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  1. I was also waiting for someone to try make something like that old il-2 compare, but as it was not coming i just did what i could and add stuff i could test manualy. Hope at some point some coder try to do something similar like it was for Il-2 1946, and all data could be shown with more accuracy.
  2. I belive if any changes come it will be to inprove alt ON, why would they tuch alt off when its how they belive realistic should be. If ppl go to alt On more, i just join that server if it has more ppl when i play, like i say i dont like either option, but have no problem playing on them after i can se in tests what to expect, alt off is better as i have only one problem with it, alt of is worst as i have 2 problems with it, but if server is using on or off dont make big problem for me. But i dont expect any quick changes like some belive have to happend, from what i see devs make vis they wonted with OFF option, and only ON option could get modified if devs feal like it (have time off other improvments on schedule).
  3. I noticed this yesterday when i played, and reported it to them, they say they have it off, but i could see it was on in game, maybe they have bug or didnt switch it when server restart
  4. My opinion also, if they go for Midway it will probably be more then just Midway battle, but well hopefully know in month time whats next
  5. and in year time they can easy add 1-2 more collectable airplanes for bobp dlc, it was more ergent to add some more east front then more wast front when we just got all bobp airplanes, and in last 2 years only new east front was u-2. This airplane selection is logical move, and Hurri is just good bonus as it was used everywhere.
  6. Yes probably they could add as modifications to Yak-9, to be D and B(more work), and for Yak-9T modifications for K and M (more work), but U is totaly new type its more similar to Yak-3 then Yak-9T or Yak-9. So if they decide to sell Yak-9 and Yak-9T separatly, i hope they consider modifications of B,D with Yak-9 and K,M with Yak-9T. But thats just us being greedy 😄 EDIT: And for future late war east front DLCs they dont have to be scared of not having other types as even if they offer all that with Yak-9s, there is still La-7, Yak-3, Yak-9U, P-39Q to have , so no risk like with axis fighters on offering to mutch as collectables and not having then for DLCs.
  7. Visualy the have differant radiators and wings, performance yak-9 is faster at higher alts, and slightly better in turns.
  8. That would be good idea if they decied to sell Yak-9 and Yak-9T separatly for useal price of collector fighter.
  9. If Finish mapmakers finish their Leningrad map, you can use it there also, for Murmansk who knows what happend to that user map project, but it dont seam posible.
  10. probably because next DLCs wont have russian or british airplanes, so users who are interested in that side of war can buy new collectable airplanes. Litte of everything for all to buy.
  11. Finaly Yak-9T, cant wait to try it, good choices for next collector airplanes
  12. nope now weather conditions effect on if youll see or not contacts on expert, so its harder to see close contacts and track them then it was before 3.201 on expert making it wors aka more realistic
  13. well i agree wth you , expert visibility sucks (and altered On is even worst as makes far contacts to big), but its not warthunder trools who forced devs to change it, its devs who had idea from start that things need to be like that, as it has to be realistic, you just have to read AnPetrovich post about all this to see that their idea of fixing terible visibility we had before 3.201, was 3.201b from start, and that = make it more harrder to see then we had before 3.201 with 9,5km limits. Yes now you can see contacts beyond 10km ( in teory, in practice good luck with that on expert lol) on both options, but it changes nothing for mid ranges where you can still lose contacts that are only few km from you so easy that its pointles to play without sitting 10cm from monitor and using full zoom and checking your 6 every 5s like mad man, like real pilots do. And again, if you liked it how it was in 3.201 when it was first bugged visability relised, no one is stoping you to play now on that visibility, just turn it ON in realisam settings for SP, or play on servers that have it turned ON in MP, in 3.201c you have a choice to pick out of two options.
  14. but dont you enjoy playing game like that knowing that your blined as bat and there is ppl who know how to adjust it so they can se you, its all for realisam its fun how come you dont wont to play like that, its not fun when all can see things normaly in 10km ranges its more fun when most cant see sht and only few can. Your here to just be target for few who know how to abuse the settings. This is how you bring more ppl to play your game, and more ppl in MP, its logical.
  15. nope here is from devs on what happend: So 3.201 visability was mistake, it happends when update is this big you dont catch all bugs, then 3.201b is how they planed it to be from start, but as they saw that some ppl liked to for first time to enjoy playing game when they can see things with vis like it was in 3.201 ( what a novel idea ) they make both options available in 3.201c, Alternate off is visibility how it was at 3.201b and what devs belive is realistic. While alternate on option in realisam is 3.201 visibility that was mistake with algoritam making far distance (10km+) contacts to big, and now you can play on it if you wont by turning that option on, or online play on servers that have that option on.
  16. you can host from your game, either coop or df, just go in multiplayer section and select create server for coop or df type (youll probably first have to forwrd ports 80 28000 28100) you have example df missions in game folder, ai just spawns after get shooot down, in mision builder you can use that to modife it to your liking (change airplane its skill or position and so on...) there are manuals on forum about how mision builder works, not hard to learn when you have to, but its borring as hell to use it compared to other games. you also have PWCG coop mission generator or SYN_Vanders mission generator you can use.
