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  1. I played many times in online missions in clod that had historical Battle of France missions over france area of map, also few campaigns, dinamic or scripted, also game has all important airplanes for battle of france, and missions that had bof were less popular as airplanes are crapy, i see no need to have bof in this game and i belive it would not be popular like it was not in clod.
  2. check this topic: and there is planty other topics if you serch about spoting, its big problem in this game... no res dont change a thing in this game like it does in previous games. This game dont use dots it just uses smaller and smaller lod of airplane. basicly try turning on sharpnes and off multusampling and adjust your screan and so on, not mutch you can do with game setings to make any noticable improvments beside making gamma low as posible. pos screanshot of your in game setings and ppl will beter know to tell you what you should adjust... or search for topics on forum with answers as this was asked many times
  3. Exept after Kuban leadership changed and Kuban is not popular, and Bodenplatte is preaty famous name. Battle of France, Battle of Britain we already have in CloD, making thouse now in this game would be like trying to make RoF 2 now it would be hard to get ppl to buy both FC shows that with not many ppl, its just to early and games are not that big differant in advances like for example jump from il-2 1946 to clod or this was. If clod continues they can easy cover Alamain, Tunisia, Malta and easrly Italy wars in MED and in england all thouse channel battles and raids from 1940-44 even Normandy as map is already in game.
  4. In game where you have it in unlimited numbers, and you have best conditions of airplane all time, and your not outnumbered, it will show what game changer it would be. So yes you should fear it :) (if players flying them will be able to see any enemys fast enought with poor visibility range )
  5. If visibility is big problem you can always play online on normal servers there is few ppl playing on them online, its good start, as you have icons and all are at same level then with visability and youll learn how to better DF there then on servers with no icons where 90% of kills are when enemy just fly strait.
  6. They need to tell us more about what this is ment to be to get excited about it, it can be just some simple thing that alowes some player to select "all attack 1034 target" and will add nothing new or even mess up MP, and only eat more fps (like new in game stats did when introduced) or its some ultra complex thing that will change a lot in MP. Its not that hard to learn it, in week or two reading turtorials and testing it youll get hand on it, but its not as frendly as older versions of game had it, but even after i spend time to learn it i dont bather any more to make any missions with it, and that was not the case with older games where it was fun to make missions, while here itsa like work you dont wont to do.
  7. Just by name recognision i expect to see at some point Battle of Normandy/Midway/Berlin names are recognisable with wide odiance and plansets are ok, i wuld be suprised if some obscured battles are selected before any of thouse 3.
  8. No i wont ๐Ÿ˜„ Its easy for veterans with 3-5 years of playing this game to just fly what ever as they understand how game works and to switch to more demanding airplanes like P-40 or P-39 is no effort for them BUT for some rookie who just started to play the game and start with P-40 its worst posible introduction, he should spend flying 109g2 or yak1 for 2-3months and then try to get to other more demanding airplanes like P-40... or he can start with P-40 online and end up leveing game for good as he has 0 chance to enjoy it when hes so overwhelmed, and go play something els.
  9. You need to read tech specs for airplanes it seams you dont understand that this game has FANTASY TIME LIMITS FOR ENGINES forghet about temps of water oil or what not on usaf airplanes ONLY important thing is your time Engine modes: Nominal (unlimited time): 2600 RPM, 37.2 inch Hg Combat power (up to 5 minutes): 3000 RPM, 42 inch Hg Take-off power (up to 2 minutes): 3000 RPM, 45.5 inch Hg Maximum Possible power (prohibited by flight manual): 3000 RPM, 56.0 inch Hg Your engine brakes as your more then 5min on combat or more then 2 min on take of power and so on... and depending on your realisam settings you have NO WAY to know that youll be braking your engine. Simple just fly for start axis or raf or vvs airplanes, i dont understand why your still trying to play with most crappy airplanes in game your just gona end up hating the game, start simple and not USAF airplanes, only when you understand the game you could try to torcur your self with fantasy time limits you have in USAF airplanes in this game.
  10. To get better spoting stuff you have to lover gamma in your game, resolution has no effect, rest dont help mutch, and you have to look around a lot as distances are short so when you think nothing was there it will be there in 5s. Also in MP you can just do what most do, and take easy airplanes on axis side, 109F4 is easyest and best performing airplane, and then on bobp you just take 109K4, no red airplane can match thouse 2 in ease of use and performance.
  11. To me what Tempest V gives to red side in MP is good value for 70$, ( La5FN was also only collectable airplane i got imidiatly as its good value for its performance also) and only way you can have it is on BoBP standard when it gets relised or premium now and when it gets in game in end of summer or begining of autumn. Also if devs make Collectable Spitfire Mk. XIV it will also be first min purches, rest are easy skipable and waitfor sales,.
  12. Lavochkin knew how to make airplanes for games , praised be for long time ๐Ÿ˜„ Im looking forward for Tempest. On red side i see you only need Lagg23, La5FN, and Tempest V and your good for. If your rookie in MP youll be nothing more then easy target who dont even see what or who got him because of terible visibility ranges in this game that favor veterans, if you expect to be any good alone it will take you months to adapt to fast food enviroment in MP, if you join some group on ts3 youll be able to get some fun, but alone only after you spend a lot of time being nothing more then target, most just quit and play sp.
  13. You can waist your time fighting timers system and nothing will change, or you can just play the game and propose some simple changes that will make timers more bearable, (like some info when they run out, or eaqual emrgancy eating combat timer on axis airplanes like on usaf ) and maybe something will change, i see no reason why devs will change system they hav now for something els and spend their time on it insted something els, ull just be ignored.
