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  1. Thats useal mistake from MP players in thinking that SP guys dont play MP because they are not good enought, when most SP probably dont play MP because they look in historical and organised stuff (in MP you get close to that only in some good coop or events) and here in MP you have non of that. In this game i play mostly MP 90%, i tryed and see what SP has to offer in BoX and i see i have better things in Il-2 1946, i dont mined old graphic when SP is still best expiriance in world of flying games, i can imerse my self in many battles and comand my ai normaly and they lisen and do what i tell them, have ai fly airplanes like they do ( id ont care how they do it i just wont them to behave belivable dont mined if they cheat to achive that) , here i dont get that in SP so i dont play it exept some QM aim practice. Also i see TD who make AI in 1946 great are now working on ai in clod, so that one could have 2d best AI then if it comes out
  2. Thanks for last MP changes in GUI and map icons they look better then before and give neccesary info. Also it looks like outdated messages is mutch smaller, i could see it yesterday in 2h only on two occasion and no more then 4-5s, on mission that had planty of them before, also playing vs or with players with higher pings i didnt noticed problems with warping all looked like greatly improved from before. good job. Only thing i notice wrong or not working as before is i can see in chat when enemy player destroy any ground unit, before we could not see that, so now then its pointles to have info with 3-5min delay saying what objective enemy attacked as you can see exactly from chat what enemy is attacking in real time. Also with all this nice gui changes is it poible to just include gun accuracy after finished quick mission, in that mission resoult screan where you see what you destroyed.
  3. You posted braging how you bombed guy in 111, guys before talk how axis lose on wol as they dont have uber airplanes like vvs side has, so i just use your post as example of what axis bombers do, they dont go for objectives but bomb ppl spawning on bases, i dont care if this was your first and last sortie on axis side, but you didnt even bather to go for objective you just went and bomb guys spawning on airbase that is not target. you were just to easy to not use to show why axis lose and it has nothing to do with what they say , its all on what their bombers and fighters do and they dont care about wining as mutch as red guys do
  4. Recently i retested all fighters (exept 202 and G6 i dont have) in 3.010 and only La5 has this strange differant alt benefit with supercharger and boosted or not boosted. This is how it lookes for La5 and La5FN for me in top speed tests: On La5FN i think combat and emergancy tech chat icon is not corect thats why you see that 2nd line abow 6km (left one is combat and right one is emergancy tech chat ), i see that i can fly long 30min on max power on high alt and techchat say emergancy is active but i dont see timer is counting it down, and its logical that emergancy is not active on FN that high.
  5. I doubt they would do same if they are bombing AI airplanes that are siting on airbase or are getting ready to take of, they like to know they can ruin sortie or haras humans, so spending 20-30min climbing and then 10-15min on hdg to spawn base is worth it to them knowing that its human they get when he just spawns or returns from his sortie. Just look that video that wwindcup posted of that guy killing frendlys landing on base, hes not able to do that in red airplane as flak would get him and he dosent have the skills or patiance to do it in bomber so he selects blue fighter and then haras blue players, 7 sorties and he has 9 frendly kills, some players like to make online expiriance miserable for others, either they dont like server or that player or just dont care and do it as they can. Oh yes base campers are also anoying, they do wait for airplane to take of, agni is my favorit target out of them, he can be found almost always at 5-7km 10km from spawn base in white 190 or 109, but there is few franch guys who do same but flying extream low alts (on 100-50m) as base detection of them is low (no messsages like for high guys on 10km but only 3km) and flak dont detect them untill they are close to base, so most players dont know they are there untill its to late.
