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  1. Also belive that when 51 comes solution to strange timers and recharges and what not will get found, as its easy to have it like this when its 39 or 40 in question and not many ppl care, but give same mess of engine limits to most iconic usa ww2 airplane and will be riots like you say.
  2. and with all thouse fighters i still wont Spitfire XIV, 109G10 190A9 Typhoon as collectable just to complete BoBp missing fighters, and few more for east front, and thats only fighters, i can se also more bombers that i could put before recon or transport, so if time for them is insted spend on C-47 or Storch or similar then it bothers me, as in my view A-20 or pe-2 can easy do transport missions same way C-47 can ( with no mehancs added to reword them with ju52 now, same could be done with he-111 insted). But if people buy u-2 in big numbers then it pay off, if not i hope they stick with missing fighters and bombers as cllectables. Few months ago they had demo in USA nevada if i remenber corectly, and it was civilian sim games mostly there, did they decided to demo ju-52 ? or Spitfire IX ? it was 3xSpitfire IX boots as this is ww2 combat sim, i never understod apeal of civilian sim and still see no need for more then simple AI ju52 or c-47 at max...
  3. ok then some other bomber or ga if do-217 dont fit. Its just my view from customer who has 0 interest in geting u-2, ju52, or maybe planed c-47 or axis recon airplane, when i see how long it takes to make one of thouse, and things/type of missions that thouse airplanes can do in game to give varaiti to players, can easy be done with combat airlanes strip of bombs and send on recon, supply or what not mission people think they need time be wasted on thouse airplanes. I-153 would be better choice to spend 1 year to make then u-2 in my opinion. I hope that ppl who wonted thouse airplane buy them 2-3 times so it pays off for making them, i see they are offten being gifted so thats good atleast, to offset grumpy ppl like me who dont get them.
  4. Yes , and next time something gets broken after update people just need to relax and remenber that this dev team fix things as fast as posible, this one got fixed 12h after problems got reported. Not like some other games, so i guess people are not used to this speed we get here
  5. Does that book say when 812 iap start use Yak-9T, and from what bases in 1943, its time they could be operating at bases in Kuban map. "The ensuing three chapters chart the combat history of the 812th Fighter Regiment from spring 1943 through May 1944 in the Kuban, the southern Ukraine, and over the Crimea. " http://stonebooks.com/~bstone/archives/061105.shtml
  6. I was not able to fined that Yak-9M used that M-105PF2 engine, could only see it on Yak-3 and Yak-9U prototype. Also where ever i look Yak-9T is faster, better climber and better turner, so maybe just add 20mm option and its set for 1944 ops also to represent M if needed.
  7. since vall relised 1.2.28 web stats update on WoL server airplanes landing not on their airbases and having ditch in stats are now corectly counted as kill from what i could see after they updated it, like in game stats do it. KOTA is still using old 1.2.27 from what i see on their web stats, so untill they update problem will exist there, and if TAW has same problem that will probably have to be fixed by Kathon.
  8. Thats topic best fit for many topics about 3.008 DM descusions, as you can see from devs respons and quick MP fix they didnt do any changes in DM in 3.009
  9. i use 5s fuze delay on vvs bombs and no problem from any alt then
  10. For The British Pacific Fleet TASK FORCE 57 Sakishima Gunto, Okinawa Campaign, 1945 http://www.armouredcarriers.com/task-force-57-british-pacific-fleet/ http://www.armouredcarriers.com/task-force-57-iceberg-oolong-british-pacific-fleet/ nice picture of area they were operating: http://taiwanairpower.org/blog/?p=7782#more-7782 we can then also get in mood by making some oolang tea to smooth out tricky landings of Seafire on moving deck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXKV9cde_y4
  11. info from dev on russian forum, no need to panic it will be fixed : https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/8056-обсуждение-версии-3009-у-2вс-крепость-на-волге-бостоны-над-кубанью/?do=findComment&comment=658923 We confirm the problem in a multiplayer game, something is wrong with the network (in a single-player game, everything is OK), we understand, there will be a hot fix ...
