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  1. lol found this today: "On the day of the final match a 80+ year old Polikarpov Po-2 with a Croatian flag and a special cross shaped decal took to the sky from Split airport for a flight above Split for all the fans cheering Croatia for the final match."
  2. Did you try to retype your password? that worked for me few updates back when i had problems starting game, now all worked fine (steam user)
  3. Congrats to Belgium on their historic 3rd place, they finally played tournament on level of their players skills, they can do more in future. ( if they draw ugenst england in group stages they would probably played final yesterday) Congrats to France on secound star, but they left a lot to show, they were probably extra cearfule because of loss in final 2 years ago so they played it for win no mather how and not for beauty of the game in most games. For Croatia also congratulations on historic 2nd place, they played good but theri luck run out in finals and they had to steap hill to climb this time. All in all great world cup, lot of triling games, nice goals and well organaised by Russia.
  4. Game alowes for this gamy behavior by making nav lights visable like serch lights from 10km on day, if they are done correctly it would not be abused like it is by some gamers, offten on WoL i see this lights flashing when im on 6 of enemy and i know that hes asking for help that way so usealy i then say to my wingman to turn on his lights to confuse flashers. good thig clod dont have nav light it was nice to play there without this gamy stuff, to bad it exists here.
  5. That video abow is prime example why people complain about to good gunners, all attackers just attack from dead 6 and not mutch faster then bomber and no wonder that in this type of attack bomber gunners hit you, im suprised that fighters were able to do so many attacks without geting hit every time. If atackers attacked from 2-4 or 10-8 and from abow they would cut pe-2 wing and got him in one pass, but geting on his 6 and shooting at it from worst posible position will and should end like in that video. Bad fighter attacks on bombers should not be reworded by making bombers even more vanerable then they are now, just because fighter guys are lazy and expect they just need to get on any airplanes 6 to shoot them down.
  6. nice win, congrats saw this this morning, england players try to score while croatians were celebrating 2nd goal, only golakeper was on field for croatia I think they would play on blue side in il-2 game, they have right mentality for it ๐Ÿ˜„
  7. yes but people have to have something to complain about when shoot down, if lagg shoots you down its 23mm and roll, if yak then its magic flaps and uber dive, if pe-2 then its hyped gunners, if spit then its uber hispanos and so on ... its never player falt im sure something will be sone found to be to good with P-40, as more red started to play with it lately and shoot down airplanes with it. no icons on wol but you can have them in reply when you watch it later
  8. Nice fun video, your better then most players online, good decision making, SA and good aim. When outnumbered, like red side is usealy, one hit gun makes big differance to get ods in your favor
  9. Tricycle gear combained with no heavy engine in nouse, so i would think its ok to have them so far front to balance things
  10. yes it helps a lot, im mostly using it in SP and in tank missions it works also in drivers and comanders position ( hope they add binoculars for tank comanders when they do tank crew )
  11. Hi I just redownload it from link and checked it in 3004 version of game, and it still works as before, so it should work for you also as its simple mod Lets first check: 1. do you have other mods that work on your game, or this is first you try ? 2. do you have modifications enabled in game, when you start game and you come in main menu does game warn you that you have mods on ? 3. is your MODS folder where you place this mod files and JSGME.exe located in your main game folder (Battle of Moscow or Stalingrad and so on) ? 4. when you open your JSGME.exe to activate this mod , whats name of mod you see there is it "ExtraZoom" or "modextrazoom" ? 5. are you starting game from steam or game lancher without steam ? 6. are you using VR ?, this mod dont work with VR headset
  12. I belive this is because they didnt acount for refraction, to have same view like in real they should rais gunsight like they did on Fw190s because people complained about it. now in game only 190 gets that special treatment, but this is not fixed same way on 109s, Spits, P40s or La5FNs also. (Look how tin is bottom bar on spits in first 2 pictures you posted is, compared to bottom bar in spit on 3rd picture from game, sama as 190 had before one fix)
  13. That worked great and recon was so important as you could not detect or even close target by just bombing it and not doing recon of it and confirmed its destroyed, I think they should implement it that way, so then mission maker has options to add recon to finish objectives like we see now on DF servers , insted just destroying all neccesary objects and target is removed from objective like its now. Mission maker could add so recon had to be done over that target. Also there could be some hidden targets in few locations ( briefing can say something simple like check thouse 3 towns to loacate in wich is the real target ). In thouse cases doing recon after or before would have big impact even on simple fast food servers and show importance of doing recon.
