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  1. Spitfire Mk XIV insted P-51C and 4th one for Axis could be Me-410B, 69.99$ 49.99$ (same like standard game version price with 8 planes ) and it would sold out before it get anounced
  2. That first video with Regan explains it realy good for 4+ airplanes, and in all situations, good fined El_Marta
  3. new stonger airplanes also lead to more ppl staying on airplane longer just to make sure others dont steal it, before when wings were to easy to brake there was less kill steal conflict
  4. its easyer for them to respond there and language mishaps cant happend, and ppl there ask same questions we ask here, so when i remenber i checkk DD topics there to see whats up, offten there is some interesting stuff, hope goggle translate gets better , sometimes automatic translation can look funny .
  5. good news improvments coming: posts from Han https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8209-214-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=669025 https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8209-214-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=669030 https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8209-214-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=669053 in short "And yes, and the next update will contain a number of major improvements on the network, DM, projectiles and optimization. " and about AI: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8209-214-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=669059
  6. When you go to create server you have box for kill notifications, so server can also disable it if he wonts for all players on it
  7. was playing with La5 lately and noticed that you get better max speeds if you have sup 2 at 3km on when boost is turned on, but when boost is off you get better speed with sup 1 at that same alt, basicly i got better speeds with sup 1 on up to 5km without using boost, and if i use boost then its better to turn sup 2 from 3km alts, didnt noticed this strange behavior with supercharger and boost on other airplanes, its usealy you have one alt where its best to switch to 2nd sup and nothing els, on La5 it seams if you dont run boost you have one best alt to switch to sup 2 and if you use boost then you have differant best alt to switch to 2nd stage. Will have to see how it works on La5FN.
  8. I would rather have simpple fm and one ai for gunners on bombers then what we have now, more ai airplanes in air is more important to me then knowing that ai is using same fm like human plqayer. If ai behaves belivable i dont care what he does to achive that, in il-2 1946 hsfx ai behaved realisticly and didnt have to use same fm like human players.
  9. 1. in Vaal system it works like that now, i get assist if i hit enemy airplane and someone els hit it and do more % of damage gets full kill ( wonding pilot dosent count) 2. Vaal system is focused on revording players that servive, problem is ppl dont care about that, example: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilot/1053/=PUH=Drinkins/?tour=42 that guy has low rankings low points , but he destroyed most Ground units and was main reason Red side win, he dosent care about his personal stats he cares only how to win objectives and missions, any change in stats or kill rewors will not effect his behavior. 65h 350 sorties and 126kia+90captured this guy on the other hand is also ga and he knows if he destroys ground units and stays alive he will have more points and be on top: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/10415/VARYAG/?tour=42 12 sorties and 4h spend on server in month and he didnt get kia and is on top you cant see just from stats whos better ga betwen two, you can just see one had goal to be first that month and other had goal to make his side win that month no mather how his personal stats look. Vaal stats most servers have promotes staying alive, ppl just dont care about it on fast food servers, they use them for differant things, you cant enforce TAW mentality and stats on server like that it wont work to change players behaviors on servers without overall goal or unlimited lifes and airplanes player can have.
  10. You notice this because ground units got more detailed with one of updates ( 3.007 i think) so damage you do to them dont make them as easy to destroy as before, not because guns got change, they didnt say anywhere i remenber that they adjusted guns, they adjusted DM of airplanes and ground units got improved detailed DM.
  11. I think its 100% for 109s as that 400l is 100% on 109s and thats why P-47 is also shown with that 400l number.
  12. and this system we have now alows all kineds of ppl who wont differant stuff to pretend that they are good players in diff things, one can do it by chasing most kills in month no mather how many time they get killed, other can go for most kills in one flight, some can go for most kills in hours, kills per deths, most wins of maps most ground targets destroyed per life and so on... and no one has to play same way, on servers that are for fun only. For campaigns ppl play more serious, leve rest to be relaxed as same ppl who play campaigns play also on not so serious servers and chase diff things there. It would be boring MP enviroment if all is same. also stats in MP are important as it brings ppl to play day after day, have for test all MP servers without stats and youll not have any number of players playing for long, even SP campaigns ppl play because of their stats, remove stats and logs and its just quick or single missions and ppl would not be playing as long as they can when they chase that carrot of geting 25-50 or what not number of kills or ground kills. Edit: just check and you have TAW df server now (betwen TAW campaign) and no ppl no stats no point as there is no win to chase so server is not full like it is when there is war and stats and goal to chase.
  13. That would be bad for MP part of game, servers need to be able to decide if they will have it like that or not and thats how its now. I play on server like WoL, fast food not serious server where nothing you do mather to anyone, and i play to get kill if posible and also stay alive if posible, but forcing it by game on all servers that if you get killed you dont get kills, would be death to MP realy fast, there is many ways ppl like to play in MP and all are ok ( aslong its in server rules ) and not all wont to be bathered with staying alive or planing flight or so they wont to fined fast fight get 5-6 kills fast and go on, ppl who need more play on servers that offer that. Also I dont understand how spending 2-5min to register on TAW (server that is for something more then just fast food) once in a half of year is so big problem. But forcing all 30000ppl that played MP to play the same way TAW is played is good solution even though only ~10-15% of them wont to play like that if you look at numbers of ppl that participate in TAW campaigns.
