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    lol this was some ace ventura level parking you did on this video, tight fit 😄
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    Lagg-3 in danger ? no way 😄 nice manovers on the last fights, keep them coming
  3. The way i see it CloD with TF6 can do Tunisia, El Alamain and Malta+Sicily if they go by timeline, so if BoX dont wont to step on their turff then its best to avoid Husky untill see whats up with TF5. So thats why i focused on areas in Italy. If this is ment to be sugestion for Battle for Sicily then planset dont fit. "Il-2 Battle of Sicily Spitfire Mk.VIII - ok Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIb or Mk.IV - Mkii ok but no MkIV come later when allieds landed and were in Italy, P-51b Mustang - no D or even B/C models in landings on sicily P-38F or G models would fitt there P-47 Razorback - no P47 also, P40F or L models would fit DC-3 Dakota (for dropping Paratroopers) - ok, if not in game already by then Collectors: Bristol Beaufighter - ok VS Macchi Mc.205 Veltro - ok Fiat G.55 Centauro - no was not there as far i know, go for Re-2002 or SM.79 to have one bomber Reggiane Re.2001 Falco - ok Me109 G4 tropical - ok but i would go for Fw-190A4 and add trop fillter as modification for existing 109G4 Junkers Ju87D5 - ok Collectors: Me410 Heavy Fighter - ok but i dont know if their bases would fit map area" So for Husky you would have to have map area that covers East area of Tunisia and atleast parts of west Calabria, with Sicily and Malta and thouse few small islands, thats around 600x400km and its not so big, and 50% is atleast sea ( and would be used for early Battle of Malta scenarious with airplanes already in other DLCs). But i think CloD would do that with for example TF7 if TF5 is able to sell good that they make TF6, thats why i think in MTO they can do 1944-45 timelines in BoX and give CloD enought thinks to do early there untill they see what will happend after TF5 is out.
  4. if poll is not showing PTO as first its fake poll 😄 now im off to check thouse new shermans i hear about last few days... maybe they fuiger out how to make them invisable like airplanes... but its 100% PTO next, you can bet on it
  5. I expect to see bombs and rockets as modification for Tempest probably modifications: 2x500lbs 2x1000lbs 8xRP3 normal gunsight radio option but for selfish reasons i would like they dont give bombs and rockets, as Tempest numbers will be limited online, i dont wont ground attack guys taking it 😄 they should stick with poor P-47s or P-38s
  6. on what settings in realisam are you playing offline, online its mostly expert settings, maybe thats why you have problems you have online and not offline
  7. if thouse settings work on spitfire 9 that has same engine as p-51, they will work same on p-51, you cant have same engine in game that works differantly on 2 differant airlanes. You can already see that if you fly on 3000rpm and 61" (+15lbs) on spitfire 9 in game now you can fly for 15 min before braking engine (time expired message shows up), so flying on 2850rpm and +12lbs of boost for 1h on spitfire 9 has to be posible same way on p-51, as its same engine ( and if not posible then something is wrong with how same engine is modeled on P-51). And if spitfire 9 engine regenerate 1min for flying 3min on lover settings, then same has to be for that same engine on p-51, 1min regenerates in 3min (or something is wrong with one of them if that is not same), so after flying full 5min on emergancy, youll be posible to use it again after flying 15min on any lover settings then emergancy. I tested in game on most airplans and time of recharg does not get shorter if you fly on smaller rpm or mp or lbs or ata and so on, only requirament is that you fly on lover settings then timer you try to recharg and time is always same for that airplane, if its 10min to recharg 10min of emergancy, it will always be that time no mather if you fly on combat, nominal or something inbetwen and so on..
