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  1. Updated link for mod on first post to version 2.1 containg this fixes/changes: -in sortie log for pilot and tankman, when damage event happend, name of player who damaged/attacked you when in tank will now go correctly to that player sortie. -added pictures tank/turret, and tank paylods for new PzKpfw V Ausf.D "Panther". -name change for picture of T-34/76 utz tank, name changed also in its tank_paylods.py, and added Russian and International name for it in objects.csv. -work with latest original IL-2 stats 1.2.39 update from today zip containing only this changed files from 2.1 (so users who already have previous versions dont have to download full mod again): https://www.mediafire.com/file/zd0l0zm106qbrfo/changes2.1.zip/file run update.cmd to collect new objects and new images
  2. You have option to turn of tech chat on any realisam settings so why is problem for players like you that tech chatis with all wking messages. To me its clear that this is bug as its tied to realisam option that has nothing to do with it. ts like me saying to guy how wonts better icons that i dont play with icons so i belive all is ok with icons. If you wont ALL tach chat or SOME tech chat to be realisam option for server to be turned on or off i dont have any problems with that, and i sugest opening new suggestion topic recomending this to devs (probably one already exists as more then few players wont no techchat) s not about that. This is about only this messages from 6942.0 tech messages that dont work as planed. And for players with low dexterity like me that cant play this game without tech chat messages that game have by default displayed on all realisam settings its big problem that i cant fined way around and my expiriance with game is heavy impacted by lack of this bug fix. While you can play how you wont by just turning off all tech chat mesages.
  3. i dont know why i need to wright also suggestion about fixing clear bug , but ok ill do it as this is realy frustrating little bug in game for me for some time and as messages exist in game and show and work with no problems when instrument panel is turned on i expected this is easy fixable with detail report.
  4. As it was recomended to me i post this here There is bug in game tech chat for messages regarding engine emergency/combat/boosted mode time exceeded and engine emergency/combat/boosted mode time recovered messages when option Instrument panel is turned OFF. This is ONLY tech chat messages out of 4206.9 of them , that are tied to this option as that Instrument panel like its described in game is just for instruments has nothing to do with tech chat. So its clear bug. The way engine timers work in this game its important for player to be informed when exactly time run out or got recovered. Tech chat messages show less important things then this on all Realisam settings and because of this bug they dont show this important things on all Realisam settings. If timers need to be this strick in game then player should be properly informed about them by game. Like it is in numerous other cases when he is informed by tech chat about things he cant see or feel, as hes playing game and not in real plane.
  5. Well in few years youll be able to pay for new game engine, There will be no more DLC to make so rehash of same will start on new game engine and youll be able to pay again for same airplanes, same like you have FC now insted RoF, you see how popular it is, so many RoF players are buying new engine its imposible to join WW1 servers...
  6. A : its troll who likes that his attacker will waist time on him and get nothing in return, and lose his position and ammo for nothing. B : its someone who for one or other reason dont wont to accept that he got beten by other player C : its someone who dont wont to lose his position in ranking in stats (by getting killed or captured) So to avoid frustrations its simple to just give kill to attacker in player type A and B when disco guy is damaged , and if admin thinks players are using it for their farming of stats they can aditionaly turn disco into capture in case of player type C.
  7. Scraches here are terible, hope they make them less pronounced, fix for me is just fly with open canopy when ever airplane alowes, 20-40kmh speed loss is well worth it to keep my eys healthy.
  8. Yes i read what was said on russian forum by dev who have task to fix this problem, and i see no conflicting info with it from post you quoted, it was hollidays i dont expect anything was done so what new thing they can then post if no time to work on it . They said its not quick fix.
  9. http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/variants/p51b http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/variants/p51c The P-51B model line would be built at the Inglewood plant, and the P-51C line at the Dallas plant. Specification for the P-51C were identical to the P-51B.
  10. Devs asked for data on this problems not so long ago, they got planty examples of problem and said they gona look into it, so no point in arguing with players who belive there is no problem or dont see problem, whats important thing to me is devs know there is problem and they look how to fix it if posible.
  11. Yes thats the plan, less work for admins as i noticed bans dont work and admin ends up be more angry at guy bathering him about disco guys 😄 , and less frustration for players that are attackers, disconecter even makes it easeyer as you spend less ammo on him and get kill and there is aditional options for server to use if he wonts to more punish ones who disconect when under fire automaticly, and not players who just get random disconection. It would be perfect if option 4 is posible then when you got disco where no one shoot at you at any time over your front you would atleast not lose whole work you did but i was not able to make that work as pos data dont show up at time of disco to determin if player was on his side.
  12. Thanks for checking that disco edits also, for me even just getting kill for guy who disconnected is plus, i tested it together with tank edits and everthying was working ok together, if there is any problems players will probably report it i could miss something as i tested with smaller number of missions.
  13. Small change in mod version 1.4, i added so event disconnected show up in players sortie log at time of disconnection from server. So its now easyer to know that disconnection happend in sortie where disconnection is turned in capture or bailout for example. Pictures how it looks: Changed files from 1.3 are: report.py, sortie_log.py and stats_whore.py
  14. I check your last mission and it looks like fix works ( i guess v1.3 was applayed before that mission ended) mission ended at 20:03 http://combatbox.net/en/mission/3750/ 3 examples of in flight at end of mission and damaged: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317742/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317740/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317666/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317770/?tour=17 in all cases their sortie is counting as in flight , and no kill/shotdown is given like it would be before fix. now ill check if i can fined some disco sortie where player was damaged to see if attacker got kill/shotdown for him. edit: found one: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317667/?tour=17 disconection when damaged ( his last damage event happend inside time you set in sortie_damage_disco_time , and then his sortie is turned in captured from normal disco), and his attacker gets the kill like it should with this mod: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317687/?tour=17 Also i see disco where last damage hapend outside time you set in sortie_damage_disco_time so his sortie stays normal disco, as its probably not intentional one. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317668/?tour=17 good to see that also works like planed. So it seams all works as it should, post if you get players reporting any strange behaviors in their stats that could be resoult of this mod, and again thanks for trying it out.
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