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  1. Didnt have any problems hosting or playiong coops here. I dont understand why they split coop and dogfight , they should be together on list of servers (servers should display mission info windows like in rof, when you hover over it to know realisam settings, and you could know there if its coop or DF). Also some kined of lobby would help where you could have chat and see whos online. Dinamic wars in coop would help, i have no interest in playing dinamic online wars in DF mode where its 24/7 and no organisation, and what you did one time can be nullified by someone playing on empty server , no balance, so no point in taking it serious. But when its coop and missions are hosted at specific times and you have that one airplane, and all have same chance then its worth wile and its taken seriously. Thats why you can try some coop or servers with icons first, no point in trying servers where you cant see anything, when i started to play online in il-2 1946 i played only on servers with icons and coops and only later servers without icons, but in 1946 you had more options for icons, here its full arcade or full sim, no middle ground so no good expiriance for players in middle.
  2. Red is m70 max speed, blue is m66 with +25lbs mod max speed
  3. last month they had one map only bobp, and it was desaster, 20 red vs 60 blue, 262s vulching and camping all red bases and flak cant hit them... untill more russians buy bobp airplanes i guess they think its pointles to have only bobp missions, maybe when standard bobp or collector p-38 airplanes start to sell something changes, but for now i guess there is not enought red players who have bobp airplanes that play on wol also, to justifie only bobp missions. What i see they plan to do is more missions where you can have vvs and bobp airplanes vs axis, so atleast vvs guys can take la5fns.
  4. Its not bug its your speed, if you fly faster then 400kmh you cant bail out, you can blow up canopy but your pilot will not bail out. So you have to press bail out again when you get below 400kmh (pilot will not bail out automaticly if you dont press again, when you first pres bail out when you were going abow 400kmh). Before it was only effecting vvs fighters now axis finaly have same expiriance
  5. P-47 was tuff at start, then axis complained that it takes to many 30mm to blow it up so it was fixed, we already had axis complained about to good turning ability so tempest got fixed as it turned to good at low alt, and also hispanos are to good so that will get fixed, sone im sure, and now P-51 needs to be fixed also to brake like glass, no panic guys it will be fixed sone and youll be able to blow up 51s same like 47s in no time.
  6. If your concern/objective is win the mission, then points are not important also you returning back to base is also not so mutch of importance (unless you lose to many airplanes). The mission is won by 2 ways, finish set number objectives before other side do it in 2h55min, or make enemy lose set number of airplanes in 2h55min. Objects that are part of objective are usealy grouped together and with practice you learn them like most ground attackers do, they are similar in shape and buildings used on most objectives. There is set number of objects that are part of objective that needs to be destroyed for that objective to be considered closed, so not every building or ammo box or bunker needs to be eliminated. They are usealy covered by 4xAA guns, so buldings you need to destroy are inside that area encircued by AA guns. Pictures of factory targets from mission balancedsprint42 from missionbuilder: Because of game bugs with durability of buildings (factory hangars small buildings...) most of them can be destroyed by 20mm, i dont think that changed with latest game updates. On every server you play mission is downloaded in your game so you can later open that mission in Mission Builder and see what is objective where if you wont to know exactly what to destroy. Ships can also be destroyed by guns, but bigger ships take more and will take longer to sink. Dont know if this is fixed, but sometimes you may think all is destroyed and why objective is not closed, but you need to also destroy small ammo boxes next to hangar type object, as for example bomb blast wil destroy big buildings but wont thouse small objects, and sometimes they also count to objects % in that objective.
  7. yes they can go where ever they wont, but that could be last dlc they made if they make wrong move, also some ppl are more naive then franch maids and dont see in how bad position flying sim games are compared to 15-20 years ago . France, Norway, Grecee, Spain, Khalkin Gol lol why not add Danmark, Manchuria, Crete, Yugoslavia, Romania and so on... planty action there aswell. DLC has to be able to have small enought map with bases from what both sides took off and did operations over it, then you have to have free airplanes for it that are not already in game, and posibility to fined data about thouse airplanes as this is no WT level of "sim", and most importantly if that DLC will sell well enought to justifie it being made insted popular ones, as if you chose wrong one you basicly ended the game. It almost happend after BoM when they go for BoK, and then in middle of preorder they had to change leadership and anounce PTO to get ppl excited. If they just go BoS, BoM, BoK and then another east front like for example Leningrad, Kursk, Kiev, Smolensk or Crimea that would be it, hard to belive game would be played now. They had to change something and correct decisions were made to go to BoBp, i would like Midway as originaly anounced, but i can see that BoBp was correct decision at that moment and forcing PTO would be not good then, also staying on east aswell would not be good. There is planty of options, but only few that are right, and will not end game in 2 years of making that DLC or are not posible as you already have airplanes or lack of data for them, or map area is to extreme.
  8. Company would last longer if they just burn money then made some DLCs like this...
  9. its post war thing, with gyro on tempest i belive "Unusually, in spite of the Tempest V being the RAF's best low- to medium-altitude fighter, it was not equipped with the new Mk.IIC gyroscopic gunsight (as fitted in RAF Spitfires and Mustangs from mid-1944), which would have considerably improved the chances of shooting down opposing aircraft. Tempest pilots continued to use either the Type I Mk.III reflector gunsight, which projected the sighting graticule directly onto the windscreen, or the Mk.IIL until just after the Second World War, when the gyro gunsight was introduced in Tempest IIs."
