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  1. its so hard to find good help these days, but it could be that han didnt wake up at time so thats why we didnt get dd
  2. if its anything like its done in WT or CloD, then you just wait on runway for 2-5min and your airplane is magicly 100% fixed like new. ill probably not use it as i take of and land on far away bases and dont do GA online so i see no point in waiting few min on close airbases to get my 100% new airplane when i can just respawn in no time, GA guys will probably use it a lot
  3. every airplane in game is build to best posible, so when i take off online i take of in new airplane every time, no relaiability problems are in game, so i expect to be informed when my time expired and when its recharged, if not informed by game about it its basicly me just guessing so i dont play then with thouse airplanes as its like playing with random engine failures turned on on them and not on other airplanes.
  4. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/documents/Research/RAF-Historical-Society-Journals/Journal_46_Seminar_N_Med_Ops_in_WW_II_Italy_Balkans_Greece.pdf
  5. If they had to wory about time limits there would be build in alarm, red light or clock just for time tracking, it was just recomandations to save engine life, not youll brake engine if you go few min abow 5min limit, if it was that cathastrophic like its in game real pilots would be restricted or warned in cockpit about time expired and when they can use it again. And as thouse things didnt exist we need warnings in game in tech chat or tips as for in game airplanes timers are extreamly important in way we have them now, and to not have indication when they expired and when recharged is big problem made by game that didnt exist in ww2.
  6. map area would have to be extra big 1000+km
  7. P-38 in game pics for sure today, will han wake up in 3 in morning to post dd or it will be normal day time is the question πŸ˜„
  8. most bombing in italy was done by fighter bombers or medium bombers, b17s and b24s mostly just took of from bases in italy to bomb targets in germany, only early when they were based in africa they bombed targets in italy, but thouse maps are to big, so for maps of 400-500km medium bombers that work good in game are right fit for italy campaigns
  9. Late war Italy campaign starting with Gothic line push in late 1944 and continuing into 1945 would offer interesting stuff for axis: Axis: G.55 Serie I , MC.205V Serie III , Bf-109G-10 , Me-410B-3 (or Do-217J ), Ar-234B-2 Allieds: P-39Q-20 , P-47D-30 ( or P-47D-22, or P-51C-10/Mustang III ) , Spitfire Mk.VIII , B-26G-5 ( or Mosquito NF MK.XIX ) , B-25J-15 ( or just B-25D from bobp made flyable ) And you can use Fw-190F8, Bf-109G6, P-51D-15, P-47D-28, Spitfire Mk.IXe, P-38J already in game, also as its late war no need for navy actions, and map would not be flat like rest.
  10. if you now continue to fly la5 you can aim to shoot only from 6 of enemy airplane, and aim for fusalage, and try to get most advantageus situations to get more pk to inforce point that its probable to get more pk with la5s, or you could do oposite and attack enemys in most diadvantagous situations to get less pk then with other types, or you could do same with 109s for example and prove that you can get more or less with it. Point is your no longer realiable tester for this, as you know whats the aim of test and you could play with resoult of them intentionaly or not. You would have to fined some random guy who didnt see this topic to do tests without knowing what the aim is, or check some randoms guys sories in la5 vs his sorties in axis fighter untill now as he could not temper with resoults as he dosent know about goal of test. but like i say just looking at quick stats like this, wthout knowing what wa situation when enemy airplane was destroy and pk dosent mean mutch, how many airplanes were hit only in wings, how many got hit only with he, how many got hit in armor late at angle, how many got hit at starnge deflactions not in cocpit areas but got tail cut or engine damaged and attacker stop shooting, or did they got hit from far, did you hit them first and someone later finish them, and so on many other factors would play in to this tests. You would have to have static airplane and static 20mm vvs gun and shoot at that airplanes pilot from all sides few 100 times and them same for axis 20mm and so on to get any relaiable resoults exept fealings that one is better then other.
  11. Then one of them is wrong and its imposible that both are correct, so there is bug in system in game 109K can have 10min of emergancy and then use 30min of combat, and recharg his 10min emergancy in 10 min combat flying in game P-47 can use 5min of emergancy and then have only 10min of its 15min combat, and has to fly 10 min to recarg its 5min of emergancy both cant be correct, there is bug with timer for recharg and timer for combat when emergancy is used and this problems show on other airplanes also
  12. all techchat messages exept message related to timer expired, and timers recharged show up on any realisam settings, so its clear bug that important messages as thouse dont show up. Even if its set in tips, player can turn them on any time on any realisam settings, but they dont show up. And in real ww2 if this was so important , like its in game now, pilots would have indicators like they do on gauges for max speed, rpm, ata, mp, temp and so on there is no technical documentation for recharg times as they dont exist in real ww2, so if some airplanes in game have 1:1 recharg and some u to 1:3 and there is no real reason for it, then its bug as it should be same for all airplanes, what documentation should be presented, dev is asked whats the reson for this and no answers provided, and when you look at airplanes HP, rpm, ata, mp, fuel, engine strenght in materials used has nothing to do with what recharg time is, so its bug then if there is no logical explanation for this big differance and it should be same time relations for all airplanes. if you use emergancy, timer for combat should be used also at same time on all airplanes, now some airplanes dont use combat timer when they use emergancy timer, and some do, also clear bug. What documentatio you need for that, its logical that if combat timer is 30min and emergancy 10min you can not use emergancy for 10min and then still have 30min of combat timer left, its soulld be 20min left, something is wrong there and its buged.
