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  1. But you get 10min of max on 109s and A8 while on P-47 less then 5min, and on top they get to their max speed faster then P-47 do as it takes him almost all its max time to reach high speeds close to what 109s and a8 do in no time and then just keep it for mutch longer time.
  2. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4757725/?tour=52 sure it looks like complain based on no facts and 0 effort on backing up FM complain, insted learn from looking at replay or tacview and see what you did wrong to alow il-2 to shoot you down so many times you decide to go to forum and blame it on FM with no data to prove it. That just leads to spreding missinfo about games FM, as random guy will see your post and say ah you see its the funky FM not me whats the problem, devs should do better and fix it so i can be better player. And players get shoot down by 110 or ju87 or il-2 dosent mean FM is wrng it just means they dont know what they are doing and are easy target even for good players in bomber or graound attacker, but they will never improve when first thing is blame it on devs.
  3. i read to it to just dont expect imposible ones like okinawa, or less known ones, Midway is still easy one when you look at PTO and not unknown airplanes you get there. Yes, making just maps of aeas where you can use existing airplanes, so you can sell map and SP campaign for them, would be nice thing to have in this game for SP and MP. And just keep it like its now in BoX, if you dont have map you can still play on it online if airplanes you have are available in mission using that map, if only 5% are MP, loss would not be big on most of them not buying new maps if they dont have to. I dont like how DCS handle maps in MP, here its better.
  4. You were damaged by lagg3 before il-2 come for you, so he can catch you as when your damaged your mutch slower, also without replay who knows what bad moves you did before alowing il-2 to shoot you down. Try yak1 vs 110s if you think il-2 is so big danger your for good suprise. Guys geting shoot down by Il-2 or 110s or even ju87s is no suprise, good players get bored online so they go for easy pray with what ever so they dont get bored, just wait untill 111s you attack thinking its easy pray start to df you at 6km and outclimb you shooting at you with 20mm online always be cearfule of wolf in sheeps clothing, what could be easy ju87 just flying around is maybe fighter player hunting for you just waiting for right guy to try him on πŸ˜„
  5. From what could work as one: Best luck to team, most will probably buy what ever DLC is next as basicly its only shop in town doing good work to represent ww2 combat flying
  6. nah, they would not make Yak9s if next is another East front DLC wher Yak9 is in anyof them , so =0.025% for that to be next DLC, also Yak9s and Hurri as next collectable = PTO 97.41%. Korea maybe, but only insted FC2, if they go for 3 DLC again, TC2+PTO+Korea πŸ˜„
  7. To me all things just point to PTO, and on top of that one with Carriers involved. They can place more airplanes in air as every bomber just have one gunner, compared to multiple gunners of bombers we have now in game, so insted just 20-30 He-111s in SP you can have 50-60 or more D3A1s or SBD3s in SP. They said they plan to incress vis distance for airplanes and ships to up to 100km and that includes ships wakes and contrails, that helps PTO to make spooting ships realistic, its not realy neccesary for any other area as it is for wast seas of PTO. Then you dont have spend mutch time on working on maps so you can spend more time on work on ships neccesary, as they are basicly time spend on making realistic buildings, towns, airfirlds , citys and so on... They posted they search for data on Zero, Val, Kate and that recon airplane, they dont need to tell us they got all neccesary data and are ready, who knows maybe they already colected all data they needed for thouse 4 airplanes. Only thing i could see as problematic is numbers of flaks on Battleships and Carriers when all shooting at once, but this is also nothing they cant make work by alowing mission makers to activate/deactivate ships flaks (by % ) or even making their fire rate adjustable and so on like it was in il-2 1946... and optimising AAA movments or AI cost on procceses, if they incresed vis distances they can do anything they see neccesary with no big truble. Also MacArthur left Philippines and come back 3 years later, Jason can do same posponed PTO in 2017 and come back to it in 2020
  8. Thouse late war Italian fighters are realy good, they were popular in old 1946, speed, manoverability and good guns only cockpit view was not so good compared to 190s for example. Yes it would in later timeline, but why would they then make it collectable if Burma is next DLC, you would then have it for main DLC and make some other airplane collectable. My logic is you dont make British airplane collectable if next DLC have British airplanes, so that leaves east front, PTO with americans vs japan, or Korea and as other collectable airplane is Russian one, it leves only PTO as you would have yaks and Brits in Korea, Brits in Normandy, Italy, France, Norway ... so to me its no worry that next is PTO. Also every collector airplane they anounced and made before was collector airplane that fits DLC already in game, not planed for future DLCs, and both Yak-9s and Hurri fit DLCs already in game falowing same principal as before when collector airplanes are anounced. And dont forghet future 100km incress in distance of ship wakes and contrails, PTO is coming to town
  9. Also you already have most airplanes for Malta DLC in game so no way to make 10 airplanes that are important enought to represent battle realisticly and are not already in game. When you have other better options where you can have 10 airplanes that are not in game to sell.
