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  1. i have bos on steam and rest from web, and if i dont start steam i can lanch game from lancher and it works fine, and i never run it from steam since then. So if you only have BoS that you got from steam maybe you have to buy some other DLC from web to be able to do it like that, or just turn off steam app and lanch game from il.2 exe, it will ask you from mail and pass you use for forum, and it should run ok. i see you already try this and didnt work, so its probably that you have to have some stuff from web store also, so next time buy DLC you wont from web store and try if that alows you to run it off steam like me
  2. And also all airplanes has in its specifications what is his max temperature and we get warning in tech chat on any realisam settings when enegine is overheating, also there is stall speed indicated there and still we get warning in techchat tips on any realisam settings when airplane is stalling... and many more but NO warning about expired and recharged times, and they change depending on altitude as your MP goes down so its not always 5min as indicated by specs and you then dont know when you recharged it, you think you recharged it by spect times but you didnt and you blow up your engine for nothing even if you falowed specs times... so why fly airplanes that basicly have random fails when other airplanes dont have them...so i can play with usaf airplanes and never push them to their max speeds like i could do for vvs airplanes as im lacking neccesary info about when fantasy timers expired or got recharged, so why would i then fly broken airplanes when i have working airplanes to play with, and if server dont have vvs airplanes then its skip time till next mission... thats why in this game vvs airplanes will always have to be on fast food servers if they aim on having more ppl playing on them.
  3. It seams there is bug with web stats when player bails out at low altitudes so that he gets killed as parashoot dont open fast enought. Web stats system dont detect that player died, it just says that player bailed out and was alive, while In game pilot of player is KIA like it should be. I noticed this today when on two ocasions my tm8 bailed out to low, and he hit ground with pilot after bail out and his pilot was dead, game showed that he was kiled by chat message and also in game stats detected that, but then when mission was over on web stats it just says hes pilot is ok and just bailed out normaly with sortie counting as normal bail out. I dont know when this started ( with what web stats update, or maybe something got changed in game update ). Also dont know if this happends on other servers that use this web system, i noticed it on WoL server.
  4. its online you cant have full historical stuff, but in previous games you atleast had airplanes that didnt fight west not on missions, here it will be imposible the wayy game is set up, so if we go PTO expect yaks and laggs there on missions also 😄 it should be posible to atleast have airplanes that flew in area there, but that works for east front at this moment, for west front i dont think that will work ever in this game, youll always have to have soviet airplane on there as usaf airplanes have to strick engine limitations that most ppl avoid them, so then you have even bigger number of players flying axis and less flying allied as you lose ppl who dont wont to be bethered with buged engine system, and devs not fixing tech messages that would tell players when timers expired or recharged just help ppl stay and fly vvs airplanes on allied side, so if server trys to host only west mision with no vvs airplanes plyers will avoid it as it will be axis stacked even more then useal and ppl that would play on usaf airplanes will avoid it as that airplanes are crappy now no mather how good FM they have no one wonts to fly airplane that its engine will blow up in no time WITH NO WARNING WHAT SO EVER (just fixing buged tech chat messages woul increass number of players on usaf airplanes), so ppl just stay on vvs airplanes, so youll have to have vvs airplanes on missions no mather if your flying over Midway , Norway, France or USSR... so i hope for SP bobp is popular but for online its bust, no server with players on have only west airplanes, and it dosent look like its gona change untill bugs with engine menagment that benefit vvs and german airplanes and hurt raf and usaf especialy are fixed... why fly airplane that has recharge 2-3 times slower then vvs or german airplane, have to be flown 90% time slower then u2... brakes engines just by looking at them wrong... if game is set up to discurage raf and usaf airplanes epecialy online, ppl will avoid flying them online as mutch as posible and go for vvs option when there or not join mission if no vvs option, its not that ppl dont have usaf airplanes, they dont wont to use them online, for SP they are fun, online its job to use them...
