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  1. That problem on 190s in box is fixed since 2014 (you should check pictures of original BoX Fw190 cocpit in spoiler and see how bad it loked, video also explaining fix), Devs raised fw190s gunsight and make low and side bars less tick. So what you wont to be fixed on 190 in BoX, is already fixed like it should be fixed. But problem is they decided to only fix this for 190s, but not to fix it for other airplanes that would have same problem you show in that video when tick armored glass is used at big angles. So now you have in BoX that ONLY one airplane gets special treatment, while others like new La5FN for example, deosent get this fix even though he have same problem and because of it its gunsight is opstructed. Its bad when you decide to fix things that effect all airplanes to some extent on only one airplane, just because that airplane have more fans, thats not how things should work, and shows bias. If you already do it correctly for one airplane it should be done corectly for all to keep same level of quality. Tick armor glass on Spitfires and 109Gs would also make side and bottom bars look not tick as they look whitout refraction acounted, so they should also have corect real view. I hope CloD will not make same mistake BoX is making, and make cockpit adjustments neccesary for more real views on all airplanes that expiriance this, and not just for one fan selected airplane like its in BoX now.
  2. Not many of late ones, but i think they would have to just go for something new and differant as if you go by numbers you would have 109g4-g6s and 190a4-5s insted of mc205s and g55s, and i dont belive you would be coming back to do other italy so just go for all italian fighters as you already have late and early german airplanes covered.
  3. I would go also for Italy next, posted here my proposal month ago: "I would go for Battle of Anzio , small map like this for example: around 340-420km 1:1 scale https://ibb.co/k6nFyS Half is sea and tarain is interesting to fly over with all hills and mountains, and you could do few 43-44 operations on it. And this planset: RE.2002 Serie II ( bombs and torpedo) M.C.205V Serie III (bombs, droptanks) SM.79bis (bombs and torpedo) Do-217K ( bombs, Fritz-X guided bombs, Hs 293 guided rockets) G.55 Serie I (Colectable, torpedo, bombs) Seafire LF Mk.III (droptank, bombs) Hurricane Mk.IV ( rockets, bombs, 40mm gunpods) B-26C-25 (bombs ) P-51C-10 (droptank, bombs ) or Spitfire Mk.VIII (droptank, bombs) Mosquito B Mk.IV (colectable, bombs)" And still think that would give interesting options with airplanes we would already have, and would be oportunity to avoid repet of 109&190 for axis all the time, and give some requested airplanes to game, with some new and interesting weapon options. Call it Battle of Rome, if that would make more buzz, but on that map area you could do some interesting operations. Not mutch repeting types, you can even go for A-36 insted P-51C, and you get some carriers ops with landings on Salerno or Anzio. And if it comes after some PTO you would already have F4Fs to use on it also.
  4. And what would that prove, only that im better or worst 1v1 player then you, its clear from data that yak can outturn fw190 in 1 on 1 if you didnt get that trigered imidiatly you could see that i say its best at thouse things out of all axis airplanes funny how its tabo to point out some more then useal abilitys of axis airplanes but its all ok to do so for russian ones
  5. You posted in open forum for all to see and respond to, cant blaim me for interacting with your post and defending devs choices (and i see im not only one doing so ). If you realy wont/need answer from devs on this its easy to ask by email, but thats "probably" not what you wont And if you bather to check data other users presented to you, youll see that 9 fits from historical point of view perfectly. And still my bias to one or other side didnt prevent me to see that Allied side is geting better 5 airplanes then Axis when you look at historical data of airplanes used in that operation.
