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  1. To sto them from generating go in your main game folder, open data folder and open with text program file named startup.cfg and then locate mission_text_log and make it = 0
  2. A3 didnt change from what i can see here is A3 (blue) compared to A5 (red) from 12b: here is A8 12b (blue) compared to A5 12b (red):
  3. You only get warning on Normal realisam settings, even on expert you dont get it, and like you say there is no way to know how many time you have , when it expired or when it start to recharge or when its recharged, so you can fight with someone then finish df and go back then by accident go over in emergancy and blow your engine for nothing... info for this is crusial, more important then most info you get in tech chat
  4. There is hope for P-40E atleast... give him modification for vvs engine ๐Ÿ˜„ it would be gamechaging for that airplane
  5. it seams 190A5 also neded fix and was to fast (who knew) nice to see they fix that in latest update, now it looks more normal, red is 3.012b and blue is 3.010 top speed on same enviroment for test. ( left lines combat, right emergancy 0% rads both and trimed for best speed) and 190a8 dont overheat as fast and is by 5-10kmh slower then 3010 in latest fix for its coling
  6. If you damaged them so their engines start to smook you no longer have to shoot at them, they will be down in 5-10min. Also its SP you can just use unlimited ammo. Online its normal that 109 or 190 shoots down 5 airplanes in one sortie, so thats your target limit then.
  7. and thats why expectations should not be to high, some small changes to inprove situation that is now are posible but rework of whole system hard to belive is posible they are good and fast when something needs to be fixed or adresed but not magicans
  8. For Norway, questions are what was axis oposition in air, can you fined 5 axis airplanes to have that are already not in game that operated from airbases on map area you would need to that operation, if thats not posible its extreamly limited then and when you have other areas where you can fit 5v5 airplanes then its hard to belive that Norway would be ever made for this game. The way i see it any DLC has to have minimum of this two options to ever hava a chance to be cnsidered: 5v5 ability ( of airplanes that are not already in game), map area with airbases for thouse airplanes to operate from an do missions inside that map area.
  9. You can do 580kmh on deck on max power, same like chart shows, i agre with Ehret speeds are ok they do great job but how usaf engine work in game is to strickt and in game problematic compared to real life. first line is combat settings, 2nd is max (1km intervals, probably if aditional test of max power is run on ~2600m it would show exact as charts)
  10. Would it be posible to add as modification russian engine in P-40E, i see that number of them were modified to have M-105P engine. With the way engine works in game having vvs engine in american airplane would be game changer and make this airplane more usefule for masses. http://www.airwar.ru/history/av2ww/soviet/p40/p40.html http://lend-lease.airforce.ru/english/articles/romanenko/p-40/ Because there were no spare Allison engines, and the fighters were in great demand, the regiment commander Major A. A. Matveyev, suggested that Soviet-manufactured engines M-105P and M-105R be installed in the P-40Es. More than 40 fighters were duly modified at the 1st Aviation Repair Base of 13th Air Army (at the same time several single-seaters were converted into two-seaters. Naturally, the installation of a less powerful engine resulted in a diminution of the fighter's performance. The maximum speed of a P-40E with the M-105P engine and VISh-61P propeller was reduced by 12 kmh (from 477 to 465 kmh). Therefore the modified fighters were quickly transferred to another regiment (196th IAP).
  11. Im sure P-63 was nice airplane in ww2, but in game i would rather have vvs airplane then usaf if posible, even early Yak-9 would be better in game
  12. The way i understand how they get to speed at witch any airplane will lose its parts is they look at what manual say, for P-47d that was 500mph and add 100kmh to it, so then you have in game P-47D 800+100=900kmh losing parts, so by game logic tempest will be just fine as british pilot manual say it can do 540mph so by game logic thats 100+ = 970kmh , i just look how game do it, so that way its logical that P-47 fells apart and tempest should not in game, what happends in real realy dosent mather mutch in game its just how game looks at thouse numbers is what mathers when i play game ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. Meteor (even not so good in performance) would be only one he mentioned that wuld fit the map and they could make SP campaign for it, if they dont add it as collectable its BIG chance missed as they could not add allied ww2 jet in any other way with differant dlc area. And its good for promotion of game to have 2 famous jets in game and on top on differant sides.
  14. All combat, emergancy and boosts have random element of how long you can use them. ( yesterday 10 times i tryed P-47D at low alt max boost i got 8min, 8.5, 6, 4, 7, 4.5, 9, 6, 4.5min ) Tech chat messages that tell you when your timer is expired or recharged now in game work only on normal, and not on expert or when you have turn of instrument panel option in costum. Its stupid, the way engines are modeled thouse two messages are the most important to know and you cant know when you recharged any other way,. Thouse messages should be visable in any realisam settings as you cant just look at gauge and know that you run out of time or recharged your time, Especialy when your in combat. Just this change would help a lot. Then this strange disparity in how on one airplane you lose combat and emergancy or boost at same time but other airplanes just loose first emergancy or boost and then combat has to be same for all, or atleast someone explain to me why it works like that for some airplanes and other way for other airplanes. And for time limits i dont expect to be changed, as they are taken from manual and if they change them ppl will complain why they changed them ( same like it is with DM, they change them ppl complain, they change them back pppl complain, before they started to change them not many ppl comlained )
  15. Well theres that option also, but you can just wait for next PTO dlc and all thouse german lovers will abondon axis side like a tornado and you can fly F4F3 F6F3 F4U and so on with usaf engine limits but on outnumbered side with number advantage for change vs outnumbered and slow Oscars, Zeros and Tonys PTO for the win then
  16. Now when you see the light take Tempest for the win ๐Ÿ˜„ lets just hope they dont get RP-3 rockets or bombs so GA guys dont take them, they can fly other 4 and leve Tempest for fighters yes but for tunderbolt they used usaf manuals, even raf manual for tunderbolt say it can dive 20mph faster, and for tempest they should use raf manual and then it will have faster dive speed (10kft 540mph =870kmh+ 100kmh all airplanes get its 970kmh, even if they give it only 50kmh + its faster then any in game ) RAF push harder so its great for game then
  17. Im playing with lagg3 online and most of time i spend on 6km+ alts up to 8km, im 100kmh+ slower then any axis airplane up there, having tempest that is only 20-30kmh slower up high but 20kmh faster low, that has good dive, good view and great guns like lagg3 has is for me upgrade and like i have advantage on any enemy prop i never had till then. So i belive tempest will be more dangerous then lagg3 is now for axis with its game frendly abilitys and one strong punch. I see in tempest what i have in lagg3 just on steroids
  18. Yes because one side gets max engine power while other dont, and best airplane for reds is last to come out out of all bobp so there is what 1 year that nothing is better in game then 1.98K4, how convinient ๐Ÿ˜„ I must have missed all thouse G14 is uber complaints as i dont remenber anyone having problems with slow 109s like G14
  19. Its last airplane coming out so still planty of time to have fun in D9s 262s and K4 till Tempest comes storming
  20. even 9lbs version looks good enought, just have to get good ear plugs to get rid of its terible engine sound ( compared to how its in game on deck D9 speed is same, but K4DB speed is faster then on chart 369mph in game is 378mph, so same like 9lbs tempest from chart if they go for that performance )
  21. Just check D9 on winter map and its great improvment, now like other airplanes its also faster on winter maps, 618kmh on deck (compared to 590 only before fix), thanks for fast fix 250 looks like is correct
  22. only thing i see that they can change with no big fuss is recharg times, rest i dont expect to, good thing i have no problem playing online with RAF stuff then, oh man when will that Tempest finaly be done that will be great day
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