  10. Only after BoK was already anounced by others and in development few months, no chance to stear the ship untill post Kuban.
  11. They just did that, so after BoM and BoK things were going bad, and then Jason took over and turn things around with good decsions, he didnt force Pto and decided to give us BoBp with all best fighters test if tanks could sell and make ww1 for VR and buy time to reserch if pto is posible, and Midway that was proposed first have atleast high chance of not waisting alot of effort on unknown airplanes and it has carriers what pto is generaly famous for, so to think something like burma and on top early war with some harder to reserch airplanes for japan side is where they could start is just fantasy. If you go for PTO it would have to be something that could have best chance of succes and thats navy stuff. It would not suprised me if it is Normandy type DLC, but i hope its PTO next
  12. do you realy belive this is good and profitable place to start pacific in this game ? who would buy that, game would be dead before the ould even finish that dlc You lose russians and west fron fans by going in Pacific after so many years and then you dont even have Zeros and cats and no carriers, good job you lost 90% of your players for nothing lol
  13. That Italy area you have there is 1000kmx1000km, more then double what bobp map area is suposed to be, so no way all that on one map. Also no sim have maps that are not north south oriantation so hard to belive they would go for that strange look by rotating it just to fit Malta.
  14. no way they would relise update on friday, what if things go wrong, who wonts to stay at work longer on friday or even fix things on saturday as you cant have 3 days ppl complaining how they cant play game untill monday work day. So it will probably be like other updates early in week so team can fix things if they dont work ok in update. My guess 24th or 30th.
  15. LMAO, Belichick is the king, what a move with geting AB lfrom Steelers long way around, this mess with Raiders must be planed long time ago by him πŸ˜„
  16. there is more intel we have on forums showing that its Midway, then americans had about it in ww2 before japan attacked πŸ˜„
  17. In video from few posts back he dosent say what type of Hurricane or what modifications, but when you see what hurricanes were in east front its easy to guess what type it could be. If next is Burma dlc or any one that have Hurricanes, why would they then make Hurricane as colletor airplane they would save it for DLC, so to me its more likely that next DLC dont have Hurricanes operating over it, as we can use them on Moscow and Stalingrad campaigns and if all goes well on Leningrad map build by players from Finland. I see youbitubers already speculating on what could be next, France or Sicily is this guys guess, but like you can see from video his air history knowledge is extremely poor so no supprise hes so wrong πŸ˜„
  18. For me best practice for aiming is in quick misssion to select duel (1v1) and place your self 2km abow enemy, make enemy airplane start at 500n you at 2500m and he spawns uznlimited time after he gets shoot down. Also go in settings and in realisam select unlimited ammo and turn on gun aim helper for start ( you can turn them of/on then during flight by hud key I ), it will show you where you need to aim and youll learn faster. When you master that you can go on 2v2 and so on to practice frend foe recognision and handling multiple enemys at once, and like others say start with big target and go to smaler ones, You can also use averadge skill for start for fighters and novice for bombers.
  19. I think the same, one russian airplane was predictable as we are coming from bodenplatte, but british one also, that can mean next dlc dont have british ones and russian ones so you give them as collectables, and that can only mean its Midway next :) You would not go for british collector airplane if next dlc have british airplanes, it would not make any sence. https://vvsairwar.com/2018/06/20/the-soviet-unions-hawker-hurricanes/
  20. no need to scream, i explained you what normal person would not need explanation for as all is clear from your video and server stats, nothing strange
  21. So what is max dive speed of Yak9s, i see from il-2 1946 it was 50-60km higher then yak1s and yak7s in that game, is there any construction reson for it having higher dive speed posibility if they did have it at all, was not able to get any info on web about it.
  22. He dosent say in video what type or modfications, my best guess is it would be Hurricane IIa or b as main one with modifications to have 4x20mm to make it iic as vvs used them, so lets hope it is with 4x20mm, so you can use it on early maps for bnz one punch kaboom and then later you play with Tempest same way πŸ˜„ like now some practice for P-51 on early maps in P-40s
  23. no, i see in video he says its 2 new airplanes then he correct him self saying its basicly 3 new airplanes with pair of yaks, yak9 and 9t and then goes on hurricane and 5 modifications for it
  24. and still game shows hits http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4741804/?tour=52 his engine was probably damaged when you hit him on first head on, same as yours after he hit you on 2nd head on he could also say look i hit 190 on head on with hispanos and no damage is showing from him. but when he have 190 trying to turn with him, why would he quit df, and go back with damaged engine when he can easy shoot it down and then rtb. nothing strange damage model was bufed long time ago it takes planty bullets to eliminate fighters in one pass, but he was damaged you can clearly see from log.
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