt try rest... why is this adition nessecary i dont know is me moving mix to 100% after pressing E somehow more imerseve then just pressing E, lol no its just one more unneccesary thing i now need to do before i can take of, and when i do 100+ sorties per month ill fast get frustrated with this uneccesary adition, and i have no options as server is deciding what starting method i should use
  21. did you use 20-30% flaps before pull up, and pull up at around 200kmh, i could take off with 100% fuel and 2x250kg from 800m runways (most of them on Kuban) going a little of end.
  22. i was able to stall it only when having stabz at +% (100% you can stall it easy) and also get in blackouts then easy, if its on default stabz -% i was not able to stal it, was able to get in blackout only doing +700 then. fastest i was going in dive was 1100kmh diving from 12km, and nothing fall from airplane untill i hit ground, stabz help to keep control and even can pull up sometimes from 1000kmh dives with stabz.
  23. same thinking, if they bather adding collector Yak-9 it should be atleast Yak-9T, they could extend Kuban campaign and have it there, and for MP we would get atleast more diff Yak then Yak-1b that is already collectors airplane.
  24. should not easy fix be to just place your real trotle at max forward before starting quick mission airstart, as all airplanes start in qm at 100% trottle, then your matching game with your one, and when you move it it will not brake as they should be at same 100%
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