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  1. With airplanes i usealy take note on how long they can fly with 10% of fuel, and how mutch in fuel gauge 10% is. So lets say i wont to start flying Spitfire 9s, and i didnt fly them long or its first time i plan to play them, i would start quick mission with 10% of fuel and set it on autopilot at max continuous regime for airplane. I would check fuel gauge when mission starts and see how mutch galons it shows (that way i know when i play in MP missions that when gauge shows that amount of galons im on 10%) and then i would speed up time and see how long game time it took for fuel to run out, and i would then know that when i see gauge shows for example 10galons i have that 8min to go back if i use continouos, or 5min on combat and so on... You can see fuel gauge, it will show 0, but if you fly level for few seconds it will move and show how mutch you have, no red warning light like on some airplanes.
  2. Yes i didnt understod it. I think it should happend easeyer then now, especialy with big guns like 30 or 37mm.
  3. how about 3-5x30 or 37mm HE hiting tail of 109, what is probability of happening then ? i try it in this game and since 4.005 airplane just absorbs any hits in tail, what got changed in that update i wonder. It dosent take a watson to solve the mistery.
  4. So if i get it right you took 50% fuel and you flew on continuous engine regime ? if yes you run out of fuel spit is low fuel capacity airplane. (fuel gauge in airplane will show you amount only when you fly for some time level, its not push to show like in real airplane in game you have to fly level and wait for it to show you. ) Last time i run tests you can fly around 80min with 100% on continuous mode.
  5. That would be great, some testing on host part would be done on how many players can do it and with lets say 2-3 AI wingmans per bomber player it would look great if game could handle 84 players + that extra ai. In clod you could do that (was buged when spawning on ground as they would just take off and land, and some comands didnt work, but worked in airstarts so so. Was great when in ju87 to have some extra AI decoys bombing radars at dover )
  6. People already did test on airplanes, offline so you cant blaim it on netcode, with P-39s nouse guns so you cant blaim it on aim with wing guns, and other nation guns are mutch more effective, reason HE ammo. Mc202 is also week as its buged, it has only AP belt. Russian 12.7 is strong as it has HE and AP working bug free, german 13mm is strongest as its buged and have only HE ammo insted HEAPHE mix and so on... shoting at 109 from 6 is taking longer to do damage then on other fighters when shoot at 6 with any gun... but 12.7 AP ammo is more worthless how it works when in combo with 109 tail... For me onother test was shoot at AI airplanes with vanila game in p-51 and look how many i got, then just make simple mod where i replace original bullet_usa_12-7x99_ap.txt and . bin files from games ...data\luascripts\worldobjects\ballistics\projectiles folder withrenamed russian bullet_rus_12-7x108_he.txt .bin HE ammo, so now my p-51 has HE ammo. And cheeck just how mutch more effective i am then. So if HE ammo is so mutch more effective in game then AP, if thats represantation of real world why would then americans be only ones having only AP ammo, where other nations in game have mix of AP and HE (or should have if there is no bugs like on 13mm or mc202). Again if they dont model all differant ammo types in your game and just give AP or HE, easy fix is add APHEAP mix to 0.50 cal guns, where HE represents missing types of ammo, and we have quick fix on same level they did to make 109 tails undestructable by doing quick fix on them only. Heck they can do a poll on testers like they did for 109 tail and ask: do you wont to wait for next who know when for all ammo belts in airplanes be historical, or just have as its now AP and HE only but add HE to represent missing stuff. For people who see how things shifted after 4.005 you have options to fly P-38 as it atleast have 20mm gun that do expected damage, or just transfer to RAF that have 20mm guns, or fly Axis like most do.
  7. P-38 has 4x0.50 in nouse or maybe better P-39 with 2x0.50 to be more like on soviet airplanes with nouse 12.7mm or german 13mm, others compared and its not even close on what you get with american 12.7mm and others nations similar guns, but before AP rounds got adjusted in 4.005 (made AP rounds weeker and HE stronger) there was no problems with american guns exept few axis players complaining how p51 can get 10+kills and thats not fair, as only german expertens should be able to do that.
  8. Still using key+mouse, or you got stick now ? In case you dont know but red cross is where your guns will hit, and red small circuit is where you need to be leading (place red cross) to hit that airplane. Boy thouse 4x20mm hispanos make big boom when they hit dead on
  9. Benefits of being able to see bounced contact whole bounce process is what changed, so no more need to fatigue your pilot franticly serching for guy you saw just before bounce, now its posible to prepare and make clean dives when you can accualy see enemy your diving on
  10. Great update, thanks for fixing visability.👍 No problems on steam, update worked just fine on first go.
  11. And how many thouse AIs you shoot down when they dont just turn like noobs, all ai i see is in constant turns, how mayn 109 ai you bounced from dead 6 and get them in one pqass or pk pilot ? nothing wrong with 0.50s, like nothing is wrong with 13mm on all german fighters having no AP or mc 202 12.7 having no HE and so on...
