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  1. atleast 2 squadrons used P-38Js in area of map and at time of campaign well in 45, so i dont think they selected them beacause of pacific
  2. just check and like yo say turning off 4k skins option and still having low settings ( preset 0 ) also eliminates this bug, it seams its only problem on this 190
  3. is it like in this bug report? it should not be that dark, try differant game settings, and should be gone on higher ones
  4. Are you by any chance using low settings, ( preset 0 ) , i can replicate this bug only when i set preset on 0 ( low setings) also maybe some other setings have impact its probably not your game problem but bug with some settings in game.
  5. it seams best option is to posponed PTO for more time, and just do one more east front 1944 or 45 1:1 400x400km area with well reaserched airplanes and short action radiouses untill we get all info on thouse opscured IJA airplanes and get 1:1 2000x2000km+ map build, and make BB and CV with 50+ AAA each able to shoot without cosing fps drops i cant even imagine how bad this would lok if we went for PTO insted geting BoBp now, doing BoBp insted Midway is their best call by far.
  6. you give B-17 to typical online player and hell fly low alt and bomb tank columns with it, its realy pointles to model that type of airplanes for this game, i can see them being usefule in CloD for tf6 for example as you could do historic early B-17 missions on existing Channel map they have, but here no just make it as simple AI s fighter players can have their joy of shooting them down, for bomber players from what i see online it would be just abused for dive bombing or low alt runs on tanks or what not, for sure you wont have online player flying it 2-3h just to do one sortie even if maps existed where you could take of from england. Modeling something like that to standards game how now would be big waist of time.
  7. not scaling down maps for pacific is wrong, it would kill game for all exept few fanatics. so midway is then best as you can do 1:1 map and just place enemy carrier group how ever close you wont to play online missions in under 30 min like now and do sp misions in realsitic flyt time if you wont, carrier vs carrier battles would be best option in 46 i played with B-29 taking of from okinawa and bombing japan or taking of from japan and bombing n.korea, just because mod maps made of thouse areas are scaled down, so players can expiriance that online or offline in normal time of play
  8. Yes and thats why when i saw Chimangos previous post about it i took it seriously and go and check for my self, and i dont see difference in data nor in gameplay. So if its some bug i dont see it and best is to check that bullet damage topic where some one tested how many bullets takes to damage airplane and redo that same test in same conditions with new patch, im sure it would be same resoult, but if something got mesed up it will not be same resoult then, and atleast you will how some data that some thing is differant.
  9. but they didnt change anything regarding bullets strenghts or damage of airplanes in last patch or patches, you can see it with that mods extractor and compare with previous extracted data that all important stuff is same, and i sure dont see any differance in when i get shoot at by 109 or when i shoot at 109, its all same as before. So i dont know what they should say when they didnt change a thing
  10. Yes to me thats main problem with any DLC that would have big ships involved, and i dont see it working in this game for some time. So im realy interested on what they will change to get PTO dlc out next as promised, probably it will be PTO dlc area without BB and CVs involved in it.
  11. Thats why i like Korea more then Vietnam air war, Korea is still veary close to WW2 and airplanes still dont have guided missiles. In 1946 F-84 and F9Fs were great GA airplane on Korea missions also, planty cool airplane options on UN side for it 2 Korea dlcs would not be enought
  12. yes you could be right, as i try to download some skins while im starting the game to see if stresing net is problem but i could log in without error. But just runing youtube video and trying to log in i get error every time.
  13. after some truble shooting, it seams that reason i was having this error is that if i have youtube video running when i try to lanch game it does not log me in automaticly, but if i close it and run my game then ,all works fine without this error, strange as hell, i have 25MB download and 5MBupload on net , and even 1 min youtube video of 144p quality coases this error on my win 10 pc. But before last patch i run youtube videos without this error on log in. i try 10 times now, and every time i dont have youtube video running game log in ok, but every time i have anykined of youtube in background i get error on log in. So its not big problem now when i know whats coasing it, but strangest bug i had for sure maybe they decresed some time limit for automatic conection ( or security checks they run are more heavy now and analaise more data then before) and thats coasing the problem when data is being transfered and something els is also using internet bandwidth at that time?
