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  1. Normal thing is you limit number of all airplanes on mission, you just use different limit numbers depending on % of their availability for that battle mission is depicting, no one is asking for limits only on one type, wol has limited numbers on all airplanes, just some are more available some not depending on how comon it was. If there was 240 of Spit 9s and 40 Tempests in some battle mission is made to replicate or mimic, its stupid to have same number of them available to players for that mission, why bather even make mission on any historical basis then... same goes for 1.98k4s, if 109g14 was most comon how come on mission that is suposed to be historical you get all slots full of 1.98k4s in air and no g14s i realy dont understand how unlimited airplanes and mods can be on server or mission that is caled historical or even semihistorical, its pure fantasy land then, and thats what MP on some servers is at moment and will be when 262 comes.
  2. There is RPM going over limit what will blow your engine without warnings ( its comon on most allied airplanes when you sudenly change power or rpm or prop pitch from low to high and your in dive your rpms will go over limits and blow the engine instantly ) or engine can blow up because your timers for combat or emergancy or boost run out( you dont have techchat warning about it in MP like you have it in SP, you have to time it and thats eaqual to imposible on most airplanes) so its maybe posible it was not overheat that blow the engine, and thats why no icon for it.
  3. popular servers used to have event nigts one or two time as month, where you could have some less popular or this type of fictonal scenarious, it was welcomed change in 1946 and its good idea, dont know how it would be here it seams its imposible to get most of ppl to not fly 109s or 190s how servers are now days.
  4. lol nope you didnt even know what guns are shooting at you, calibar of pe2 gunners has all to do with complains, same ai gunner brain is used on other bombers, try attack he-111h-16 on its top gunner where he has 13mm and youll see same efefct as when your atacking pe-2s. all ai gunners have to good tracking, ppl mostly complain about pe-2 because its tuff ( so enemy stay long on its 6) its armed with high calibar gunners then most other bombers ( so one lucky hit can diisable you) and its fast (so mostly enemy ends up siting on his 6). Pe-2 gunner is nothing more advanced then any other gunner, it just have bigger guns, axis bombers can easy track you same like allied bomber gunners, diff is they shoot with smaller calibar most of time, but they get you in same strange angles like they do on allied bombers from time to time.
  5. You can se numbers of players on each base on all sides before you select what side you wont to play, when selected side i didnt notice you can see enemy side numbers. Its realy anoying and hope it gets removed. Also it seams they removed or changed icon telling you before you spawn that that base is vulched, before there was big ring easy visable informing you you should not spawn as youll probably get bullet in your head imidiatly, now both bases lok same, i just spawned on base look left and there is 109 diving on me 500m from me, before i would see ring and select other base as i would know enemy is with in 3km from spawn base vulching it.
  6. just play first time after recent ipdate on WoL server and MP is bad, constant mulltiplayer overload messages, gps get stuck some times and server kill notifications dont show up for 5-10min, then server gets unstuck, you land on base and then you see your not able to press finish flight and your in airplane clock goes back and forward for 5s in a loop for 2-3min, i hope this is just problem of server, but as first expiriance after last update it dosent look good. There was only 1 outdated message of some guy in chat for 5s. maybe its time for devs to limit number of slots to 64, as it seams this dont work as intended and either server hosts are not making missions to game limits or game netcode cant handle 84ppl. Also after 1h server just kick all with #10009 conection lost message... i expected more from update but i guess its same old maybe 32 slots would be perfect. Also im not fan of how when you join server your able to see numbers of players on bases on both sides before you select your side, hope this gets removed, we dont wont to make vulchers job even easyer do we when there is 50 blue vs 30 red. Also dont understand why was icon for when enemy is 3km from your spawn base removed, now you cant tell as easy as before on what of your 2 spawn bases enemy is just strafing parked airplanes or players spawning in, before you could easy see what base is supresed and spawn from other, now its not so easy to see this, again why help vulchers and make it easy for them to haras ppl on server i dont understand this chages its like your aim is to make ppl stop playing MP.
