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  1. I see i guess corectly nintendo question Yak-9 series 1 as reward if posible, enjoy your 48th birthday
  2. Hi I extracted them from game files with unGTP-IL2.exe, devs made thouse medals for in game player career they are not made by me. I think i just had to convert them to png from dds. I think you would have to ask devs if you plan to use them for anything els then free stuff for game.
  3. Will we see new maps for game, not part of main DLC packs ? maybe map+sp campaing for it with existing airplanes - What was my favorite air combat game on the original Nintendo system? Top Gun * This is correct. Top gun was my favorite Nintendo air combat game.
  4. So spit14 next week then ?
  5. In game 410 will be great GA airplane, it will have rear gunner with HMG that is AI controled = your 6 is covered no need for escorts, it will have good forward guns = you can destroy ports and hangars and factorys, players online will play with it with low fuel = will make it perfect for low alt turn fights, it will be buffed 110 who lacked stronger gunners. On the other hand Mosquito dont have rear gunners so it will be less popular but still good turner and factory destroyer.
  6. He should test 2x13mm and seeif thats how they should behave if AP 12.7 is all ok. Wonder why no one in ww2 test thouse 2 and say lets use HE when its 20x better in damageing airplanes, strange how they decided to just use AP, when they have so mutch better ammo type in HE, if game models HMG HE corectly no one in his right mined would use HMG AP ammo.
  7. P-47D, expected disapointment, games vision of engine timers, games DM, games vision of 0.50 makes it perfect hangar airplane, waste of code. P-51B/C wil be same people will not even remenber its in game , like it was with 47D22, short after its out.
  8. And then we get 5v5 DLC, balance restored 😄
  9. Yes my bad, on russian is 2/3rd AP
  10. it has 1/3 of belt AP, russians and brits have 1/2 AP so inefective AP is more noticable. DM in this game since wings braking stop being main couse of kill is still work in progress from how it looks, and only 2 types of ammo representing historical ammo dosent help.
  11. And it gets more prominent in video game where you can retray infinet times, better equipment is always more popular online even with good pilots you dont see them flying crappy airplanes online, they take best performing ones most of the time, if its all about pilot they would be flying 109E7s vs Tempests or SpitfireV vs 109K4s.
  12. Finaly someone brave enought to say what is realy the problem with this flying game, chin up and carry on it will be looked up on and fixes come to it when typhoon comes out, we cant have axis players upset. Untill then dont fly LW airplanes and join USAAF, if you like bombing P-47 is one you should giva a go, youll have a BLAST! P.S. 4x37mm rounds to take out 109 but problem is 30mm and to good hispanos LOL
  13. Was this mission after you instaled 2.9.1 mod ? http://il2action.ddns.net/en/mission/1558/ You can send me that mission log if you wont, i just re-downloaded 2.9.1 mod and test it on clean 1.2.48 with logs i have, and all works as before, sortie log aditionaly displays what tank damaged.
  14. That would be great collector airplane that would fit both BoN and BoBp campaigns as V1 interceptor and as ground attacker, hope they fined room for it to be added. It would not be good performer like YP-80 but it would be atractive to have and fit what is in game. Check 4005 update from last april
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