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  1. didnt know that, ill ask then on their russian forum, maybe they dont know they have those skins locked on that maps, i always tought its intentional for some reason
  2. using the same settings as gavric say we should use, at 7000m (23000ft) i get IAS of 301mph, and if i use same iastas callculator as before i get thats 438mph tas. So thats faster then 292ias=433mph tas i get on 7500m ( 24500ft) from previous test posted before, so it seams its faster on 23000ft then 24500ft in my test atleast.
  3. We saw that also in attacking airplanes on it few min ago, delayed damage to them. I encounter that problems before update on that same mission, (posted here and PM their admin on ts3 then ) and i think this is problem with that WoL mission as same problem on same mission is visable every time i play that mission in their server. perevious mission run just fine in areas with loot of action and same number of ppl, and this one is mess.
  4. nice job, that first spining 190 was like in videos from ww2
  5. in lagg, yak, la and so on when you have to high mix it slows you down, but in 47 100% mix gives you more speed then 80% on all alts i tested it.
  6. in game specs it says 2.4h in air for 109 on full fuel at 3km 350kmh ias, i tested this flying with 50% trottle (you do 0.7ata 2100rpm 360kmh ias at 3km) and you can be in air 135min with 100% fuel. I expect they will add droptanks at some time but still for what we do in game now you can fly long missions, but you need to do fuel menagment, not fly all time on high 70%+ when its no need. For lagg that i offten play with it says 2.2h and i played missions that lasted 100+min with 100 fuel with it but i offten dont take more then 80% for plan to do 60min missions, and im sure i could stay longer if i wonted to save even more fuel when just caping or cruisng. Not having DTs now has one benefit of making players to learn to save fuel atleast untill DTs come example of 80min sortie in new 109k4 and 5kills, so he was fighting and still manage to save fuel to be in air quite long time for online play. http://www.knightsoftheair.eu/en/sortie/44510/?tour=4
  7. its nice to know we can play a little with rpm or mix or what not to get that extra mph i bet there is some k4 flyers who turn off auto rpm and also play with it to get that last kmh out of it, or extra in climb
  8. Like Matt say, its only sound bug, its small bug but noticable, and thats why i posted file data so you can see that correct gun is there and correct ammo and rate of fire and only diff is sound that is using
  9. Run tests same as you say and this is what i get when i use that online tas callculator ( http://www.csgnetwork.com/tasinfocalc.html ) 5000ft IAS in game 291 337mph = 370mph TAS (80% mix) 15000ft IAS in game 319mph = 407mph TAS (80% mix) 24500ft IAS in game with 80% mix 292mph = 433mph TAS also tested with 100% mix and got 295 IAS mph thats 437mph TAS so all in game is like you say on that document, if using 100% mix it can go faster and below 23000ft if using 2550rpm insted 2700 it can go faster, but when testing like you make it to be speeds are matching perfectly from what i see. Tested on stalingrad autumn like you say.
  10. 2550 is probably best when your runing from some one or in strait, 2700 better for climb and df
  11. People reported that they here like mk108 30mm on 109k4 sounds like 20mm, so i chcek in game and compared sound of 20mm on g14 and its same as sound of 30mm on k4, and 30mm on g14 is differant then sound of 30 on k4 even though they have same 30mm gun. then i used that .gtp mod extractor and extracted data from games gtp parts and in open ...data\luascripts\worldobjects\planes file named bf109k4.txt and i see that for mk108 ShotSounType = 1 (same as for 20mm guns on other 109s) insted =2 like it is on 30mm guns of G6 or G14 mk108, i think this is coase of this sound problem. Mk108 data from k4 file Mk108 data from G14 file: from my understanding ShotSoundType = 0 is for MG, ShotSoundType = 1 is for 20mm and ShotSoundType = 2 is for 30mm
  12. i think its by default left shift+d , i have it on j, yu can locate it in jetison stores in weapon section of key mapings wonder if its posible to damage other airplane with droping them
  13. maybe for spitfire is problem, but p-47 on 10% fuel on combat settings do 11min, and you will not fly it combat all time, it teaches players to manage fuel better then having drop tank
  14. Yes that 2550rpm works better then 2700 up to 7km, then after that its no change in gaining top speed, but then raising manualy rpm abow 2700 dont give you anything below 7km but give you more abow that, but its risky,i was able to go to 2900rpm for 3min and not brake engine, and other times it would brake it. Its same as on k4 closing fully rads manualy it gives you more speed but it overheats fast so its good for 1-2min top.
  15. from dd193: "This map is bigger than we initially planned (flyable area is 401 x 324 km - it is 129.900 sq.km) and several compromises will have to be made to make it a reality. It will stretch us to the limit of what is possible in our development schedule, but as with our other maps it will be really cool when it’s done. " its biggest they made so far but i dont see need for droptanks
  16. i first run test with autopilot then when i see what speed is posible with perfect trim , i try to do close to that without autopilot, no i didnt use -90%. thats why i post ias from game, as i dont know what ias tas callculations other ppl can use, but if they get closee to same ias from game then its ok, and i always use same map and time.
  17. nice big map with all the room we need to play, hope we see it sone in game
  18. K4 1.8 (7km and abow 1,98 do same speeds) from my tests on full power ias at 6km=506kmh (1.98 522kmh), 7km=491kmh, 8km=460kmh, 9km=429kmh, 10km=396kmh so 1.8 k4 then does 698kmh tas at 6km, 716kmh tas at 7km, and 698kmh tas at 8km, by that tas callculator. (k4 1,98 ata at 6km 720kmh tas) same stalingrad summer map i used to see speeds for p-47 on same alts
  19. in game there is only AP type for M2.50 in belt yes in game same mk108 cannon as G6 or g14 is on k4, no changes BUT i just recheck as there is few ppl saying that it sounds like 20mm, and it sounds same like 20mm from other 109s, and not like mk108 when equiped on G14, this could be bug
  20. for winter i dont know what logic they have to lock all exept green, maybe so its easyer to fined la5fns
  21. regarding the speeds i get this as indicated in kmh on stalingrad summer map, 6km 499kmh, 7km 489kmh, 8km 458kmh, 9km 428kmh and 10km 388kmh, all with 100% turbo, trottle, rpm, mix and boost on and 50%(exept for 10km at 70%) inlet and 0% outlet. ( it can go faster then that when you manualy incres rpm abow 2700 but you risking braking engine then) and if you covert that in TAS youll get good speeds, 489kmh ias at 7km is around 710kmh if im not wrong. ( http://www.csgnetwork.com/tasinfocalc.html used this online callcualtor just now and it says thats 715kmh at 7km) 109k4 in game can match that speeds at thuse alts (no mather what engine mod) and even go faster at 10km then in game 47.
  22. i was doing tests on stalingrad as i dont have kuban, probably its posible to get more speed there, on staling it goes to 572kmh ias, and warning shows up at 4min. also when i tested it at 10000m, i see i get 388kmh ias, with all 100%, but inlet cowls at 70% insted 50%. but then when i swith prop rpm on manual i can go to higher rpms then 2700, and get speed up to 416-420kmh ias, and after 5min warning shows up.
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