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  1. For Mig Ally they would have only MiG-15s for one side, all thouse other prop bombers and fighters were used only in early battles and only in limited use as far i know, so to squise atleast 5 airplanes for N. Korea side you have to have map for their operations so you can use them in SP, and that means one big map, or less airplanes per DLC or 1 por one side and 9 for other side... something would have to change from this 5x5 DLC model.
  2. Finaly tricked my tm8 to buy BoK so we can se how effective P-39 37mm is and i was suprised to see that i could fly my 109 when he hit me with 4xAP from 37mm cannon only and only was shoot down when he got my pilot, no visable damage to airplane when hit by them. Then with HE it took 2-3 bullets to get 109 by damaging the engine, and 4 to brake its parts, 23HE is more effective then P-39 37mm HE after the DM update, i think thats the most effected gun by DM change in negative way i hope they fix that in future, P-39 is now airplane for masochists lol Atleast he likes Yak-7b so its not all lost by buying BoK.
  3. But it doesent have all in one area that can be reasnobly fit you would have to have 2-3 differant maps and 2-3 DLC to cover Battles in Korea its not like, oh just give us for example: MiG-15bis, La-11. Tu-2, Il-10, Yak9P F-86F, F-84E F4U , SeaFury, B-29 For them all to be able to operate you have to have map from West China to Japan , and thats atleast 1000x1000km map to cover whole war and there is planty of UN airplanes missing and almost all N.Korea airplanes that saw little use are acounted for in 5 airplanes. [edited]
  4. Thanks for the link for that book, it has good info and al at one place and all same info from web links. No mention there also that any B-26 squadron was at Foggia at any point. Reading now this https://www.39-45.org/videos/3945/CA073.pdf B-26 Marauder Units of the MTO, some nice pictures there also
  5. Yes PTO is still only one that is next, all other is just what after, i still dont see any reason to not think PTO is next its only will it be Midway as hoped from start or something els. Also that hint about expanding the pool of airplanes with jet tehnologie is 99.999998432% about Ar-234 as collectable in future as they said they made choice of doing it or 262 for initial bobp, and 0.0000789% about Korea.
  6. Start with Battle of Stalingrad and then get Battle of Bodenplatte and youll be cover for some time
  7. Lockheed YP-80A Shooting Star, Italy 1945 ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. ok thanks, when i was reserching there was reorts of mistaken id as 262 but in real it was recon arados, so i tought redtails just run with it and used 262s and 30mm that dont do mutch damage when hit pilots ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. something like this could fit nicly for late 1944 and 1945 Italy, and almost all airplanes from BoBp operated there also and some from that Italy DLC could be used in BoBp for Axis: G.55 Serie I , MC.205V Serie III , Bf-109G-10 , Me-410B-3, Ar-234B-2 for Allieds: P-39Q-20 , P-47D-30 ( or razerback P-47D-22 or P-51C-10 ) , Spitfire Mk.VIII , B-26G-5 , B-25J-15 ( or Mosquito NF MK.XIX or P-61B-2 ) Map area would be around 450x500km but more populated with big citys but bonus would be no naval operations , something like this ( all airplanes on list had bases in area and operated in operations in late 44 early 45) : and you can use it for operations from after Rome is liberated and Ghotic line advances started, till end of war in Italy in late 45, dont know what would be good name for it Battle of ?. There was big use of Bf-109G14s, Bf-109Ks later, Fw109F8, ( dont know about D9s and 262s (red tails say they were there ) ) and Spitfire 9s, and P-51Ds and P-47Ds and P-38Js from bobp there, so its good combo to have both DLC ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. Serching for B-26 operations over italy i stumbled on this picture of B-26 that say its from Foggia https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/b-26-marauder/b-26-marauder-foggia-airfield-comp-italy/ from what i could see B-26s units in Italy operated from Corsica, Sardinia and Tunisia in 43-44-45, i could not see any operated from Foggia complex airbases what could be tail number #83 or #88, and serial numbermaybe 243237? should be from 319th Bombardment Group, 440th Bombardment Squadron or 320th Bombardment Group, 441st Bombardment Squadron but numbers dont match, also i could not see any info that they were in Foggia bases https://www.markstyling.com/b26_research.04.htm https://www.markstyling.com/b26_research.05.htm http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/USAAF/319th_Bombardment_Group.html http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/USAAF/320th_Bombardment_Group.html or maybe by checking B-26 serial numbers here http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_serials/usafserials.html #88 42-43276 B-26B-40-MA Marauder, but also not in Foggia and it says its 441st BS for that one, but from what i see they didnt have that high tail numbers so im wodering is that picture maybe from Corsica or Sardinia airbase and not from Foggia
  11. as far i know they are aware of all thouse problems and i just think they are not easy to eliminate, last few updates are atempting and fixing some MP problems, and there is still few anoying ones still undetected or unfixed. The outdated messages are there to colect data so i exect that to be resolved in near future. grey start is probably conected to overloaded mission ( either by planty ppl joining after restart or heavy mission ) so that could also be fixable in neer future. lobby and joining problems i dont know what they could do ther, some kined of waiting list or similar was already sugested by some ppl before.