  5. there is few late mission with option to play with p47, spit9 or la5fn, most fly russian airplane online on late war missions and rest are missions set on existing maps and using existing maps to depict areas we dont have maps for, and again most popular are east front scenarious, west airplanes are less or not used even when available...
  6. This is how i understod it also Kirill is wol mission maker so he would like to have more east front to have maps from start to end, and one more late east front 44-45 would give all neccesary airplanes to have posible scenarious for mp missions for whole east front, and east front is still most popular in the way online plays out pacific missions aint gona be popular online, like west front is not popular now, everything with players is on east front, so from mp perspective they wish more east front maybe they can do two WW2 DLC of 6-8 airplanes insted 8-10 Battle of Midway: A6M2, D3A1, B5N2, F1M2, F4F4, SBD-3, TBD-1, TBF-1 and Battle of Berlin (or Battle of Poland): Bf-109G10, Fw-190A9, Ar-234B, Ta-152C/H, La-7, Yak-3, Il-10, Tu-2S they were doing basicly 2 dlcs this time with ww1 FC and ww2 BoBp, they could do 2 ww2 same way and all happy 😄
  7. east front dont seam likely as next dlc https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12273-227-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=711212 on west you have normandy where you cant fined 5 axis airplanes that are not already in game, and then italy where if its early you have to have ships, late 44-45 is fun but not mutch air oposition from axis and is also not well known to most. PTO seams like good try to get new users, like korea would also do, and existing users can be patiant for 2 years untill next dlc, like pto fans were patiant untill now, and in mean time if leningrad map is finished you can have late war vvs fighters or bombers for its SP campaign as collectables.
  8. its PTO they wouldunf make ships and its wakes visable from 10 to 100km if its east front next, they can just add some vvs stuff as collector airplanes and count on fins to finish leningrad map for next 2 year to keep russian players pleased, other posibility is korea, but as han would be to happy with that , and all his post would then end with smily emoji we would already know if korea is next, os that wont happend and only left is PTO 110% 😄
  9. Yes i dont know how il-4 from 1942 and yak-9D from 1943 fit to fight axis blooprint airplqanes from 1945+ Also map to have them and Spitfire XIV would have to be berlin, east of berlin, and almost whole BoBp map with it done again... they dont fit If its battle for berlin then for map to be of any usable size it has to be only vvs vs axis Yak-9U Yak-3 La-7 Il-10 Tu-2S v Bf-109G10 Fw-190A9 Ta-152C Ar-234B Me-410B also what would all thouse axis nightfighters and high alt fighters hunt in this proposal ? FB mosquitos ? lol
  10. and thats why most users play on their own ts3 and avoid general ts3s, your better flying alone then in general ts3 with ppl who would rather talk about stuff then focused on game... you quickly realise you cant do mutch coordinate play that way. So in game voice system, would be mutch wors and turned off from start, with ts3 you can always just switch channal or ts3 when anoying perople show up.
