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  1. Maybe but i still seeregulary a lot ppl on server complaining when they get randomly kicked or not able to spawn and have to reconect on full server, also 90% time when i play online its usealy 50-84 ppl on server, how many times you play on thouse other servers when they are full or close to full? if its that simple as just get best uber pc and best uber net conections there would be some server that is full and dont have problems i and others see online, i still dont see that server here.
  2. New Guinea is to me more likely then Burma, just because if your going to PTO for first time it has to scream america , and Burma was more british thing So for example airplanes they could make for Operation U-Go in 1944 Burma Ki-43-II-Kai Ki-44-II-Ko Ki-61-I-Otsu Ki-45-Hei/Otsu Ki-21-II or G4M1 vs A-36A Hurricane Mk.IV Spitfire Mk.VIII Beaufighter Mk.VI B-25C/G/H and P-47D and Spits V we already have, just by looking at planes that fight there it doesent say PTO how mases see it, no zeros no american cats, airplanes are interesting but maybe for 2nd or 3rd PTO DLC, i think first PTO DLC has to have famos zeros vs cats to get the masses in, and atleast New Guinea has that so even do i liked playing on 1946 on Burma missions i dont see them atractive for first step in PTO. But that would be perfect for this game, no big bomber formations, all fight is low-mid alt, and no problem with ships and 40-50 flaks on each of them. Also nothing stops them to do late 44-45 Italy, how CloD TF works they will probably never reach that far, so like they realised will never get that far to 44-45 west front and we got BoBp here event though it was said BoX have no interest in west , we can get Italy late war, and no problems of both games doing same thing.
  3. Hi Rain How many people on average everyday fly? work days ~200-250 at same time peeking around 20-22h cet, weekends ~300-350 How many servers are there? planty but only ~5-6 get 20+ ppl regulary, max is 84 slots Is there Spits_vs_109 server from warbirdsofprey up? Or what servers are out there and how many people fly there? dont see that server here but you have 2-3 servers like that in game Are there mods like what we had back in the day (Ultrapack, HSFX, SAS etc.)? mods exist but, its not as popular as in 46, most popular servers run vanila game (when you turn mods on you see only servers runing mods) What edition of the game should I start with? Or is there a complete edition? Battle of Stalingrad, airplanes you get there you can run on almost all missions online, 109f4, 109g2 and 190a3 then if you like game you can get either battle of kuban and 109g4 with 190a5 or just get 109g6 as separate airplane for some late east front scenarious. But even with just BoS airplanes your competative in late missions also. Are there full switch servers? few run what you would consider full switch from il246, some are almost that but have stupid gps that shows your position on map everytime you look at it but rest is same like in 46 spits vs 109s and similar servers you know multiplayer is not as stable and lag and warp free as you remenber in 1946, so expect random disconects and kicks from server, strange warpings, seeing enemy traicers 1-2s after enemy realy start shooting, slowdouns with big number of airplanes in same area, bugs when you try to conect to server, bugs if you stay on server when mission rotates, not able to see airplanes betwen you and clouds and so on... but theres nothing els to play so you learn to live with it and hope for fixes in future. also you miss big sail by like 14 days, you could get bos for 17$ then, if you plan to buy any i still have 25% off promo code that i dont plan to use i can send it to you if you wont, its good on any product they have expect ones in preorder ( also promo code works only if you buy from this website and not from steam)
  4. This type of events/campaigns give MP good name, if you wont to expiriance as close to historical flying and air battles online this type of campaign is good place to check.
  5. oh yes i forghet we have rp-3 on spit9s, so probably they will make it for tempest as it should not have to be worked from scrach, im not counting on droptanks for any airplane in bobp
  6. what about RP-3 rockets, were they used in ww2 on tempest v? from what i see only modifications it could have are bombs and maybe engine on high boost, any other fancy stuff like mirror, radio, 6cl warning and so on...?
  7. saber iia and saber iib maybe as mod, 9, 11,13 lbs or even more? what are timelines? any conclusions by now from all reserch topics from someone who pay attention, i didnt read them all not many modifications posible for tempest so i hope we get best engine settings as modifications then
  8. and still so many years latter same things happend dayly online, why/how yak/lagg catch me in dive lol things dont change i dont know but im just basing my expactations on 47 high alt on what he says for now, and dont expect it to kick butt up high as i expected it before last dd
  9. thats exactly what i see online, i see same thing happening with new usaf airplanes and all this hype will just make it wors and harder to avoid, with 51 it will probably go in extrem hype but to me it looks like they will have it in game as critical alt for 47 as he pick that alt to say it goes 700 at, why not say for example it can go 708kmh at 8,5km then if thats his critical alt, but say 700 at 7km?
  10. why would he say/pick some speed that is not his max speed on some random alt like 7km if its not his max speed in game, like they have this info in tech manual for all airplanes, and like in that same dd he says for k4, i belive what han posted p47 we will get will have max speed of 700kmh at 7000m. Thats not some ground braking speed like it would be 700kmh at 8,5 or 9km like some were saying and like you can see on that graph posted in dd for d-30. So if you look at k4 geting to 715 at 6,2km i would not be suprised that k4 is faster then 47 from numbers han said up high or atleast on same speed, as if what han posted are max speed at best alt then abow that they go down not up for both airplanes and k4 in that 800m distance i dont see losing as mutch as 15kmh from it top speed.
