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  1. A) yes you can then make adjustments to radiators, yes 0% is fully closed and 100% fully open, yes it reduces speed when fully open. use fuly open for climb, on summer use 50-80% in flights, on winter 30-50%, up high abow 6km you can go even lower, in df it will owerheat fast if you have it below 50% and you can last 2-3min before engine dyes when overheated. Thats for water rad, you also have oil radiator, its speed effect is less whe 0 or 100%, i just have it at 50% open all time. B) when climb on summer maps use 90 trottel and 90 pitch (100% open rads) to avoid overheat, if fighting or flying strait just have trottle and pitch at 100% all time. also you have to adjust mixture (when your not leaving black smook trail is ok for that alt) and switch to 2nd stage supercharger abow ~2200m
  2. i was just doing short fights vs ai, and i used all trottle and rpm on max, and boost on, also outlets on 0%, was ok like that.
  3. turning off auto prop pitch and lowering it and playing with rpms that way give it good bost up high, only way to get faster then K4 up high for me in game, but its risky to the engine. Also 10% fuel lasted around 9 min for me on full power, so no need for more then 40% for me
  4. There is small bug in QM, i have option to select camel and pfaltz but i should not have that option as i dont have FC. Thanks for fixing Spitfire owerheat problem, works like a rocket now up high
  5. like that preview picture for P-47 in airplane selection... so many modification options, 4guns, 6 guns 8 guns and + extra ammo, then bombs and rocket options then raf and ussr skins and then i fainted of all exaitment 😄 and on top of that bug with fail auto login when watching youtube when starting game is also fixed, no manual repet login anymore needed, all works from start automaticly, good job
  6. Thanks for all thouse fixes and improvments to game, and on top we get new hot toys 👍
  7. its best to register here, i dont think wol admins see this forum any more. http://il2war.ru/index.php?showforum=107 random kicks incresed on wol, thats for sure this month, and when one gets kicked its usealy more after him or at same time
  8. are we there yet? its today for sure ?
  9. The coms are fun to here easy to get lost in that weather and no gps
  10. so if i understand it right you guys are saying there is some update coming sone ?
  11. iguess because that was before we were given opton to link steam and web and select will we be steam only to start game by doing that, probably after that they cant confirm easy who have what.
  12. i would add Ki-84b, N1K2J and J2M3 on that list so Hellcat and Corsairs have something interesting to fight
  13. Yes, and have good bomb loads and other GA options
  14. Yes your right, ability to costumize icons like il-2 1946 or clod have would help, some servers were having icons only for frends or icons grey at far but show color close by and id or type of airplane and so on, her its always same or no icons so more options is good.
  15. its totaly differant vs AI and on top of that at low where axis AI usealy just crash in ground, or vs human players who knows what are your week spots. for comparason:
  16. yes not all servers have to be same, i played in servers with icons ouside views and wnderwoman view in 1946 and at same time i played on so caled full real servers, and dinamic wars and so on. But then WT didnt exist so all were at same place, arcade-semiarcade-hardcore, now arcade and semiarcade have better option in WT so here most ppl are oriented towards no icons and ousideviews and so on...
  17. usealy DLCs had 3 fighters 1 GA and 1 bomber for BoBp we get 5 fighters and still no room to fitt all ppl wonted. Since they anounced what airplanes they will make ppl asked for 109A9, 109G10 or 109G14AS for axis and Typhoon, Spit14 and razerbacks or late war 51s and 47s and 38s so only way any of them would be added is if after BoBp they decide to add some as collectable like they decided to do with 109g6+la5fn after BoK, or maybe they are saving them for some other DLC pack
  18. nice you like it, thats best for start try all servers and see what you like, taw will come back sone so maybe youll like that one also. you were maybe geting kicked on cocnut because you used airplane that you should not, but for me useal i dont know why ppl are geting random kicks, yesterday me and rip oined wol flew 30min and then server crashed and kick all, then we joined again and flew for 40+min and then all of sudden half of ppl on server got kicked at same time, its like Thanos glove mod is running hidden in game and half servive half are dust i just expect that i will have 1-2 kicks from server per month, some have mutch more then that. and sometimes your just kicked in main lobby and some times it just crashes your whole game, and there is little you can do if your with high ping on top of that. There is already some events with bombers, and i see DBS,JG4,SG2,JG5 and some more offten show up with big number of bombers on some servers and fly together
  19. it would be also good to be able to disable by server, techchat if serever wonts it, and even in game stats and chat, its easy to know what you plan to do when you see how many players are on server on what side or even guess where each play will go when you can easy see what targets he have destroyed just by looking at in game stats, in 1946 this was posible to hide and it was more of fog of war then now is posible, also then players dont know who joned, how many enemys there is and so on... full hardcoe i say
  20. Yes thats problem Okinawa without south part of japan or sothern islands betwen it and formosa on one map is not so good, and thats one big ass map. One small map like in 1946 wont fit for this game and historical campaign demands it would need. Also Korea is 3-4 year war, youcant have all in one expantion, there has to be some battle selected as you cant do whole Korea as it should be for all war, so its either early or mid or late and that dictates airplanes heavy and map area, you wont mig ally and Mig15 vs Sabers, then no other N.Korean airplane and so on is corect to have. You wont early then no sabers and so on, its not just all in one for 3 years of war, map is just to big. They both have fun plansets but areas are to big.
  21. It says you have preordered standard BoS, so for all who did that like you (here or on steam) they have silver BoS, guys who didnt preordered standard or premium and then buy on steam BoS dont have any badge, brown badges are for not preorders but buy from here, you not preorder and not buy from here no badge then. All cear now
  22. doing i-153 would be better then doing u-2, more interesting airplane for this game, and could do same things u-2 can do and more.
  23. The whole cokpit is at diferant positions betwen Yak-9 and 9T, also prop is differant, its not as simple as the ones they did 2 in 1, we dont have g14 and g14AS, or 47D-28 and D-30 and they also have less neccesary changes in 3D look then Yak 9 and Yak-9T would need, if they say they are doing it that way no problem but i think that differances are to big in this case.
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