  12. what i see from videos and stats it exactly what was before happening online in small cases when data of bullet would be delayed, you would then have this violent damage recived on guy being shoot at. I try to expalain that to guys complaining about that DM is somehow changed, as this is only happening online. Most online players dont play SP so usealy what they see online they think happends also in SP. If people pay atention on how they are trying to fix MP since 3.007, they would see that this could easy be problem of them trying to fix outdated data online bug. Now probably data is not so mutch delayed(they maybe found fix to minimise delay) , but effect of when enemy airplane recive that bullet data is still there ( 100% damage). look at this video from before 3.007, look how 190 just explods (in same way as shown in clips of a20vs190 from 3.009) when it recives bullet data from il-2 who shoot at him in 23s of video: (same as what people see now, just it happends withextra small delay in 3.009) they dont have ability to run big online beta tests so this things are expectable, but if people complain to strongly and then even miss ID whats happening, they could not be so wiling to continue fixing MP in future, and there was some noticable fixes to mp since 3.007.
  13. just wait till morning and they will look at it and fix it, best just avoid MP till then
  14. Same as my tests , nothing like on videos shown online problems, and all is like in 3.008 so MP problems shown in video and expirianced by many in 3.009 look like are not coused by some unanounced DM or gun change
  15. It was happening before, but not as noticable as after 3.007, then in 3008 they added messages so others can see it easy, and now in 3.009 to me it looks like som atempt of fix delay is coasing this, as end resoult of 1 100% damage is what was happening with delayed data, now it just happends that data is recived faster but effect of 100% damage is still there. And i see thouse many videos and all have same thing comon, its online only it involves atleast one player from far from server (high ping) and it looks like thouse videos from before, just with delays smaller but effect of 100% damage still existing. same as in 3.008 or same that they lose wings on first hit?
  16. looked at your replay and its like when lag in bullet data happends as pre patch, you hit him with planty bullets yet only 1 is detected and 100%, its not some change in DM from 3.008 to 3.009 its probably net bug. Try shoot at AI in QM and you will not see anything like this, so it cant be DM change that is coasing this if it happends only online and not all time.
  17. So all videos of strange one shot kills are online , it dosent work that you have one gun or dm for offline and oher for online, to me this problems are probably attempt to fix outdated bullet data gone wrong. And they probably dont have enought beta testers to run tests on scale TAW,KOTA WOL can do in few h. it will probably get fixed when they see it in morning.
  18. and thouse guys are from Usa and brazil, and did you see them move or react on your shotings, and instantly fell apart or few sec later after you hit. also this would be noticable in SP QM if its this drastical DM/gun chage, but in my trys all is ok in SP QM, no dramatic dewingings like shown in videos from MP, so it could be some DM thing or gun bug, but i think as if its hapening online only it has to be net problem as was sean before 3.007 and more offten after 3.007 online or ofline?
  19. did that happend to him online or offline, if online then its net problem or atempt of fix net problems from before gone wrong and not change in DM or gun strenght that they did in 3.009 compard to 3.008. All i see points in that direction.
  20. as you can see no gunners shoot at him, and when he recived bullet data , he loses all parts and 100% damage, to me from what i saw before in game its more like that then any DM changes that are making this to happend online in 3.009 and again that 100% one hit damage that i see when bullet data is delayed, stats from that clip shown: http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=57218&name=Talon_
  21. This what is shown on taw video of 190 losing all parts is what happends when bullet data is delayed, i would not think imidiatly that something is wrong with DM if they say no changes was done since 3.008, for me maybe they did some changes in netcode to try to fix problems from 3.007 and we see this making problems now in 3.009 with this 100% damage hits. Its neccesary to check if same things happend offline in qm attacking AI bombers, its probably MP only problem, and then not DM change.
  22. That exactly happend to me also month ago, but when i saw that i do no damage to him i already knew what will happend to me and i imidiatly moved away and start to climb, as i know from previous expiriance and what i saw on youtube videos that its just about time i will recive his gunners bullet data and explod so i need to be high enought to bail when it happends. that was just after 3.007 and this problems start to get more offten, you dont even see my bullets detected on him, but you can see that 100% hit when i recived data with delay, i bet your sorties is with same. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3758069/?tour=41 its only bullet data thats delayed in that situations, you dont see enemy airplane behaving strange, you just dont see your bullets doing damage to him or you dont see his gunners shooting at you, so thats why i tought same thing happend to PeterZvan when i see 100% dmg from bomber he attacked in his post. After they added messages in 3.008 other people could easy detect this, but before messages was not visable its not easy to know what happend if its first time event.
  23. same like what i saw, Rip did high angle shot on ju88 and got his right wing and tail off, and la5fn that got hit by ju88 was also in turn and just lost wing, so something strange is happening for sure, i just touth its net lag again, as its said no changes to dm.
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