  17. on alternate off, i see no problems like on picture, i can see dot or airplane from all distances without it disapering. I run tests with Ripgrunwald on him hosting same mission and we take same airplane and then start from same airstart and start going 60 deg from each other, at no point he disperes sudenly, he gradualy gets smaller and then at 20-30km i lose him, he observes same (using gps so we can see at what distances what happends). But no way i or he would be able to spot from that big distances if you dont know where contact is, were both full zoom on each other and only focused on that, and no way you can play like that, you have to scan the sky and then you have no way to spot things so far. Only problem i see is that contacts are to easy to lose at 3-4km +, you see them and good forbid you check your 6 and look back where they were and they are gone as again they are just to small to be spotted again if your not constantly on full zoom focused only at them. So if for years ppl complained (me included) that visibility in this game is terible and 9,5km is to short, and devs decided to make it even harder "realistic" ( as thats what alternate off is compared to what we had before with 9,5km ) then i have no hope they understand what was problem at first or they would fix it so i have visability like in other flying games, this is only game that wonts it to be harder for players/realistic. Again i dont like either options, i dont exect they gona do anything to adjust it in near future ( if they do adjust something it will probably be to option 2, alternate ON) and i have no problem to play on server with it on or off, after i run tests to see what to expect.
  18. Try turn on - Use 4k textures, Vsync if dont help, try full screen ON also
  19. SO you say were going to spain civil war ?
  20. yes i dont like either and dont expect devs to fix anything in near future what comunity ? 200ppl who bather to vote lol thats not even 5% of ppl playing in MP all i se is that problem with visability is solved by adding two options, only few complain about it, compared how it was when patch was out, so devs solution is working so why would they come back to it when they have other things to do
  21. only if you use alternate on on alternate off all works ok with no magnification bugs, if you know where airplane is youll see it from 20-30km depending on conditions and he gets gradualy bigger as you get closer to him. on alternate on you have problems with contacts far from 10km being magnified and easy visable abow 50+km, and then when they enter around 10km from you they start to gradualy get smaller and thats why that version is optional, and was fixed in 3.201b hotfix (alternat off now), and is added in game back as option with 3.201c as some players asked for it. All work as intended in alternate off, that is option that devs call realistic one and bug free as it is.
  22. Well now you have servers that have expert visability alternate off, and servers that have userfrendly visability alternate ON. Nothing stops you from playing on server that has option you like, why would devs change anything in expert option when they said thats what they consider most realistic option, and exactly what they wonted it to be. it cant get any clear then this that alternate off is how they planed it to be from start: I dont expect them to coming back to this issue any time sone. Ppl wonted vis ranges more then 9.5km, devs spend time to make it and we have it as alternate off option, and on top of that they made 2nd option as that bugged version that some ppl liked so they can enjoy it also. Im just being realistic here, they have other stuff to focus on, they spend time on this, and finish it how they seam correct, and to now expect any aditional fast work on it is delusional from what i can see. Play on server that have your option, or wait next few years when they get enought money from future DLCs to come back to issue. I dont like either option, they dont adress what i see as problem, but have no problem playing on either, also i expect no changes to them in near future, and if any changes to be done it will probably be done to alternate ON option.
  23. Unlike spit XIV that can be used in bobp carer and map area Ta-152 was not there so its bad choice, for axis collectabe it will probably be GA or bomber. Also they have to save axis late war fighters for late war east front dlc, so 109a9, 109g10 and ta-152 fit that area and hard to belive youll see them as collectable. Normandy map would be easy fit after bobp but because of lack of available axis fighters they should focus on timeline before dday. Argument for PTO, you need to get more costumers so expanding to another teather of war will get you ppl who are into that, and then when they like what you offer they buy previous dlcs ( same was done with bobp insted staying on east front ) Argument for more east front, one more 1945 scenario can give late war vvs airplanes and basicly finish east front so servers like taw can run ADW type of campaign from start to end on east front using existing maps to fill in gaps, also its good to mix it up so all costumers have things to buy insted staying to long at one area ( bos, bom bok show that its bad idea to focus only on one part of ww2 ) Same reason why Korea would also be good option at some point, you get new costumers who are into jets, and then if they like it they buy more other stuff...
  24. two option is neccesary, guy who wont realistic will never be for any compromises that make it more playable. You can say for any realisam option that is spliting comunity, one can say bigger split is not having only east front in game, now MP is split as we have west front and east front, and OMG game will be ruined when PTO comes what well we do ?!.( And MP they say its only 5-10% so they can easy just get rid of it and would not hurt game and less stress for devs ). Ppl just have more option and can play on server that better sute them, and this way devs dont have to fight it out as to them only real option is alternate off, and users who dont like that option can fight it out with server hosts to have other one. If there is no 2nd option they would have to play on alternate off or dont play like before.
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