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  1. Dude its simple 😄 in what book, manual or secret russian file does it say that if you use 1min of emergancy power you recharg it fully after 13min, how it works now in game. And it dosent mather how cold or hot your engine is or what you don for thouse 13min, its always 13min. And then later in war it takes 1min to recharg 1min, man that was some big breaktrough in engine power recharg technologie and no book or secret file mentioned it.
  2. Again they aint gona do a thing about it in any near future, you guys are waisting your time: "Damage Model Comments I am aware some of you are not totally satisfied with the current damage model as it pertains to WWI. We recently overhauled our entire damage model for the engine and making further changes to it for WWI will also affect WWII. This requires some thinking and more study, but at this moment I cannot make further changes to just WWI. I see this as a long-term project to somehow change only WWI damage modeling. Even so, there are mixed opinions on this issue. Just because there are some vocal critics out there, does not make the loudest voice correct. As usual, we would need to study the issue further before any more changes are made. And finally, some of you want special ammo like incendiary bullets added. This again is a general wish for the engine that can only come at a later date and would require much work from our engineers and special effects dept. I currently have no ETA on this topic, but we are well aware of the desire to have them. " Also its not gun whats problem its type of ammo, why UB or MG131 is so mutch uber and M2 crap is non have historical ammo and one does not have HE in mix. Problem is AP vs HE ammo type and how game sim it, you place only AP ammo in 131 or ub and youll get same crapy performace you have in 0.50, you place mix of AP/HE ammo in M2 and you get normal damages eaqaul to mg131 or ub now. Best is play with airplanes that work, and leve broken ones in hangar
  3. You and others can spend weeks months on testing something that they can do in a day, and if things are ok they would have no problem show with that tool that all is all ok with AP ammo in game and problem is in players heads or in netcode. It can be done in mods, just replace MG131 HE ammo with its AP ammo so it will fire only 13mm AP, same to russian 12.7 with its HE replaced with its AP, and same thing would happend as with american 0.50 AP only, problem is as it was always they buffed HE and make AP more week, like they said in DDs and updates from that 4.005 somehow before 4.005 there was perception that AP ammo does more damage and HE is to week, and this is how we ended up with this week AP we have since 4.005. Its not like its mistery on what happend all is pointed out many times.
  4. For crazy short 1min they can say its by the manuals, but whats puzling for me is that after you used 1min you have to wait 13min to get full recharg of that 1min, and on top it dosent mather if you go on 1% of power or max combat power for that 13min, from where they get that long recharg and how recharges for 109s go from 13 min for 1 min in 1942-43 to recharg time of 10min for 10min emergancy in 1944-45 must have been best technological advance in engine recharge for any ww2 reserch technology, and history books somehow omit to menchon that advance.
  5. They deserved it for flying american crap
  6. Your waisting time testing they can test things faster and fix whats broken if they wonted to, 0.50 were just fine untill 4.005 changed something and it was imidiatly clear that they become mutch weeker since then, you aint gona change mineds of people after 7-8 monhs, their mineds are set in 0.50 is broken or its just fine as its now. When you have to make ammo work in tanks ww1 and ww2 airplanes one part will be brokn. They can easy test all guns in game if they wont to fined where the problem is: As I told you recently, I have a special dev-tool that allows me to perform thousands and thousands tests very quickly, instead of firing at an airplane in the game. Using this tool in each test I can measure the number of hits required to break a particular airframe part of the particular airplane, taking into account the direction of shooting (in 3D space) and the particular type of ammo. In the past there was an issue with this tool: the airframe was tested unloaded (meaning the zero-gravity conditions). Thus, this tool measured the number of hits taking into account only the self-strength of the airframe. But here is a good news: last week I improved this tool. Now we can perform this test for the airplane in flight, at given altitude, airspeed, and G-load (in the level-turn other than 1G), while the airplane remains balanced by control surfaces. If the airplane can not be balanced at given airspeed and G-load because of the power deficiency, than we simulate a hard-break turn, meaning that the airplane reaches this G-load at this airspeed while it decelerates during the level turn.
  7. Would not count on either of them this year
  8. Tempest V down low and Spit 14 up high and you can finaly forghet about using american stuff with its uber .50cals, 2 more months and Spit 14 is here 😄 oh also Typhoon for GA should be nice, that thing will turn like crazy down low.
  9. I dont expect they gona bather with depicting D-Day action and i have no problem with it, game cant handle that amount of units im just glad that they are doing map of this area as it alows planty of other action and with airplanes from other DLCs map can support not just 44 but 42-43 also, and i also dont expect map to be more detailed then BoBp map is. For me more maps are missing in game, i would rather have new 2-3 maps per DLC cycle in game then more new airplanes, we have good amount of them but areas over witch to DF are geting boring after few years of same few maps.
  10. You need to be in 2nd sup stage to have 1.65 ata with boost on, in first max is 1.58. So go abow 2600m and youll get 1,65.
  11. They already have quick fixes for this type of problems, they did it to 109 tail, they just need to be consistant and apply same to other airplanes untill they can match visual to code damage. So just make spitfire wings undestructable for short time untill full fix is out, idk for a year or more maybe, like we have now with 109G tail. Oh and do same to 190 and tempest tails as its clear they dont have any effect on airplane when they are visualy missing, make them all undestructable, dont favor one airplane 😄
  12. CountZero

    How many?

    LOL didnt know ppl still waist time on american crap in this game
  13. Also as long they use this arcade system for engine timers american airplanes are to be hurt in this game, i just hope next DLC goes to east front and last american airplane we get for long time is P-51C that again no one will be using here. Was watching this video about seafires few days ago and they say pilots (7min 36s) asked about 2min 18lbs boost limit and how long they can use it i real life, and engine representative toled them you can use it for how long you wot when ever you wont, just mined overheating and fuel amount, dont care about what manual say. Logic not arcade BS we have in game that makes engines made in US have redicouluss limitations and in total performances of engines worst then engines build by slaves in bunkers with poor materials, just because one side putt in manuals to strickt limitations and other to lack ones as airplane would not even last that long...
  14. They still promote and sell CloD that have detail depiction of battle of Britain and can handle wast amounts of airpplanes and AI bombers needed that this game could not do. For Kursk you already have all neccesary airplanes in game so you would have hard time selling same airplanes 2nd time, just look how 109G6 G6 Late turned out. On top you already have south part of Kursk battle that you can do on Tank map. Finland you have group of moders making map for it so if anything happends there i expect maybe map + SP campagn for it and maybe 1-2 collector airplanes that fit that area that are not from ones already in game that can be used on that map area. In end airplanes we already have in game , map sizes, AI limitations with depicting big air battles, airplane data for PTO is what limits selection of DLC.
  15. I added tests for 109G6 Late, with and without MW-50. I also retested 109G6 and 109G14 and added them. Pic of how they compare:
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