  8. On P-51 you will have to fly on combat settings using Spitfire 9 settings to extend combat time, so not use 3000rpm and 61" what will be his max combat setting, but use 2850rpm and ~54" (if thats eaqal to +12lbs boost) and youll then be able to fly 1h on combat settings. Basicly using same tricks now used on P-47 to extend his combat to 30+min and so on... as Normal Rated power for P-51 is 2700 RPM and 46", its better to not use full combat settings then and to fly on lover MP and rpm then what specs will say
  9. Bagration dosent seam likely https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12180-потенциальная-карта-белоруссии/?do=findComment&comment=706995 not many stuff for axis to have 5v5 if its east front it has to be something where you can fined 5 axis airplanes and thats hard to do with whats in game already
  10. In spitfire 9 manual for its engine combat power is on lover setting then combat power for P-51, so thats why on spitfire its 1h and on P-51 is 15min. On P-51 war emergancy power 67" 3000rpm for 5min is same on Spitfire 9 ( 3000rpm and 18lbs boost), and for Milatary power (probably combat power in game) 61" 3000rpm limit is 15min for P-51 and on Spitfire 9, same engine, its set +12lbs 2850rpm 1h combat, so combat power on P-51 is set on 3000rpm and +15lbs ( 61") and thats why its shorter thens spits 9s 1h on same engine, both are taken from manuals. if you turn on instrument panel in qm when you test spitfire engine youll see that message that your emergancy expired show up after 5min, and you then can fly on combat or continues and it dosent mather youll get message that you recharged it fully 15min after you used it fully, but as combat is 1h you can easy recharg it on combat, on P-51 combat will be 15min so youll not be able to recharg it using combat. As youll use 5min emergancy and then 10min combat and you then have to fly rest 5min on continues, bt you would used up all 15min of combat and would have to first recharg that, so thats then 45min flying on continues. ALso if you just check in game spitfire 9 at 3000rpm and +15lbs (61") that is P-51 15min limit, you will got message emergancy time expired after exactly15min, so limit for P-51 combat is already working as it should, as its same engine just combat flag will be there on P-51, diff setting for 51 then its now on spit9. Youll have to recharg your emergancy on P-51 flying continues, as you dont wont to waist combat mode as youll have same 1min recharges in 3min problem, so if you use up all 15min of combat on P-51, thats 45min to recharg it then. Also strenght, fuel or quality of engine build dosent seam to mather when you look other airplanes recharg times and conditions, there seam to be no logic in how they are selected, so better platings or higher tolerances mean nothing in game, if spit9 hase 1min recharges in 3min then p-51 with same engine will have same.
  11. Today on wol i noticed that contrail stuck in one place, its small part of contrail just rotating in one place, and when i noticed it i started recording, but when i check replay after mission, contrail was not showing on track, probably track would have to be longer and have airplane that created it on it. There was more then few airplanes contrailin as it was winter map, airplane that created that bug contrail got outside of my visual range (creating normal ccontrail until it got out of 9,5km bubble) and when i entered back that area i could see that bug contrail, and only then i started to record for few min.
  12. Battle of Midway Then Battle Of Rome But what ever is next ill get it in the end
  13. They dont have to get rid of timers, they can fix it by having recharg work same on all airplanes 1:1 and not some 1:1 and some 1:3, and have use of emergancy depliting combat on all airplanes unlike its now where some airplanes dont use combat timer when they use emergancy timer, where is logic in that lol.
  14. Even worst on P-51, as it will have 3x recharg time, insted 2x P-47 got, so you use 5min and need to fly 15min to recharg it (same as same engine on Spitfire 9 in game now). So combat of 15min you need to recharg flying 45min on continues, use it once and thats it go back home and land 😄 Germans and russians had realy fast recharg technologies in ww2, ussaf and raf had terible ones its in history books all know aboutz it.
  15. After last DD225 and news that we could maybe get higher vis ranges, something i belived they would never do as its bathering only small group of users, i see that anything is posible and maybe they even have on their todo list more AI bombers or even some tricks to make posible to have big formations of larger bombers not in game now and so on... so as long they keep making new DLCs to be able to make game inprovments from time to time anything is posible, even AI B-24 or B-17s
