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  1. I made sugestion about what i saw douable at time with Italy DLC: But i think there was still to big naval presence to just avoid it, so thats limiting.
  2. BUT no 109/190 combo Yes i would like Italy mostly because map are would work great with detail high game can do, but it would also be pushing engine to limits and dont have players favorit combo. Yes you could have SP campaign with them hunting V1s, and also GA later in war, and it would something new and not just another axis jet.
  3. They are server operators they cant do anything about broken nav lights. Regarding vulching server is build to promote it it even have bases build for flak free vulching, its in rules that its alowed so players are simply misinformed if they are suprised by the amount of vulching there, people who like it play there people who dont like it have other options, its same as people being suprised they are killed in parashoot when they play on TAW, one of goals is to kill you when you bail out if your suprised by it you didnt read rules of server you play on.
  4. I see them deciding to test some axis collector bomber with torpedos that fit BoN area, but only if B-25 or B-26 get some succes when they get lanched as collector airplanes. But i start to doubt they will make any more DLCs for this game after they do Poland 45, it would be 2024 when that one is done if its next and by that time i think they will go for new game engine and only collector airplanes here and there for this, as i dont see what other 5v5 is posible without need for engine optimasations or serch for airplane data they cant get.
  5. Meteor F.III was more important and can be used on BoN and BoBp map so if any jet is to come that one should have priority, but if map with bases from airplane operated is not neccesary then also YP-80 was operational during WW2 so that one would be better option then onother axis wonder waffe. If idea is to just use game engine as it is, it makes sence to do what todays game engine can do , and leve other fancy things for when next gen game is planed to be developed. With this late it dosent look like making big changes to game core should be good, just use time for DLCs
  6. If you think problem is AI dont know how to shoot with MG guns, then same problem should be happening on MC202 or MiG-3 AI, its posible to test by replacing P-51s with anyof them. If you think AP ammo is problem , you can use HE ammo switch mod for american guns and test it then. If you think AI on american airplanes is wrongly modeled and not logic of mission you can replace american airplanes with other nations, i would start with 190A8 just to see what would happend, then would go for Tempests.
  7. Problem is not number of engines, se how many more P-38s you can place in mission compared to He-111s without expiriancing slow motion. Problme is number of crew positions and gunners are to big so you cant even have big number of them, and then you also have to detail model all thouse crew positions. So why make B-17 B-24 Halifax and so on... just to be able to have 2 flights of 4 and 4 enemy fighters attacking them while 4 frendly fighters cover them.
  8. Do-217 was missed chance for BoN as it played some part , later its hard to add them. For He-162 you cant have them in game as you wont be able to make SP missions for them as even with late east front Berlin wont be on map because of game limitations, and they were based west of Berlin as far i know, same for Ta-152Hs, and they cant just force them in DLC like with Ar-234 for BoN, that atleast have bases it operated from in BoBp map. It would be better to go with 6v4 or 7v3 then force 5v5 all the time by ading airplanes that should not be in game just for balance.
  9. CountZero

    Ammo Belts

    As far i know you cant make mod that edits airplanes belts and play with that airplane. So trying to add HE AP mix wont work with mod in game. There is protection even with mods on what you can mod and what you cant.
  10. But price of making PTO is higher then late 44-45 east front as they cant get data for airplanes, so next step is more likely to be late east front. When you look at planset its easy to make, Yak-3, La7, late war Pe2 and Il-2, add late war P-39 for americans and on axis you just do useal 109/190 missing ju87/he111 variant and some paper airplane that flew few test flights from factory and thats it. There is realy nothing els to do 5v5 that is as easy as late east front. Also map dosent have to be big, Berlin can just be off map like Moscow, and game works ok with russian and g
  11. By the time BoN is out you can get other dlcs for 75% off, It would be better to have earlyer SPit9, P-38, or even A20G or Beaufighter insted forcing onother 109/190 combo just to have balance 5v5. With G6, G14 A5 A8 you dont need G6L and A6.
  12. In players web stats there is Ratio to show if player play mostly outnumbered, if its 1.0 player plays when both sides are eaqal, if its below 1.0 it means player plays mostly when he have advantage in numbers, if its abow 1.0 it means player plays when hes outnumbered. On WoL i would usealy play on red so i would most of time be outnumbered and have that ratio abow 1.0 , and i recomended WoL admins to add this Ratio value in total ranking score so atleast you get bonus for playing on side with less players. I tought to just add it as multiplyer of total rank points formula SD * SH
  13. Yes its more ata or rpm but thats what game tells me its max combat mod, so untill they fix it i go by that ( its same error on most axis airplanes). Yes i also get max of ~1.38 ata on 100% For stab/trim i see around 90% is best at that alt.
  14. They have to keep 5v5 balance so we are wasting airplane slots on copy paste airplanes like G6 and A6 insted having more Allied airplane types to represent history.
  15. I run test at 6600m on Kuban autumn QM airstart (devs use this map as refrence if i remenber corectly), 50% fuel, stab trim = 90% , auto rads, auto rpm, auto level. 84% throtle ( combat max ) after ~7min , in game panelshows 437kmh 100% throtle ( emerg max ) up to timer expired, in game panel shows 447kmh (For example if i use spring kuban map i get 438kmh, and 448kmh, if i use BoBp winter map i get 440kmh, and 450kmh (453 on 0% rad)) Using TAS converter and Kuban autumn speeds from game it looks like: combat max = 616 kmh emergancy max = 630 kmh
  16. Iz thiz for z warthunder ? LOL
  17. As lng there is no shortige of Tempests and incoming Spitfire XIV on online missions to replace american stuff there should not be problem
  18. With previous DLC that happend when whole early acces of it is over, only then 2 collector airplanes could be bought separatly from main DLC. Didnt bather to look but were the timers same, 5min emrgancy/boost and 1h combat ? Also with 150 oct we are getting +21 or +25lbs ? i guess +18 is normal version. And will it have shorter time in air regarding fuel amount and consumption of it ?
  19. just map area would be enought for start, i counted we gona get some info about it around x mas, but still no news. If we get map and maybe few SP missions or scripted campaign with existing airplanes in game, we can start thinking what airplanes they could add trough colector airplanes program.
  20. It looks like your using ussr for all allied airlanes, and that means that american airplanes dont havd G benefits in 44-45 missions, before it was tied only to date but now its also tied to country for some reason. So if date is beyong sep 44, country in base have to be also american for airplane pilot to benefit in extra G.
  21. I think this is big problem in game and the way that 4.005 was tested was realy poor job ( leving bad tail fix for 109s and poor 0.50s) , but from what they replayed here and on facebook its clear they will take onother look at it when they finish airplanes, and to me that means in year time at best, so more post about it aint gona do a thing exept get some comical relife.
  22. In first post i explained i used JtD numbers for turns, i found JtD numbers more accurate so i used them, and at time i relesed first version he had turn values for all airplanes i had tested. And as i didnt see he tested newer airplanes i just placed spec turn numbers for ones that he didnt test. EDIT: If you wont to have turn numbers from in game specs for airplanes, i easy made changes and you can just use this to replace DataTurn files: DataTurn.zip
  23. It looked to me also that speeds per altitudes they listed for A5 in specs are also ones with all 4x20 in wings and not games default 2x20 version.
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