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  1. nah the profesionals are telling us that if you dont hit at exact point of convergance your hits is like you didnt even aim, your a Noob, since 4.005 we all forgot how to aim like a pro, and we are noobs now, and we need to hit betwen 398.78-401.63m if we set convergance at 400m, then american 0.50 show how great they are, just learn to aim LOL.
  2. What a coincadance that also started since 4.005... but its 109 just most popular airplane in game being undestructable from most popular type of attack, no need to check what got wrong there ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Interesting how people all of sudden forghot how to aim when 4.005 come out, so they now need to learn it again, mass amnesia, and no problems with american .50s. Funy how for years when ppl complained about week axis 20mm no one say to them guns arnt week you just go learn aim ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. 4.005 happend, since then american .50 are great for warning enemy that your on his 6 when he didnt notice you. But 20mm hispanos are still good, so quick fix is leve 51 and 47 in hangar and take proper build airplanes with guns build for war like Tempest and Spitfire 9
  5. On continous it gives you only around 10kmh more then normal, on combat yes its mutch bigger but you have it only 15min AND recharg is 30min so you cant use it to climb on start for example as you need to wait and recharg AND if you use WEP it drains your combat also so you have to save it for WEP... its a mess, good old Spit9, Tempest you get 1h no worry combat timer , have to worry only about emergancy 5min, and with still not working techchat messages when server set it ON, why bather with american engine mess. Tipical mission is what 45-1h, look at SP missions or scripted campaigns they all aim for short missions, so why have such long recharges ? where do they even get historicly that P-47 needs to wait 30min after it flys on combat settings for 15min, what book has that in it? and if its true should that not be adjusted to game conditions of not flying 8h+ missions , whats 30 min recharg wait after take off climb for that long mission, nothing, but in game thats whole mission, if 5/ 15 min timers are so strickt for game sake, then recharges should not be... and adjusted also. Nice first look at D-22:
  6. I think its easyer to make gold by alchemy then make setting for all that makes spoting better, what works for you dont work on other guys PC and so on... in end your gona have to do it that way, chage something and then spend few days checking if it made considerable differance. For me i have it off even after that bi update it didnt help having it on.
  7. did it get 20mm insted usless.50 ? no did it get rid of arcade time limits for engines ? no so yes its same as before just now you can get few kmh more if you have 150oct fuel. Not worth taking when you have Spitfire IX, Tempest V with 1h combat timers and real guns, even P-38 with its timers atleast have 1 real gun... and only differance now is you cant turn like zero before update when drop flaps and you get out of dives mutch harder, so thats good. So americans build engine that have 5min timer, but 7min supply of water for it, they could not build engine that can last full 7min ? lol so real engine just brakes if you use it for 6 min looking how its in game kkkk and on top bug with techchat messages that tell you when timers expired or recharged dont showing up when techchat realisam setting is turn on is still not fixed.
  8. Link for mod on first post is updated to version 2.5, small changes to objects.csv and picture, loudouts for Ferdinand zip file here contains only changed files for version 2.5 : https://www.mediafire.com/file/sbof1z5z1av4z3q/changes2.5.zip/file
  9. Youll get around 5kmh in speed if you go 100% mix when using WEP(boost) insted 85% auto. On some other airplanes also full mix give more speed, on some less, so its based on plane there is no real rule for all airplanes.
  10. Updated link on first post with data for P-47D-22 and P-47D-28 with 150oct mod (i added 150 top speed data to CT chart).
  11. Time differance on in cockpt clock should tell you if you are reciving delayed info from server host for any reason (server overloded, high ping bad conection VPN use and so on...). If you have same time like others but see delayed icons then problem is differant from what i and others had before.
  12. CountZero


    nothing new, invisability bug, and he becomes visable when he opens fire, you can probably fined topics on it in bug report and give them replay of it to help fix it. Hope that P51 learned that .50s are usless and go for airplane with real guns like hispanos as he would get you if he didnt have airplane with .50s, even invisability glitch dont help you when you have .50s to shoot at airplanes
  13. I only noticed this when server was overloded, i would have few seconds dely on my position and on like you say icons of enemy airplanes on my spawn base. When you have this check if your cockpit clock shows same time and seconds as on your tm8s, and if your able to press finish flight exctly when you landed or you have to wait for airplane gps icon to get to same place, that was also happening when i noticed that problem. But for me problem stoped when devs fixed bullet delay bug 1,5 years ago, didnt have it since then, basicly server would get overwhelemd and users with lower conections speeds or high pings would expiriance this delay in data from server.
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