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  1. Your real points (score from destroying stuff, shown on end of sortie) are: Score 316873 located here: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/pilot/1304/-=MULT=-CH_P/?tour=36 they will never go down, while rating points that are used to rank players go up down depending on what you do whole toure of 90 days. Rating points are calculated by this formula, you probably flew to mutch time and didnt get mutch score points for it to have positive effect, or you got KIA or captured): How is calculated the rating? 1) calculate how many scores player earns per one life - score / (dead + capture) = SD 2) calculate how many scores player earns per one hour - score / flight time = SH 3) calculate rating by formula: (SD * SH * score) / 1000
  2. If only they learned how to aim they would get 10+ kills per sortie like before 4.005 with 0.50s. You know the more you play the wors you are at it, so their aim is getting wors and wors, better stop before they totaly forghet how to aim.
  3. LOL using that standard all other MG are to OP, i just used 2 TWO MG in 109 vs AI P51 and P47 and shoot down 13 of them with only 2 TWO MG and its 600 bullets of ammo, YOU can only get 5-6 with 6 or 8 0.50 ? LOL and more would be OP vs AI that flys predictable moves, no wonder we have crappy 0.50 in game if thats standard for what american MG guns should do.
  4. Before 4.005 update there was no problems with 0.50 american guns, they were the only good thing in this game when you have to fly american airplane in MP, and then for some reason they decided to change that so you realy have to think americans hated their pilots in ww2 and realy liked german pilots if they build airplanes with 0.50 and on top AP when all other countries used 20mm for some reason. Who ever decided that american airplanes should used 0.50 in ww2 was probably traitor and was working for germans, there is no other way, no sain person would use 0.50 AP we have in game for anything els then scraching old paint from things. This game is realy wonder, we can descover that tempests had top secret of weak wings, 0.50 dont work, slave build german engines were the best and 109 tail was stronger then tiger front armor...
  5. Hi sorry didnt see your post before. Didnt have that problem ever so i dont know what is cause of it. Do you have this in folder where your il2c.exe is, (where DataCraft DataSpeed and DataTurn is from my test data edits link):
  6. Should work now, there was few more images added and previous one size was changed, i edited all of them and tested it on 4.009 then , and it works now as before text shows but icons dont, link is same so just redownload it from first post.
  7. Thanks ill check it out when i have time and repost working one
  8. You should turn on instrument panel and see what in game G meter shows also at that moment, devs aint gona look at G forces indicated in techview as they cnsider them wrong. But G meter in game only goes to 10G so you cant be sure if airplane can make it to 12G that in game specs say it can do, why they even add G meter that dont show full range that is posible for airlanes to survive lol I dont think its problem with airplane losing wing at 10,5G when game says it should be ok to 12G or at 5G and so on, problem is in game pilot can pull so easy abow 12G, that if this was how real airplane worked it would be considered dangerous for its pilots and not alowed to fly, so why was there no warnings to pilots to not pull on the sticks so hard as they are so sensative that you will brake the wings ? or in game pilot has strenght of hulk so he can easy pull 12G+ at high speeds, or something is wrong with elevators at high speed, only thing clear to me is that what we see in game would be to dangerous in real life for pilots. So they deamed important to warn pilots not to use more then 5min of max power, so that engines dont need to be owerhauled so offten, but fact that pilot can pull more then G amount wings can sustain so easy they deamed not so important to mention to pilots somehow, and all pilots new that but didnt say that to anyone and just didnt pull the sticks and thats why no Tempest was lost by it, but it was so easy to lose wings by it, it was top secret that only this game exposed.
  9. More icon options would help, in servers with icons on you can learn to DF better as most of time you cant suprise enemy, also your SA and decision making gets inproved faster as you see all and can learn from mistakes faster. Problem at this point is population is low on servers with icons (compared to old il-2, probably most went to WT insted here ) and ones left are veterans, so if rokie comes on icons only server hes tosted, he has more chance on icons off server to get few suprise kills or if in bomber to get to atleast drop some bombs before getting gangedup by enemy fighters. How its now you have only option of icons off servers being populated , and gaim aim for thier view of realisam that it looks like the harder it is its more realistic, so no wonder it is what it is, while if you wont something in middle you have only one option for icons and its full arcade. I have good eyesight and its not your eyes that is problem, its messed up visibility in this game.
