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  1. late vvs fighters, no messing with complex timers and boosts is the way to go, just do some late 44-45 east front after midway as fast as posible dlc yak9u first afcorse 😄
  2. how that recovery work with other airplanes with emergancy boost, if you use all emergancy and then get message that its recoverd but you cant use full emergancy time again after its recovered looks like bug to me. Did devs ever explained how all this timers and recoverys and bosts work. for me it looks like you can use boost only one time for 5 min or few times for 5 min in total, and after that time your risking blowing up engine, thats why when you try again after recovery message it lasted only 2 min(its probably not new recovered boost but just that buffer zone that will risk destruction of engine after 5min expired). I try it and it also lasts only few min after i used it for 5min and then waited to get recovery message, and i didnt get secound message that it expired but just engine broke.
  3. it works like that, its never exact min you pas limit and engine is broken, its always stated min for sure + extra time on your risk, so if limit is 5min some times you can use it for 7min some times for 6 some times for 8 and so on...
  4. i dont expect anything to change, its like this for years, best thing for devs is to make it how manual say it is as if people complain why this or how that... they can say its how it is in manuals and we did it same. in this game best place to play with P-47 is on berloga where you have 5-10min of fuel and i see no point playing with it elswhere with engine limits this game has. axis complained about engine limits long time, and nothing changed, and thy are as rediculise as they are on american airplanes
  5. but taking fighter and sticking to your targets and caping over them is incrising your servival rate in situations when outnumbered. if most of guys on your side so same, there will be good number of frendly fighters in one area to counter numbers from other side if they go for that target, and they are far from their base so help from your side comes faster. no mather how skiled player is or how strong his airplane is if hes outnumbered hell gona lose most of the time. So by sticking over your targets with others on outnumbered side your atleast making numbers more even when they come for that target, as some from their side will stay over their targets and some will be in bombers. Thats how i see it at least, as nothing you can do to change mineds of guys who like one side only no mather how many is on other side, so if your on outnumbered side you have to play smart or not play , or just do what they wont and go to them.
  6. most anojing thing is to see when your outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1 and there is still guys going for ground targets in thouse conditions. If your outnumbered you pic fighter and protect your objectives, thats only way for your side to win that mission, guys doing bomb runs in thuse coditions just give side with more players what they wont = easy kills coming in one by one. You dont go to them they leve server and numbers get better, but people dont see this so i constantly see same players going for same targets and then wondering why no one is escorting them or how they ae geting shoot down, and its 50 axis vs 20 vvs lol or oposite, same thing is done by axis bombers when they are outnumbered. its like im gona go bomb no mather how situation on mission looks. also for fighter guys, if your on outnumbered side , make enemy go for you, dont go to them, 30-1h of them having no one to shoot at, they gona go away or start doing risky stuff, but always doing same sthing no mather what numbers balance on server is is just wrong.
  7. From DD89: "Every aircraft in BOS, except IL-2, is equipped with an oxygen system. It’s designed to provide normal breathing for a pilot on high altitudes. Flying higher than 3000m with a malfunctioning oxygen system or without one is dangerous due to chances of falling unconscious and lowered tolerance to overloads. Soviet planes are equipped with KPA-3bis open type oxygen devices. He 111 have similar systems while all other German planes in our game have lung-governed oxygen feed devices. The first type delivers pure oxygen directly while the automated lung-governed systems mix oxygen with the surrounding air and feed it for breath-in only. Accordingly, such devices spend different amount of oxygen on different altitudes. Oxygen is stored highly pressurized in special tanks. Every plane has a manometer to control the use of oxygen. Normally there’s enough oxygen to gain altitude and maintain flight on reached altitudes for a long time; some planes have so much oxygen on board that it’s basically impossible to spend it all on one fuel tank. In case if the oxygen system is damaged it is highly recommended to avoid high-g maneuvers and descend to 3km and lower." "1. Oxygen system added. In case when it’s damaged or when runs out of oxygen, the pilot will suffer more severe overloads on high altitudes;" Yesterday i did almost 2h sortie on wol in lagg3 almost all abow 3km, and i run out of oxygen, (got techchat Warning: breathing system pressure 50 atm) around time i was going to land, so i dont expect youll run out of oxygen on P-47D any sooner as it was maid to fly high and long time. you can also get warnngs that "Oxygen system failure, drop below 3000 m and don\'t attempt high-G maneuvers" or "Oxygen system damaged"
  8. he is not pe2 in video, he is that first 109 that attack pe-2, and on end gets destroyed by pe2s bomb
  9. in main df area you have one with 10% and then other one with 19% fuel on same spawn points ( same is for all airplanes one with low and one with more fuel)
