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  1. Devs still didnt fix messages that are in game to inform player that he should stop using emergancy combat power setting, or when its recharged. So you cant know when game wonts you to stop using it , real pilots didnt have to worry that their engine will blow up if they go over recomended times so there was no timers needed but in game when Devs decided for this to be so stricked they have to fix messages that are in game (they are buged and only work when instrument panel is on, not like all other techmessages that work all time no mather of settings in realisam options). So until they fix this your basicly have airplanes with random failures as there is no way for you to know that game wonts you to stop using emergancy or combat or more importantly that its fantasy recharged like in mario games. Stick to airplanes without emergancy timers is your best bet. On g14 and K4 emergancy is 10min last time i check, but again if they dont fix buged tech chat messages regarding this players will always be confused and not be able to use airplanes like they are ment to be used, they will either avoid random failur airplanes or not use power settings to max alowed because of fear of braking engines what is totaly unrealistic as thouse timers were recomendations and real pilots didnt care if they stic to them... when we have them in game because its game then players deserve to be properly informed when to stop or get recharg for it like all other 42069 tech chat mesages that work.
  2. Performance of it is not mutch better then late props we have in game, so nothing can balance 262 online its airplane you should not even have online as even 1 is to big advantage to axis when you dont have numbers and situations they had to encounter in ww2 so in MP its pure cheat to use it. Meteor would be interesting novalty for game mostly usefule in SP.
  3. I hope they see the reason of having it as next colectable airplane now when it could be used on BoN map to unt V1s and also with Bobp map for SP.
  4. Manchuria is to one sided, to big map necesary as front was moving fast, hard to get data for Japan airplanes. So you have option to do easy DLC in late war poland and germany with late war vvs airplanes not in game, and few missing late war axis airplanes also not in game, map area is not to big, only if they are crazy they would go for something like Manchuria. Also Kurland and Hungary dont have neccesary axis airplanes to fill in 5x5 , most are already in game so if its anything in east front it will probably be in poland.
  5. The way it looks they dont have to worry about it for long time, BoN early acces time , then they can easy fined 5x5 for late east front, then Italy in 1943 can have 5x5, and thats 5-6 years from now where you run out of options for 5x5 ww2 without going to PTO or KTO. If only they went for i-153 insted u-2, but exept 2 biplanes you can get rest with late east front and italy dlc in future
  6. Ping is number showing you speed of net to that server, smaller is better. Before you join server youll see that number listed , and color green yellow or red, you can have it ok when your joining but if your net is bad or there is to mutch stuff happening on server it will go up and if it gets higher then alowed you get kicked by server so other players dont get impacted by it. They would see you jumping all around or having late hits to it and so on... you would be laging or warping for them or you would see them doing that making it imposible to know whats realy happening in DF.
  7. Server can kick you because of to high ping, or you selected airplane that is not alowed to be used, or you sit on runway to long and so on... without knowing what server it was who knows what hapend, each server has its own rules and setup. airstart server you were able to play on is probably berloga, with not many rules that can kick you from it. also if you dont own airplane you cant even select it in MP so that was not problem
  8. Its not same problem everytime, they already fix invisable airplane bugs 2 times i remenber, situation where airplane is not visable to some players up to point he open fire i saw only 2 times in +1000s sorties online where all woks fine, so its not easy problem to fix or see what is cousing it. And what is more offten happening now is airplanes getting invisbale at low alt at certen distances, and this is new problem started when they incresed visability ranges just few months ago... so its not problem that is not fixed for years, and they said they are looking into that problem already.
  9. It is slowest, and its because you can fly spit9 on combat for all the time you have fuel in airplane, and p-47 you have to fly on continuous because of how engine limitations work in this game, you spend combat and you cant even recharge it for 45min, and on top of that you dont even get working message in techchat so you cant risk flying on anything els or your engine explods as game dosent inform you when their fantasy timers run out like it should as real pilots didnt risk blowing their engine if they used more then 5min of max power so its important if game is forcing this on player to inform him about it properly. This is speed of spit9 m66 at combat (left blue line), and P-47 on continuous (left red line) : This is speed of spit9 m70 at combat (left blue line), and P-47 on continuous (left red line) :
  10. Dont expect anything to change while we have fantasy engine limitations. Its great airplane for up to 5min DF on Berloga for anything els its pointles to take when you have flying P-51 that is good for DF on any alt, have 150 oct fuel and is great for GA as its not build from glass like 47 or 38. Only good thing that happend to this airplane in this game is that it come few months before P-51 so players were forced to play with it for that time 😄
  11. Store dosent alow you to buy stff you already have, you only get gift option, even in case of P-38 when you have bobp premium. So you can click on all kined of stuff and add to chart and youll see if your able to get it or not if your not sure. maybe you miss this one from the look of your badges, there is new thing available to buy, Battle of Normandy
  12. No rearm base, so if you run out of ammo you just respawn. Its quick DF/duel server with no bases to land on, just bail out, crash or land on any strip you see and refly if your into landings under fire.
