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  1. Battle of Bikini Atoll confirmed ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. But untill now thats their gideline for collectors or any airplanes we have, dose it have usability in SP, and can take off and land on map area. For allied side there is planty airplanes that fit that requiraments, so why go for ones that dont.
  3. Then they can easy make it fit, i forghet about recon, and that one can easy have modifications to be bomber version of same type (even the one with 4000lbs bomb) as they dont care mutch about historicly accurate when modifications are in question if modification is interesting. But i still expect that first twin engine collectable to be B-25C/D.
  4. That 12% is Spit14s i guess and not 16s, So looks to me as first choice for allied fighter airplane for collectors , 777 3D devs should start work on it as sone they finish Tempest V ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. I dont expect to ever see P-47M in this game, as they were based in England and we will never have that big map that covers their home base and area they fight or flew at same time.
  6. yes thats land based PTO to me, china, burma rst is naval ops and island hoping ops and that will probably be reserved for naval usaf or p47s and p-38s
  7. hehe 109K4, or 190D9 are less relavant then Spitfire MkXIV and still we have them as basic airlanes for BoBp not to mention K4 is with 1.98ata engines ๐Ÿ˜„ Also for BoBp Spit14 fits map area Mosquito not so mutch, and first option for collectable allied twin engine is B-25 as we will have it as AI so half job is done.
  8. For Berlin i would go with Yak-3 insted Yak-3P that was prototype basicly, also P-39Q insted P-63 that was officaly not alowed to be used in west , and Tu-2s that bombed berlin insted old Il-4. On axis i would add Fw-190A9, get rid of Do-217 I would add 2 options in Italy: for 1943 Gustav line battles: A-36A, Spitfire VIII, Seafire II, Beaufighter VI, P-38G vs MC205, Re.2002, Fw-190A4, SM.79, Ju88A17 Or for 1945 Ghotic line: P-39Q, P47D22(or P-51C10), Spitfire VIII, B-26, Mosquito MKXIX vs G.55, MC.205, Bf-19G10, Me-410, Ar-234 And Normandy but i strugle to see what would fit for axis there from what we already dont have in game: P-51C-10, P-47D-22, Typhoon Ib, B-26, Mosquito VI vs Fw-190A6, Bf-109G6/AS, Do-217K, Me-410, Ar-234
  9. If they go for Normandy, you get P-51B/C, if they go for any land based PTO there is big chance you get P-51B/C, if they go for Italy you get P-51B/C, only if they go for East front you dont get P-51B/C or some naval PTO, so i would say there is big chance that next future DLC could have it in its planset, so why make it collectable after ppl already have better airplane in P-51D-15 in BoBp, not many would buy same P-51 with less firepower and with bad rear view, dosent look like good idea to have it as collectable, its better fit with some DLC 10 airplanes pack, same i would say for Typhoon, if they go for non vvs collector fighter airplane after BoBp it should be something thats better performing then airplanes we have, like they did with yak1b, la5fn and 109g6, they were good options as they give better performance then what you got with previous DLC airplanes before they were anounced so more ppl will se reason to buy them as extra airplanes.
  10. Only Berlin loks something i would buy out of offered, planset needs to be more historical then whats proposed
  11. they should think about adding some area that you can select in mission builder to be target, so your not restricted with short range of visibility of objects. Mission maker just selects area on map that counts how many bombs or kg is dropt inside of it and when limit he select is reached that target/objective is complited. That would be good for high alt bombing. No need to then bomb precisly every single house or hangar or things like ammo boxes...what you can realy bomb corectly ony from low alt.
  12. Better leve razaeback 51s or 47s for some early west front DLC or even some land based PTO, i would like that collectors fighter airplane for BoBp be something that you can get mostly on that area and doent fit other earlyer fronts, and best one is Spitfire Mk.XIV, same is for axis fighter, why eliminate it from some other dlcs when there is still good airplanes that only fit this bobp map and targeted campaign that are missing.
  13. simple solution of limiting both sides to only 42 players (or 45 like taw did) make unbalance problem less and it still alowes players to chose side they wont, as your atleast alow side that has less ppl to get back up, this could be implemented by devs in game as option for servers
  14. dont need it, even waiting for automatic switches fliping that we have now is to mutch after few times, in clod i could start engines faster as i would just need to press 2-3 keys (clicability is waist of time there), il-2 1946 had it best, no bs just one key and you can go
  15. i got oposite expiriance, in il-2 1946 and clod i would shoot from shorter ranges, while in bos i usealy shoot from 500+ ranges, its easyer to aim here then in previous il2s for me.
