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  1. nice to hear your having fun tip: on 109s 10% fuel will last you: continuous mode ~8min combat mode ~5min so basicly for 30-40min sortie (and thats long sortie on WoL) your good with 50-60% insted 100% you use, no reason to hendicape your self even more by taking to heavy airplane in fight vs veterans, and bonus will be you will learn how to conserve fuel better this way ( for when you need to do long sorties n future) even on server like wol and if you plan to turn with enemys stabilizer is by default on -78% and it will not help you turn in that state, you turn better when you rais that in turns in + values, and flaps down will help on lower speeds.
  2. still same bug for me, but only when i have youtube running in background when start the game, i just learn to live with it dosent bather me mutch as before
  3. looks to me as that also, but it doesent bather me mutch as it effects both sides equaly it will be interesting to see how P-47D behaves high up it should be a beast with this boost for radials. Good thing D9 is inline πŸ˜„
  4. 190a8 with overheat bug was ok on 0% at combat but it overheated only when on emergancy and less then 20% outlet for few min, the overheat problems yaks and lags have after new patch are making them more interesting to play with, no longer just 60-70 rads on summer and climb on full pwer in lagg3 it gets hot on 100 rads, now you have to lower power from100% at times, untinkable in lagg before patch πŸ˜„
  5. stalingrad summer, quick mission airstart at 10km altitudes, speeds in indicated read from hud, airplanes 100% fuel: -109f2 combat 335kmh, emergancy 3,5min 369kmh ( after 3,5 min brakes engine) -109f4 combat 365kmh, emergancy 2min 375kmh ( after 2 min brakes engine) -109g2 combat max 372kmh -190a3 combat 354kmh, emergancy 7min 393kmh ( after7 min brakes engine) -109g14 combat 357kmh, emergancy 2,5min 359kmh ( after 2,5 min brakes engine) -190a8 combat 344kmh 0% outlets, emergancy 7min 357kmh outlet 20% ( 362 0% rad but overheats fast and brakes engine in a min) -mig3 max power 350kmh rads 40% (overheats below, rads 0% 362kmh but brake engine in a min) -la5fn max 371kmh outlets 0% 20min+ -spitfire 9 m70, max power 377kmh, rads 100% ( automatic is broken after patch) , 393kmh max power and auto rads, but engine brakes after few min because automatic doesent open rads -lagg3 300kmh, yak1b 320kmh 20% rads 30mix both πŸ˜„ dont have kuban or g6, but i bet a3 ( better then spit9 with high alt engine why axis made other 190s who knows ) and g2 are still best up high for axis, and la5fn and spit9 (even broken after patch) for vvs
  6. It is made realy great in game, but i like old gunsight so i dont use it, for starters its great tool for aiming if not turning to hard then its useless as nouse gets in way it was probably more important in real life then in game, as in game you can practice aiming when ever you wont and for how long you wont so to me it seams just not so mutch neccesary in game to use it after you get used to guns on airplane
  7. Players playing with lagg3s i noticed that moving throttle to fast up will brake your engines after new patch, so be careful with it in heat of a df, dont know if from now same also happends on other airplanes with same engine.
  8. I dont think there is problem with mig3, he is good up high, and to me its normal that f4 and gs are faster then him up high, just because its best vvs up high it doesent mean its better then axis airplanes, new overheatings at alts are better now in game after patch i just hope the techchat works correctly and report to you when your overgeating
  9. yes it is faster, and what you see on graph is f4 without max, so its even more faster, G2 is fastest 9-10km, MiG-3 is fast up high for vvs standard but not faster then 109s
  10. server just crashed on OperationKoltso43sw-WL-305-01ns mission, and it crashed my game by doing so, and my tm8s also, its not useal crash when it kicked you in main mulltiplayer screan whole game just closed (never saw that before), anyone els had this also when server crashed?
  11. is this before new patch and new temp calculations ?
  12. i think there is more then few bugs now added to game with this new temp, i can see this new watter steam overheating starting from airplane but no messages give in techchat that airplane is overheating, so if your flying alone you dont know your overheating as you dont know at what temperatures now you start to overheat at diferant maps altitudes and so on, if your flying at 1-2km your ok but if you fly high your screwed now. They didnt bather to explain how this works now in game, do we trust in what techchat say or when effect starts ( they dont behave same) i had tm8 just fly normaly got watter steam for few min and then all of suden engine stoped, with no messages and all temps normal, so how the heck should we know when engine is overheating now when techchat dont work correctly for high alts. I think like some one say probably rads dont get correct info to open beter as you get higher and start to overheat for spitfire, low probably all works but high not. Yesterday flaying on WoL i fly up to 6km and never get overheat message, but had steam coming out of airplane many times even on 100% open rads, so was the engine geting damaged when i see steam or when techchat says so like before, this is not explained when they added this new temp calculations.
  13. does now your engine start to overheat when you see steam coming out of airplane, or when tehchat say your overheating? as i see that steam starts to come from airplane at mid-high altitudes but no message that airplane is overheating, is that correct and airplane is still not overheating even though i see steam but no message that its overheating, or is this bug and we should get message at same time when we see steam coming out of airplane no mather altitude ?
  14. flying with closed radiators is also short and used in emergancy and i see for some airplanes you tested them on max with almost fully closed rads, but then some are not shown on their max posible
  15. thuse 109f4 numbers are to small compared to what i see in my tests, you didnt use max for them, why not?
  16. Try higher preset, or other settings this bug only shows on low setings on 190A8
  17. its bug, just click on close and try again, i got that after 3005 update, some people had it before. for me it happends if i have youtube video running in bacground when i start game, if i dont have youtube video in background it logs me in with no problems first time
  18. exept the best east front airplanes like late Yaks and La7s, and even some good bombers, while axis have more then enought airplanes to fit whole war vvs is missing it best in game now there is better late war areas on east then berlin, and also on west if point of topic was to have axis vs usa/raf only and no vvs.
  19. i hope they go for more vvs if they do that as we have usa late war airplanes: la7 yak3 p-39q mosquito or tu-2 il10 vs 190g10 190a9 ta152h1 me410 he 219
  20. this whole topic would not exist for so long if we have realistic expectations, so yes afcorce i expect dd just 1 day after big update anounc,ent, showing off 47s skins
  21. lol then its back to same chalanges regarding id fires and leaks looks great, also like that wingti trails now, cant wait to check how online runs on servers after this update
  22. id airplanes just got a lot easyer, if its low and have black trail its axis
  23. theres planty guys playing online with wifes and kids ( sme you can hear on ts3 in background a lot πŸ˜„ ) and they still can do few sorties online, but like some say if its not for you its not for you, glad you posted your reasons why you dont play MP and am sure a few more guys avoid it for same reason.
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