  6. Most vulchers dont bomb from high alt, but players like britva and pokemons and few others do, they usealy take ju88 and climb to 7-8km and bomb first one spawn base then 2nd spawn base from that alt, they are good bombers but they rather go to kill player spawning on ground then go for finishing objectives and helping their team to win, as thats what makes them tick it seams. AI on vvs side cant catch them on that alts as its slow, flak on that alt cant get them as its not accurate up high, and even human cant catch them, and more then offten they have some fighter with them to pick up any red that try to climb at them. Only if they dont have any human to bomb on spawning base , they would go drop bombs on some rear objective so they dont come back empty and with no points. Players like valkery and their frends attack base on low alt without any plan, first pass will be ok but usealy on 2nd they are riped apart by flak, and like you say they just waist recorces of their side and mostly just damaging airplanes on ground as they are not skiled, and there is more ppl like them but most dangerous are pokemons and britva type spawn bombers as they think it trough, and plan their attack, and nothing can tuch them if they dont make mistake, but again they are wasiting good skill they have on trolling insted on wining mission for axis side. Also the inability to adjust spawn points is helping thouse high alt spawn bombers, as players are spawning at same place all grouped in same area in line perfect for high alt bombing while they wait for their engines to start, not dispersed all over airbase or hiden, so when you know how spawning works in this game and your smart about what you do like some, you just need to drop bomb on same place and get more then few at once.
  7. Its not the same, spawn airbase is not objective, so players have no reson to defend it. Then they are mutch easyer target then any objective as players close to them dont expect to be attacked, and players hunting for most K/h will go towards enemy span bases as plyers there are easy targets. Then this is what some players take advantage of even further by going for easy kill of airplane on ground where he is suposed to be safe as spawn area is not target in briefing. Also i belive airplanes destroyed on ground dont count towords airplanes lost objective, as i notice that when i get destroyed on airbase i dont get airplane lost in stats as i was on my airbase. Also why would they waist recorces of server by having 3-6-9xAI fighters protecting spawn airbases ( thats same amount of slots recorces taken from human player) if they make missions so human players should attack players on spawn bases? there would be no ai fighter cap if thats what mission is designed to alove as any number of ai eats server recorces ( this was heavy noticable since 3.007 update, and sometimes mission even crashed when enemy bomber would fly close to enemy base and ai would spawn when server was full).
  8. No shooting plyer on ground in his airplane is not as hard as shooting them in air, thats why some ppl do it. Vulching other players on server that dosent promote that and its objectives dont promote that is just contribuiting to making MP as miserable as posible to other players, and if your aim is that you can go and play on servers that promote this type of behavior and even shooting players in parashoots, i wont be missing players like that on wol, there is lanty of ppl there who dont behave like that. On WoL they do all they can to prevent enemy bombers attacking spawn bases, even having scripts that spawn ai fighters when enemy bomber is detected 10km from spawn airbase, but that still dont work as even ace ai is not match for humans ingenuity when his aim is to make other players expiriance on server miserable.
  9. In real war? what in MP resembles real war situation, do you have numbers of flaks and airplanes defending airbases in MP like you do in real war? leve that real war bs for SP where you can control situation and airplane numbers. There is reason why spawn airbases are not objectives, you have Airfields that are objectives and thouse airfields are not spawning airfields, who wonts to join MP just to be killed when he spawns, its miserable exiriance, thats why you have objective airfields to vulch and attack and not player spawning airbases. If your wasiting your time and bombload on some revenge ture of bombing some random guys on spawn airbases because some other guys gangbanged you then your just problem for your side and not contributing to win on your side, as your not doing what mission is designed to be, finishing objectives. If your after points go after ships and tanks you get same amount of points for destroying one of them as you get for destroying airplanes, but thats the thing thouse 20-30 russians playing on ts3 on red side dont care about their ponts streak or kd, and they are the ones who win missions, on blue side you dont have that, most fighters just care about their points and streaks and kd, so escorting bombers is not part of job of collecting points, even when they outnumber enemy side 2-3:1 its big risk if you go with your bomber over enemy terain as youll lose your streak if you get captured, so most axis fighters just sit over their side and objectives and wait easy kills of red fighters that escort their bombers and dont care if they get shoot down as long as their bomber hit the target and finish objective.
