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  1. Most servers run without markers/icons, CombatBox have training server with icons turned on, I think this is most popular not training server with icons and Normal realisam settings http://72ag-ded.su:8080/en/ , majority servers run on Expert realisam settings, some turn off even more stuff. If you have BoS i would just get Bodenplatte when on next 50% discount and you will be able to play online on most servers with airplanes you would have, you dont have to have map to play on it online, you just have to have atleast one airplane that is available by mission maker. BoK is good its usealy on 75% sales so its good to get it then if your not in hurry. MP is more like what you expirianced in 1946 in SoValor server then in WT.
  2. Largest i think 1200x1200km, thats the area depicted in game on 1:1 scale. Some maps were in other scales to depict bigger areas on same limits. From what is said size of maps would not be big problem (maybe big citys quantity could be), nor number of engines, problem is time to model all crew positions and AI demand on thouse multi crew positions as unlike in 1946 or clod in box every ai creman have its own brain, in older games it was one brain, so its high demand on game if bigger numbers of them is used. So you can make them but you wont be able to have as big formations of them as you would need, you can check this by looking what twin bomber now has most crew positions, and see how many of them you can have as AI in mission before slowdowns , and then do same with onother twin bomber one with smallest number of crew positions and compare sizes of formations before you start to get slowdowns in missions.
  3. Yes your right, my apologies for missunderstanding the game, ill learn to aim if i wont to play with P-51 online, i dont see any problems exept maybe ones you raised in your posts, but its no biggy.
  4. 12.7 or 13 HE of any nation is so mutch better then american AP, i try them in mod just replaced american AP with russian 12.7HE. So its not oh 0.50 is so bad compared to 20mm or 30mm , or they need to kill tigers and so on ... like some would like to distort this. AP amo of same caliber is nothing compared to what HE ammo of that same calibar is able to do to airplanes, and if this is representation of reality why would anyone use anything els then HE in ww2. Here in game only ammo 131 fire is HE, so so mutch for ralistic represantation if they didnt use HE on it since mid 44, when it comes to ammo and engines this game is basic at best. It worked untill 4.005 but then they had to mess up DMs and now you have mess here and especialy in FC since then.
  5. meanwhile 2x13mm guns do wonders on 51 tail: But hey only 109 gets quick fix to tail 😄
  6. Its your fantasy of what you would like so it cant be wrong selection, i just think they would avoid having Berlin on map and would go for period in advance to it covering area betwen Berlin and Warsaw (its around 500km betwen two citys and front was active 1944-45), if no big bombers modeling big city as Berlin and tasking game to run with it would be no go (even map for BoN is made so it avoids Paris and London) , also if they cant do big bombers 163 is of not big use. I expect they gona do Bf-109G10, Fw-190A9, Ju87D5, He-111H20, Ta-152H1 vs Yak-3, La7, Il-2 M3 1944, Pe-2 1944, P-39Q ( historicly P-63s never alowed to fly there, if they did or didnt i dont know but if documents say they were all P-39Q then hard to make historical SP campaign with them ). I would like Tu-2 and Il-10 insted 1944 versions of Il-2 and Pe-2 but see them easyer to make. Then airplanes are not to extreme and can also fill in missing stuff on west and east nicly, with room for other less used as colectors airplanes. EDIT: Nice video of front movment with ground units:
  7. You can do most of thous things in Il-2 CloD. Online i was switching from flaks on ground defending AF when attacked to flaks on ships defending ships when attack and to colums and so on... I think they should check atleast if when you have this new collectable trucks as AI controled vechicles in colum to alow players to jump in them and take control of them to defend that column or objective. I dont see just driving them for whole mission to get few min of action as being popular but if they just drive as ai and then i can jump in them when needed and jump out then they can be used more.
  8. thats whyt happend when you buff HE for no reason... but this sounds like glass tail problem here so"fix" is same as for 109 glass tail... make p-51 undestructable and vola
  9. its probably low priority on "to do" things, maybe next G lock update gets it.
  10. In MP you dont have anything resembaling history, and where do some mods fit in historical sim if they were not used on any maps or battles and we still have them ? EDIT: also i dont remenber any M4A2 “Sherman” at Prokhorovka , maybe im wrong ?
  11. IS 2 would be great to have to balance MP with it vs Tigers Panthers and Ferdinands.
  12. They are playable for me, and i play with them on other servers that have them , just that server dont use them because of players say there is bug with them (ven thought i could not reproduce that bug and dont see problems with them).
  13. No as they dont have free tanks for reason of bug on them. Thats the thing you have to make missions so single tank player can do all, and you as single player have to do all as you have no control of other AI tanks if any. And on top you cant use all tanks as if you have single tiger or fredinand you cant do a thing to it if your on other side in single t-34 or su ... its not tank battles its tank duels... and for sure its no crew its solo expiriance, and when on top you add airplanes in mix aa vechicle is must but where will you fined guy who will have only task to falow you in tank so he can try to hit human player in airplane if he shows up, a lot of time waisted and bordom. If on other hand i have extra ai with me i can control and on top aaa units in them, im now having whole column and im fighting other columns or groups not duels. Or i can have numers of low quality tanks have impact vs small numbers of high class tanks, something non existant now in game with low numbers it has.
  14. I think that for tanks they should consider to ahve option that player can spawn with his tank and for example 3 more AI tanks he can control by comands. Maybe even add 1-2 this new flak vehicle. Then you can spend time traveling to objective or batle area, when you get knocked out your able to transfer to one of AI tanks under your control and when you need you can transfer to falk vehicle in your group of 6 (4 tanks+2 flaks), and when you did your AA defence you go back to tank. Number of players online in tanks is low, their aim of having 2-3 players in one tank does not happend, your lucky if you have that many tank players on your side in same area, so they should try alowing single players to control more stuff without need to respawn and having to travel long time to batle area. To me thats whats boring in ground stuf in this game, not many contol of more units then my tank and when im gone again i have to go boring long drive to battle. AA units are needed but if i have to drive a tank to objective then need AA unit and have to respawn from tank to take aaa unit and drive it to battle area then do same when i finish with it its a no go. Also it would fix unbalance online with tank selection, you could have vvs player be able to spwn with for example 6 t-34s and go vs axis whos able to spawn with only 2 panthers and so on... more big battle with smaller number of players we have.
  15. Yes even no lights would be mutch better then what they look in game during the day, yes clod did good to not bather with them.
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