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  1. Didnt bather to check after latest patch, should work as before. I was not able to get rid of FPS hit, only if you remove all it gets better, like sokol say its probably how that hud overlay works in game. I could see even small fps gain on WoL where you have only compas shown, and you turn that of with H key. "Is possible the other way around - show only few items (hidden the useless/dumb, e.g. lights on) but leaving only icons and no text?" By editing that original ingamemessages picture it is, you just remove icons you dont need on it and then just save it in mod folder.
  2. I dont think AM is ment to give game anything similar to seow if thats what you were hoping for, how i understod it Air Marshal is ment to be more like tool that is used to give simple orders withing the game in MP similar to how you order around AIs in SP, some simple set of comands that then are desplayed to all players on your side.
  3. I played planty of organaised events or df server campaigns like seow, sow, adw and all work by all players being on ts3 so comanders or leaders who know whats best to win mission or acomplish objective can comunicated fast. And most of preperation for missions was done before mission there, I dont see this AM giving anything extra to thouse type of serious servers they already dont have, to me this was ment to give coordination to fast food servers like WoL, and i think its waisted on them.
  4. I hope they realised its waist of time and work on some other things as we didnt hear about it for long time, im on ts3 if i wont to cooperate with others, its easy and effective and no aditional strain on MP. I use in game chat only when i need to worn other of his 6 quickly, or i need help fast from guys not on ts3, but for coordination ts3 or similar is best option. Im just afraid this Air marshal will just make MP suffer even more and give nothing good/extra that we cant have with just ts3 discort or what not outside of game. Also i dont think this will all of sudden atract lone players to cooperate, if they wont to cooperate they can join ts3 and group there like others do all the time.
  5. Servers could do that, they can even make one of the objective to be shoot down certen number of bombers, so fighters need to go for them or need to defend them, it will probably happend, but dont expect big numbers of bombers as they waist so mutch game resorces on unneccesary stuff so in SP you can have some medium numbers but in MP where you have to use resorces of your PC on other human players and aditionaly on heavy demanding AI youll end up with small number of slots open for server if AI bombers are used in some noemal numbers so you get a fealing of escorting something. You could have coop missions where you only have bombers escort and attackers, thats more to be happening with some bigger number as mision is not then ocupied with other stuff you need on tipical DF server.
  6. "IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles Demo and Series In 2018 we plan to release a Free Limited Demo for Sturmovik that will allow new customers to easily try Sturmovik. Users can then purchase content to turn their demo into their home-base for all things Sturmovik. More details on the Great Battles Demo first quarter of 2018." from: good idea
  7. Just look how they did with Spit IXe, with good selection of modifications you get 4 differant spitfires in one airplane, and same could be done to P-47 like you say with modifications, and you have more options as mission maker to use correct modification for timeline. Just by checking crash reports in September there is planty D-28s crashing with units they plan to have in campaign over france and belgium, first D-30 i could see only in late november, didnt bather to search more. I think next airplane to come out will be either Fw190A8 or P-47 so probably not long to see what they decided to do, but what ever model they do its not problem.
  8. Probably they could then go for basic models to be P-47D-28 and with modifications that can make it D-30 and D-40, and for P-51D-5 with modifications that make it D-10 and D-20, so they cover whole career timeline if 3D look is not to differant betwen them.
  9. "Last but not least, part of our overall plan is to work with one of our long-time professional development partners to produce airplanes. This is not a guaranteed success and much work needs to be done to make this a reality, but we are giving it a shot. There is much more to our airplanes than just the model. Much training will need to be done to pull this off. If successful, we plan to make the Li-2 next. We are making NO PROMISES, but here are a couple very early WIP pics."
  10. In game im lucky if i can id airplane from 2-4km depending on angle (better then in other games). I dont have problem with that, and i dont think anyone wonts to be able to be able to id airplanes from far, just to be able to see something is there like other games have as a smudge on screan is enought when you fight or attack ground units, as if you see dot far you can then make desisions to stay over ground targets untill he comes closer or run if you think hes enemy ( maybe hes coming from enemy side so its great chance hes enemy no need to positivly id to be awere of threath) or if in fighter to make trap for him or get higher then him and then go for him, and id when come close, but your then in better position and so on, most contacts i see i dont know who they are until im close, but just being able to know they are there you can treat them as enemy depending on their behavior untill you come close to id. In the end i dont think this can be changed in game and we should just adapt to what we have, problem for me is coming from games where you had distances double then here, so tactics were differant there then here and it just took some time to adapt to how its here.
  11. Online that setting ould have to be server side controled only, so server sets if he wonts to use max for all players that join that server, it workes like that in CloD and 1946, server has option to use defaule 14km, or more to 25max, and no mather what player has set he will be limited to what server has, so its eaqal playing feald for all in MP. And servers have option to adjust if performance impact is to big, by lovering it.
  12. if we have 20mm gunpods on Mc202 i dont se reason why they cant do it if they wont
  13. Anything that L could carry J could also from 250lbs to 2000lbs bombs, so no loss there in modifications. Also from what i see you can have 4,5 bazooka rockets and 5in HVAR rockets also as they were retrofited on J, so no loss there in modification options. Only twing .50 cal gunpods were tested on L models from what i see, but even that they can add as modification if they wont, just look at same type of rear modifications we have on some airplanes in game already. So how i see it there is no real loss in loudouts options they can go for by doing J insted L.