  7. they removed it at some point from options, so only way you can change it now is by opening your startup.cfg located in your main game folder, data folder
  8. Always worked ok, just test it with tm8 who was hosting coop and after it df from MP lobby, and no problems with joining or playing on his server, also never had any problems after any game updates.
  9. No but, thanks from geting one more user to game thats all youll get
  10. yes, its like ppl dont play MP, you will have 2-1 min advantage on Axis side, all uber airplanes available in unlimited mods and numbers, and ppl expect red side will vulch me262s LOL, in MP how its now what you know from WW2 dosent mather in how its played. Before P-47 come out i could see same naive thinking, oh P-47 will change the game , nothing can tuch it up high lol ...unlimited K4 1.98s... and reds rather play with slow spit9 then P-47 how its modeled with its weard engine limits. Devs should make Meteor, there was few of them in europe in january 1945, so we can then have unlimited numbers of them fighting on MP also, i see that would be ok also, why limit them they were there, im sure axis would understand that. "On 20 January 1945, four Gloster Meteor F.3 jets from 616 Squadron were moved to Melsbroek in Belgium and attached to the Second Tactical Air Force. In March, the entire squadron was moved to Gilze-Rijen and, then in April, to Nijmegen. "
  11. only way to minimise it is to have clouds on max , preset on max and AA o max, and it would stll be noticable sometimes
  12. im using this simple one, as that one was giving me most accurate numbers when i was checking speeds they used for p-47: http://www.csgnetwork.com/tasinfocalc.html but im mostly interested in relations betwen airplanes, so if im using same principles and same tools for all airplanes i get atleast that , even if max speeds when converted are maybe to high or to low by few kmh depending what converter is used. my ias for g2 at 6000 ( all auto) was 470kmh, with 80% fuel and on stalingrad autumn map
  13. It seams in one of updates this high alt overperforming got fixed, yesterday i played with 190s and noticed that im slower so i run tests and check and i see now high speed was more normal and not so op like before, here it is how it looks for 190a3 and p-47d: (this is me manualy placing my tas speeds from test in il-2 bos airplanes in il-2 compare charts, not game extracting it like it was on origial compare) first line is combat 2nd emergancy or boost on p-47 You can instantly see how its fixed now compared to how it was before, when i have time ill check how la5s are now and other early game airplanes, but i see also 109g2 dont have that strait up line anymore but more natural drop on high alt) 109g2 compared to p-47 (that other 109g2 line is when manualy going for 1-2min on 2700rpm, first line is combat mode): to me it seams they fix this problem, quick check on la5s and their speed on high alt is also lover then before, (didnt have time to test them fully) la5fn and 190a5:
  14. Try to turn on or off ( dont remenber what was better for downloading game ) box Prefere web distribution in your lancher window when you start lancher.exe
  15. If you buy Battle of Bodenplatte while its in preorder (now) you can play with any airplane that is finished (as of now that is Bf-109G14, Bf-109K4, Fw-190A8, Spitfire 9e, P-47D28 ). For steam you have to have basic game and that for this game is Battle of Stalingrad, you can not just buy Battle of Bodenplatte on steam without having Battle of Stalingrad first. If you already have Battle of Stalingrad on steam, you can buy Battle of Bodenplate on this web store and all money goes to devs and you can still play it over steam with your Battle of Stalingrad and any other you buy from steam or here. If you dont wont to use steam, you can just buy Battle of Bodenplate now on this web store and download instaler and have only that, and lanch it with game lancher. Online you could fly on any map that has your airplanes, in SP you could fly it in free maps ( you could not play on BoS BoM or BoK maps if you dont buy them) untill BoBp map is finished and in game, also no campaign or career is out for any BoBp airplanes.
  16. CountZero

    The IL2 store

    Fully agree, had few buys this week and all went well and fast, tm8s buys also with no problem.
  17. Yes limited number for all airplanes is way to go, like it is now on WoL, you cant have server runing all unlimited and pretend your doing something historical, its just fantasy scenario then.