  11. this one is nice for some carrier ops http://www.armouredcarriers.com/seafire-operational-history http://www.armouredcarriers.com/hms-indomitable-operation-husky
  12. it needs to be cleand up and not turned off totaly, waz my broken engliš not clear enof? to me it looks we all agre to some point must be some woodo stuff thouse techchat off ppl do to control their engines, out of my abilitys for sure in box, ill keep playing in kids area
  13. they would not bather with increasing visibility distances for ships and wakes for nothing so it has to be PTO as next DLC, so wez geting Midway
  14. I played in clod on 109E1 most of time online on axis side that is manual prop pitch only and never had problems playing and not braking its engines and would knwo by sound what rpm im on in df never had need to look at my ata or rpm all the time, only thing that was important to check was temps. That game can be played with no tech chats. In Bos you cant do same, this game needs tech chat because of how it uses its engine menagment differantly and sound of airplanes states is terible compared to clod so you cant know by it when you entered combat fantasy time mode or not ore even emergancy and so on... but if they wont to add option for guys who wont to make it harder who cares they can add it, i bet not many servers will have it turned off in this game as game is not made to be played that way... cleaning out the techchat of unnecesary stuff and adding some missing stuff like for example expert+ in 1946 had would be better option then turning it fully of also simle thing like opening canopy in game vs real life, in real life i know when i opened canopy and it wont open or gets stuck or i open it, in game without tech chat i can press key to open canopy and nothing happends, did my key broke? did i mis map key? am i to fast to open canopy? is it stuck? how can i know whats going on in game without info, so just turning tech off is not same like real life i dont have feadback like i would in real life... and this is just one simple example
  15. as you open new topic in which no one can replay ill answer you here most coordinated players you see are on some ts3 or discort, either of that server or more likely of their squadron, only few players try to coordinate in ingame chat and usealy ppl just ignor them and tell them to join ts3 as its imposible to do any serious coordination by chat and they would just be distraction. in game chat is useaful to report some enemy position you randomly encounter ( by giving coordinate alt, hdg and number of enemys) call out 6 on ppl not in your ts3/discort or ask for help, for anything more voice coms are best. regarding wol ts3, you have up to 20 regular red players playing on wol coordinating on wol ts3 (usaly around 17-22hcet times), but most if not all are russians (some speek english) and most comunication is in russian, also on blue side you have up to 10 also russians mostly coordinating their actions on wol server. So what you as new guy do is just join ts3 enter channel of side you play and ask if you can join them and so on most of the time who win the mission is decided by thouse blue or red guys on wol ts3 as they can be effective, they can then direct others by chat where they should go but thats not as effective when you have even 4-8ppl coordinating their action on ts3, objectives can be cleared realy fast that way. where most english speaking players go when they are on wol who knows, maybe oficial bos ts3 if you dont speek russian is good option
  16. http://italy1943-45.blogspot.com/2015/05/luftwaffe-squadrons-in-italy.html https://media.defense.gov/2017/Mar/31/2001725203/-1/-1/0/B_0094_MCCARTHY_AIRTOGROUND_BATTLE_ITALY.PDF http://www.2ndbombgroup.org/15thAirForce.htm
  17. P-51 will turn out ok, only things faster then it on axis side on most alt would be 1.98K4 and 262, and you wont see thouse online on missions, so vs normal oponents it should do realy good if you avoid using full combat time and fly on spitfire 9 combat settings. To bad it dosent come earlyer and its grouped with great Tempest and fun looking P-38 that will steal its thunder
  18. from what i could see from web stats: Wings of liberty had total of ~31100 users playing on it kota ~6300 combox ~3900 fin server ~9000 ded-normal (icons on) ~21400 on steam from what i can see highest defolt number on web stats was around Player-32000 so there is atleast 32000 users on steam only and on forum there is 179000 members, maybe not all have game so you can see how it looks for MP also most players on servers is around 19-23cet at sundays, and when taw is on there is up to 350ppl at same time
  19. That would be nice map to do after Leningrad for fin guys, but i dont expect DLC for it as you dont have any axis airplanes to do 5v5, most were 190a8 f8 there and we have them in game
  20. P-61A/B are better fit then Mosquitos http://www.americanairmuseum.com/unit/1055 Based Florennes / Juzaine 16 September 1944 – 6 April 1945
  21. no mather how it will work it will be big improvment on what we have now, it will be easyer to not get suprised
  22. in MP it dosent mather, like its said before mission makers would just use closes base posible or not even bather to check from where they operated, but for SP where you have 90% of users like they say how can you go for historical when you dont have their base on map, and from what we have in game now they aim for as correct as posible SP campaigns. So if posible you make PR version as default to fit SP, and then add modification for more sexy ground attack version for MP
  23. There is planty axis players on servers camping and vulching bases like you know, so ill go for tempest with good 20mm guns
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