  14. Yes that was main reason i didnt use steam before, now i dont miss game lancher, and just use steam as its mutch faster
  15. Thanks for this update, now all works great when starting on steam, just click on steam game icon on desktop and in 15-20 sec im in game with no need to do anything more, and all is in game as before, good job ๐Ÿ‘
  16. i dont know how having option for others to have icons effects your gameplay if you dont wont to use them. You dont like it then just dont use them when playing in single player, also if you dont like them and online just go on servers that dont have them ( thats most of servers), simple as that. and good luck finding flying game that dont have icons available for players ๐Ÿ˜„
  17. Just enable Icons, they could be inproved to have option to use them only on frendly or enemy, or having option to select at what distances icons should show up, and more options like we have in 1946 and clod when using them, but still they do the job good. I use them all the time offline when i play campaigns, carrer or single missions, only few times i practice in quick mission for MP i dont use them, but even then i just end up turning them on when i get bored looking for contacts i dont see , online i just play on servers that dont have them its mutch easer to get kills suprising enemys then trying same on servers with icons, but offline they are eye saver and dont see why not use them, game is more build for use with icons then without them. I would like that also, i see on WoL server you only have compas and no speed and alt, dont know if thats only option for online i was not able to get it like that in offline missions
  18. I think problem is missing simple list of players waiting in coop lobby and chat for them to interact, i always first check coop before going in df and wait few min as its no way now to know if some one is waiting in coop section to host or play coop, and waiting to fined out is boring there may be 10 ppl like me just checking coop mode at same time as me looking for some coop mission but no way to know that from game (and no one is gona be bothered to post on forum every time he plans to play or host coop), so then i just check it and if there is no coop or coop mission with planes i dont have i just go in df mode insted. Regarding mission builder i think its a small problem as its not as fun as clod or 46 builder, if you need/wont to learn it its not so hard there is planty of good manuals and in few days of forcing your self you can build simple misions for coop, but its BORING as hell compared to previous ones, just making simple flight of 4 airplanes is so complicated compared to previouse ones and then you dont know if something dont work because of bad AI or you forget to add something for them. So i just avoid using it after spending time to learn it as mutch as i can. But still there is that coop generator by russian players, and you can also just convert any single player or campaign mission in coop, and PWCG can create coops so i dont think mission builder is main problem, as you can have thouse coop missions with some work.
  19. I would be suprised if this version dont get made as single collectable like yak1b and la5fn after relise of bobp. And it should be available as its easy fit bobp. regarding me262, in 46 df servers where it was even limited to 4-6 on mission it was either waisted when some rokies used it or it was nightmare when veteran players used it. i saw it used mostly as first strike on big point ground targets( factory ammo storages, railways and so on) where you can just dive fast drop from big alt as target area was big and run away. And then you can just wait over your targets to pick up players focused on ground attack that dont c u coming. Also red team would usealy be preocupied on hunting players in me262 so blue would have less red defending targets and could hit them eseyer. It was no suprise to see some players hit ground targets and then collect 5+ kills in 60 min flight, but also you could see players just trying to turn with 51s and get gangbanged or crash in dives or blow up engines on to harsh use of trottle, so i only see it as problem if used in veteran player hands, basicly like any other plane in game.
  20. with this exteactor you can extract gtp files data from game and make mods or look at them
  21. if you can see thouse objects from up to 20km then it should not be hard for devs to alow atleast ships to be sean from that far and not just 9,5km. For me i see this, like on this video, all ok up to 9,5km and then they just get removed from game, icons are shown abow object so exact distance is also visable Also my tm8 who plays on 3 monitors and 1280x720x3 resolution see same as me playing on one 27" 1920x1080 resolution, contacts geting removed from game at 9,5km like shown on this video.
  22. Interesting video on subject by philstyle (talk is about same problem in differant game but aplicable here also)
  23. Maybe this helps you, data from extracted ai folder in game files for caeroplane 109G6: and caeroplane 109G14: im guessing this is what ai is suposed to do regarding clime, you can use extractor in mod section and see more data if your interested so max climbe is 22 vs 27 then
  24. I like it how its now, every server decides what he wonts to have for their stats, more varaity its better not all players wont to play the same. SoW and TWC servers in clod had/have what you explain you wont so when they come to Box they will probably have same here. If all is official stats set by devs and same for all no mather of server it would be terible in my opinion.
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