  14. You aint gona have anything from bobp on sale for next 1,5-2 years, and even then it will be at first 20% off when its fully relised sometime near end of this year. youll have option to get premium bobp for 80$ and standard bobp for 50$ and P-38 for 20$ and 190d9 for 20$. So price of 70$ that you have now for premium bobp is the best price youll get for it for long time. Other older stuff gets on sale offten, and its usealy BoM and BoS stuff 50-60%+ off and for BoK era and yak-1b la5fn ... stuff 30-40% off
  15. When you first ask about P-40 you were toled P-40 is crapy airplane in this game, its waist of money if you plan to use it online, same goes for P-39, usaf strick timers and engine limits are main reason. If not for 190a5 and 110g2 you could just skip bok and just get yak1b or la5fn if your plan is to play onine and have competative airplanes for kuban. P-47 have same problem, but its atleast turning great at 100% flaps down, so you can outturn k4s and d9s that have better engines that can fly on combat all time unlike you just short time. for red in mp just fly raf or vvs and leve usaf for nice skins and sp, there isreason why you dont see many youtube videos of ppl flying usaf airplanes online or why you dont see thouse airplanes used online in big numbers, and its not that they look ugly.
  16. what is better solution that dosent take rework of whole game engine system, i dont know, so best is just make this system work better then expect they will make some big change out of novere because small amount of MP players have problem with it
  17. timers will be in game, as they need to be in game, as in game we always take new airlane and dont care if we abuse the engine, so they will always use this fantasy timers. ading some gauges in cockpits is no solution, ading some messages informing us of tme limit expiration and recharg is easyest solution, even when message shows up that your fantasy time is out you still have few seconds to go back to lover setting, as after the mesage shows up time of braking is random, sometimes it will brake after 30s sometimes after 4min after the expiration messages show up on normal settings on p-47 for example.
  18. You can know that is set correctly if you first open file and change it and save change, then open file again and see that is changed, then start game and when it loads, close the game, then open file again and if you see that is at value you set then your sure that is correctly changed. For me only way it gets rested back to 0.8 is if i open settings in game and change something in graphic, then i close the game and i know i have to again set gamma to what i wont.
  19. instaled in all airplanes cockpits ? why then bather making cockpits all historical when youll add 1-2 fantasy gauges, it has to be some hud thing, countdown clock or messages that are visable on all realisam settings are more easy for them to do then to redo all cockpits and add some gauges that didnt exist as there is no real reson to worry about thouse limits in real airplanes.
  20. You can change it in that file, and it will be 0.5 for example, but if you look at it in game it will say 0.8 even though you set it to 0.5, game will never say its 0.5. Also if you make any chang to graphic settings (after you set it in that file ) it will reset it to 0.8. So you first set all your settings how you like in game settings, and then you close game and edit gamma to what you wont and dont ever tuch in game settings to avoid reseting it back to 0.8. Lovering gama helps a lot, 0.5 is maybe extream and depending on your monitor it could be to dark low.
  21. There is messages in techchat that you run out of combat/emergancy/boosted and aftere that message your at risk of braking engine, before that message youll not brake it. And also there is message that tells you that your fantasy time limit got recharged. BUT this only works for some reson at normal difficlty, its either bug or by designe like that. Just having this messages visable on any realisam settings would help a lot, as i would then know ok i run out of fantasy time limit and ill go to lover settings, and wait for my fantasy recharg. When it has to be dependent on time then atleast give me that info, as that info is more important to me then what % is my trottle i can see that by looking in cockpit i can not see when my fantasy time limit is recharged or expired because it was not so important in real life and there is no gauges that say here is your fantasy time limit clock, and here is your fantasy recharg clock or sand glass or what not in airplane.
  22. CountZero

    LaGG-3 23mm

    And great roll rate and best dive speed of soviet airplanes, if it only had bubble canopy ๐Ÿ˜„
  23. B-26 is better (more realistic for this game) option then B-17, also online it would be better to see B-26 bombing targets from 500m then B-17s bombing them from 500m droping bombs one by one in each pass ๐Ÿ˜„
  24. But they would have more free ppl to do ships 3d models as no need for big towns and many new ground units like they have to make for example for BoBp so in the end is same amount of work or even less to model few islands and few differant ship types. My only concern with PTO ship vs ship battles is performance that would be when you have big ships with each having crazy amount of flak guns operating to simulate thouse big fleets, atleast bomber airplanes are with 1 rear gunner so that is not so demanding and you could have big amount of AI compared when you now have ju88s or other bombers, but some solution would be needed for flak AI on ships, but if they comit they can do anything so in PTO for start Midway is most famos name and bound to atract most atention.
  25. Midway for first PTO DLC sounds best option to atract most, but its naval heavy and it would be demanding for game, New Guinea is easyer for game but not so known and dont have usaf naval airplanes. Also for Midway like for BoBp you can do more then just Midway, call it Battle of Midway for name sake but you can have 4 big carrier vs carrier battles depicted in SP campaign. The Battle of the Coral Sea, May 4-8, 1942 The Battle of Midway, June 3-7, 1942 The Battle of the Eastern Solomons, August 24-25, 1942 The Battle of Santa Cruz, October 26, 1942 And use same planset for all of them: -A6M2-21 -B5N2 -D3A1 -F1M2 (or D4Y1-C) -A6M3-32 vs -F2A-3 -F4F-4 (modification for F4F-3) -TBD-1 -SBD-3 -TBF-1 (or PBY-5A)
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