  16. Even better, who needs thouse players they can always play on other server all alone vs no reds, atleast sides will be more balanced. TAW implemented solution to it after for years ppl saying nothing can be done, other servers can do the same but they dont wont to. BoBp show its gona be the same, and with recenr D9 and 262 coming and reds having nothing like what they should have, more ppl will just play easy axis airplanes like they do now. No it dosent make more sence for fighter player to play on side that is outnumbered, you have to have fast airplane to not get gangbanged all the time ( and thats on most missions axis and they are outnumbered every leap year at best) you can start fight and there is great chance as your outnumbered that enemy airlane will see fight and come there then any of your side airplane, so speed will save you then. And who enjoys geting on enemy 6 and geting rdy to shoot him but then get shoot down by other enemy, no one, or having to fight 3-4 enemys as you cant run from them you have to fight it out. And if your on side that has advantage in numbers same thnking goes for fighter as you say for bombers, its more safer and comftable to play on it as you know if your in truble there is big chance your side will come to help, and you can just push enemy to their base like it usealy happends and just camp close to them betwen rotes to targets. If you have fast fighters so you can run away from 3-4 enemys you can play on outnumbered side, but when you have slow airplanes its not same. Also Vaal stats have on botom of each player thing call Ratio, if its below 1 player plays mostly on side with more players, if its abow 1 player plays mostly on side with less players, that way its easy to see who enjoys number advantages most of time
  17. also hope thy finaly add that with all this recent gui changes
  18. I would like Italy but they probably cant make whole italy front map as it would be 1000+kmx700+km, it would have to be focused on some battle or area (like they do for BoBp) and that would then dictate planset for what they can do in SP with it. Dont know why ppl place Typhoon, this is 3rd or 4th italy suggestion that have them and they were never used there as far i know. There is big overlap of airplanes already in game on axis and allied side, so they could have ritch campaign for it.
  19. Looks like il-2 1946 is still popular, he has many views and SP missions in old 1046 and not new games. I expect even more airplanes shoot down could be posible here in MP or SP
  20. D9 an K4 over Normandy ? DCS history or your talking about BoBp ?
  21. and 109s in game can do 900kmh in dive with no problems, so they modeled them corectly, i just dive and did 910 tas on 5km and that doc u post says 906 at 5.8, so all is ok for 109s, and it seams only vvs get lover numbers
  22. like i say before and you show again lagg gets +50, and 109 +100, how can they use some x for starting number for 109 when they dont have it, only problem i see is why should lagg not get also +100 on known number like 109 gets, and have 800 limit. 109 get +100, yak gets +70 insted +100, and lagg get +50 insted +100 like 109s, if all airplanes should get some bonus it should be same for all. Hope this gets fixed in future for vvs airplanes, and they also get +100 from known number, then we could get atleast some use from this topic. But this is what they get when they dont use same bonus for all airplanes, ppl still complaining about yak or lagg when they didnt even get +100 like 109s lol.
  23. and again your post then was wrong as 109 get 100+, yak dosent get 100+ but only 70+, and lagg dosent get 150+ but 50+ , again clear advantage was given to 109s ๐Ÿ˜„
  24. nice try but from link you posted: "Actualy, we have flight test report on LaGG-3 which shows that it's diving a little more than 700 km/h IAS without problems. So, we have set Flutter start at 750km/h IAS, +50 km/h to fastests known limit." So in game 109 can dive 900kmh without losing parts, lagg3 780, 109 gets 150kmh bonus, lagg 80kmh bonus, 150 is almost double then 80 so where is problem i dont see, its clear advantage is given to 109s even when compared to only 100kmh advantage given to yaks,a nd stil we get axis complaining like always for something they got advantage, wonting more advantage lol.
  25. nope they use +100kmh for 109s dive speed, in game it can go 900 before losing parts, +70kmh for yaks( spec say 720 is max), and +50kmh for laggs (spec say 750 is max), so 109s still get best posible limit of 850 by spec, and in game it can go to ~900 thats aditional +50 is you risk it, while yak get risking aditional +30 (~750 lose parts), and lagg also risking aditional +30 (~780 lose parts) depending on alts.
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