  14. If you look at chart it says 400l p-47, thats 29% of fuel, on combat + 5min boost you run out of fuel in ~22min, while G14 is probably with also 400L what is 100% for it, and you can fly on combat+ emergy for ~40min. P-47 800l atleast and 8 guns would be normal setup, no one takes that low 29% of fuel on 47 and 4 guns only on normal servers. So you have 109s with 100% fuel in chart compared to P-47s with 29% fuel and one with 58%. Fuel taken for tests should be same in duration of use of that fuel on max powers for both airplanes to show real relashonship betwen them, not to be same in quantity, 109 is already 2000kg lighter then P-47 whats the point of both having same kg of fuel if one eats that fuel mutch faster like its case in p-47 here, so chart dont shows them at same starting points.
  15. probably not offten best bet is just post on thier forum if there is any problems you need to be adresed
  16. LOL this is gold coming from guy whos almost always flying on WoL so he can vulch players on tak off and landings and make their expiriance as worst as posible on server, by going directly to enemy take of base and vulches players and then kamikazi in flaks, constantly changing his nickname doing so, your the example of bad behaving players and trolls ppl talk about. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/pilot/7460/Player-15685/?tour=43 https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/profile/95551-player-15685/ what you had to make 2nd forum acount so ppl dont see its you on server when you change nicks so offten lol GPS was turn of last few tests and that 2nd server with same missions but no GPS was full while 1st one with GPS was half full or empty at that time, your putting to mutch value in GPS averadge skill player can fly with no GPS on 20m and fined all he need and come back with no problem, they can turn off GPS and would not lose anything in popularity, server is popular as it was first to offer this quick simple and balanced MP enviroment, it has close targets, balanced missions, and atleast 20 players most of time so others just join it by default, if another server with similar concept show up (preferably in USA) and had 20 ppl on it most of time it would be as popular as WoL and took it over in no time. But you can have same missions and no ppl on server and no one will check it out, or make it to complex or to unbalanced so only thing ppl come to see is new airplanes WoL still dont offer... server is nothing special its like any other fast food server in previous games and its popular for same reasons, its to this game what atag server was for clod or what spitsvs109s or warclouds were for il-2 1946.
  17. That would be nice as you do great turtorials and explain things well, next level for new players is to form up with someone, and they should not fallow what they see in movies as it dosent work in online competitive enviroment. ( i can understand flying historicly in bad formations like V shape on events or historical campaigns and so on, but on fast food servers or competitive campaigns its best to forghet some of ww2 formations and use whats best most of the time)
  18. for vvs 37mm is realy week now
  19. To offten i notice online players flying in tight formations and are easy targets, or more offten players not on teamspeak trying to fly with someone and then think best way to do so is to fly on his 6 200m behined him, thouse are one of the worst posible formation flyings in game as your mostly just target for enemy and no help for your leader, and when on 6 of frendly who is not on coms with you your even more destraction for him then help. This combat spread for element of 2 is best posible formation for game, here is video of explaining it: its effective, easy to maintain in turns, and depending on spread enemy may not even know hes fighting or attacking 2 guys who are in formation, turns are quick and formation is keept with minimal comunication and just sides are switched
  20. and nogunners positions, yould be as light to game as P-38
  21. But now they are geting popular american airplanes and more ppl will see how their engine managmen is in this game, when i try P-40 i knew that that type of engine menagment will be bad if it stays the same for popular airplanes we will get with bobp, and it did stay the same and complains will just get wors when mitical P-51 comes and you have same limits and funny recharges. in 109s or 190s you just have to think about emergancy use and its 1min or 3min, and then it recgharges while your in combat that lasts 30min, and your realy competative in combat mode vs vvs. now compare that to amount of things you have to worry about in P-40, P-39 and P-47 regarding the engine menagment, and the level of your atention spend on diff timers is mutch greater, and your competative vs axiis ony if you use max powers, but most of time you have to fly slower then snail on continues setings. in the end you just see more new players just going for what is easy, and that will again be axis airplanes even in bobp and i spend most of my time playing 109E1 in CloD where you dont have this techchat messages like here, where you have to manualy control prop and rpm, and its so mutch easyer and more natural to just play there and lisen to your engine and know when your over limits or under and looking at your engine temps then how its done in this game. Here you cant judge anything by sound and your engine will just blow away no mather what temp its oil or water is when that timer runs out.
  22. From what i remenber FM for airplanes is why it takes long to get any airplane out as guy making them is busy as heck
  23. dont expect it as they say its just active on events when i ask few days ago if thats their 2nd 24/7 server
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