  13. Translation looks correct, i just hope new DM changes make 37mm again worth having, how its now it takes 2-3 direct hits on 109 to even scrach it, 12.7mm are better to have then slow 37mm on P-39 or Lagg3s You would have to have new map just to have correct airbases for SP campaign for new 5x5 airplanes for same map but 1940 or 41 if thats aim. For my taste they are making maps to mutch detailed so it takes longer then i would like, so yes that would be problem, they can make airplane in few months but map takes year or two.
  14. Would be nice if they make collectable maps like they do with airplanes, sell map and SP campaign for it where you can use airplanes already in DLCs, and for MP its free like other maps in game now (if MP is only 5% then no problem making them free to use in MP). There is planty of map areas with good air battles over them that cant be in game if 5x5dlcs are only option. Hope Leningrad map is finished succesfuly by Finland players making it now, maybe that opens doors for more maps outside DLC ones.
  15. Do217 with Fritz-x and Hs 293 were based in South France and Istria in North East Italy at time , so its imposible that they would go for them as they cant make that big map to have their target area and their take off/landing area for SP campaign.
  16. I like it but on planset you would have to add atleast one axis fighter and bomber to make it sell, also mc205 in anything in Italy is must, so if insted opsolite g50 and mc200 you go with fw190a4 and ju88a17 and i would replaced re.2001 with mc205 and left radial re.2002 in planset. On allied side also i would add Spitfire VIII insted P-40. If they wont to stay with europe DLCs they will have to go with something in Italy 43 i think that after BoN we have to go to east front to finish that, and then probably something like this.
  17. just pressing E was working just fine for so many years, its realy pointless that they made change so now on some airplanes you have to make 100% mix and 10% trottle and press E, insted presing one key i dont see why change to go 100% mix and 10% power was neccesary, makes no diferance what so ever in knowing how to start a plane and its just waist of time and parrots, so many time wasted online for pointless extra key pressing and especialy when engine dont start and you have to restart for nothing, either full auto like it was before or full manual is the way to go.
  18. Yes they should have that option for players who dont wont to play with tech chat and wont to have empty server just for them to play on.
  19. LOL have you ever play 109F4 in this game, if you think spit9 is that bad what do you think about helecopter F4.
  20. No point in making Yak-3 as collectable as you could not use it in SP. So its better to just save it for 1944-45 East front DLC. Then if they go for La7, Yak-3 and P-39Q for some west flavor, they can add Yak-9U as collectable later. So choice to do early Yak-9s now as collectable was only good one. In MP its normaly better that they do Yak-3 if they are doing any new Yak as MP lacks late vvs fighters, but that will have to wait for next DLC in few years hopefuly.
  21. Its known bug, airplane invisable to some players untill he open fire
  22. They pick Yak-9s they can fit in SP atleast, and for Yak-9D it looks like its basicly same as Yak-9 just with extra fuel tanks so they can maybe add that as modification
  23. Depends, if your into Single play then its worth it, if your more into MP and have yak-1b like me, i will wait to see what stats or modifications will it have compared to yak-1b to see if its worth full price or wait for 50%+ sale like it was case for moste copy paste 109s 190s i got. For Yak-9T whats important is 37mm gun that is better then crapy ones on P-39 and Lagg3, so i got that one imidiatly. what net say yak-9 should be faster by littel abow ~4km, should turn a little better, and climb also better at higher alts. In 1946 it had higher max dive speed. Nothing to mutch interesting when you have yak-1b exept dive speed one for me, if it has better dive speed then yak-1b then to me its worth getting it for MP.
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