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  1. Thats good way to go, P-40 is amost on all early maps, but your underdog vs any axis airplane in it in df and its worst climber, only good thing is you can catch them in dive, so youll have to get used to geting shoot down a lot in it untill you master it strenghts. And BoK airplanes cover later missions fully.
  2. You will have to extract data from game Swf.gtp file with that unGTP extractor you can fined in mod section of forum here: and when you extract data from that file you can see all .png pictures there in folder null-swf-il2-ranks
  3. Yesterday was not so stable day on WoL, got kicked 2 times and had same situation like you show in video. In my case i dived on 109, i could see my bullets hitting him... but guy just flew strait like nothings happening... and 109 didnt fell apart like they usealy do with 1 or 2 hits... so i climbed and try to attack again and ~5s passed since first attack and then all of sudden i see that 109 starts to avoid like its now geting hit by me ( no one is on him at this time im still diving for 2nd attack and not shooting) and his airplane just falls apart when he starts to climb, and guy bails, no kill confirmation or anything( after i landed also no kill confirmation in game), im thinking ok maybe target flak hitt him as he was covering it for his bombers at this time, and ill check this in stats after mission, but when i check stats it says that only i hit him and i got credit for kill on stats but in game no credit for that ( its not that late mission bug that always happend , i saw kill credits at same time for others in chat, and this was early in mission ). Good thing they are looking into netcode as strange things happen offten online. also i noticed in game on any server no mather how many players and i tested with people with close to me and far, when i look at guy starting to shoot his traicers are delayed by 1-2s, so he starts to shoot and i see him starting to shoot 1-2s later, and he see same when i start to shoot and he looks at me. Bullets exit gun exactly when he starts to shoot ( tested this when hes on my 6 shooting i get hit exactly when he say he started to shoot but still tracers are delayed 1-2s) but it seams tracer animation online for other airplanes you look at is always delayed 1-2s, anyone can test this with frend on ts3 just spawn close to him and try it and youll see even this simple thing is delayed somehow...
  4. and if you wont best VVS fighter for late missions you can buy La5FN, its separate airplane, and for Axis get 109G6 also as sparate airplane but i still think if you already have 109G2 from BoS you dont need G6 that mutch, but they are not as comon on most missions like all airplanes from Battle of Stalingrad DLC.
  5. Il-2 Battle of Stalingrad is one to get from my view you get best axis fighters and best russian fighters ( on most online missions), and good bombers, also you have atleast one of thouse airplanes avialable on most if not all missions online for each side, and they are competitive even vs late war airplanes especialy 109s. PS i dont even have kuban, nor my tm8, no need for it online
  6. NIce now i can finaly understod what was happenig on that picture not easy to do so good in P-40 vs thouse late birds, good job !
  7. looks good then, good luck as this would be nice area to have in game, as faster you guys get to talk with devs and see what they think about it would be great.
  8. why not make for start just prof of concept 100x100km area of map (not so populated with citys if posible and using in game buildings if posible) where most air combat happend, and see how it goes, will it work and so on, why go on such big project and make so many new 3D objects without even geting something to show devs and try to get suport from them then. That area north of St Petersburg untill Viipori looks good for example. This look like long and big project to start with, and its not liike in ¸1946 where you could import map in game and try it on as you work on it, here you can test it only in mision builder and then devs can only import it in game if they like the work, so it will take long time before anyone can play on it this way. Small map would be faster and players could have new area to play over in game faster, untill full map is finished. i see in this game few projects started and all big but only small velky luky is in game for now, maybe thats the way to go or now
  9. How come then selection of P-51D ended on D-25 model that showed up in west in spring 1945 ( april-may), would not be more normal to do D-10 or 15 that was used in many numbers from sep 44 to end, and just have modifications of D-20 and D-25 available to them? is it because of all payloads for Ground attack that it offer compared to early ones? it would look better to have all default airplanes more inline with BoBp timeline atleast that way, this model only one jumps out out of 10 not that it realy mathers in the end its just strange to me that selection fall on so late model of that airplane to be default one
  10. your right, if only they show p-47 cockpit ah maybe next week
  11. P-51D-25 for real or mistype and its P-51D-15, didnt know there was d-25s there at that timeline?
  12. What Sketch said is great advice if your main plan is to use game in multilpay, carear and campaigns in sp are good for having some historical missions as in MP you wont get anything resembling historical missions on any server game has now, so i like that aspect of SP and its good only for that to me but AI inteligance ruins the imersion a lot after some time as they are bad in this game. For aiming practice just use quick mission generator with duel option and place your self abow enemy so you can easy get on them, ad bonus is you can use any settings you wont, i sugest to turn aim helper for start to see where you need to point at first, thats even better then berloga df when your short on time. Dont rush with squad selection, better get on TS3 or what ever young folks use theas days to bla bla bla and see with whome you work best. If your main goal is MP dont waist to mutch time in SP, if your goal is historical then dont waist time in MP just play SP.
  13. Maybe we get also some Vichy French P-47 skins for variety, this one i like:
  14. That looks as most posible way airplanes will be out, i just think Tempest could be betwen 51 and 38
  15. in this game i see no reason to have external fuel tanks, even with short range airplanes we have now its no problem to fly 1h sorties, and thats more then enought on small maps we have or will have in future, only if some PTO comes fuel tanks could be usefule to add, add them now and i expect players would just use them to take airplanes with 20-30% fuel and DTs like it was normal in 1946.
  16. I would hope they realise alfa of BoBp map before any new airplane and not wait untill is fully done, now popular servers dont wont to use new airplanes without area to fly over, geting just land map without buildings would be just enought for beginning
  17. maybe display of skins for p-47 in next DD could we expect any RAF skins for it? one two Russian maybe? any Brazilian skins ? what other exept USA ?
  18. LOL is this for real? if anything its not zooming far enought
  19. "...minor improvements to the netcode"
  20. good points i see it same way, and with time you learn that when your wingman makes mistake its better just to leve him get shoot down and run away to save your skin, atlast thats how i do it all time 😄
  21. That would be nice and more probably to happend then korea, i would just replace that K4 with G10 ( they can add that C3 to existing K4 from BoBp like they did with F engine on la5 from BoS) and remove Do335 its fantasy airplane, on russian just add tu-2 insted b-17/24s as they are also probabaly never gona happend in this game and either yak9 or yak 3 will be by that time as separate collector airplane so one can go also. If i would have to bet i give this planset more chance to happend then even some pto dlc
  22. im sure you mistype and you ment to type Yak-9U 😄 with all this western airplanes russian only players need something new to buy also
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