  16. "The Yak-9T was built serially at the plant N153 from March 1943 to June 1945. A total of 2748 aircraft were produced. The Yak-9T began operating at the beginning of 1943. From the end of this year it was successfully used to fight the enemy’s ships on the Black Sea. Military trials for combat use were carried out on 34 Yak-9T aircraft from July 5 to August 6, 1943 on the Central Front in 16 VA. On the Yak-9T flew 80 pilots of six regiments, which were part of 273 iad 6 Iaq (fighter air corps) and 1 Guards. Stalingrad iad. 78 air battles were conducted (31 of them were effective), in which, in addition to the Yak-9T, the Yak-1, Yak-7B and Yak-9 participated (428 sorties, including 150 on the Yak-9T). 110 enemy aircraft were destroyed, including: FW-190 - 54, Me-109 - 4, Ju-87 - 31, Ju-88 - 14, He-111 - 7. Of these, 49 were shot down on the Yak-9T (44, five%). Their losses - 36 aircraft, including 12 Yak-9T. ... From August 17 to September 18, 1943, 12 Yak-9T aircraft passed military tests in conjunction with three Yak-9D in 18 GWP IA 1 on the Western Front. On the Yak-9T aircraft, 172 combat sorties were made with a total time of 151 hours 54 minutes, 47 battles were fought, 9 were shot down and 2 enemy aircraft were shot down, including FW-190 - 4, He-111 - 4, Ju-87 - 2 , FW-189 - 1. Lost three Yak-9T. ... The presence of 37-mm guns allowed to significantly increase the distance of opening fire. Without reducing the likelihood of hitting an enemy aircraft, this at the same time reduced the possibility of hitting the pilot of the Yak-9T with a bomber gunner. The most favorable distances for opening fire from 37-mm cannons: 400 ... 100 m for fighters, 600 ... 500 m for bombers. However, to break up enemy bombers, it was possible to fire from a distance of 1000 ... 1200 m fragmentation projectiles with self-liquidators. The Yak-9T was successfully used to combat enemy aircraft of both fighter and bomber types. Among the flight personnel of the Yak-9T enjoyed great popularity and was highly appreciated thanks to the installation of powerful weapons and good flight data. " Problem sloved for krfust imersion, you see it was used as attacker and fighter, vs fighters bombers ships tanks, its basicly F-16 of ww2. Must made more anti air missions then anti ground, real fighter like 262. SP is not a problem you use it on Kuban campaign for what was used in that area it got used and timeline, no one cares what you do with it in SP go on ground attack mission and shoot down AI fighters or bombers if you wont, and so on ... In MP, where hes afraid of its good gun compared to bad 37 guns soviet have now in game, you already have missions on many servers set in 1944 on existing game maps with all late war axis airplanes, pretending to be over areas we dont have maps where Yak9T airplanes fit the places to be used as fighter or attacker. So you have airplane that can be used in SP, and expand MP for late missions for vvs thats atleast as good as Yaks we have now in game but has more effective gun. Vvs now miss good number of late war fighters when you see what axis have, and east front is still most popular online, but better late war Yaks that would be more interesting for MP cant fit in SP (as who would then buy them if 90-95% players are SP only and they could use them only in QM) your left with early Yak-9 that is nothing new and Yak9T that it seams putt fear in axis, so its easy to see Yak9T would be good sell.
  17. If i need to comunicate to frendly near me i just type in chat for examle "la5 in 0926 do this or that" or add hdg and alt info if more contacts there, so if hes paying atention on chat and wonts to comunicate he will see it. Usaly its info about enemy airplanes or warn frendly about 6, trying to coordinate something over chat is not good, voice coms are best for that.
  18. from same guy who clames la5 in game can dive 800kmh 😄 i see, so only if airplane is usefule we should not get it for allieds, sounds ok lol
  19. It must be nightmare for you to see how ground attack me-262 and bomber intercept 262 is mostly used now as pure DF airplane hunting spits and p-47s... 😄 but good forbid if yak-9t shoot down an fighter or two. Game already have 37mms on lagg3 and p-39s, and 30mms on 109s and 190s used for bombers but mostly used in game to hunt fighters
  20. But for 5 min only, and hell be facing faster K4s D9s and 262s, but it will be best allieds wil have so better that then what allieds have now 😄
  21. navigation can be fun when you get used to it, always plan ahead where you wont to go and falow some land marks; citys bases and so on... here is some videos that might help you:
  22. Using fov zoom, geting used to shapes of airplanes more then markings, small details like position of radiators, shape of wing or wingtips, tail wing shapes and so on... And on longer distances you just do your best guess based on his behavior, direction he come from, his alt and so on... untill you come close enought to confirm what it is. It comes with practice, more you play youll get better at it. If guy your falowing flashes nav lights or waves its wings that probably means he see you, and knows your frendly but hes concerned that you dont know hes frendly so hes actions are showing you hes frendly so double check in that situation before shooting.
  23. It would be demanding for BlackSix, if i understod corectly correct data is hard to fined for ground war and unit movments https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/11845-обсуждение-версии-3101-me-262-a-т-34-76-увз-1943-albatros-dva-se5a/?do=findComment&comment=705720 On east i would like 1945 DLC and then later fill in if posible with maps, most airplanes would be then in game to have from start to end east front using existing maps, now vvs is still missing late war airplanes.
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