  6. Nah i just need to read few post abow my and see how things are going with this, planty of bias there Also im not suprised with Spit or other but im suprised with 190 so why should i not coment on its majic abilitys
  7. I try and its not posible to take slots as it says that airplane is not available for your account... , so its some bug and reported as that
  8. Its 5th fighter airplane that flew in that operation by numbers used that day on axis side, around 40 avialable 24 flew in mission, only 190A8(and F8), 109G14(and G14AS), 190D9 and 109K4 flew in bigger numbers that day, so he is normal choice as 5th fighter airplane for axis side for that operation. Other avialable fighters were used in smaller numbers at that day then 262, so it fits more then 38L or TempV for allieds
  9. lol at 190 turn time, so its best at anything on axis side, best turn, roll, speed, firepower, durability, pilot view... and they call yak ufo whats 190 then... a mitical unicorn
  10. Probably because more squadrons were equiped with mk9s then mk14 (14-15 squadrons used mk9 while 4-5 used mk14) at the aifields attacked on the day of operation bodenplatte. As if you look at axis lineup we get are geting choice is not top 5 best fighters used in that op, but top 5 fighters that was in biggest numbers used on that day, ( we dont get A9 insted A8, or G10 insted G14 even though they flew that day in action and are better airplanes then ones we get, as there was more G14s, and A8s used at that day). Althought i dont know why same is not done in case of P-38L, it should be J model that was used in op not L that was in West at small number, and also it should be Typhoon 1B(17sq) insted Tempest V (5sq), that was in mutch bigger numbers used at that day on attacked airbases. So it seams Allied side is already geting some help when you see airplane choices on both side
  11. I dont know from where is info coming that they wont be doing AS version and from where is all the panic coming, yur post is not first i see people asking about this. I see in In book Bodenplatte: The Luftwaffe's Last Hope, OOB for germans for December 31 1944 clearly states that some units had AS versions pic: So why would they not make that modifications when it was used, and its easyer to do then cliped wing modification for this Spitfire IXe we can see in pictures of this DD. Maybe all thouse lack of engine mods for G6 has people in fear for G14
  12. If you enable logs in game you can have missionreports with info about what exact damage each bulet does to tank when its hit, its in percentages this is how i was checking before if there is any differance betwen HE and AP when i atack tanks or is there any differance if i attack it aft, side or top, i was doing this in SP quick missions, and then logs would be genarated in my game data folder as missionReport text files (more then few per same sortie). Now its posible to just check in game data for tanks and know it from there when data is extracted. Also now when we can extract data from game its easy to see what armor strenghts each tank has. just small part as exp: Kv-1 So top armor of 40mm, Its clear only good way is to attack it from top, same like it was in 1946, i remenber C6 trollbug breda armand and crew killing Kv-1s on stalingrad seow campaign like pros, dive60-80deg then climb and repet, good air cover and whole tank colum was history T-34 PzIVF1 When you see armor strenghts its clear why some tanks you can easy get from side and some not, but airplanes are ment to kill them from top, and in 1946 if you land hit in engine he would be instant kiled, probably same works here. But when you enable logs you can easy see what damage each bullet does when you hit tank
  13. Hi Stick, yes thats better option with "//" infront lines of code you dont wont to have activated Removal of all icons in both mods is controled by that ingamemessages.dds located in cache folder of mods, if you just rename it to -ingamemessages.dds you will see icons back. If you deactivate some messages from "info.locale=eng.txt" file by deliting or placing "//" infront their icons will also be deactivated and you will see text and icons of only messages you have left active Do you also wont to just remove text of some messages and have only their icons visable?
  14. Its exactly the same as why 190 gunsight is fixed, only in La5FN case its wors then it was in 190 when it was lanched in game, and when they fix it. Who would place gunsight in that way so its bottom part is opstructed by any part of airplane when you have room to not place it that way, in real airplane refraction is accounted for and whole gunsight is then not opstructed by nouse, and thats not what we get in game when they dont acount for refraction from that tick armor glass (like they did in 190 cockpit). And you still have bad view over the nouse even when whole gunsight is clear like in real was, and not ostructed like now in game. Its just strange to fix this for one airplane but not for other airplanes in game with same problem.
  15. Helo, you cant fix that it needs to be fixed by devs, its same problem they fixed for 190s years ago when gunsight was opstructed because refraction is not modeled, they just raised gunsight and same should be done to La5FN, no way in real life gunsight view was obstructed like we have it in game now.