  18. it dosent waist combat timer when waists emergancy timer, so you can just use it like that 10+10+10+10+5 Here is also Talons post about it after witch i tested and saw same (thats the big advantage of how this timer recharg system of engines work in axis favor and hurts heavy usaf airplanes in game):
  19. Why even climb on continues on K4, you can climb 10min using emergancy, then 10min using cmbat (while your emergancy recharges), then 10min emergancy, then 10min combat then 5min emergancy, and then you run out of fuel On 47 you can do 5min emergancy, then 10min combat and then you have to fly 15 min continues to recharg combat and emergancy, its easy to see what timer and recharg system works better. You have to use continues in P-47 most of time, while on axis you dont have to ever use it. It seams that P-47 engine is so fragile, its so amazing that germany was making so good and relaiable 1.98 engines in their last years of war, while poor allieds had to be so limited in using their poor engines as they would brake like glass if you just looked it wrong 😄
  20. You had that in CloD, human players could take any aaa (on ship or ground) in server mission, and usealy human was more accurate as he learns with time, AI is always same
  21. Just look for timers and limitations P-40, P-39 and P-47 have, same to be expected to continue to any usaf airplane, so P-51 and P-38 will probably have all thouse extream limits in combat and wep use, so your mostly flying continues setting and braking engines in fights if you dont have your timers calculated correctly. Tempest should have same as Spit 9, unlimited combat seting where you have good power and short emergancy of 5 or 10min for extra boost, so thats mutch in line of how you have on axis side long combat where you can have good speed and power to df and then short boost in emergancy when needed, and more easyer to not brake in df or not to owerwelm players and constantly think what MP and rpm and for how long sec i used it 2min ago like it is on usaf engines now in game. How limits work on usaf airplanes in game, they make it so they are most time consuming and destracting in fights, so players tend to go for easyer and that for red will be tempest on high performers, or just go on axis side like its now. in MP lack of historicly used Spitfire Mk.XIVs will be felt, fo SP part it dosent mather mutch as SP missions tend to be historical unlike MP where all just fly most easyer and best performing stuff. EDIT: and not to be missunderstod, this unbalaced and unlimited use of airplanes is not falt of Devs , they select what to make based on SP and campaign like it should be, its server hosts mission makers and players who should make better enviroment for both sides, making missions that favor one side will in end be bad as other side players will just stop playing, and players who just stack one side and dont wont to balance or change sides will ultimatly just end up playing alone, but some dont mined that from how it looks some times on some servers lol
  22. I tought the same but from what i see nothing changed, and complexity of engine menagment on Allied airplanes combined with realise of airplanes will make things more in favor of axis on servers. P-47 was hot at start, but now its just hangar display airplane, same will be with 51 and 38, only tempest will have game apeal of strong guns, fast speed and easy engine menagment compared to usaf stuff. And its long way to tempest.
  23. oh i remenber panic that was when La5FN come out, and then it was limited and used only on 2-3 missions out of 20 on WoL. And only 3 months after it was out 109G14 come to again make balance.but look how it is with 109K4s with 1.98mod, its unlimited and same ppl who complained that La5FNs will ruin MP have no problem with unlimited 1.98K4s lol. I expect same behavior when 262 comes, unlimited availability, and nothing on other side to match its game abilitys, as like you say historicly there was no need to use Allied jets, so what you get in MP is just fantasy no mather if mission is set to have historical airplanes or frontlines, if numbers dont face state of ww2 then its not same.
  24. from how its now youll be lucky if numbers are eaqual, it will probably be heavy on blue side because of K4s and 262s, and how its now youll have unlimited numbers of 262s, so we can easy see in MP how it would look if in ww2 they had numbers and pilots to fight of allieds. Usealy you have now 190s low alt vulching bases and 190s at high alt bnz reds climbing below them close to spawn bases on almost every mission, that will just be replaced by 262s, players will not be able to reach their landing or take of bases as they will be constantly fighting outnumbered, and others will then just avoid playing.
  25. Good read, cant wait for other parts, plans look good even hint on yak9t maybe in future, "And yes, everything about MP is difficult. A very tough crowd to please." had a gigle when i read this, so true lol
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