  12. Early spanish war is open for all, but i think it would bancrupt anyone who try it so thats why its open for all
  13. Outdated is reported here, most people i guess PM dev with info about if after it, so i guess thats why you dont see it on forum raised offten, ( i do see and here lot of questions about it on ts3 or in game server chat) Greyed start key, it usealy happends when you stay on server when mission ends and after first sortie on next mission you have that grey start that doesent alow you to start and only fix is disconect and reconect. Also i noticed it it will happend when missions are heavy and outdated messages happend. Also after you do first sortie you have grey start and have to reconect. I also expirianced that what you say when you press start and then you need to wait and nothing happends, and then when you click on speculate your in your airplane, but i expirianced this before 3.007, after it it never happend to me. Dont know what was/is coasing this problem. Cant join when you clearly see there is free slots happends usealy when new mission starts, as most if not all players leve server when mission switches to avoid that grey start problem, all are now trying to join, and at some point there is 40-50 trying to join at same time and they are just loading and reloading and so on and lobby just dosent update fast enought for you to see that server is already full, offten you can see 83/84 and your constantly geting kicked after loading on join as some other players also trying to join at same time and load faster , and if its 5-10 players and offten it is like that your out of luck and need to wait and just try untill you load faster then them ( SSD and fast next makes your chances better ) thouse small things combined can make any player easy frustrated realy fast.
  14. if they are not alowed to make TFS 6 after TFS 5, all is open, also nothing stops making late Italy if airplanes and maps are atractive even if TFS makes 6-7 or 8 dlc, like we got late ETO now, it would take years for TFS to get to that timeline in ETO and MTO as they go year by year from what is shown ( after TFS5, they can do El Alamain map, west Libya and se tunis map, Landings Torch map, North Tunis campaign map, Malta and Sicily map for early war and later landings on operation Husky, and only then they go to point of invasions of south Italy map, and still far from 45 italy ops on north, thats many many years if all goes well for TFS and CloD ) Flyable B-17 would work best in CloD as it can easy suport that big numbers of AI or human bombers, so if they make it and go in 1942 or 43 channel front ( they already have useable map from BoB ) they can easy make B-17 as they did operated in 1942 with americans on day bombings escorted with Spitfire 9s at france citys on map they have. Also that game suports better high alt targets and vis range is 25km for air and ground objects, i played many raids on SOW server on event nights in he-111 and ju88 with 20-30 human players in bombers + same or more AI bombers and many more humans escorting, CloD is made for that stuff, and can easy have 100+ slots with big number of ground targets and AI at same time. Best bet for flying B-17 would be succes of TFS 5 and then maybe geting it in TFS6 if thats what they plan as timeline fits.
  15. looking at stats says differant story, even when check your ones i see your geting shoot down by 109k4s all time in p-47, or maybe red side dont have any capable p-47 or Spitfire 9 players, and all capable players are in axis side in 109k4s and this has nothing to do with magic performance of k4s when they are unlimited to be used but just sub par allied players.
