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  1. Your at missunderstanding here, both visibility options alow teoretical 100km visability. Differance is that with alternate visability ON (normal realisam setting ) you can see contacts in game from thouse far distances mutch easyer as they are big. And when alternate vis setting is turned OFF (like it is on expert setting, you have what developers belive is most realistic option), contacts get slowly reduced in size as they get far from you, you can see them depending on conditions from far but not as far or easy as when this option is turned ON like its on normal realisam setting.
  2. its guied line what you see in spec regarding thouse type of info They cant place all info in spec page it would be 20 pages long 😄 So for example fly P-51 at 9km youll have 15min combat timer, then try it at 10km and youll have 1h+, as your MP will be around 52" there ( and at thouse altitudes your using 100% trottle and rpm to be in combat regime of airplanes engine ). And you can see that only when you turn on instrument panel option ON and see games messages that tell you when your timers realy expired, Thats why thouse messages are important to work like others on all realisam settings. Depending on how mutch lbs MP or what not your using timer gets extended or shortened, its not if it says for example 15 min that it will be 15 min every time on all alts. And im talking about safe time untill message shows up that it expired ( as thats what spec say 5, 15 or 30min is ), im not adding extra random time that you risk on if you go abow when message shows up.
  3. Considerng how good they made Tempest, Spitfire XIV would be a dream to play in this game, hope it happends.
  4. P-38 is almost as fast as 47 on deck up to 5-6kft on emergancy power, and on combat is faster on any alt then 47 on its combat. If messages worked correctly ppl would be able to use atleast to in games timers power of american airplanes, but when you dont know when timers expired or recovered why fly random fail engine airplanes when others are mutch safer option and dont have risk of random fail so high. Tempest for win 47 for hangar display 😄
  5. If you buy main DLC from steam, NO badge shows If you buy during preorder procces golden badge shows if you buy after preorder procces bronze badge shows before you had one more option where if you preordered standard version of DLC, you would get silver badge also for tanks its green badge
  6. and it dosent hurt that this is the best posible modeled cockpit in any game i saw for Tempest, same for airplane behavior in game, its realy more then i expected when they anounced that they making one for bobp.
  7. From what i see in new update you cant bail out if your going faster then around 400kmh so that could play in.
  8. Yes i was saying that this will work few months ago, as i tested 15min settings we would get on p-51 from manuals on spitfire we had in game and they worked exactly as they worke in p51 now, so same engine falows same logics in both airplanes, just RAF decided that they will use differant setting for its combat mod and usaf other settings. Also both airplanes need 3x longer recharg time, unlike P-47 that needs 2x longer only. If devs would just fix missing message it would be big improvment, as then you can see when game tells you to stop using it, anything els is just guess work and looks more like random failure when you dont know if game wonts you to stop or not. If we have to play by this strick timer rules, then we have to be informed when timers run out and when timers recharg, and that is buged as it only works when instrument panel is turned ON. as you can see problem that you have if you not use for example max emergancy power all time, you will think you spend 5min and your rechargin now after you stop after 5min, but as you didnt use max emergancy power all 5min time, game consider max timer is longer and you would not be recharging it when you think your doing it, so when you try to use it next time after 15min, your just in what you think is full 5min of safe use and your engine blows up as it was not fully recarged. Thats why players need to be informed when game thinks timer is realy expired and realy recharged, as in real pilots didnt just lose thir engines when they screw up minut counting, they just tell ground crew i go 10min or 30min and so on and it would get add up on engines time of use. So if we have this strick system it needs to be bug free, and now it isent as messages still dont work like other 20000 tech messages that work. But who needs to play with american stuff when we have Tempest 😄
  9. Exactly like that, i didnt know im watched i would dress better 😄
  10. Yes, and if i had no problem fighting A3s F4s and g14s on that alt, Tempest is upgrade then
  11. It will be like that players will chose what they fined better for gamplay on or off, atleast admins know now its off for real and they probably had bug with selection in dserver before when they tought it was off but in real it was on. Planty of players online for all servers , i still see up to 400ppl prime time euro.