  10. 111 is slower then ju88 and pe2, also if your aim is not to go for objectives but just to trool ppl by bombing them when they spawn on their base like you do in that mission then i dont care what you do and i hope you get shoot down anytime you play with bomber. There is more then few axis bomber guys who fly bombers on wol just to bomb players spawning on airbase, and limitations of game where you cant place many AAA on spawn bases to stop vulchers and trolls (as you then dont have many to protect objectives) and even they have small number of AI airplanes that get activated to intercept ppl like you over bases, ai is realy stupid and cant prevent anything and is just easy points for bomber bombing players spawning. X-Man this trefz or woodrowwilson_pr guy is one more example of why axis dont win, their bombers would rather bomb players spawning on bases then go for objectives, few times i would see valkyrie, pokemons, bilbo, ... just waisting airplanes on axis side just so they can bomb or vulch players spawning and then axis lose that mission on airplanes lost count. But yes its easy to blaim it on devs LOL. Its comon to see whole mission when your on red that both of your airbases are under constant attacks by kamikazi troolls, who just waist recorces of axis side.
  11. SP is totaly differant then how you do it effectivly in MP, both can be predictable in their own way but behavior of human bomber and human fighters intercepting them is usealy nothing like you see in SP with AIs flying both.
  12. I echo what thouse 2 before said, and also mostly good organaised axis bomber guys play on taw where destroying ground targets and wining mission mathers, on WoL realy not many care who win or lose as it dosent mather at all in the end, its just fast df server nothing more, and as that mostly atractive to fighter players and few rokie bomber guys. Also im always on wol ts3 and i can see everytime 20-30 red players all in one channel and thouse players are playing to go for objectives, they have expirianced GA guys and fighter players who have no problem escorting them over enemy terain (something that axis lack, they mostly just sit over their objectives ). To think that what you see in how objectives are geting destroyed on wol is devs falt is delusional. 110 and ju88 are not any wors then il-2s and pe2s for destroying objectves in wol. If thouse same russian ppl i see on ts3 playing on red side, played on axis side, axis would win all time.
  13. What papafly say i think is the best for in game, and hardest to prevent bombers to hit target from what i expirianced playing online in this game. Even if your alone i think thats best you can do, as most enemy fighters defending objectives are just staying in 5km around target ( as 9.5km visibiliity bubble makes it hard to interecept enemy bombers on rute you can easy miss them). And if your bombers are attacking from high you just need to keep enemy fighters ocupides at 1km lover alt, and if your bombers are coming from low you just need to keep eneym fighters on side of target your bomber is not coming from, or away from objective. From my expiriance thats the easyest way to eliminate escort and then bomber, many times i encounter enemy bomber flying with hiis fighter escort at same alt as him, and they are easyes to eliminate. Bomber has fals fealing of safty, and fighter guy is easy detectable to enemy and is usealy aware of enemy presenc to late (when frendly bomber gunners report its already to late for him to do anything). Short vidibility should be used by you as bomber lets say flying at 3km your fighter should be at 6km and atleast 3-4km on your side from what you dont expect enemy to come, then enemy fighter will see big bomber dot, he will think oh nice jucy target, he will check if there is any escort and see non as your fighter ecort dot is smaller and not close to you, and he will then hopefuly be to focused on you as bomber and your fighter can get him maybe before he gets you. But again in this game i think close escort is nothing els then just aditional easy target for enemy or fals confort for bomber, most effective is to overwhelm enemy defencive fighters exactly over objective or at part betwen your border and objective. Only when one objecuve is alive whole rute is danger zone and bombers should avoid directly going for targets, they should use this short vis range to their advantage by going in unpredictable routes.
  14. They can have ground attack misions for them ( like they do for other ground attack airplanes in SP ) , its great chance to include other iconic jet airplane, and it was there so no need to make new map for it. And no other sim will have it and you can get jet vs jet scenarious.