  16. From what you say you are hosting your mission in cooperative mode and it works. To use fakefield (spawn points) you need to save mission as deathmatch and host it in dogfight mode. cooperative mode alows you to have MP mission where players can only spawn in AI airplanes you alow to be taken, and only one life and airplane per mission. dogfight mode (deathmatch) is where you should use spawn points (fakefields) in MP to alow players to spawn from places you put thouse spawn points over, and players can respawn again and again with other airplanes.
  17. Hi i tested it with 80 max zoom out and it works, it limited me to 80FoV, but when i moved my head with Track ir it alowed me again to move abow that FoV i set, ill check other conf files and report if i see somthing there helps in limiting it when you use head tracker, it seams he is overwrighting that limit.
  18. When TFS is still making stuff for CloD i have no interest in buying Battle of Britain, Battle of France, Battle of Tobruk or Battle of Channal 1941 for this game, when we will have that in CloD when TFS5 comes out. I would like to get Battle of some pacific theaters, and after that one Battle of some late Italy theater or Tunisia as i dont belive there will be any patches for clod after TFS 5 so that will be open then for this series of games when TFS 6 is not an option.
  19. Yes, here you have example where i added some removed text (for english game user). http://www.mediafire.com/file/8nfto98xe52dy2t/Tehnochat icons and text edited .zip Inside (\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS\Tehnochat icons off and text edited v2\data\swf\il2\ingamemessages ) is also folder i added named "original" where are unedited .txt files for all languages so you can open them with notepad++, and remove what you dont wont to see reported by techchat, and place it in "ingamemessages" folder over one .txt file i have edited in mod. Its simple to remove messages, all you have to do is just delete parts of code you dont wont to get messages for from "info.locale=eng.txt" file (if you have english version, and so on for other languages). Also in (\1C Game Studios\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\MODS\Tehnochat icons off and text edited v2\data\swf\catche\il2 ) is original folder with original ingamemessages.dds picture for people who wont to just remove few icons not all like it is now in mod.
  20. More AI/robot coders to work on game 24/7 as the way it is now there is no time to make all of neccesary things on budget in game in resanoble timescale https://www.rollingstone.com/glixel/news/artificial-intelligence-is-learning-how-to-develop-games-w502882
  21. In 1946 it was used in quick attack for big area targets like factorys, ports, railwaystations and supply dumps. High speed even when you have bombs and bomb racks would give you advantage no other airplane had and after bombs were droped you can go hunt for human players. they were limited on most servers and players who took them would tra to stay in air as long as posible to maximise points they can get in one sortie as you never knew if some one els will take it when you land back. Some squads would mix them up with K4s and reak havick on missions. Ocasionaly new players would take them and either brake engines or crash in dives or lose patiance and after few faied BnZ passes try to turn and then they would get shoot down, but in veteran hands they were big points per sortie airplanes, also you were able to have key for 2x30mm and other for other 2x30mm so even longer ammo, as 4x30mm was not neccesary 2 is enought. Ugenst things like moving columns or tanks it was not as used without having fighter cover over them first. Usealy you had race at mission start from thouse 4 guys who took them who will hit target wth most points first it was plane made for collecting most points and staying alive doing it. I expect same here on servers like WoL.
  22. Sorry but i dont know any other way to incress zoom out in cockpit, and changes to MaximumFOVGrad = 180.0000 to something higher in mod dont make any differance. So only zoom in works.
  23. Start game, go in settings and key mappings, then in pilot head control, and set key you wont for "move pilot head backwards", i use this key a lot when im in Fw-190 for example
  24. If it would be posible to have option that icons only apear on frendly airplanes, or to have ability to have icons apear only at certen distances that would be great
  25. Yes values are ok, this mode is for incresing zoom in, i left zoom out on default, so when mod is activated you shold be able to zoom in mutch more then by default. In previous post im explaining Schultz how he can decress zoom out if he wonts, but your not able to incress zoom out from whats now in game from what i saw in test. ( if you wont in controls you can set key for pilot seat backwards and that will move you more back and help a little, no need for mod)
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