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  1. Yes people will probably say in chat where they get shoot down by jet and at what altitudes and where your going so youll have to be on look out, its good and bad, if your alone is bad if your in group its good as more kills for you and frends you dont have to look for just come to you
  2. In 1946 it had smooky exost when near full power was used, (88 or 90% + i dont remenber exactly what percentage) so people wold usealy flew it at just below the point when that smooky exost would start so they dont tip in they are jet out of all other visable dots in area, dont know if that was correct or if BoBp model will have same ( dont see to high mixture lines from engine in here like it was in 1946 so maybe we will not see this also) Even if bombs slow you down 50-100kmh your still faster at strait line then anything in game, but if your low other things can catch you if they dive on you realy fast, and then your basicly tosted as you cant outturn or outroll them, and they can have more speed for enought time to get your engine or two.
  3. Take bombs and full fuel and go fast for high points target and drop bombs on it before anyone is even able to protect it. Then climb and wait betwen enemy base and that target and bnz anything you see. Or just fly over enemy base high and destryct most of enemy fighters wonting to get jet kill alowing your team to destroy ground targets that are not so protected then. If your alone look for traps and watch out for tempests and 51s, if your in group be bait and drag enemy to your frendsK4s or D9s, easy. Prepare for it to be limited in numbers and take note on what mission you have it, and when it will be played, so you join fast enought to take it I gues youll have to wory about moving trottel to fast up down so you dont brake engine like you can in yak7s or p39s now, but with time youll get used to it. Also do not land on base they know you take off, best just go for the furdest away base posible. Also if mission already started and its 30-40min running, be veary cearfule on taking of and climb as probably enemy will knw from what base you have 262s and will be waiting to get that sweat jucy jet kill, so if by any chance your alone and join on mission that already is running for some time and by any luck you still have 262s avilable be veary cearfule it could be a trap πŸ˜„
  4. with all random disconects from servers and bugs, its more then enought "failures" i need when playing game add on that random failuers and no one would be playing long in any airplane
  5. It has to be pictures of K4, i saw its trending on twitter
  6. so where did wings of liberty server forum topic gone, im sure i saw it yesterday on forum, remodeling? or gone for good somewhere els?
  7. nah man it will be free, like F engine mod for La5 you already pay for K4 in BoBp, spend some of thouse 100$ on collectable Yak-9Us and Spitfire MkXIVs πŸ˜„
  8. just get this, 20-30$ and lasts for 10 years and you can use it on other games and you can play from your sofa, works Il-2 46, WT, DCS, BoX and easy to transport, and you can be competitive even online, sticks rudders all brake to fast if they are not high end. And new generation is most probably playing on similar playstation or xbox controlers so knowing they work so easy in this game is big advantage to atracting them and making them try this when they dont need to buy sticks and pedals and trotels and so on ... just use same controler you play maden or nba πŸ˜„
  9. kingdom for a 14, or atleast 20$ as collectable
  10. And yesterday on WoL when 3-4 players had that same bug with no ammo on 109s, some players were saying its only WoL bug not game bug, guess its game bug after all. Just fly Red i say to them, no bugs on red airplanes Regarding that start bug problem had same on WoL and also full server and took me 25-30min after i exit to rejoin as its prime time, 83/84 click join wait for mission to load and then get kicked back and like that for loon time, 84 ppl on servers its not even close enought for demand this game has in MP when its 20hcet no mather what day, 124 maybe 150 perfect
  11. lol f4 outruns both of them at high or low and outurn them and outgun them and outdives them ,only la5 can outroll it
  12. lol what vvs 1942 airplane they have in game is match for F4? P-51 vs K4 is more fair matchup then anything 1942 vvs have vs F4 that is in game, but yes its good days when you have F4 that outclases anything oponent have but its differant story when airplanes get more closer to 109s late in war πŸ‘
  13. lol yes good point, i totaly forgot how well get Tempest V, yes its on par with Ks at low mid alts, and thouse 4x hispanos will blow anything in one pass, when is that beast scheduled to come i wonder
  14. Loot of them in that big jucy 47s πŸ˜„ if only 30mm were as effective as rusky 23 o what a joy that would be
  15. "The K-4 Isn't Special" if Red side have Spitfire XIV, without that its gona be special and best thing in game for long time not mather what ata it can do πŸ˜„
  16. "New Bodenplatte aircraft, Bf 109 K-4 and P-47D-28ο»Ώ, will be released to Early Access later this Autumn.ο»Ώ" Nice nice nice
  17. from last DD "... - in one of the coming Dev Blog releases we'll compile the complete list of aircraft including the possible modifications." Maybe something like that
  18. atleast they should test it now when we know thats posible to incress range abouw 9.5km, unlike they said before when asked about it does this increses range infinitly for objects or it can be adjusted to certen distance higher then 9,5?
  19. ok ill try that just to see what impact it has on my game if i have them visable from 15km or higher insted 9,5, i was testing things yesterday but i was probably changing wrong parametars as i see in your other post Thanks, just tetsed your mod andit works perfectly, i just activated lagg3 as this is one i flew, and yes distance is probably to high i was able to see he-111 from 50+km, insted default 9.5km, so mod works as intended. No problems or bad impact on my game, so i see no game limiting reasons for not have higher ranges avialabe for airplanes PS. can you try make contrails visable from far also, and maybe have this mode in separate topic
  20. ah thats sad to here πŸ˜„ did late Yaks have 23 i see on net also that they used them, its now my only hope to see some late war salt collector when la5 and 7 are out of the mix
  21. all around fighter is 109, just stick with it for start also 110 is good for ground attack, and bad as fighter, only succces you could have in it as fighter is if your in group of other single engine fighters or your fighting only i-16s and its wings brake like a bad glass, dont even look at it if you fly it
  22. probably this DD will have nothing about P-47 (lets try this aproch)
  23. yes, but in the 46 game i always activated them when i needed them , to not lose that speed gain on start of dives insted activating them at start of dives and be slower from start
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