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  1. lol what vvs 1942 airplane they have in game is match for F4? P-51 vs K4 is more fair matchup then anything 1942 vvs have vs F4 that is in game, but yes its good days when you have F4 that outclases anything oponent have but its differant story when airplanes get more closer to 109s late in war ๐Ÿ‘
  2. lol yes good point, i totaly forgot how well get Tempest V, yes its on par with Ks at low mid alts, and thouse 4x hispanos will blow anything in one pass, when is that beast scheduled to come i wonder
  3. Loot of them in that big jucy 47s ๐Ÿ˜„ if only 30mm were as effective as rusky 23 o what a joy that would be
  4. "The K-4 Isn't Special" if Red side have Spitfire XIV, without that its gona be special and best thing in game for long time not mather what ata it can do ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. "New Bodenplatte aircraft, Bf 109 K-4 and P-47D-28๏ปฟ, will be released to Early Access later this Autumn.๏ปฟ" Nice nice nice
  6. from last DD "... - in one of the coming Dev Blog releases we'll compile the complete list of aircraft including the possible modifications." Maybe something like that
  7. atleast they should test it now when we know thats posible to incress range abouw 9.5km, unlike they said before when asked about it does this increses range infinitly for objects or it can be adjusted to certen distance higher then 9,5?
  8. ok ill try that just to see what impact it has on my game if i have them visable from 15km or higher insted 9,5, i was testing things yesterday but i was probably changing wrong parametars as i see in your other post Thanks, just tetsed your mod andit works perfectly, i just activated lagg3 as this is one i flew, and yes distance is probably to high i was able to see he-111 from 50+km, insted default 9.5km, so mod works as intended. No problems or bad impact on my game, so i see no game limiting reasons for not have higher ranges avialabe for airplanes PS. can you try make contrails visable from far also, and maybe have this mode in separate topic
  9. ah thats sad to here ๐Ÿ˜„ did late Yaks have 23 i see on net also that they used them, its now my only hope to see some late war salt collector when la5 and 7 are out of the mix
  10. all around fighter is 109, just stick with it for start also 110 is good for ground attack, and bad as fighter, only succces you could have in it as fighter is if your in group of other single engine fighters or your fighting only i-16s and its wings brake like a bad glass, dont even look at it if you fly it
  11. probably this DD will have nothing about P-47 (lets try this aproch)
  12. yes, but in the 46 game i always activated them when i needed them , to not lose that speed gain on start of dives insted activating them at start of dives and be slower from start
  13. the way i understand it is you enter dive go to fast and compresabilty have effect of pulling your nouse down, and your not able to pull it up as your elevators are no effective, so you activate dive brakes and your nouse starts to pull up but i think its just because center of gravity switched back to where it is before compresability started to have effect on plane. So maybe thats the lift you talk about. And then your also able to pull up as airflow is again on your elevators and you also slow down becouse of added drag.
  14. https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=554 and
  15. At certen speed airflow will no longer be flowing over your elevators so you need to slow down your airplane, and thats why you need them, so youll probably need to use them when you dive after 190 or 109 and you see your elevators are not pulling up your airplane when you try to pull up.
  16. only thing that is missing is corectly modeled impact of refraction like 190 has, and 2x23mm late model had, and it would be only airplane your realy need on VVS side ๐Ÿ˜„
  17. P-38J-25 was first one to be equped with dive braks by default, so maybe we get that one, it was in use with units they need for campaign and they said its gona be late J model.
  18. here is 4 pictures and that post says P-47D27s were with 255IAP, that squad was based in Murmansk area, probably naval cap https://forum.keypublishing.com/forum/historic-aviation/48884-russian-p-47-thuds?p=1153012#post1153012 i expect atleast 1 skin with red star for P-47
  19. Works great, this should be in next game patch, if only airplnes distances could be increased also, its finaly nice to see ships from far
  20. If he got gifted BoM, then he has 109F2 (close enought to F4, and 15mm is very effectiv vs vvs airplanes), and also he gets Pe-2 there. So Then geting BoK will give him 109G4 that is basicly better G2, and he will get best 190 also. And for russian side he gets Yak7B thats like Yak1B but not so great rear view. When he already have BoM now he should get BoK to be covered, but if he didnt have BoM, is still think best option is BoS.
  21. That would be great, but even now at prime time both popular servers are at 84/84 online, and it takes 30min to get in if your lucky, i hope they consider increas of player slots to abow 100 for when BoBp comes out as with new players some will be onliners.
  22. 109F4 is best airplane on both side for rookies, its doing everthing good in df and if it starts to go wrong just climb away, and you can remove rear gard so you have good rear view, a lot of ammo, turns extra good at high speeds, has great view under gunsight so you can shoot at airplanes in turn and see them, climbs great, and performs best at altitudes you see fights in game, basicly it makes rookie players look like aces, G2 is great for high (F4 better at 5 and below) and + is you can just fly it on full power, and for extra late you just go for G14 as its best late airplane in game for now. Any new player should first start in 109F4 to get some confidnce as this plane forgives a lot of players mistakes.
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