  10. Pe2 35 Defensive armament: Top: 7.62mm machine gun "ShKAS", 750 rounds, 1800 rounds per minute Belly: 12.7mm machine gun "UB", 200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Side: 7.62mm machine gun "ShKAS", 225 rounds, 1800 rounds per minute Pe2 87/110: Defensive armament: Top: 12.7mm machine gun "UB", 200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Belly: 12.7mm machine gun "UB", 200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Side: 7.62mm machine gun "ShKAS", 225 rounds, 1800 rounds per minute Top turret: 12.7mm machine gun "UB", 200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute (modification "series 110") a20 Defensive armament: Top: 12.7mm machine gun ANM2 .50, 390 rounds, 850 rounds per minute Belly: 7.92mm machine gun ANM2 .30, 600 rounds, 1150 rounds per minute vs ju88 Defensive armament: Nose: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 81", 750 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute Top: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 81", 1000 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute Belly: 2 x 7.92mm machine gun "MG 81", 950 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute He111h6 Defensive armament: Nose: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 600 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Top: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 1125 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Belly-backward: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 1200 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Belly-forward: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 675 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Left: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 450 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Right: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 450 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute Nose: 20mm gun "MG FF", 240 rounds, 540 rounds per minute (modification) Belly-forward: 20mm gun "MG FF", 330 rounds, 540 rounds per minute (modification) He111h16 Nose: 20mm gun "MG FF", 240 rounds, 540 rounds per minute Top: 13mm machine gun "MG 131", 1000 rounds, 900 rounds per minute Belly-backward: 2 x 7.92mm machine guns "MG 81", 850 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute Left: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 81", 500 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute Right: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 81", 500 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute 110Es Defensive armament: Backward: 7.92mm machine gun "MG 15", 825 rounds, 1000 rounds per minute 110g Defensive armament: Backward: 2 x 7.92mm machine guns "MG 81", 750 rounds, 1600 rounds per minute yes nooooooo reason why pe2 gunner will hurt more then most german gunner, nothing obvious comes to mined it must be some conspiracy vs axis. like it was said befor try attack h16 with 13mms shoting at you in 109 and see how differant is from attacking pe2 with 12,7s shooting at you. Its same with any bombers ai behaves same, diferance is most axis bombers shoot at you with small calibar while pe2s with bigger. Speed of movment and reaction of gunners on both side is same. Its not same when 7mm hits you or 12mm hits you in this game.
  11. and still if i attack german bomber from their six i usealy get damaged also, so i attack enemy bombers when they make turn and im 90 deg on their wings and i dont get damaged and get their wings easy. gunners are op thats for sure, and not only for one side its same on both sides, but german 109 is fragile and pe2 has better rear gun, then german bomber on russian fighter, and still you get your engine damaged or even wing cut in russian fighter attacking german bomber from six, so easy solution is dont atack enemy bomber when your on his 6, wait for him to turn or you get in better position, works for me, even with clearly broke ai gunners in this game. yes , they use separate ai bran for each gunner, but gunners still behave like they see 360 deg, and rear gunner knows where you are even if you attack from front, so we have worst of both, demanding ai for gunners and op gunners on bombers, that is all seing and dont care about fire or that his airplane is dewinged or there is 20g on him, he can still just shoot
  12. So thats same time limits for engine mods like spit9 have it seams. Unlimited 1h and 5min. P-47 dive seed they set at 500mph like in manual, but i see from manual that Tempest has 540mph there, so if they use manual dive speed +100kmh it will lose parts at 600mph maybe 😄
  13. even angryjoe dont ike voip, was lmfao when i saw this moment on 17:28 today
  14. Anouncment of Battle of Midway and Yak-9U as colectable airplane 😄
  15. i also see most of time im gone by pilot kill, (dfs vs g14s nd k4s) i noticed damage icon for turbo when i was hit few times and my rpms were around 12000 then max. i lose wings only when enemy is on my 6 long enough and hit my wings with many bullets, or if im turning or he dived at me from 90 deg off on my wings ( but that happends in this game for all airplanes so i usealy avoid big turn when some one shots at me if i can ) regarding the engine i had few differant damages, ones where i could fly for 10min+ and stil df, and ones where one pass gets my engine imidiatly. also even on automatic rpm, if your going with your trottle up down hard ( 100% to 0 and back to 100% in dives) in df, your auto rpm can go abow 3300 and brake engine if left at 100% ( first time this happend i tought it was because of turbo at 100% but later test show it was rpm at 100% that in some situations could not control it fast enought ) Also i noticed like in 109s canopy offten gets blown away
  16. i guess you should use 50mb for download and 10mb for upload, is upload of 10mb even enought for hosting server in this game i dont know, looks small when i read that post from Han in last DD: To game servers hosters - please check that in your SDS config file the correct traffic limit is set. At least 50 magebites if you have around 30 clients limit, and at least 150 megabytes if you have maxed up client number limit. So it means: DownloadLimit = 50000 or more UploadLimit = 50000 or more
  17. 30-40% i have used 70-100% down on berloga, it turns like crazy and its so stable even in vertical turns.