  15. I realy hope they consider making just maps of some areas that have good overlap of existing airplanes in game, they could sell map and acompanie it with carieer or campaign for SP (95% of users as they say) for lets say 29.98$, and still have this system working for MP where if you dont have map but you have airplanes you can play on it ( they could live without 5% of MP ppl not needing to buy new maps). It would expand game easyer then full DLC 5x5 and map, and maps in this game are realy great and you cant realy fined any problems with them, and with new tech they have for BoBp map they could probably make them faster then before.
  16. He is not proposing devs to build anything, he is saying to have mission or two with existing map and existing airplanes, where you have what if scenarious ( like some coop missions you have with MC202 as Ki-61 vs P-40s or spit vs or p-39s pretending its New Guinea on Kuban map). In old 1946 you could have popular servers hosting special events once or twice a month with some what if or less popular eras of ww2, same could be done here with existing airplanes on existing maps as there is planty of airplanes already in game, but there is realy not so big interest in such things as it was then.
  17. They should make Meteor it fits the map they building and they can make historical SP campaign for it and have it in career. P-80 was in britain and in italy in late 45 so dosent fit, 335 and 162 also dont fit map. 163 is also not fiting map area and you dont have big bombers to attack. Meteor is easy win win option for them, one more jet, its on allied side and its historicly good for SP part of game.
  18. exactly, axis onlys comparing impact of lagg23 to what unlimited 1.98k4 ( 3% of them available of all bobp axis airplanes) or unlimited 262 ( 5%) does on server mission is just comical at best. 3% of all axis fighters in BoBp were rocket 1.98K4s but on servers they are almost only things you see, but no need for limitations as red get of lagg23s on other missions, so all is ok LOL good luck trying to explain impact of constantly playing on side that is outnumbered, thats not in vocabulary of axis player in this game, but that slow unmanuverable airplane has big gun, its just not fair...how can they deal with it
  19. Yes, but some dont understand that or pretend they dont it seams.
  20. LoL comparing advantages that lagg23 gives you in fight vs 190s or 109s with what only jet airplane like 262 would give one side, or unlimited rocket 1.98K4 advantages now vs red airplanes is redicalus. If you get shoot down in fly by wire helecopter that is 109 in this game by lagg23 its all your falt its not because 23mm he had, he needs to get in position to shoot with that 23mm first and you alowed him that ,in 109 your faster, more nimble, better climber, better rear view, better turn, more ammo, better dive... and you enjoy numbers advantage most of time over reds so you can owerwhelm them with no problems. But thats the axis mentality showing, if enemy airplane has one or two advantage over their airplane and they have all other advantages, then that airplane is uber but their airplane is so poor, oh poor axis had it so hard vs vvs all this years, all thouse + on their airplanes but if enemy airplane has one thing better then them its not fair. PS Oh and Lagg3 is limited in numbers on every mission and limited in numbers with 23mm modification alowed, and also not alowed on more then few moscow maps, its not that they are unlimited and uncontroled in numbers so like i say all airplanes should be limited, unlimited numbers or mods is just fantasy scenarious.
  21. That Krupinski video is from old time when 37mm on P-39 was modeled corectly, (he has few more nice P-39 videos) now you cant do that, and P-39 is worst airplane in game because of weard allied engine models and terible cockpit view and poor 37mm strenght of gun now in game. I recomend anyone to just skip on that plane the way its now modeled in this game its not worthe it.
  22. I realy hope that this time something was wrong with server, as it was realy bad to my suprise on mission that worked ok before in 3.009. And server crashed and didnt restart for some time and i see their forum is off. But i then went on berloga and df there then waist time on broken server or mission that dont work with game as of now. I also need to see how missions that worked bad in 3.009 and had outdated data messages work now in 3010.
  23. They need to be veary cerfule and plan ahead good if they wona make more 109s as collectable, as there is not many options for axis fighters when they wona do some 10xDLC battle of, they can easy run out of german fighters for most of battles.
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