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  1. 20$ ready to be exchanged for it, but time to make this was lost on po-2 lol
  2. P-38 was always nice for aiming, stable, no props, great view under nouse, guns all grouped in one place great for sniping , and sight high enought for perfect deflaction shooting at hard turns without nouse of airplane being opstruction.
  3. only host have to open ports, clients can join with no problem and dont need to change anything
  4. From that 2nd manual 98 page it says War emergancy power 67" 3000rpm for 5min, and for Milatary power (probably combat power in game) 61" 3000rpm 15min And Spitfire 9 same engine 18lbs 5min, 12lbs 1h combat so expecting same timers like for P-47, even though engine is same as on Spit 9, wonder if it will have 2x time for recharge or 3x spit has. just check in game spitfire 9 at 3000rpm and 61" (+15lbs) and i got message emergancy time exided after 15min, so limit for P-51 is already working as its same engine just combat flag will be on diff setting for 51 then its now on spit9 short combat of only 15min compared to what other airplanes have is bigger problem then 5min emergancy, you use 15 min of combat on P-47 and you need to fly 30min on continues and cant use emergancy/boost, so basicly you can use it once fuly and thats it. And it seams P-51 will be that way or even wors if it has spitfire type recharge of 3x. its amazing how bad P-47 engine was, "Combat power (up to 15 minutes): 2700 RPM, 52 inch Hg" while Spitfire 9 with more rpm and MP can go for 1h "International power (up to 1 hour): 2850 RPM, boost +12" and it seams P-51 will be limited on same engine to 15min insted 1h, guess raf didnt care mutch about their engines or knew to use them better then usaf. after test i see its basicly same they just used differant limits on same engine spit 9 engine on 3000rpm and 15lbs in game lasts 15min also like manual say for P-51 on same engine should.
  5. i dont belive you can overheat P-47 we have in game with wep, as its only 5min, also in 1vs1 5min df p-47 is better then 190, especialy at lower alts
  6. and on top of that not having any indication that you cross limits when they are so strickt in game is big oversight when arcade system is to be used, and you cant see from cockpit that you recharged or that your timers are changed because you fly high or low as timers are not same on diff altitudes
  7. I would have it so when your using emergancy or boosted your engine temp will be rising faster, so that is the thing that is limiting use of max power, and player can easy see how long it can use it by monitoring engines temps, and re-use it when temps get lower (no need for fantasy and arcade type recharge we have now). But when we have to use this system we have, then atleast fantasy aspects that are not taken from manuals should be eaqaly effecting all airplanes and not favoring some like its now. Now some airplanes use up timer for combat and emergancy at same time, while on some they get used separatly giving thouse airplanes unfair advantage that dosent come from any manual or real life numbers, either all airplanes should use combat timer also when emergancy/boost is used or they should not, thats not something taken from manual. Also now you have on some airplanes recharge of 1min of emergancy/boost timer that takes 1min of flying on lover settings, but on others that same recharge of 1min of emergancy/boosted takes up to 3min of flying on lover settings, again something that is purly invented for this engine timers system that is not equal for all airlanes and creates big advantage for some airplanes that they didnt have in real, not taken from manual. So you have then fantasy situations where: -on 109 1min of emergancy/boost gets recovered in flying 1min on lower settings -on P-47 use of 1 min of emergancy/boost gets recovered in flying 2min on lower settings -and on Spit 9 use of 1 min of emergancy/boost gets recovered in flying 3min on lower settings how that makes any sence i dont know, if recovering time is not something that existed in real airplanes or manuals and you have to have it in game just because of use of timers then all airplanes should recover their ability to use max power eaqualy Same engine in P-51 is in Spit9, so same time limits should be on both and same recharges, continues should be unlimited, combat 1h, and emergancy 5min, right? who knows what it will be in game, ill be suiprised if it will be same.
  8. should be best american fighter in game, but engine fantasy timers he gets will brake it or make it good in this game, like it did to other american airplanes in game
  9. so no bug, no historical reason, then must be balance thing to make sure you get kill before guy disconects when your on his six, thats why they give vvs 23mm , see all happy
  10. already had to replace one parrot, money could go elswere but now i have to buy new parrot every few weeks, oh the tragedy 😄
  11. from what i could see steam chart show s and tracks preaty good state of MP in game, now chart shows 290ppl and when i check online there is around 260ppl playing, and when i was looking before numbers were close as that, what steam chart show was close to how many ppl were online on servers.