  13. historical fotage of spit 14s vs 190s πŸ˜„
  14. one more dlc with axis airplanes and you run out of types πŸ˜„ its realy not hard chouce when you remove fighters and remove airplanes that dont have any use for this game like recon or transport your left with obvious 5
  15. i quickly check your wol for this year on 109s and you have 37pk out of 87 42%pk-58%nopk (and thats including il-2s and pe2s, so not as easy to pk as fighters ) and when you look that small number of 17 for la5 that includes only fighters, i see no problme drop is only 5% 8pk out of 17 47%pk-53%nopk and many other factors that cant be sean from stats will impact thouse numbers, and still they seam not to far considering you have 2x20 on la5 and only fighters are attacked and 109 has only 1x20mm and all types are included you should go get 100 axis airlanes destroyed and then see πŸ˜„ but now that you know your hunting for pk to prove the differance betwen vvs and axis pk ability by this simple method, thuse resoults would be biased i dont get many pk with lagg3 with 23mm , something must be strange can someone check all my sorties and see how many pk i get compared to nopk πŸ˜„
  16. If it has to be east front i would like smething like that, but would go with Me-410 insted he-162 and insted P-63 that was suposedly not alowed to be used in west go with P-39Q. Beliving that Yak-9 is late war Yak-9U afcorse πŸ˜„ and it was 5 to 1 air advantage for vvs so not as big as it is in BoBp campaign well get so that should not stop it as posibility Hungaians had Bf-109G10s, Bf-109G6 with GM-1, Me-210Ca1s and hungarian build Re.2000 so it can be 4x4 and small map, i like that map in Il-2 online missions usealy had airstarts for american airplanes also.
  17. If it has to be korea i would go for campaign from 1951 to 1953 so map dosent have to have whole korea but just north 2/3s of it, and map could be ~600x500km what is still bigger then any map now in game including bigest bobp map, but atleast not to big. Also you could cover all MiG-15 and F-86 versions with one base model and rest in modifications Then you could go for MiG-15 and as modifications stronger engine, automatic airbrake flaps, new gunsight for MiG-15bis Tu-2 La-9 F-86A-5 and as modifications F-86E-10 all moving tail, F-86F-10 all moving tail, stronger GE-27 engine, and 6-3 wings and F-86F-30 aditional GA racks options F-84E-25 F9F-2 with stronger P&W engine for modification to be F9F-5 F4U-4 B-26B with modification to have glass nose to be C bomber model Meteor F.Mk 8 Sea Fury FB.Mk 11 and as AI only B-29B-60 Then you have 10 airplanes that are mutch more then 10 and can add extra missing ones as collectables if DLC sels good You have some props, and some GA for N.Korea that was used in late war and early props can be covered for start from existing airplanes in game like Yaks, P-51s and sturmoviks
  18. its steam 2 week summer sale, and BoX probably just had to go with it as its on steam, i would not be suprised if sale on website only gets extended for 1 week atleast like it did happend before, so dont hope for any big updates
  19. -Hawker Hurricane - skip -Focke Wolf Fw189 uhu - skip -Brewster F2A Buffalo - coming with Battle of Midway -Consolidated PBY Catalina - coming with Battle of Midway -Fieseler Fi156 Storch - skip - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - lol what is needed after BoBp is: -Spitfire Mk XIV -Meteor F Mk.3 -Ar-234 -Yak-9T oh yes i foghot probably first one to come out is B-25D (cockpit to make ai from BOBP flyable) πŸ˜„
  20. This is there only option if they wont to add allied jet airplane, Meteor III, as they have map where they flew and do combat missions. If they wont to add more jets why add only axis when you have option to add oposite side jet and make historical missions for it in SP, and give option to be used in MP for jet vs jet. Oh look every dlc has 5 airplanes on one side and 5 on other side, oh look there is same number of fighters , bombers attackers per side... so why not have one jet per side also when every dlc is balancing what each side gets, if its that crapy as you say then its no problem, ppl will use it for GA strikes like it was used. It would be boring if axis side get one more jet as collectable, when allied side has oportunity to get one.
  21. problem on 190a8 is when you use boost and after 10min stop and go on combat youll run out of combat in 15min, so you dont have 30min of combat like manual spec say "Combat power (up to 30 minutes): 2400 RPM, 1.32 ata" you have only 10+15=25min, and if you dont see message abut your timer expired (only show up if instrument panle is on) you think you have 10+20=30, you brake engine then.
  22. I think you have better chance of wining lotto 2 times in row then ever see this in BoX. Airplanes you recomend would take them 4-5 years to make, then map area you show is of no use to allied airplanes, you have to have take off and landing bases for them for SP campaigns so map would have to include atleast England and at best also Italy, so it would be huge with big number of citys... imposible
  23. Nothing stops people who think prices are to low, to buy same thing 2-3 or more times and just have them as gifts and dont give them away. price of 60$ for premium and 45$ for standard to me looks better then what its now, but then they have sales so offten that it dosent even mather, if someone think its to mutch they can get things on sales, and people who thinks its to cheep can just by same thing more time and give them money they think they deserve, simple
  24. You can use il-2 compare that works for 1946, and add files and data for airplanes manualy, for max speed and climb rate that should not be problem, but turn times charts could. As far i know mod that extracted data from fm files in 1946 to create data for compare dont work with this game and no one made new one that would work, so only way is manualy testing and manualy making charts, and then just use it that way as its easy way to quickly compare diff airplanes.
  25. Tempest looks great, cant wait to see what 4x20mm hispanos can do. Looking on webs it dosent seam like it will have many options for skins, all look same with small differances.
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