  16. If there is no other objects exept human players i bet it would work with 200players, but what would they do
  17. What G14 lol only 109 youll see is K4 baby, servers that have P-47s have unlimited K4s with all mods on, so its 1.98K4s bananza. And the way ground targets are usealy set, even one like AF, factory and so on ... are better to be bombed from low alt, so even if we get B-17, bomber guys would just use them at 1000m top, and bomb like any bombers now online. Even now axis bomber guys who would benefit from attacking targets from high, have to bomb from low if they wont to finish objectives before other side. I offten fly high online and i do nothing to help my team to win map by flying high, maybe by acidant i save some high flying bomber or shoot down some high flying bomber from enemy side, but usealy is waist of airplane and slot for my team by flying high online.
  18. Yes they would be best option, as we could use existing A-20B and probably by that time existing B-25C/D from BoBp, so B-26C is better option for Allied bomber type ( when B-17s and B-24s are out of question even though they saw heavy use over italy also ). What i see as problematic is that B-26C operated from north Tunisia and Sardinia bases during 1943 and early 1944 operations over Italy. So map should be then extended 200km towards West to include that parts and their bases. Even that big area should not be problem as map that they are now making for BoBp is around 400x360km but its all over land, and would have more citys, towns, roads, rails, and so on... then this proposed map for Battle of Rome, as more then 50% of area is sea, and even expanded to include sardinia and north tip of Tunisia would not be to hard. My only concern would be number of naval units, and that big naval operations impact on game.
  19. recent video from meow in P-47, should help in how to fly it effectivly online ( hint have good aim and use the flaps : ) ) :
  20. Hi Craven, it would be great to have map of area of Italy in this game, when it can make maps with so mutch bigger detail on hights then old 1946 its shame to spend it on mostly flat maps . I dont expect anything similar to amount of units or detail in ground war is posible here for SP or MP, but air war and maps they can cover for some simpler campaigns then SEOW did in il-2 1946.
  21. I dont remenber they said Italy is out of question, i know africa is out of the picture now, but before Salerno operations there is more then few big operations in MTO and maps that can last for years to fill that gap for TFS. ( from history point if they go by timeline its Torch landings, Tunisia camppaign in early 43, Malta+Sicily for Husky and previous operations, thats 3 maps to make before geting to place i recomend in first post i think it would take them few expantions till they get near. But if this is still to close, maybe late Italy campaign starting with Gothic line push in late 1944 and 1945 Italy campaign is also good, but problem there is most airplanes used are already in game with BoBp, so not big choice but something like this could fit there and be interesting: for Axis: G.55 Serie I , MC.205V Serie III , Bf-109G-10 , Me-410B-3, Ar-234B-2 for Allieds: P-39Q-20 , P-47D-30 ( or razerback P-47D-22 or P-51C-10 ) , Spitfire Mk.VIII , B-26G-5 , B-25J-15 ( or Mosquito NF MK.XIX or P-61B-2 ) Map area would be around 450x500km but more populated with big citys but bonus would be no naval operations , something like this ( all airplanes on list had bases in area and operated in operations in late 44 early 45) : and you can use it for operations from after Rome is liberated till end of war in Italy, dont know what would be good name for it Battle of ?. https://history.army.mil/brochures/nap/72-34.htm https://history.army.mil/brochures/po/72-33.htm https://ww2db.com/battle_spec.php?battle_id=315 https://standwheretheyfought.jimdo.com/italy-2012-2014-the-gothic-line-campaign-1944-futa-pass-and-giogo-pass-then-and-now/ I think with going to Italy there is stil room for both, one does early med and one late ops in Italy, like its for West front now.