  12. https://steamcharts.com/app/307960 there you can see how popular it is, this is bascly close to numbers online you can see at that times spred on few servers wait for sale of BoS and BoM they can be in next week or two, you can get standar version for 17$ for start i would recomend to get BoS standard with 8 airplanes as most of its airplanes your able to play on most online missions on popular servers and then if you dont like it you just lost ~17$
  13. for example where is usefule to turn of auto i think that on 109g2, where you dont have emergancy power, abow 6km you can gain 20kmh and better climb if you turn off auto prop and increse rpm manualy to simulate same but better emergancy power you get for 109G4 on auto, and for up to 2min is ok, and will not brake engine, on lower alts it dosent make any differance. Also on P-47 abow 8km you can also turn off auto rpm and go to 3000rpm and gain climb and speed you could not on auto, also on lower alts doesent make any differance. This is type of aditional key pressing that can mather in flying combat game, unlike aditional repetative, boring, no dexterity needed and totaly unnecesary key pressing that they added with last patch on starting the airplane for no reason what so ever exept to frustrate players that spend time playing the game more then 1 time a month 😄
  14. in game you set all guns you have on airplane to vert+horizontal covergance with that one option, so even guns that pass true engine are tilted up for desired conv, easy to see if you go with 100m conv and test it, and then 1000m and test it youll see big differance in game for all guns on airplane.
  15. and last time i check they dont have them available on early missions on lagg3
  16. you probably need to link your steam acount to this forum acount
  17. why for Spitfire 9 and P-47 engines when using all emergancy or boost of 5 min it takes 10min of having to fly on continuous to recover that 5min of emergancy/boost fully ? while on 109G14 and 109K4 when using full lenght of 10min of emergancy it takes also 10min of flying on combat power to recover emergancy to full 10min ? Why on me262 when use all 15min emergancy, it gets fully recovered after flying 20min on continuous ? Why on 190A8 when use 3min of emergancy you have only 10min of combat left insted 30min, and mesage recovered emergancy dont even ever show up ? Why on P-47 after using full 5min of boost you have only 10min of combat left before message expired show up, insted of 15min that is said in specs, when on 109G14 and 109K4 you have full 30min of combat left after using full 10min of emergancy ? Why on 190D9 when using MW50+emergancy for 10min it gets fully recovered in 15min on combat power, and im able to use full 30min of combat power after 10min of MW50 expired and how should player track all that ( as using boost on P-47 and 109D9 but ata or MP lower maks 5min and 10min limit longer so its hard to know without message when its realy expired) when recovered and expired messages dont show up on techchat when instrument panel option in realisam is turned off, but all other technical messages show up. Is it posible to get explanation on what impact recovery times on what airplanes and why some use up combat regimes and some dont and some take 2xmore to recover and some 1x ? Thanks
  18. 110g2 was made for kuban, why would they made modification that was used on west front? and even if they made it axis would cry how their modification that are not ment for that map are locked in campaigns or multiplayer, and so on...
  19. "U7 GM 1 nitrous oxide power boost. This could increase the power of the engines by 300 hp for up to 19 minutes, but it reduced the normal performance of the aircraft, and required the removal of the rear firing machine guns and was rarely used. Also known as the R2 kit." http://www.maquetland.com/article-1043-allemagne-messerschmitt-bf-110-english-version- so no wonder they didnt bather with it
  20. If by radar you mean icon of your own airplane on minimap then your comparason makes no sence. All players have that available to them by server setting, but not all players are given transparent or pink or what not skin some guy would be using if costum skins are alowed, like shown in video abow. maybe 108 was not used at that timeline mission is set or maybe its bug, what mission has 108 lock on g6 and ill ask why is locked if admins cant answer here there is missions with no yak1 127 and still 109s have option to remove back armor or place glass insted of it, i dont think 109 back glass option is tyde with yak1 127 availabilty on mission, and yak 1 127 is usealy limited in numbers like back glass or removed back plate is limited in numbers, so balance and zen achived
  21. im sure it would get lagg3 treatment and be great at roll, that report is fake news for sure , we just need to get it added in game as sone as posible and have jet v jet berloga dfs 😄
  22. Looking at online stats ppl dont have problems with geting multiple kills per sortie in 262, highest i could see is 8x by Pand, few others with 5 or 6, triple ace in flight maybe posible on good day 😄 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/56879/?tour=9
  23. If they wont to add one more jet to game as collectable then this one should be good first option, P-80 was not used on map areas we have, and Meteor atleast flew combat missions in map area and timeline for BoBp campaign they are doing. And you then have atleast one jet per side. But only after Sptfire Mk.XIV is available as collectable 😄
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