  11. from aiming point of view i like p-38 more then 51 or 47, all is grouped tight in nouse and gunsight is high enought and nouse is not opstructing anything in line of sight, so you can snipe easy far targets and also see where your shooting on high turning targets.
  12. and thats why its best suted for ground attack role, but biggest problem is its so big target so when someone gets on your six and thats inevitable yours elevators are out and your cut in half in most cases. In 1946 i play with it a lot and you could easy outurn 190s and turn on par with late 109s, but it lacked speed and if you try to outclimb enemy you better be more then 1km from him or hell easy shoot at you and hit you. i expect p-38 used mostly as ga, p51 as fighter and p47 as decoration in hangar, especialy when it seams it will not be so great high alt performer from speed info in last dd, if hes peeking that low at 700kmh i just hope they dont make tempest with rockets, so ga guys dont take it, i expect that one will be fighters favorit
  13. last dd says u2 is in final fm adjustments on fedback from po2 pilot, so i dot understand all the panic about no info for u2, if its fms are geting adjusted thats to me hes reday to be out in no time as its more then finished.
  14. cockpit pictures show red mark at around 64" and there is no indication from devs that we are geting 70" from what i see.
  15. ah ok, yes that would eliminate that fighters have to relay on bomber guys, i dont remenber i ever see something like that would be nice to see how it would work
  16. but if you say in your first post that you look at it from historical point of view , kestrel would not have to expain you when thouse modifications would be limited with reason, it looked like your not aware of that. guys running the server online have all rights to limit what ever mod we have in game its our to play on that server or not
  17. it can be achived only if targets are set so bomber benefits from bombing them from high or mid alt, unlike its now that every single building or truck or what not needs to be destroyed, so only first pass from bomber is good to drop from high but if you wont to finish objective you have to get ju88 or pe2 down on deck and pinpoint bomb. In clod they would define area of town as target and when certen number of kg of bombs is drop in that area objective is finished, and you add low alt flak over it so low alt flyers dont go for that target and youll get bombers flying high as it pays off and then fighters having to fly high in that area atleast. mission designer can still how low alt objectives like now, but some like industrial or airfield targets should be area and not depended on every single house or truck being destroyed if bombing from high alt is to be seen online. bombers and ga guys dictate how high fights will be, it was always like that and untill targets are like they are even if we get B-17 it would pay more to fly on 100m with it and drop every single bomb pin point on every single house then fly 30kft and bomb factorys from there. recently i mostly see industrial targets being attacked by 110s il2s or even pe2s with guns after they drop bombs as buildings are still week to gunfire so you can destroy buildings like hangars or factorys just by shooting at them, how can you expect to see more high alt ga guys when its mutch faster and eseyer to just fly low and pinpoint destroy stuff in target area.
  18. great dd, nice work on 47 looks great, nice to see k4 will be a beast hope thouse fixes for mulltiplayer show in practice, and thouse aditional stuff for ground units dont add aditional strain. kill messages already work like that in vall stats, so glad they will be sinck now with what in game stats shows from what i see that 728 109k4 used prototype props and was not standard, standard is what we get and standard speed is what they say we get, so all ok to me, and dont worry it will still be best thing with prop in game when it comes it will just not have that big advantage ugenst allieds as 109s have now vs yaks 😄
  19. fedback lasts untill 16th so probably not that, im sure we will see dd with pictures of k4 skins
  20. They already have spit9s and g14s on some missions where they didnt fight or fly, and im sure they will have 47s and k4s, and others when they come before bobp map aswell on online servers. so whats stoping you to balance the teams by flying p-40, or p-39 now, they are on planty missions online but not many play them, i like 47 but i dont see what some people see in that airplane like it will be so good to be able to handle k4s or d9s, and i bet there is few more players that will start flying red so atleast sides will get some balance, but youll not have number advantages that thouse airplanes had in real and benefited from it, and i know few who fly red now to balance sides who cant wait and will gladly start finaly flying blue most of the time if there will be big switch of players to red side
  21. AI is what he thinks as prime problem, and VR is what he like, you fill both and in each its 2 characters
  22. WoL was running 2 servers at same time when there was need for more then 84ppl on one stat page not so long ago so you could fly on both servers and stat would count as one, so why someone dont try to talk with WoL admins and offer to run same server based in usa ? that would work maybe better then few empty servers based in usa i hope you used that fedback to devs option anounced few days ago
  23. if you hold flaps up key while your flaps are up you will see in techchat that your able to adjust to what % your flaps limiter will be set, after you press flaps down key. And oposite with flaps down to decrese that % if you need.
  24. i dont see them doing normandy after pacific or probably ever, i see them going in Italy after pto, salerno anzio landings or later north parts and bonus is you avoid having problems for axis airplanes as you can have italan airplanes to add, and you can get same type of airplanes you would get in normandy for allieds, and also map would be most interesting by its mountains and sea and nice citys.
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