  12. They should get atleast +1G limit also when on it 😄
  13. I know i know we need to learn to aim, no problems 😄
  14. LOL no wonder complains about 202 when MGs in game are wrongly full of useless AP rounds and 0 HE, if only 131s were same full AP bug insted full HE bug would be nice to se if anyone would complain how 13mm are week, and 0.50 are just fine 😄
  15. more like = 40/60 0.50 cal rounds 😄 HE ammo is so OP after 4.005 that is comical, so yes there needs to be look at what go wrong so bad after it.
  16. In game spec limits are from manuals safe speed, when you go abow it your in danger zone that is for axis +~50-100kmh of manual , russian ~0-50kmh if your lucky and american and british also ~100kmh+ from what i could see. for example on yaks you get around ~750 at and Yak-9 ~800 at best, on 109s 190s 51s you get ~900kmh, on p-38 or Spit9s around ~830, p-47 ~940 Tempest ~950, 262 ~1150 when you lose alerons and so on... but most complains i could see are that russian still get to mutch lagg3 especialy , first time i see complain about 202. same logic as to engine time limit that is by manual but you get some exra time after manual time run out, so here your in that red danger zone with dive speed also when you go abow manual /spec limit.
  17. So how did streak hunting go in soviet airplanes , you try stil in them or back to axis ?
  18. Exept stats show 64 bullets hit 109, 109 pilot didnt get injured or lost any of airplanes controls and no engine damage and he flew away for some time after hits... neg G move when hit is favorit thing to do online as it makes attacker hard tofallow and you have no harm because of poor G represantaion in it...but no problem with 109s tails all is just complains same as HE only ammo in 131 belts, all is ok no problems just aim better ken 😄 Exept no damage or rip rudder or elevators and that airplane that should fall like a brick flew away like nothing happend with no damage from 64 0.50 AP to pilot or engine or controls or fuel tanks... he got hit and did neg G pull so attacker cant falow, comon thing online, best to do when your suprised, and if your in 109 with titanium tail you get free pass.
  19. PTO just to see it in modern game, but no way they gona do it. Italy because of map, but they would be crazy to go with anything els then East front 44-45 easy map not hard for game and fill in missing cool airplanes. Thats if we get lucky and get another DLC.
  20. I would rather have map done in year time and be playable and big in bobp standard then them trying to make some to detailed map that would be fps killer. They can always add more detail later if they have free time for it. If you live in BoM BoS map area you would probably think its not done right or some thing is missing or your city dosent look rights and so on... bobp map cover area most western players know better then east parts so more complains about it.
  21. Nah, and to half their ammo belt, now they have full ammo bellt of good ammo, no AP no problems, no wonder i was able to gt so many 51s when i tested how many 13mm only from 109 can down when all belt is HE.
  22. Emils didnt get temporary fix for tail, im all in for same temporary fix other 109s got for Tempest tail it would be nice to get aditrional armor protection for pilot from dead 6 attacks 😄
  23. I check game files for 109s with them and they have AP and HE for it: DefaultAmmunition=0 // Зарядка стрелкового оружия [GunAmmunition=0] // 100 бронебойных и 200 осколочно-фугасных пуль 13х64 (к пулемету MG 131) ExpendableMass = 25.0 ResidualMass = 0.0 MaxMisFiresInMagazine=0 MaxRoundsInMagazine=300 RoundsInMagazine=300 ReservedMagazines=0 AmountRoundsWithOneTracer=4 // каждая 4-я пуля с трассером TracerIdx=0 object0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.txt" object0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_AP.txt" object0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.txt" target0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.bin" target0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_AP.bin" target0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.bin" BushConfig = "LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Trash/Batch_case12-20mm.txt" BUT after your 2nd post i again check and see they probably have bug, from what i know they should be using object0 object1 object2 for HE AP HE if thats the plan , how its now it looks like only object 0 for all 3 and maybe thats why there is problem with belt being HEAPHE but only HE, i see same is on 190A8 and D9 files with 131, do they also have only HE? It should look like this object0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.txt" object1="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_AP.txt" object2="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.txt" target0="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.bin" target1="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_AP.bin" target2="LuaScripts/WorldObjects/Ballistics/Projectiles/BULLET_GER_13x64_HE.bin"
  24. And somehow only 190 and Tempest can do this in this game (without engines in wings to help), im sure when we get B-52 it will not be able to do it 😄
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