  14. Do you have home or pro version of win10? edit: after 20 trys i didnt realise i had youtube video runing in background, so in last few trys i just closed youtube video and try to lanch game and it log in without error !? then i close game and run random youtube video and try to start game and i got this error? so if i run youtube in background when lanching game i get this error, if i dont run it i dont get error, strange didnt have this prob before, i run youtube in background many times before lol, ill test more but it seams this is what was coaing problem for me
  15. Im sure OP is using steam also, as i see this message shows only when you start game on steam, in other bug reports from people reporting this problem when starting game with lancher only they dont get this screan like on picture its differant then, but same error message and game works after they also manualy just click to login again, so login dont work on first try but only after you get this message and try again. In last few min i try turning off my avast, my malware protect, my firewols and all things i could think could prevent me loging in, and it didnt work, still get this error and can log in only after pressing grean button. i dont have nvidia gpu on my win 10 pc, have nvidia card on win 7 pc where i dont have problems loging in
  16. finaly bathered to updated game to this last patch, and now i have this problem on my win 10 pc ( win 7 pc works ok) i see other people got with patches before, any fixes found for it, or ill just have to do 1-2 more clicks when starting game from now on
  17. Hi since this last patch 3005c i have same problem, its no longer automaticly loging me in when i lanch game on steam. after first loading screan when it ends i get this same message on your picture and then i have to click on close and then press login online and i can play game as before. Nothing changed on my pc only this last update. Win 10 home version on PC. I have other older PC with win 7 ultimate and when i start game on that PC ( also over steam) after this update 3005c, all works fine as before without this aditional loging in and fail message. Does other people who have this problem on steam ( and i see other people have this problem but lanching without steam after some patches before) also use win 10 home, why it works manualy by clicking that grean button but not automaticly as before ?, its not game raking as i can play game its just aditional clicks to start a game
  18. dont have tanks so dont know how that periscop effect looks, but anything that makes refraction effecting all airplanes and not just one type like its now in game is big improvment from what we have now. In game its like laws of physics works only when you sit in 190s cockpit, but not in other airplanes that in real acounted for it also. It will be interesting to see if they will work correctly in 262 cockpit, as its another iconic airplane with big fan group and big glass on angle and big bars all around you
  19. I would like Korea dlc but only after we get, Midway, then some East Front 1945 and some Italy 1944, and only then maybe Korea, so in 5-6 years maybe lol, also 2-3 slots for Korean airplanes ( Mig 15, Il-10 and maybe Tu2 is enought) and 7-8 for UN, as they have more interesting options, and probably B-29 as some simplefide AI only.
  20. This is how it worked in 1946, it was hard to get lost
  21. I hope its Midway or early war, mid or late is to unbalanced no one would fly on Axis side, Midway is realy balanced regarding airplanes my only coincerne with is number of ships and their flaks, airplanes are spot o for some good fun, p-38 vs zero or ki61 no thanks to mutch like we have now with 109s vs lags
  22. lol found this today: "On the day of the final match a 80+ year old Polikarpov Po-2 with a Croatian flag and a special cross shaped decal took to the sky from Split airport for a flight above Split for all the fans cheering Croatia for the final match."
  23. Did you try to retype your password? that worked for me few updates back when i had problems starting game, now all worked fine (steam user)
  24. Congrats to Belgium on their historic 3rd place, they finally played tournament on level of their players skills, they can do more in future. ( if they draw ugenst england in group stages they would probably played final yesterday) Congrats to France on secound star, but they left a lot to show, they were probably extra cearfule because of loss in final 2 years ago so they played it for win no mather how and not for beauty of the game in most games. For Croatia also congratulations on historic 2nd place, they played good but theri luck run out in finals and they had to steap hill to climb this time. All in all great world cup, lot of triling games, nice goals and well organaised by Russia.
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