  18. i just run test in coop with tm8 using problematic mission from wol ( taman43). and when he hosts and i join on ready i can see delay on spawn, our in cockpit watch/clock is differant by 4-5s. That will mean players would expiriance lags and gps delays like they do on wol server on this mission. then i remove obj 1 and 12 moving ships, and nothing els and test again, and i see i join fast and spawn, and our in game cockpit watches/clocks are in sinck to a second, no delays. Reported this to WoL guys. testing more to see maybe certen type of ship could be problem if not to heavy mission.
  19. JimTM, yes i saw that and that was reason i joined again on server today to see on same mission fromfew days ago if problem is gone when they change that setting to higher MB. i would guess from replay on wings of liberty forum that they already made thouse changes to server as devs recomended that to them.( as i se denlerik replayed today before this mission, that he changed some settings, so i hope they make change imidiatly when han toled them to do so) edit: denlerik say they made recomended changes to server before this mission run, also 2 out of 3 objectives destroyed when server starts to behave normaly are movng ships targets, 3rd is port with static ship.
  20. 2h ago I joined on WoL server when i see Taman43 mission was on server ( same mission players reported lag and delayed gps before 26.11, and that video of yak being shoot at by 109s was recorded on that mission before) Server had 22 players and was laging and delaying start and gps positions, and players were leaving. Mission before it, more players and no problems. I rejoined server again after some time, on same mission, and see now there is no problems with lag or delayed gps like it was when mission started. I check objectives and 2 german objectives were finished, and one russian objective is finished. I asked for players who had lag and delay before that i could locate on other server or ts3 to joined server again on that same mission like me, and they say no lag or problems anymore. So one of thouse objectives is to heavy for mission or coasing problems for it, as now with them inactive and 35 players on server there is no problems on server, on that same mission, and only thing that changed in 2h from what i can see is number of objectives.
  21. and this works online like a charm even with airplanes not ment to fly high
  22. just finish finish flying on next mission Penetration41maut, 76 players on server all works ok.
  23. yes on some missions, and on some works fine ( wth same or neer same number of players on server), if you see that your GPS is delayed on WoL that mission will have lag( usealy player have messages about his kills delayed at sametime, and is not able to click on finish mission after landing until his GPS icon lands). I saw you playing just now on WoL on Height200_42m mission, this mission run just fine for me and i didnt notice any problems like on some other missions, (was 62players at same time on it at high number). Expendables and Justin did you guys have problems on this mission i also saw you guys did some bombing on it.
  24. Hi Vaal Is it posible to have in stats that when player that is damaged disconects, player who damaged him gets the kill. In game kill is credited but in stats not. example: Ripgrunwald damaged 109 of Aim_Deusi, his engine was smooking, http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3759929/?tour=41 and then Aim disconected from server. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3759898/?tour=41 In Game chat and stats say Rip get kill from him, but web stats no.
  25. Joined today and played around 1h with 47 on it, and stay on server when mission switched, and all was ok, but it was only me playing and rip just sitting on runway most of time. Would be nice to try on it with atleast 20 players.
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