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  1. All works ok. he is 4th by Rank and 29th by Rating points. Long time ago they added Rank for pilots, what rank pilot get is depending on time spend on server (whos higher betwen players with same rank is decided by their rating points). Regarding squads, their place is decided same way as rating points placing for players. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/faq/ Formula for squads just takes into it number of players in squad as thir combined score,death and time is used: (SD * SH * score) / (Squad player number*1000). So its same as for player, if you collect more points in shorter time and die less doing it youll be high at ranking place. Your squad by that formula have: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/squad/338/69th/?tour=61 Your squad score is: 10947 points SD=10947/32=342.1 (score devided by death+capture) SH=10947/29.14=375.7 (score devided by total flight time spend on server) (342.1*375.7*10947)/(6*1000)=234,497.45 as displayed on squadron ranks stats for your squad that is 234k
  2. If only differance is tail fin i guess they have same performace exept yaw instability. For squadrons that used P-51D-5 in period of planed carrer it looks fair to alow player to use P-51D-15 from game if he wonts, AI wont mined. And if player plays on Axis side AI uses only P-51B/Cs and no problems for player.
  3. Why just not use P-51D-15 in game for P-51D-5 that were used for Normandy SP missions ? Differance betwen them is minimal, looks as simple option.
  4. Vchik say he will check that mission bases. Regarding paras and trees he say they worked ok.
  5. Who knows, i just noticed it works in game like that.
  6. MP need to be just for few "experts", they dont get it that with that mentality they limit it so mutch that new players avoid it, unlike in games before where you had all kined of servers in this game you just have one type with minimal changes, others are forced to stay at WT for MP. Game loses and MP also as people who would start at "more user frendly places" would later maybe joined "experts". Less ppl playing MP less need to fix problems in it when only few "experts" play in it.
  7. Having info on stats page is good enough. I just missed it when i look for it.
  8. Yes and you gain good amount of speed. Also on G14 and K4s going to ~2600rpm on deck will gain you some ~5-10kmh on speed compared to auto
  9. Is there a way to include phase(planset) name in mission name, i ask as usealy when im deciding to join server from lobby i look at mission name and by it i know what airplanes to expect, but here mission name dosent give me hints on what phase is on, its nothing important i know i just ask if not hard to add maybe add, or im missing some clue in how to know what phase is on now?
  10. I ask, and Vachik replay: "Everything will remain with us as is now. "
  11. I will ask Vachik, i also think it would be nice to have only BoM plane set atleast in one or two early maps.
  12. Vachik finish 2nd BoBp map mission: http://il2war.ru/index.php?showtopic=825&p=38447 "Allow me to introduce. Finally, finally ... Map of Normandy 44. The month of August. Type advanced and this is the second part of Operation Overlord. Venue and briefing: If the quadruple twentys on targets are too hard, write, replace with single-barrel. If you hover over the target icon, an explanation appears that you need to tear down there. Well, according to the results, you understand, you need feedback, comments, and speed."
  13. 109G14 got emergancy power fixed also with 4.006 , better speed now (red befor fix, blue after): was able to do 582 with closed rads on deck, probably climbs better now also, as it should from start.
  14. Just tryed Yak-9 with 100% open rads in QM on kuban autumn map Dfs with AI and after 7min got overheat messages, so if your hard fighting youll have problems but in normal flight it will work just fine on 50%, hard climbs will be problem and abow 4-5km temps are cold so its no problem there to climb and df hard for long time.
  15. Nothing got changed for lagg3 or early yaks so youll have same expiriance as before, but for Yak-7s are better now.
  16. Yes early yaks and especialy lagg3 overheat quickly in summer and autum maps even with 100% open rads youll overheat if you climb up to 4-5km, and on lagg i would just close them from 100% abow that alt and not mutch to keep airplane cold for when chase is neccesary. Yak-7 was problematic before last update it got fixed and now its same as yak-9 you can last on 50% water for up to 10min in low alt DF on autum map, probably harder on summer.
  17. All tests i did are in SP and how AP works i would not even bather to use it, i never had PK from behined, only when doing head ons, and if not head ons it takes crazy amount of ammo even compared to HE 37mm that its not worth taking AP paylod in air vs air. Yak-9 has 20 rounds less of 20mm and 20 less of 12,7 compared to Yak-1B so aditional reason for not taking it if Yak-1B is available on server.
  18. I encounter this exactly in SP but like in your case you can see multiple hits and then big explosion of ammo or fuel tank, in case on first post you just see airplane fell apart and no big explosion before it like you would se in SP when ammo or tank is couse of it, to me it looks more like cases i see when bullet data is lost and then recived.
  19. Why i dont think its fuel tank explosion is because you see airplane just get separated at all parts that can detach, you dont see that even when you colide and not when you have fuel tank explode in SP, i see this type of instant separation only in videos where data delay for bullet was happening. like on this video from 3007 before fix (0:40s), and there was few more like that:
  20. since they did that big fixes to MP at begining of last year i never had this happend to me again and it was offten online before it, but i played on servers that are ~40ping to me maybe it can still happend in cases of big ping differance betwen server and players, but for sure not as offten like it was before fix.
  21. Its delay data for bullets, in that situations when enemy finaly recives data his airplane recives 100% of damage at once and blows away just like in video, there was many videos like that before when this problem was comon last year.
  22. You can fire 4 with single press, also you have 600 rounds not 400. You can always fly P-51, P-47 and P-39 if you dont wont to shoot down many airplanes 😄
  23. https://www.mediafire.com/file/hijz4iutc3id2no/Yak9T37APvs109G6.zip/file at 1min 09s 1x37AP hit, and same effect like on picture ( i dont have radeon cards, this dosent seam like graphic bug but probably part that bullet hit is set to emitt ground effect hit of bullets) Also later at around 4 min you can see 2nd bug, i offten see it in QMB. I set duel one by one, so after enemy is shoot down 1 new should spawn(only one). But you see in case of PK, one enemy respawned, and then 2nd one respawn at same time when enemy PKed airplane crash, insted just know that it already spawned 1 enemy , and it dosent need to spawn 2nd at same time. EDIT: also ground hit effect on 2 more replays: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5r9jaunrdv0t7nu/37ap109g62nd.zip/file here its at 1:29s, and at 1:40s. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4j8azxo77l92pfk/37ap109g2.zip/file here also on 109G2 at 3:36s
  24. another time in single player qm, 5x37HE in tail of 109 to get him down, this time i recorded it, from 3-6min in replay file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/jzs0v2jdxvdjjny/37HEvs109g6.zip/file run it on il-2 stats to see % of damages (no pilot damage what so ever not even from last hit that blew away canopy): also yesterday when i left 109 after just one hit in tail, and damage showing tail full of wholes and leaking fuel, 109 would just leak fuel and fly with no problem falowing me untill it run out of fuel ~25min after one hit. EDIT: AP 37mm only (pilot not damaged, only damaged on last 2 head on 109s): https://www.mediafire.com/file/hijz4iutc3id2no/Yak9T37APvs109G6.zip/file
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