  10. Its nothing they could not overcome if they have to, but as of now its combo of complex AI, the more AI stations are in airplane more performance hungry that airplane is, then you add time it takes to make one big airplane with all thouse stations compared to fighter. Atleast this is how i understand it, its not so mutch about number of engines on airplane.
  11. = more players online, not east front is not popular, when p-51 tempest and p-38 come out i could see few weeks 2-3 servers full, and WoL was not even having new airplanes. Thing that changed is players who didnt like east front have options now, same is with east front guys who dont like west front, they wil continue to play east front stuff and if Devs dont fined way to sell them some stuff they wont buy west front or pto stuff, hence Yak-9s as collectable and also future East front DLCs for sure, game has to have east and west, Bom Bos and Bok show that staying on one side is bad, bobp shows that its good to cover whole war and give everyone options. So its time now for PTO, and expand base even more, like bobp did.
  12. East front is still popular online, your comparing apples and oranges here, WoL shows only active players in 7 days, like its by default, while other servers changed that number to show all players in month. You can make stats show what you need them to show. Look at players per missions to see that east front is as popular as before, what finaly having good allied airplanes for west front did is it make more players who were bored with it to play again. And Italy front is good option as its not agan 109+190 combo and it gives interesting map areas, but next one is Midway so its Zeros vs Wildcats for the win
  13. If its PTO then carriers are best, as you can set them to what ever distances you need. Reasonable thing to do for other is scale the maps but some purists youd make big fuss about it so best for devs is just go for carrier vs carrier actions or something simple like Midway. No ned for map tempering so purists cant complain. Just look how BoBp map is made and still ppl wont more citys towns barns and so on...
  14. version 1.9: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sucykjn3hp7fvh2/tankstatsmodv1.9.zip/file -translated new words and sentences for tanks stats to German, Spanish, French. -fix for driver stats, when 2 players play in one tank, his accuracy will not have negative score and negative number of bullets shot. (changes in report.py file) If someone have time plz recheck and post correction to new words and sentences i translated (mostly using google translate) for: German: Spanish: French:
  15. next is DD with buy options for Yak-9T
  16. Also they could lock amount of damage that ship can take so he can never sink in mission he didnt sink, player can damaged it but not sink it, if it campaign changing target.
  17. My mistake, i thought germans had same recharge tehnicks for all 109s, but it looks like they had poor recharg scientists early in war, and later they got to some breakthrough in recharge technology. But no word about it in ww2 documentarys or books so who knows what happend, its a mistery how this recharge works so mutch differant on airplanes. The airplane of nightmares
  18. I tought for long time that thouse messages dont show up in MP only but then i run some checks and noticed that they are tied to Instrument Panel option in realisam settings. I reported this as bug long time ago: I run test now on 190a3, a5 and a8, and i also got message that combat run out after ~19min so its probably another bug as it says it should last 30min.
  19. Yes it will, but your slower, and only by having messages enabled youll know for how long it lasts, thats why its important they fix this bug that alowes us to see mesages all the time in tech chat like other messages and not only when instrument panel is on i check 109f2 and e7, and using boosted will use up emergancy so you have to go back to combat to recharge emergancy as by using 1min bosted you used all of emergancy also. And it got fully recharged after 13min flying on combat, same as on 109f4. ( tested G4 and G6 and its same 1min recharges in 13min flying on combat , same time if you fly on continues) im already more happyer now, i tought p-51 has it worst with how timers work in game, nice to know early 109s have it that mutch wors lol 13min to fully recharg 1min of emergancy.
  20. i just checked it and it seams its not same as on late 109s where ratio is 1:1, flew on 109f4 untill i got message that emergancy time is run out exactly after 1min, go back to combat and i had to wait for 13min to get message that emergancy is fully recharged. From tests i did on late 109s i tought all 109s had same, dont know why on 109g14 10min of emergancy recharges in 10min, but on 109f4 1min of emergancy recharges in 13min lol, and as you dont have messages showing in techchat if you dont have instrument pane turned on you dont know. Will check how its on F2 and E7 now, this is even more stranger then i tought before with how some airplanes have 1:1 and some up to 1:3, didnt expect 109F4 to have it 1:13
  21. i didnt try it on 109f4, but on airplanes that have boost like for example p-47 you can use 5min only 3x as your limited to 15min, and so on... with other airplanes that have MW50 for example your limited to amount of it on airplane, on how many times you can repet full use after recharge.
  22. i think you need to explain to them that you would like to link your acount here with your acount on steam, they should be able to do that when you send them your emails you used for steam and here. Reinstall game from steam or wenstore will not change anything.
  23. I dont remenber, i would have to try it again, and see if by using boosted you dont eat time you have on emergancy on thouse airplanes or does it recover same, as i know that on for example later airplanes when you turn on boost you can last 10min insted 3min on emergancy, but on F2 and E7 its working differant so i would guess that when you use bosted you will also use emergancy timer, and will recover it only on combat.
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