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  1. It would be nice to get K-14 as modification, also maybe metal elevators they probably come with D-20 and probably retrofited on earlyer models in 1945, like it was with tail fin on D-5 models. B/C is just totaly differant airplane better have it free for some future expantions But how will timers and recharges work will determin if airplane will be of any use for normal servers, on berloga it will be fun like 47 is, for rest its just to masohistic he he 5min wep rest recharg on nominal and after i read that report again i see it was with bomb racks so maybe that 610kmh is posible on clean version, for P-47D that is in game they say just bomb racks lose 7kmh on top speed, and report say on deck speed is 603kmh.
  2. but P-47 P51 and P-38 will have planty of nice skins, so you can look at them in hangars...
  3. 620 looks to mutch i expect in around 600 by looking at this report of test at P-51D-15 http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/mustang/p51d-15342.html
  4. problem is somwhere in comunication from you to that guy joining, i dont know where you can change MB settings for you when your hosting without dedicated server, what is your upload and download set in startup.cfg file. And what is net speed of guy joining then, can he spawn with no problems on other server. What you describe hapends on servers when client dont recive data from server at time, i see this on WoL when missions start and there is to mutch stuff, guys with low net speeds have problems first. Also try hosting with some other mission just to see if same happends on it also.
  5. No pictures of P-51D, Tempest V or P-38J or B-25,for rest we saw atleast something. Maybe they gona get TempestV P-51D and Me-262 as final game update for BoBp to get it officaly out with a bang and we get P-38J aster D9
  6. i expect we get D9 with next update, and then P-51 after it i also dont think it will be both at same time as nothing was shown for P-51D in DDs pictures, and from how it looks P-38 and Tempest could be last two for Allied side.
  7. D-20 has k-14 gunsight D-25 has more weapon points for HVAR rockets thats what i could remenber maybe there is more diff from D-15
  8. Problems you describe are comon when your either have to week PC or network upload and download set wrongly for hosting or your mission is to heavy and have to many objects and moving stuff for your server. how did you set up server upload and download MBs, try to lighten the mission, how mayn ppl were you trying to have? whats your upload and download speeds maybe they are to low also. here Han explain how you should have set your server download and uploads depending on ppl you host to To game servers hosters - please check that in your SDS config file the correct traffic limit is set. At least 50 magebites if you have around 30 clients limit, and at least 150 megabytes if you have maxed up client number limit. So it means: DownloadLimit = 50000 or more UploadLimit = 50000 or more
  9. first 3 related to this problem with missions that worked ok before 3.007, now being to heavy for servers, 4th one is realy fustrating one, i usealy get 1-3 random disconects per month, i see other people get even more. I expect 1-3 should be fixed with next update hope they got enought of info abot outdated messages problems.
  10. D-15 was said in one DD 194, and then later one of DD 202 said D-25 (maybe by mistake) , D-15 fits whole campaign so its probably that one. Maybe we get first view on 3D look of it in next DD
  11. In MP you join server, select airplane and spawn and take off, if you see enemy and shoot at him and lose all your ammo and are stil able to fly, then you return to your base and land. After you land, you click finish flight, and start new flight and you have new airplane, and all new ammo, and you do new sortie on same mission on same server. Not so complex, no need for rearm or refule what so ever. In SP you just turn on unlimited ammo and who cares what you do there, shoot down 1 or 50 airplanes in flight, its your time in SP fly how ever you wont. In MP host server dictates what settings it will use.
  12. Try to go in your settings and turn on Use 4K textures, turn of Full screan, set Screan resolution to your native one, also turn on Vsync. You have intergrated graphic card on procesors of laptops, so what he ment is to check if insted your main graphc card that is strongest, game is using week processor graphic card, if this changes dont help.
