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  1. Good read, cant wait for other parts, plans look good even hint on yak9t maybe in future, "And yes, everything about MP is difficult. A very tough crowd to please." had a gigle when i read this, so true lol
  2. good point, but only yak can outturn axis airplanes, even i-16 cant outurn e7, so must be that its wrong that vvs liked turn fight, and them rejecting p-47 proves it ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. How situation is in game better leve high alt fights to 190a3 or la5fn, we all know that are high alt fighters ๐Ÿ˜„ there is reason why in ww2 vvs send p-47s north to watch ice melt around murmansk, it seams they already had high alt fighters like la5s
  4. I played Battle of France scenarious in Clod many times and usealy ppl leve when they have to play with manualy controled 109s like e1 or e3, and no one wonts to play vs them in slow hurri, so you end up with some fantasy spits vs 109e4s, it would not be popular, also they have map in clod and airplanes and are making d.520, i have no interest in BoF, BoB or Africa in this game when ill get that in clod
  5. The P-47 in game speed matches speeds on documents they used, and your right early other airplane models are to fast up high, especialy radials. That picture few posts up is nice but online your not fighting G6s your fighting unlimited K4 1.98s that are faster then it at any alt. And then you just need to drop that flaps and outturn them as P-47D is best turn fighter in game now, so forghet about what you read in ww2 books and just use it like fast Spitfire and youll be ok Its fun for 5-10min low alt, turn fights on berloga vs oponents it has to face in game, engine limitations are strange and flaps turn abilitys make it perfect turn fighter.
  6. if your not using bosts or emergancy powers on vvs airplanes that have that you should try to have your mix set so you dont leve black trail, if its to ritch on high alts you lose on speed, no way to know your o correct mixture without looking at your back or color of exost flame, if you have wingman he can tell you when your smoking. diierant seasons and differant presures of missions make mix to ritch start on diff alttudes so you dont have certen set of altitudes like it was before, its constant ajustments to get good performamce depending on airplane. Same is with radiators, your constantly adjusting them on vvs airplanes to get max speed, only way to catch fly by wire 109s is to get max of slow vvs airplanes and that means constant work on mix and rads. Also your easy visble to enemy if you fly to ritch.
  7. Maybe 262 and future Korea jets would bring more new ppl that dont have interest in props. Thouse early jets didnt have heat or radar missiels so i like them but vis distance of game would have to be doubled or atleast 14-15km, and for Korea you would have to have B-29s as AI atleast, all posible with time, i dont expect to see Korea to sone even thought i remenber posts from russian devs that they are fans of it.
  8. well its always fun guesing I would like: Battle of Midway -2021 Battle of Rome -2022 Battle of New Guinea -2024 Battle of Seelow -2025 Battle of Kyushu -2027 Battle of Korea -2029 next 10 years covered lol and in betwen you can make atleast 2 collector airplanes per year also just to be max hungry for content
  9. and in few weeks we should get Me-262A2 and Fw-190D9, then next one is P-51D-15. Preorder BoBp is realy no brainer its worth it if your late war fighter or fighter bomber fan. Also you save your self 10$ to spend on P-40E
  10. So i just buy something first time after they got this new system, and aditonal security check of me typing sms code add only like 30-60s to my purches from what im used to before, no problem what so ever, and i got my content instantly in my profile and in game. Im glad that they added one more step i feal its worth the security, and they probably had to do something to prevent use of stolen cards and so on from other unsafe grey markets that sold this game before and then game makers lose on purcheses as they didnt lock thouse ppls content for that time.
  11. yes 1 37mm hit should brake 109s wing or cut it in half, its not 20mm its 37, and one he hit close to cockpit should brake engine, and it dosent, it takes min 2 hits now, usealy 3
  12. i try 2h with only he and only ap, and was not able to shoot down enemy fighter with 1 hit, it usealy takes 2-3 and in some cases 5 ap hits with only 37mm, its only thing i see realy wrong with dm, when i saw that airplanes now lose tail section i was hoping they make it so 37mm can cut airplane in half with 1 hit, but after tests was disapointed to see its not.
  13. fighters serviving multile 37mm hits is not small unnoticable thing, and it was not like that for long time
  14. i try 37 and its as bad as before, it takes 2-3 hits to brake enemy fighter, they are still unbelivable week, i noticed fighters on both side now braking in half after big amount of 20-23 cannon hits, but still most cripeling dmg to enemy is destroying his engine, i would expect 1 37mm hiting enemy fighter would do heavy structural damage and 109 should be cripled like it was in old dm before 3.008
  15. after i link my acounts i could only run game using steam, before linking i could ru it by steam or separate lancher ( i have no problems in using steam after linking as i just click on game icon on desctop and get in game without any aditional steps as steam takes care about everything, and aditional game stuff i just buy here) here is explanation about linking from devs: So you have accec to all this even when you lanch game not using steam, all this is on one account it didnt get split in one for steam and one for not steam? i tought if you dont link it will split what you have in 2
  16. you just need to go in your profile on web store area, and click on download, and then again when new window shows up click on red letter download and youll get 168MB game instaler
  17. you can do reinstal, rename main game folder and download game instaler from your profile in web store and it will reinstal game
  18. If you dont have BoS and BoM airplanes in game when you start it in lancher, then you can buy them from web store and no problem, youll get brown medals. But if on this acount you have BoS and BoM airplanes (meaning you linked acounts ) then it wont work, i think store would not even alow you to buy BoS or BoM if detects you have it (only gift is option).
  19. If your not on steam are you lanching the game from lancher.exe so it gets updated, it will not work if you first dont start lancher located in your C:\Program Files (x86)\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game folder
  20. thanks for fixes and changes, off to see how they work download was quick
  21. Why was Edelman MVP and not Gilmore i dont understand, in most offensive season, top offencive team was stop and MVP goes to offencive guy in lowest scoring SB game with one tuchdown, and they dont reword any defencive guy. Rams got good expiriance in this game atleast for next go on it, i still think they are better team this season and if dont fall apart they can go for it next season.
  22. yes he faked that thing better then moon landings lol
  23. That video was already explained that its not showing DM problem of Pe2, but simple netcode problem on laggy mission on WoL server and its outdated bullet data that get registerded mutch later then player shooting see it in that video if you see video with Il-2 geting hit by 400+ bullets and serviving that, reaserch it also youll be suprised that its not also uber DM of il-2 at play there ๐Ÿ˜„
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