  12. Try now on WoL, maybe its problem you have only when altered vis option is ON ( it was On up until few h ago on wol also, now its OFF there so see if it happends on that option also )
  13. When i was checking how Alter OFF looks with Rip hosting i could see contacts almost same as Alt ON up to ~10km, then i could see then up to 20km but only when i know they are there, they do show up mutch furder likee devs posted and Rip was able to see me longer because of position of sun, but atleast they gradualy get smaller compared to ON where they look like they were almost same size from 10-50km+. Will se how ppl will react to off now on wol, i know kirill wonted it like this from what i read on russian forum so i expected wol will run on it off. To me from tests its clear that off is more refined and bug free version, and what devs wonted it to be from start of this big update.
  14. This is what i get (by techchat indicators): But as you have 15min combat on P-51 67" and 1h on Tempest 9lbs, better comparason is continuous and emergancy for 51 to combat and emergancy for Tempest:
  15. They replay fast: "Server Settings: All you need is included. Everything you need is turned off. The SDS file was saved through the server console. Feedback from the players said that something was wrong. Manually edited the desired file. The server is restarted with it." so it seams they restart now, should be off now, will check next time i join
  16. Tempest for me, got bored with 51 in dcs it dosent exites me any more, also tempest on max power dont smoke so its stelthier, has 1h of combat that is only few kmh slower then 9lbs, has 4x best 20mm in game, better controlability at high speds, better zoom climb, looks like same turns as 51, only drow back is its slower up high, but i got used to flying slower airplanes up high so thats not big prob for tempest (2nd option is 38, then 51, spit9 and 47)
  17. just played first time on server after latest update and to me it looked like its alternate on, so i ask again to confirem that is off. (Was able to see contacts as big dots and bomber would get bigger as i zoom out at some points, all that loked like alternate on from my online tests with rip.) It would be nice if we could see server settings like in rof
  18. is this happening on servers with alternate vis on? if yes, do you lose contacts at around 10km when that big dot transition to airplane, or your talking about losing contacts at closer renages. I didnt expirianced disapering contacts but i can see that when alternate on is used they get clearly harder to see at one point where they transition at around 9-10km, so maybe thats where your losing them, they are still there but harder to see, especialy if they are big twin engine planes.
  19. if you zoom out and look what was done in span of development of just this BoBp youll see they are not only making new airplanes and dlcs, they spend a lot of time on game improvments and new aditions to gamplay, so they need to fined a balance where they can make new stuff so existing players spend money and improve, and for now that balance is ok from my pov. Its time for new airplanes, so they can do more other stuff. Its simple, it cant be only new stuff or only game fixes or improvments.
  20. How they modeled it in game its big + , i like it and only remark is that they could go even harder on up/down movment shown in that devs video so it gets even more disorienting for player when he trys that. But even how its now is mutch better then expected when they first anounced that they will improve it.
  21. Its hard to know what option is used so I asked admins regarding visability and they use expert option, alternate off
  22. After spending some time on new map in editor and mission i like how balanced it happend to turn out considering area it depicts, good job on map making team, looking forward to new seasons of it.
  23. Did you by any chance fined if any Yak-9T squadrons also operated in Kuban after timeline for curent Kuban career. Here its mentioned that in late 43 they hunt enemy ships on the Black Sea: http://airwar.ru/enc/fww2/yak9t.html
  24. This is what by default is in game: so fov 30 is max zoom i guess. In mod for extrazoom i just modified minimumFOVGrad = 1.0000 to have max zoom, but that mod you can only use when enable mods. I guess it would be used most in sp as you can use it with mods on and no one cares (or on servers in mp with mods on) . But for most of MP users i guess its not usefull as almost all play on mods off servers.
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