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  1. next weekend you have proper movie coming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by Tarantino, M. Robbie, B.Pitt and DiCaprio, so better get to cinema and watch it
  2. “angles fighter” never heard of it “energy fighter.” on some ts3 probably when someone talked about 190s back in il2 1946 days but as yak player i payed no atention to that fancy stuff 1 v1 dogfight, no way, its 2 vs 1 for me or run if its only 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 and enemy is not 2km lover and dont know about my flight, come back later and fined someone els is better option then 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 without big advantages also important is good gun that kill enemy in one pass, and tuf airplane that eats bullets so enemy cant kill you in 1-5 passes
  3. its same one from twiter pic, you can even see red nose compared to T6II, shape is not same, wing, buttom tail, and exost on nose
  4. shape of wing on airplane in video is not of that T6 II, also his big exosts are not visable in video and they would be so its not that T6 II. and quick serch on interwebs shows this, so i think its just good old P-51: they spend all cgi budget on actors and beach sceans no left for airplanes, they have to use real ones :D
  5. its map time, lets see thouse airbases
  6. If they were based there and americans attacked it, you can have Ki-61 missions defend base in campaign, ki-45s can also defend it in campaign and also do ship hunting missions, so you can build SP campaign for them, americans attacked rabaul japanese defended it. You have zeros escorting bettys on attack runs on ports bases troop concentrations ships and so on...and ki-43s also suporting from forward bases, for all 5 airplanes missions for SP campaign are posible and you give DLC with balanced airplan set so you dont have only zeros fighting corsairs and p-38s, no one would play on japan side, and all fits the map area. If game goes to PTO compromises will have to be made to have it succed, so if you have solomons map with boring airplanes it aint gona sell , and on top of that you can lock your self from other more famous dlcs with selection of airplanes, so then if you fined way to add interesting airplanes that were on bases on map historicly, to make historical missions for SP and give options for MP and user made missions on map, then thats good option. If you wont to go your strick way then only options is Midway and early carrier vs carrier battles or Phillipine sea for later ones, as it still has planset that dosent favor heavy USA side ( as problem in PTO will be all axis onlys now, will play usa airplanes in pto, and no one axis side ) and you can place enemy carriers as close to front as you wont so MP and SP is ok, later war is either to unbalanced or map areas are to big and distances betwen bases are to big for MP, so carrier vs carrier is only good options to satisfie purists like you. its pto they will have to reduce the distances betwen islands or scale down the maps, or improve time skip
  7. I think me see a P-51 there, that can only mean P-51 coming to box next week 😄
  8. You cant have Solomons without Rabaul base as most things that operated there flew from it, they can hunt B-25s or B-26s then but i also see that web book says they hunt ships in that area, and its good cunterpart for P-38s
  9. From what i can see they all fit in 1943 Ki-43-I Munda+Rabaul https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/11th_Air_Squadron_(Japan) https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/ki-43/index.html Ki-61 Rabaul https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=sD5bDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA32&lpg=PA32&dq=Ki-61-I+solomons&source=bl&ots=9291wq_tc3&sig=ACfU3U3BVPC3dcldGUBbDB4_hUxgVTULJg&hl=hr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiemJuzqL_jAhWIXsAKHTb5B-UQ6AEwDXoECAgQAQ#v=onepage&q=Ki-61-I solomons&f=false https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/6th_Air_Division_(Japan) Ki-45 Rabaul hunting ships in Solomons area https://www.pacificwrecks.com/aircraft/ki-45/237.html https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=XuKsCwAAQBAJ&pg=PA126&lpg=PA126&dq=Ki-45+solomons&source=bl&ots=m6EAAnfUYI&sig=ACfU3U2Ad2vQem00kGgQCC91s3s9PQQtqQ&hl=hr&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjz47uGwb_jAhVJcZoKHSqiBrUQ6AEwC3oECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=Ki-45 solomons&f=false For MP its important that you have some forward bases on map close to each other so even though bases were not used mutch if they are there they can be used in MP, and for SP you go for historical as always, and not all airplanes have to be used all 1943, its good to seect airplanes that historicly fit and are desirable and then for SP you can have them in campaign and not all 10 have to be used at same time like its now on DLCs we have (when their time come they show up in campaign), you just have to have some justification to have it, for me that planset is good mix of all, navy and army for both sides, and still leves open other DLC options.