  22. DLC could focus on Allied landings at Salerno, landings at Taranto, and ground advances to Gustav line trought toe of South Italy area. https://history.army.mil/books/wwii/salerno/sal-fm.htm https://history.army.mil/books/wwii/salerno/sal-prep.htm https://history.army.mil/brochures/naples/72-17.htm https://history.army.mil/html/books/006/6-3-1/index.html Airfields in Italy in ww2: http://www.ww2.dk/Airfields - Italy Sicily and Sardinia.pdf Proposed map area for game could be around 550x550km ( depending on bases neccesary could be 50km+ to north or south ) : This area is not extra big and it covers battles from the time Allieds already landed in Sicily July 1943 and have bases there up to landings in Anzio January 1944, with main focus on Salerno landings and Operation Avalanch. And map is with interesting terain with big variations in altitudes offering chalange to fight over. Airplanes that operated in that area and battle that could be in proposed DLC ( i try to check as best i could for all airplanes in list, and from what i see they operated in battle and from bases in area on proposed map ) : A-36A ( or P-40L ) Spitfire Mk.VIII ( or Spitfire Mk.IXC ) Seafire Mk.IIc ( or Martlet Mk.IV ) P-38G ( or A-20G ) Beaufighter Mk.VI ( or Mosquito NF Mk.VI / or B-25D if not already flyable from BoBp / B-26C from Sardinia only also if not already flyable from BoN ) MC.205V Serie III Re.2002 Serie II ( or Re.2001 Series IV / or Re.2005 Series 0, not many used ) Bf-109G5 ( or Fw-190A4 not many used, mostly A5s / or G.55 Serie 0, not many used if used ) SM.79bis ( or CantZ.1007bis not many used ) Ju-88A-17 ( or Me-410A-1 / or Do-217K-2 used Fritz X and hs293 as interesting novalty, but from far north bases in Istria and south east France) I think atleast one german bomber or fighter would be neccesary, in brackets i placed some other options, some bombers like B-26C or Do-217K-2 operated in battle but did not flew from bases in that 550x550km area from what i could reserch. Carrier operations could be introduced and torpedo loudouts, or it could be just continuation of it, if it comes after PTO DLC with naval battles. There is also good number of airplanes that can be used from BoM/BoS/BoK/BoBp/BoN and some collector airplanes now in offer: MC.202 Bf-109G2 Bf-109G4 Bf-109G6 Fw-190A5 Bf-110G2 Ju-52 Ju-87D3 Ju-88A4 Ju-88C6 He-111H6 He-111H16 Me-410A/B P-40E ( not exact version but close ) A-20B ( not exact version but close ) P-39L ( not exact version but close ) Hurricane MK.II ( not exact version but close, Mk.IV used in area) Spitfire Mk.Vb Mosquito Mk.VI B-25C/D B-26B/C
  23. So i still dont see evidance that when your in cockpit and you look for other airplanes like all normal players would do, that your able to see them from more then 9,5km like all other players and devs say limit is. Some pictures from outside static cameras have no meaning to player playing in airplane, your just confusing others with your insisting that if they buy 4k monitor they would have double the visibility range, when game does not alow players to see from more then 9,5km when they play. I realy dont know whats your point in all this, or how hard it is to show picture from cockpit, and if its not posible why confuse people who dont understand all the deatails with stuff about some f11 views only alowing this so visbility bubble is somehow 20km if you just get better equipment, when that will help them 0% and just trow their money at nothing. Also then when people have normal complain that range of bubble should be more then 10km, others will see this and say but it is 20km or more, and dont understand why people complain about short bubble. Show how from cockpit as most of us play from cockpit and importance of visibility range is there as you need to spot your oponent that you can see contacts from 20km (icons on as i see from first pictures of a-20s that was not even 10km ), and then start to wrongly tell people that if they have 4k monitors they can see from more in situations that mather. To me this looks just like troiling guys who have complain that visibility range of 10km that is now in game is to small, with your claims of 20km.
  24. I would like to see that also, and i ask for that before when he claimed this, as hes only person on this game forum saying that he can see airplanes from 20km, wehen even devs say limit is 10km, so i hope to see picture or video with icons showing this, as all videos or pictures clearly show contacts just disapere when icon say ~9,6km. didnt saw any pictures like that posted showing contacts from more then 10km in game, with icons (without using mods)
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