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  1. is this before new patch and new temp calculations ?
  2. i think there is more then few bugs now added to game with this new temp, i can see this new watter steam overheating starting from airplane but no messages give in techchat that airplane is overheating, so if your flying alone you dont know your overheating as you dont know at what temperatures now you start to overheat at diferant maps altitudes and so on, if your flying at 1-2km your ok but if you fly high your screwed now. They didnt bather to explain how this works now in game, do we trust in what techchat say or when effect starts ( they dont behave same) i had tm8 just fly normaly got watter steam for few min and then all of suden engine stoped, with no messages and all temps normal, so how the heck should we know when engine is overheating now when techchat dont work correctly for high alts. I think like some one say probably rads dont get correct info to open beter as you get higher and start to overheat for spitfire, low probably all works but high not. Yesterday flaying on WoL i fly up to 6km and never get overheat message, but had steam coming out of airplane many times even on 100% open rads, so was the engine geting damaged when i see steam or when techchat says so like before, this is not explained when they added this new temp calculations.
  3. does now your engine start to overheat when you see steam coming out of airplane, or when tehchat say your overheating? as i see that steam starts to come from airplane at mid-high altitudes but no message that airplane is overheating, is that correct and airplane is still not overheating even though i see steam but no message that its overheating, or is this bug and we should get message at same time when we see steam coming out of airplane no mather altitude ?
  4. flying with closed radiators is also short and used in emergancy and i see for some airplanes you tested them on max with almost fully closed rads, but then some are not shown on their max posible
  5. thuse 109f4 numbers are to small compared to what i see in my tests, you didnt use max for them, why not?
  6. Try higher preset, or other settings this bug only shows on low setings on 190A8
  7. its bug, just click on close and try again, i got that after 3005 update, some people had it before. for me it happends if i have youtube video running in bacground when i start game, if i dont have youtube video in background it logs me in with no problems first time
  8. exept the best east front airplanes like late Yaks and La7s, and even some good bombers, while axis have more then enought airplanes to fit whole war vvs is missing it best in game now there is better late war areas on east then berlin, and also on west if point of topic was to have axis vs usa/raf only and no vvs.
  9. i hope they go for more vvs if they do that as we have usa late war airplanes: la7 yak3 p-39q mosquito or tu-2 il10 vs 190g10 190a9 ta152h1 me410 he 219
  10. this whole topic would not exist for so long if we have realistic expectations, so yes afcorce i expect dd just 1 day after big update anounc,ent, showing off 47s skins
  11. lol then its back to same chalanges regarding id fires and leaks looks great, also like that wingti trails now, cant wait to check how online runs on servers after this update
  12. id airplanes just got a lot easyer, if its low and have black trail its axis
  13. theres planty guys playing online with wifes and kids ( sme you can hear on ts3 in background a lot ๐Ÿ˜„ ) and they still can do few sorties online, but like some say if its not for you its not for you, glad you posted your reasons why you dont play MP and am sure a few more guys avoid it for same reason.
  14. its clear americans didnt know what airplane they had and insted having a-20s escorting b-17s and b-24s on bomb runs they waisted time on 38s, 47s and 51s ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. It was not easy transition for anyone, all thouse guys you see shoot you had same way you have when they started in MP for few weeks or months, no one was instantly good in MP, getting shoot at many times at start is normal, they just stick with it and with time get better, and its not easy on ego when you are getting many kills in SP and all is about you in SP, and your hero of every mission there, but then you come in MP where everyone looks like they are just playing some differant game and like they are cheating. What i see mostly is MP is compared to quick minedles df and just action, action action. Its like saying SP is only Quick Mission and nothing els. In MP you have servers that are comparable to quick mission in SP (berloga WoL ...), servers like carier mode in SP (coconout, fins, taw...) and servers like scripted missions ( like ACG once a week missions, or friday night guys), usealy no mather how historicly correct mission is set up only on events you can have majority of players to behave like historicly ww2 missions would be flown, on rest competitive natuire of players usealy go for most effective way of play to win mission or campaign and thats then not how airplanes were flown in ww2. So if person like to play it in historical way and avvoid MP for that, i would recomend to try events and avoid 24/7 servers and use them only for practice. In MP on any server you can play it to stay alive in 1h+ sorties and not even get a killl or see enemys you wont to attack, or just go for getting in action as fast as posible and trying to get as many kills before you run out of amo and just bail or crash in 15min sorties. There is no wrong way (as long you dont brake server rules). Or in bomber to hit targets with bombers as fast as posible and then just crash after it and dont bather to go back, or to spend time taxiing and climbing and bombing from alt and dont care if you hit or miss but glad you bring bomber home and flew it in formation with tm8s.