  10. Also what i belive is working for MP atleast is when they have mostly war thunder youtubers having fun videos in this game ( bismark, bo time and so on ). Pair that with some 75% sales and that should get some WT guys to buy in atleast one DLC and try it, but again what lack is action in fun servers online, or more varaity offline. If they could have thouse WT youtubers to run some events where some of their fans would join in with them that would atleast incress interaction and get some of their WT viewers to buy in.
  11. Poor SA for new players resolting from poor visibility in this flying game. You should record your flights and look at them later, youll probably be able to see more airplanes in area. If your fast and airplane cathced you then he probably didnt come from below it was some higher one who tracked you and you didnt noticed it as game has bad visability even when contacts are close to mid distances, your easeyer to spot enemy far then close to you. Also players still left to play in MP now probably found ways or adapted to poor visability this flying game has so your at even more bigger disadvantage as new player online now then before. Secound is your selection of area where you fight, if your over enemy targets or enemy transit routs there is more chance of more enemy airplanes there then frendlys, or if there is more enemy players on server, for start cover your objectives, later you can try some route intercepts or hunt over your objectives.
  12. If it was so easy to over G Tempest wings in real life like its in game, then there would be big fat warning on its cockpit or manuals to pilots. There is a reason for test flights, to see whats posible in airplane and what should not be done, no where i see any talk about how easy was to pull high Gs in Tempest that it was so danagerous for pilot that they were warned not to do it, like we have in game where its so easy to just rip wings on high speed, not even going in blackout. Me thinks game got it wrong big time. And its not like this is some slow ass airplane , it was used as fricking interceptor so they were flying at high speeds, pulling high Gs easy... Spec say 12G is max for tempest, in game G indicator go only to 10G even though they have room to display 15G in that indicator they added, tacview G are wrong as said by game devs when asked by players on russian forum about to high Gs with no blackouts and used tacview to back up claims, so i go by what game G meter shows and devs decided to display just to 10G insted 15G even though most airplanes max G is abow 10 G, gold move lol I never rip wings in Spit, so i just test and i pull 10+G more then 20 times and wings stick, was it 10.1 or 13.1 G i dont know as G meter in game only shows up to 10G, in Tempest i go in 10G+ indicator wings brake easy, again if it was this easy to do it in real life it would be noticed somwhere, and it would have reutation of pilot killer.
  13. I play with gamepad and have no problems with it in any flying game ( only in WT your at disadvantage with it, its better to just use mouse and keys), and when i show and play flying games with frends who play shooters or sports games with me i alwasy show them how to play it with icons and helpers and on gamepads as we al have them and its natural for them to start. Having to buy sticks and pedals its so offputing for most for this type of games, and its totaly unneccesary for beginers, to mutch fuss is about hardware and it gives slim advantages that you can use only when your expert in game, and by then most new guys quit as they get shoot down like noobs online vs veterans. WT show that you can get young generation interested in WW2 stuff, and if they have any will to try something els this game is in good position to take them, but comparede to WT is boring as hell, especialy online. But SP is also lame, to mutch focus on historical missions insted interesting and fun ones, and not user frendly mission builder limits creativity as mission makers numbers are low and then varati in campaigns or missions is low.
  14. Anounce Battle of Midway being made next... and then dont do it for few years PS I remenber they said if amount of people who bought originaly BoS, buy all next DLCs also they would be rocking, and MP numbers only incresed for some amount since BoS, so i guess they lost SP guys interest in new expantions, so better work on SP contect, more interesting storys dynamic missions, better AI and so on... or ppl just didnt like unlocks in SP at start and didnt bather to check it out again after they got finaly ditched.
  15. Well when you leve decision to testers to make 109s tail as it was or like its now, no suprise 109 tail become most tuff thing in game. In the meantime, such a difficult decision was made: to temporarily lock it. We discussed both options with the testers (leave it as it was, or lock it), and, having figured out the whole situation, they almost unanimously voted for the option to lock it. It’s better than a "crystal" tail flying off at once, believe me. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/13303-обсуждение-версии-4005-новая-модель-повреждений-планера-самолёта/?do=findComment&comment=767960 And then why was same not done to Tempest or 190s, they also have same problem, would like to have this type of undestructable tail and aditional pilot protection on Tempest also, or they dont have to many fans in testers to have same "temporarily fix". Also no suprise game shifted so heavy in axis favor last few updates: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/13303-обсуждение-версии-4005-новая-модель-повреждений-планера-самолёта/?do=findComment&comment=766750 and still that temporarily lock after 5 months is still here , on most used airplane in game making it perfectly protected from most used attacks in game, dead 6 extra armor , great job leving decision to make 109 undestructable from dead 6 to fans of it , no suprise its mess what we have now lol
  16. I understand that i play with lagg3 to stay alive and get kills and its not faster or even close to its oponents. You can get kills in any airplane and then get killed your self every sortie, faster airplane gives you confidance that you can dictate engaigmant or have a safty when you make mistakes if you play to stay alive, not just to get as many kills no mather if you get shoot down sone after. In real life they aimed all te time for faster airplanes also, no suprise we look at it here also. Regarding this P51 in mp , to me its just another hangar airplane the way stuff works in this game, you get 2 less guns that dont do any damage, you get wors visability then D for few more mph that wont save anyone when you cant se enemys and you cant kill them constantly but have to count on net bullet delay to instant kill. If airplane have working gun and deacent visability afcorse thats more important then more speed on airplane that have guns for show and bird cage. This flying game makes any american airplane not atractive from start with how it handles american guns and american engine timers and recharges.
