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  1. Engine Fantasy timers ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. We have Kuban and yak-1b or La5FN for years now, and no one bather to do east front 44-45 with them, coming of earlyest yak-9 changes nothing, its performance is not so differant then yaks we have and not better then la5fn, so nothing stops making late war east front missions now. No need to wait for Yak-9 if thats what ppl wont, it wont change a thing... im waiting for Yak-9T, just Yak-9 is skipable when i have Yak-1b.
  3. No we r stuck in 43 for east, you can do it without La7s, Yak-3s, late war Yak-9s, P-39Qs, Tu-2s ... but its like making 109g6 and 190a5 fight Tempests and P-51s on west but you dont give them G14s K4s A8s D9s 262s and so on.
  4. there was already more ppl playing game since last 3 bobp airplanes come out, so not mutch changed my guess we aint gona see Pacific ww2 in sim
  5. I noticed sudden explosions when hitting airplanes in this game, but i saw this only when playing single player, never saw it online.
  6. If there is realy so many ppl who wont ju52, there would be no question of geting c-47, fact that they have to do it as AI after po-2 shows that there is no market in airplanes like that. Better they focus on making atleast one of the AI bombers into player airplane and test if there is raly so many players that wont bombers, as ju52 and po-2 show that there is not interest in airplanes like c-47.
  7. No need rookies just fly 109s
  8. There is only 4 flak guns on each target on both sides, game cant handle neccesary amount of flaks to protect targets or more importantly span bases ( exploited by vulchers constantly ) so flak has to be highest skill to simulate neccesary numbers, that you would see if game can handle decent amount of units neccesary for online missions. So what players do is send fighters to clear flak and when flak is gone bombers or ground attackers come. And also as game dosent have area targets , bombing from high alt is pointless as the way game is made your more succesfule by shooting factorys with guns then bombing them with bombers. Its what it is and missions now bearly run without problems, adding more flaks will be imposible task, and even ace flak is posible to trick with simple attack technics of not flying strait at it and destroyng them with fighters as like you can see there is only 4 of them, usealy 1-2 long range and 2-3 short range ones. ntil net code gets more love, its what it is, mission maker have to balance all neccessary things for mission on tip of the needle to make it somehow playble.
  9. Its better then it was going from BoK to BoBp as like you say BoN airplanes will be used online in more natural enviroment from start, and spit 14 is to come quite early Also they fit in existing bobp single player campaign/carrier
  10. The way MP is played it would be more benefical to work on improving net code and make 100+ servers then add mod that will stress net code more and can be done with ppl coordinating on ts3 or discord like they do now... MP needs more stable servers and bigger number of slots and more AI that can work with human numbers. Lets invade normandy with 10 c-47s and 10 ships moving on map, anything more and no 84 slots for players
  11. Count on 18-24 months building process,. If you like any of the airplanes out of 10 so mutch that you cant wait that long then yes its good to preorder, or if you like dev team and wont to help in. Price is high because not many ppl play this type of game, i bet price would have to be even higher but this is what they set on. It was like this since they started, only BoN got 10$ incress on pricing.
  12. But dont you know that every game developer is born with uncurable condition of russian bias no mather what country he comes from ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. And still : And 9lbs to see how correct it is: And poor K4: D9 its easy to pick and chose any charts, russian bias !!! oh wait wait no russian airplanes on west, anti-axis bias yes yes thats the new motto. More 262 , nerf Tempests and 51s !!! buff 109s and 190s!!! Where is my Ta-152H, Do-334, He-162, Go-229
  14. its even slower in game at deck and up high compared to charts, that guy has his bias glasses on again. Nerf Tempest and P-51 !!!! and .50 and Hisapanos!!!
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