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  1. For test i put 109 vs me in lagg3 in qm first novice, i get on his 6 and in few sec he starts right turn and just goes like that for long time. Then i try ace and i get on his 6 and he starts right turn and after few turns he starts to right climb turn and i cant falow and then he bnz me. So from what i see it depends on what skill ai is how dumb or smart he will be, looks like it should be then.
  2. Its to differant to just be modification for D9, and they didnt operate on BoBp map area. So best is to be added as part of some DLC like Battle of Berlin as it operated there.
  3. it aint gona change so youll just waist time, best is to get more east front dlcs and leve usa airplanes for books, vvs fighters for the win, give us la7s and yak3s soviets clearly knew how to make engines properly 😄
  4. well this pilot story shows 190s wings were week there, they would just fold even from .50 hits
  5. how in heck did usa won war with so delicate engines lol
  6. untick vsync (that is keeping your fps at 60) and youll be able to adjust target fps then to what you wont
  7. No but if they only knew what airplane they have on their hands im sure they would
  8. Its normal to see big passanger or cargo airplanes for example on airshows do all kined of crazy stuff that one would think thouse airplanes should not be able to do. And in game you dont worry about crashing them so you can do even crazyer stuff more offten.
  9. its probably just replay bug, he was probably visable in real time
  10. could it be its to high ping that is disconecting you and others with that problem. Does it happend only on one or two servers or on most servers, try on berloga for example, maybe ask what ping limit servers you have problem with have, what settings you have in startup.cfg in your il-2 bos data folder. maybe something is to high or to low there for network uploads and downloads. I for one was having around 1 disconect per 50 sorties on wol since i started playing this game, and after 3.010 no disconects any more , knock the wood
  11. You have 3 options: -underbely in betwen, that means you drop first 2 ouside wing 70kg one by one, then underbely 250, and then inside 2x70kg one by one, 5 drops one by one -underbely first, that means you drop first 250, then 70s one by one. 5 drops -undebely last, that means 70s first drop one by one, and then 250 last. 5 drops and in my test it works just as that but if you use unlimited ammo, then this will work but not corecctly/it looks random as your bombs get replanisehd as sone you drop one, and not when you drop all 5, so order dosent look ok but it is ok. You just need to try it without unlimited ammo selection, and youll see its correctly in game.
  12. It happends in game also, thats why we should be able to get info abut when timer expired and recharged, your in df you cant count how long you used your boost, or have mutch time pased since you stop using it, and does it start to recharg when you stop using it and you didnt use it full or not, and so on. In real engine would not just blow up after 7 or 8min, so if you forghot no problems, but in game its big problem when you have no idea if you used it all or not and then all of suden engine just blows up.
  13. Both have same gun and ammo count: "2 x 20mm gun "SsVAK", 170 rounds, 800 rounds per minute, synchronized" also on both you can have modification where you can select to use either only AP or only HE ammo
  14. and imagine if it was a-20G model in game 6x .50 in nouse and 2x.50 in turret on top and 1x.50 on buttom rear ppl would fast forghet all abot horrors of P-2s 😄
  15. I dont expect any changes in how limits are set as numbers come from manuals, BUT my gripe is: -mainly now with recharges conditions and times not being same for all airplanes, as this is probably something that is not taken from manuals, so atleast that should be same. -Allied airplanes losing wep or boost and combat at same time and axis not. Make it same for all airplanes, you eat timer for combat and emergancy/boost at same time when use max power ( like its now on allieds airplanes ) or you eat first one then onother timer ( like its now on axis ), no reason for this to be differant on differant airplanes like its now. -and no info when timer is expired or recovered, i did some tests and i see that this messages show up only when instrument panel option is turned on, and i think this is bug, as some less important tech chat messages show up on expert settings, but this most important thing that tells you if your engine will brake or not dosent show up, and you dont have any other way to know its state, is just wrong. So i reported it and hope they change it
  16. Brief description: engine mode time exceeded and time recovered dont show up in tech chat on expert difficulty settingsDetailed description, conditions: i see no reason why thouse messages should not be visable to player on any difficulty settings, with the way engine limitations work in game that they depend on time used and not temps its crusial that players is informed when they expired and especialy recovered ( no other way to know when this is achived by looking at gauges in cockpit) on any difficulty settings so i think this is bug. Messages in question are: 'First engine: emergency mode time exceeded!' 'First engine: combat mode time exceeded!' 'First engine: boosted mode time exceeded!' 'First engine: emergency mode recovered' 'First engine: combat mode recovered' 'First engine: boosted mode recovered' EDIT: Also if in Custom Realisam settings option Instrument Panel is untick, thouse messages will not show up, but if that option is tick on then messages show up. So it seams apeearance of this messages is tied to this Realisam settings, why i dont know. They should be shown like any other tech chat messages ( some of even less importance then this one) all time no mather of realisam setting as this is one of crucial airplane information to player he cant get any other way.
  17. especialy for game only reason why tempest is so tempting for game (p51 will be better performer but poor guns) is that it has 4x20mm, as you kill oponent in one pass and go for next one, (apeal of lagg23) when your side is constantly outnumbered you dont have time for 2-3 passes with .50 cals. Also P-38 with its combo of 20 +.50 all grouped tight in nouse will be good option, but not as what tempest gives to game.
  18. Didnt you know thatz a-20s escorted b-17 and b-24s in eto and mto, and b-29s in pto In game you can do all kined of stuff with all airplanes real pilot would not think or dear to try in real life, that dosent mean airplane is not modeled corectly its just that you dont have limits real pilots had in game, so you end up with a-20 that is great df airplane if you push it hard.
  19. And its easy to see P-38 is bigest one and P-51 smalest out of bobp usa stuff, and it dosent look like P-38 can absorb big amount of bullets compared to others. P-47 is suposed to be tuff and we all know how that looks in game, now what can you expect from others then.
  20. all guns in nouse and great cockpit view are tempting, but its big target when something gets on your 6, and it will get on it because your slow and easy visable from far, they aint gona miss so easy.
  21. as far i know, first frendly fire is just worning in chat, 2nd frendly fire on same mission is automatic 15min ban, so after you get kicked and try to rejoin 15min ban starts and you just have to wait it out and join after automatic ban runs out.
  22. its simple, more new guys, more they will buy if they like it and then we old guys get more new DLCs faster ( many areas to cover not many time to do it all ) and can continue to play game that is good, in the end its all selfish reasons for geting new guys on board 😄
  23. if you like all airplanes from bobp for example, then its good to get bobp while its still on preorder as youll save your self 10$, as it will be atleast 2 years untill you get any sale discounts for BoBp from how things were going with previous relises. So geting bobp on price its now is best buy for some time 😄
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