  13. I ask , and admin replay: "for HaunterHero - 1 week for 69TH_PUG - 3 week for 69th_LuckyHawk - 2 week 69TH a lot of checks done... It's automaticly ban for gunner, one crew member = 1 week" http://il2war.ru/index.php?showtopic=1003&p=31870
  14. And if only devs would include this skin for LaGG-3 as official so it can be used on servers that have locked costum skins it would be perfect fit for BoBp as P-51C , it looks just to good
  15. perfect skin for playoffs season, fly eagles fly
  16. Yes on most DF servers you had take off cariers and landing carriers, also when you spawn on carrier you were with chocks in and at that time your plane was invanruble so if anyone behined you started he could just pass trough your airplane, and when spawn slots on carrier deck were full when you press start you would just spawn in air next to carrier at 500-1000m alt. So there was no big problems, it was even easyer to get in air then from normal land bases. I would like them to do some maps of area where they already have most airplanes in game that flew there, they could sell map and career that comes with that map, and as they say 95% users are SP, if server has that map in rotation, MP users dont have to have that map (like its now) to play on it just need to have airplanes used on bases. This could give us more areas to fight over and no worry of how to fill 10 airplanes when most are already in game. Also they can then tie it with some collectable airplanes. Maybe that would be profitable, for interesting areas but no so interesting airplane sets of 10 airplanes. ( something like Smolens, Crimea, Lvov or Kiev area maps from il-2 1946 would fill in some gaps could be used in differant years of war, and we already have most airplanes to use there, also there is that Leningrad map that is worked on by Finland players )
  17. I see you play as fighter so what Ehret said is important, your df skill dosent mather mutch if you play to stay alive as long as you can. if you play alone whats most important is to have good SA, fast airplane, know when enemy is trying to trap you or drag you to his frends (know when to give up) , and to understand whats going on on mission you should be ok in staying alive on any server no mather of your df skil level. If your with wingman then if his bad hell get you killed most of time, if hes good its mutch easyer then playing alone, but then you need to think how to feed him with kills so hes happy also, so youll get less kills in same flying time then when you hunt alone. If your alone be in areas where someone from your team can help you, and try to be where enemy dont expect you so you just suprise them, as thats easy way to get kill with no effort. On any server you can play just for staying alive, or just for geting most kills in sortie posible or just for quick furball fun. And FB Vaal stat system that 90% of online servers use promotes and rewords players who stay alive more then players who get most kills or spend most time on server so even avradge player who has 1-2h a day to play can look good when he plays to stay alive, i see good number of players playing for staying alive as long as posible on any server that has stats as stats in this game reword that behavior.
  18. i also ment that as distance, not high as hight, so i dont remenber reading anything about that high range
  19. i think 75km is to big i dont remenber reading anything about that high. but recently i was reading something about testing lights on wings of torpedo bombers to hide them from enemy flaks, and without any lights detection range was ~12miles ~20km, and when they had thouse lights on wings it was only ~2miles only. ill post link when i locate it. It was caled Yehudi, and that was tested on avenger size airplane, so we should be able to see airplanes that size in game from 20km atleast: https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/stealth-aircraft-early.htm https://blog.xbradtc.com/2017/06/project-yehudi.html
  20. found some nice info here for soviet a-20g http://www.airpages.ru/eng/mn/b20_00.shtml https://vvsairwar.com/2018/01/09/the-douglas-a-20-havoc-boston-in-soviet-service/
  21. What is shown in video is not cloud problem its 9,5km rendering distance problem, as for big airplanes you can clearly see how they just apear out of nowere when they come 9,5km from you, its even wors on high alt when you have contrails just apear out of nowere at 9,5km from you, and for ww2 airplanes 9,5km is nothing. and to answer op, its not bug its game limitation, and its not since 3.009 its in game from start, and devs said they would like to change it when they have time from answers on redit from last year.
  22. If your thinking about that first black and white picture then yes, but that area in one map would be to big, and would be hard to select just 10 airplanes for whole period. For all that you would have to have atleast 3 maps ( one tunis sicily and malta, one sicily and south to central italy, and one central to north italy ).
  23. MC202 is looking almost same as Ki-61 when it have IJA skin on it:
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