  10. For 5x5 Battle of Solomons 1943: A6M3-22, Ki-43, Ki-61, Ki-45 , G4M1-11 F4U-1A, P-40M-5, P-39K-1, P-38G-13, B-25D ( or B-26B if B-25D is already avilable as collectable) avoid having airplanes like D3A2, SBD-5, TBF-1C, F4F-4, F6F-3 and so on ... that can be used here but better to be free on other naval only posible PTO dlcs and more bases are build so action could be closer then 1942 where most models are from Midway and other early carrier battles also some seaplanes could be added later as colectables ( A6M2-N, F1M2 , E7K2, E13A) and (PBY5, J2F5)
  11. If you already dont have them with premium DLCs, and your after performance, then in this order: La5FN Yak-1B Fw-190A3 Bf-109G6 La5 Spitfire Vb P-40E rest you dont need
  12. Bronze is for standard or premium bougth after pre-oreder period for that DLC, silver is for standard bougth in preorder period (not option any more), and gold is for premium bougth in preorder period for that DLC, if you have dlc but no medal shows then you bought it on steam, medals are only for what you bought here on web store
  13. Thanks, i change it to inline one For Guadalcanal or Solomons map would have to be smaler as distances betwen bases is just to big Same for proper Okinawa map, best would be to just make islands 1:1 and distances betwen islands mutch smaller, without compromise maps will be just to big and flying times to long even for x8 speeds, without any action
  14. Battle of Midway, June 1942: A5M4, A6M2-21, B5N2, D3A1, F1M2, B4Y1, D4Y1-C, E13A1 F2A-3, F4F-4, TBD-1, SBD-3, TBF-1, PBY-5A, B-26A/B, SB2U-3, B-17D/E Battle of Phillipine Sea, June 1944 (carriers vs carriers): A6M5a, A6M5b, B6N1, D4Y2, B5N2, D3A2 F6F-3, F6F-3N, SB2C-1C, TBF-1C/TBM-1C, SBD-5, F4U-2 Battle of Okinawa, April 1945 , if included Sakishima islands , and south parts of Kyushu in Japan ( that one is hard to belive it would be on one map): A6M5b, A6M5c, B6N2, D4Y3, B5N2, D3A2, G4M-1, Ki-21, Ki-27, Ki-43, Ki-45, Ki-46, Ki-61, Ki-84, N1K1-J FM-2, F6F-5, F6F-5N, FG-1D, F4U-1C, F4U-1D, SB2C-1C, SB2C-4, SB2C-4E, TBF-1C/TBM-1C, TBM-3, Seafire LF.Mk III, Firefly F.Mk I For Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands and New Guinea you would have to know what year is DLC plan to be to know any posible planset
  15. Midway , BoMi Zeros vs wildcats is where its at, and you can place carriers as close as you need to front so no need for long flying times in MP
  16. You should be able to buy it if you dont have it, store recognises what you have on your acount and offer you automaticly both options if you dont have it, and even if you gifted G6 before you buy it for your self, youll be able to buy it for your self. I did this with SpitV, got it for frend as gift 3 months ago, and didnt have it on my acount then, and then few days ago i got it for my self and had no problems, so it should work for you also.
  17. for what you buy from steam you get no badges on forum , so thats why youll not see badges for that dlcs
  18. total posts 600000+ on russian il-2 forum, so then next dlc its east front as they are most active
  19. coming from player who comes on WoL takes of in red airplane and then bails out and then waists all red airplanes on bases so red players cant take them, did ban for that stop and you fined other ways to troll on WoL, your behavior on WoL shows that you dont like anything russian and why you still play on server you try to ruin is big question, players like you dont have any place in MP enviroments as your only goal is to make mp expiriance for others wors for your enjoiment, but hide behined differant nicknames like that works lol
  20. total bs i played with or ugenst most of players on wol that play on vvs side, most of them russians on wol ts3 in bombers, on so caled full real servers in il-2 that didnt have gps and icons, they bombed targets and found them with no problems flying at 10m alt, even all sea maps, and in il-2 1946 you had 30+ differant maps to learn, here you only have 4-5 maps to learn, after few months you know every river or hill if you pay atention on where you play at, people putt to mutch into gps, most players are veterans they dont care if server have gps or not they would be able to fined their tgts anyway. navigations is simple you can fined anything you wont flying at 10km alt or 10m alt if you play the game some time, and most of russian guys doing ga on wol on vvs side ar players playing flying game long time. flying low is faster, flying low gets you in action faster and then if bombers fly low as targets are ment to be destroy best from low alts and pinpointing them one box or house by one then others who fly higher also have to go low alt, and even if you start up high alt youll end up at low alt when df for lon time. you as base campoer and regular vulcher should understand why players fly low
  21. Hurricane in pack of 10 airplanes in one DLC = 8$ hurricane as collectable = 20$ easy to see crappy airplane from 1940 would not sell if it needs to fight vs 1941 airplanes for 2.5x more price then if it was part of BoM DLC even in SP campaign vs AI you cant catch any enemy bombers even, and what can you do with 0.303s to them even if you catch them, i-16 atleast has 20mms
  22. nothing better than getting high flying lufftwafers only players, getting easy kills on them when they only look down thinking high alt is for them only, and doing it in 100-150kmh slower airplane then them on thuse alts 😄 random braking of engines dont exists in game as realisam option so then when you have them braking after using emergancy for to long and you dont inform player when emergancy safty time run out, its like you have random braking on for some airplanes and for some you dont, so its not same for all airplanes. Like timers for recharg are not same for all airplanes and combat usage is not same for all airplanes and this benefits axis airplanes now so no wonder you dont have problem with it
  23. in clod and tfs5 youll have every hurricane exept mkIV, and it would be worst airplane in this game so why would anyone buy it as collectable, if it was included in BoM from start ok but as collectable it would be failure
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