  14. From P-38 Lightning at War book "Engine were the Allison F-15 series, V-1710-89/91 USAAF designation, normally rated at l,325hp each, l,425hp at take-off, and l,250hp at 25,000ft. These same engines would produce more power at altitude on the J models due to redesign of the inter-cooling system." "The P-38J models were significantly superior to all previous Lightning. Powered with V-1710-89/91 engines of l,325hp (1,600hp war emrgency), the J had a maximum speed of 420mph at 25,OOOft and an initial climb-rate, with military load, of 3,9OOfpm which eroded les than 25 per cent through 25,OOOft. The J was the first Lightning with adequate cockpit heating, and with circuit breakers to cure it electrical ill. The P-38J-10 and onward poseed flat, bulletproof windscreens and, beginning with the P-38J-25s, hydraulic aileron boot and electrically-activated dive brakes were added. Weighing 13,7001b empty, and up to 24,000lb loaded, thee Lightnings had a normal range of 2,300miles with 1,010gal (US) of fuel. Here at last, was the Lightning for all season,and all mission." "About the middle of the month, the first P-38L models arrived in the SW Paciftc, and while the airplanes were ftted with V1710-111/113 engines that would deliver l,600hp (war emergency) some 2,000ft higher than before, this advantage was largely offset by a 500lb increase in aircraft weight. The gadgeteer had got some of their 'gizmos' and 'whatchamacallits' instaled to complicate and add weight; pressurised drop tanks, and a tailmounted mini-radar to warn of attack from the rear, for example, and though the L models should not be described as inferior to the J-25s, much of their superiority was on paper." "With two 300gal drop tank, the L model had a range of 2,600 mile at economy cruise above 10,oooft. Maximum speed were about the same as thouse of the J-25 model, 415mph, for example, at 18,OOOft. Carrying external ordnance of 3,200lb the L had a radius of action of about 450 miles."
  15. im up for He 162, still have nightmares of Drinkins flying it fast low on deck, and picking up red players one by one with it like a shark 😁
  16. Acording to Fork-Tailed Devil: The P-38 book, many J models were retrofited with christmas tree rockets, so maybe they will be modification. Also J-25 had bosted alerons and airbrakes like L modes, so they can add that also as modifications. Im glad they change it to J insted L, it fits the theatre more for time line they selected
  17. Issue from my point of view is that i think they should be easy visable from that distances, and from even more. Thats probably problem for only small number of players playing this game from what i see, and i would guess mostly its problem in multiplay as in SP AI is restricted on how far he can see you (3km if i remenber corectly) so you see them before they react, you just lose your ability to better prepare for them if you didnt saw them before that. I also understand that this will not change from what was said on this problem so far, i just adapted to it with time and conf my settings to best i see works for me so i can see contacts better inside limit of 9,5km atleast.
  18. To me thats whats the problem, if two formations of 4xIl-2s can pass behined you, and you dont even see them as they are so small, can you see with icons on if thats replay whats that exact distance, its not to far looks to me like they are only around 6-7km from you at best. You can only see them on full zoom and if you know they are there, or probably if they come to less then 4km from you, if thats ok with you then ok, to me thats to small radious to detect airplanes.
  19. Undestand it better now, yes i think thats ok then, if criticalspeed is bigger on one airplane, then aditional margin could be bigger on it also, and on airplane with less limit for critical speed aditional margine could be less, also probably strenght of construction of airplane should have some impact on it.
  20. Lagg is only 50+ , not 150+, from Hans post, so your wrong there :D how so, why it should not be eaqual for all, why yak less 109 more?
  21. Even then color of airplane skin would be problem :D
  22. Didnt know about this button, but after reading this i had to see how it works for my self, is it as magical as op is saying or hes just dramatic about it. So if you press it it sets all trims airplane has to 0%. AND it dosent go instantly from lets say -60 to 0% for example, it goes at same speed if you press + trim button and hold it for few seconds, its not instant. All airplanes that have trims have this enabled, ju88, he111 bf 110 ... all have it, 109 and 190 in game use stabilaiser so thats why that key dont effect them,it reset trims, also airplanes without trims like i-16 dont have it working, so there is no big conspiracy ugenst Axis only. I dont know why that key is neccesary in game, i see no use of it, but to say its giving some magical ability and instantly gives you nose up out of dives and in turns that you cant get with pressing trim up is fals, it goes up at same speed as when you press trim up key no faster or slower.
  23. After last patch what helps me see contacts better is seting gamma = 0.70000 and post_sharpen = 1in startup.cfg. This just makes it easer to see contacts it can not make them visable from 9.5km limit, i can usealy see contacts then from 7-8km on default zoom (that i usealy use when scaning skys). The way i test it is just run quick mission where i can set enemy airplanes to start 10000m from me on head on, and enable icons option, so when i start im 10km from them at same alt, and when i first see contact i press H to turn icons and see whats distance, its differant if weather is clear or cloudy.
  24. Old sims had one AI brain for gunners, and here they have each gunner his own AI brain using aditional resorces, answer in QA from last year Also probably that AI airplanes use complex FM and CEM like humans airplanes do in this game have aditional impact, i dont think old sims had that aproch with AI
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