  16. Yes i just fly it like i would in 190, problem is only you cant run away always like you would in 190, so its good to be in pairs in slower airplane like lagg as if you miss guy he well get you, if you fly la5fn or yak1b you would be ok even alone. Its good to be where enemy dont expect you to be, online game is all about shooting guys who dont know you are about to shoot them. But you can also play low in lagg3 but it takes mutch more skill to stay alive and get kills that way.
  17. I just use team spek and its easy to use you download program and then just type adress and password (usealy servers dont have it) and your on it, and then just join channel that has people on it. Adresses for teamspek are posted on forums topics of each server in first post usealy, or in briefings when you join server. I just use ts3 of server i play on, when i started to play online in il-2 1946 i just joined ts3s of servers i played on and joined red or blue channal and just lisen to where are fights and so on, call few 6s and just try to be in areas where most guys played, didnt help mutch but you learn few things, and no one mided extra guy on ts3, some times i would just be good bait for guys :) Discort i dont use so dont know how that woodoo thing works. there is nothing like training group or tutor guy for online here ( i remenber there was some thing like that in il-2 1946 jfc school or something like that) its either joining random guys on ts3 or joining some squad, or pair up with someone on forum, and even then depends on people you meet and you will they spend time train you or not. Would be nice to have something like tutors but i dont think many onliners would spend their time to do so. I fly red, and if i go there i am at 6-7km and attack guys who are high cover for low cover fighters, and then just drag them to my side if i miss and if they falow. Its better if its winter map, you can see their contrails low and usealy blue dont expect enemy at 7-8km and they think your blue if you come from enemy side.
  18. This bug is great from balance perspective, more reds flying
  19. Yak-3 would be nice to have as collectable option
  20. im guessing your selecting cooperative option when you go in multiplayer, there is few 24/7 coop servers on sometime but usealy its no servers up because coop is usealy one 1-2h mission and then brake and run one more so you need to be lucky to see when some one decides to host or just wait not knowing if anyone is waiting there with you in cooperative section. Without in game lobby you can not know if your only one waiting for coop or not so you have to then ask on forum if some one wonts to play coop with you when your able to play, or join thouse 24/7 coops and hope some one els is waiting in cooperative section and will join you also. In dogfight section you have many servers and now untill lobby for coop shows up thats your best bet, if you also dont see many servers in dogfight section of multiplayer then you maybe have mods on. just because its caled dogfight mode you can still fined good servers and not just instant action turn and burn type that is usealy asociated to dogfight, and people tend to cooperate there. So you can try there or ask on forum for some one to play coop if thats what you ment.
  21. thnks but i falow thouse simple rules i recomended to him so its nothing extra only thing is i play online long time in flying games and basics regarding df servers in mp are same in all of them.
  22. I think that most players at start go towards enemy bases because you join MP and wont some action, so its normal to think best bet is go towards enemy base, but usealy to get in action fast on wol your best chance to meat enemy over objectives (either your or enemy) or betwen objective and base that has 3 dots (means most playes take of from it), usealy everything is going around thouse small parts on map on WoL around the targets, and short range of spoting in game will make it hard for starters to locate things outside of that.
  23. I saw that sortie, i think flak got you before me and tm8 dived on you, we tought your Agni (he usealy camp over red bases). For starter going to enemy airbase and staying there high is bad idea, 1st many veteran people will just ignore you if your high over base thinking your just there to be destraction as to mutch time is wasted to climb and fight you for nothing when protecting red targets is better option, and there is big chance that even if you attack guy over your own base flak will get kill so you again just waist ammo and time. 2nd flak is heavy over bases on WoL and will shoot you down at some point. For starters, better just go over your own targets at 4-5km and wait for enemy fighter escort and attack them, later maybe even try attack bombers. Or climb to 5-6km and go over enemy targets and dive on enemy fighters protecting them, they will usealy look down for axis bombers and will not see you coming. Also i see some good players online with VR so there has to be way to inprove your spoting and recognising problems even in VR. It takes time to get used to MP, its not just one day try or 1 week it will take months to understand where when and how, so dont give up and try it few more times, check other servers also. My first online flight i shoot at frendly, crashed many times and so on, its just staying with it and doing what you wont to do in MP, even on simple fast food server like WoL you can play it how you wont and dont care about whats going on around you or you can go for objectives or what not.
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