  17. Hes asking if its faster at 0-2km then 109G2,4,G6s or 190A5,6,8 he will probably be DF, will z germans have a chance ugenst it down low.
  18. quick search for example, shows on slow speed, on higher speed its also more effective:
  19. Yes going up down fast (dont need to be in dive ) when enemy is on your 6, you dont get any sideeffects for long time ( even when they added wobbly view that happends after long time its not harsh) and with bad net game has your even lagging for enemy, he can hit you only by luck and you get guy on your 6 extrem frustrated and usealy make easy overshoot as hes not focused.
  20. Delphin move is effective, more then trying to outturn or scissors enemy, yes all airplanes can do it and its most offten moves you see online, big + is when you have Tempest on 6 then you can laugh at him also after you do the delphin and he trys to aim and by by wing lol
  21. I was on reciving end of german 20mm before they got buffed and see no problem with them i could get shootdown by them all the time and saw no reason for them to be "fixed". Also i shoot down mayn 109s before they decided to make its tail undestructable and saw no problem with it before and now its somehow tuffest airplane in game to shoot down from 6. Also i had no problems with how .50 worked before they nerf them... strange how this all works.
  22. If they plan to fix anything it will probably come with Typhoon some time in spring 2021 when they somehow discover new data. I could not fined anything on net that shows that real ww2 ppilots of tempest were droping like flys when intercepting enemys, like its posible in game where fast interceptor is most fragile in that job. But in real world enemy could not just delphin around in their airplanes like they usealy do when enemy is on 6 as it seams is main defencive move in video games like this, somehow pilots can do big -G and then +G with not big side effects for long time, so Tempest with either broken wings structor damage or broken elevator autority at high speeds is easy to be detach to dirt from your 6 just by going in high speed and do delphin moves. Something is clearly broken, and my bet is on autority of elevators, but problem would not be so visable as now if they fix delphin up down and give it harsh penalty to better simulate what you can not do in real life if you have human pilot and not superhumans as we have in game that can with no problem go from -3G to +4G in 1s for many times.
  23. If your talking about online stats that Vaal ad Isay created then damage will not show for small amounts of damages as the lines would be taking so many space as it would show also ricosha and so on, so that system only displays in events damage abow certain point. It will corectly count all but just display dmg abow amount set to show. Logs have all damages shown, i think TAW system also shows all dmg no mather how small. You can install IL-2 stats on your PC and insted path to your server you just set path to your game and it will read stats from SP missions and display it, this is how i use it for testing and when i was editing that stats for tanks and so on... Or you can read from logs manualy by enabeling them in conf file, but thats even more complex then instaling whole online stats. .50 is not weapon of war, for that you take hispanos game works fine in middle range guns from .50 up to 37mm, .50 is crap 37mm is crap rest do what expected no mather if you forgoth to aim all of sudden after 4.005 patch or net thinks you hit moon insted 109s tail. I remenber reading that when they said they reduced AP damages and buffed HE as they were week and AP was to strong, and i was like what game they played all this years it was totaly oposite HE was always strongest and AP was crap, now they just incresed that devide after 4.005, before it only good thing on merican airplanes waz power of .50 cal, and then they had to nerf that also so only good merica airplane is 38 as it has gun that can do proper dmg.
  24. It looks great but its mutch smaller map area so its easyer to go in thouse details, i dont expect same level on BoN map. my guess money and time, so its focus was on great looking AF, and rest is to min standard for today, im under impresion that on all maps when mod is on in game anyone can modifie them and add textures in mission builder so some moder could make changes to BoBp map if he has will and time.
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