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  1. it just shows bobp was bargin, 4 seasons big map, 15+ airplanes when you see all modifications airplanes got... and its still 10$ off for few weeks so easy to see ppl should get bobp while they can for 69.99$
  2. from wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190#Variants "At least 963 A-6s were built from July 1943 ending in April 1944," for a7: "Production totaled only 80 aircraft before the advent of the Fw 190A-8" https://www.ww2.dk/ also most units in normandy had 190a8, and a6s mostly in pre d day, so a6 is good choice as you can cover early timeline and with a8 from bobp later one also ar 234 is collectable in BoN from what i can see not 190a6 if i understod it corectly
  3. map opens up for some collectable airplanes from earlyer period to complement existing airplanes from other DLCs, but i dont expect any Battle of France or Battle of Britain DLCs. What i expect after boN is Battle of some late war east front to give yak-3, la-7, tu-2, il-10, p-39q, 109g10, 190a9, ta-152 ... to game, and then after that who knows, you would lock your self out of any big europe areas exept Italy 43 where you could get 10 airplanes 5v5 , so it would be that or either korea, or some pto finaly or new engine and repete all again in differant order
  4. It was good choice if no go on PTO. Hope they expand the map, and looking forward to see what modifications they plan to have for selected airplanes.
  5. version 2.0 -added pictures tank/turret and tank paylods for new Su-122 (someone who have it plz test if all works as planed) -should work with latest original Vaal stats update from today link for download only changed/added files, in case you already have previous mod version 1.9: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g5csft6pvjqolrj/changes2.0.zip/file run update.cmd to collect new objects and new images full mod version 2.0 link is in first post of topic
  6. you have to save 109g10 for late war east front dlc, same with 190a9, so hard to belive they will be collector airplanes at some point also they both dont fit normandy and 109g14 and 190a8 from bodenplatte fit late normandy so youll probably have them on map in MP or even SP and maybe they do 190a7 as mod for 190a6 like they did F/G8 for A8 for bobp so 109g6late and 190a6 fit as they were in area and we dont have them in game and they dont block any future dlcs... as if you wont to have later yak-3s la7s tu2s ... you would not have any oponent on axis for dlc with them if you give every late war axis fighter first as collectable
  7. oh man, still no show for engine recovered or expired techchat messages in expert realisam settings (only techchat messges not showing up on expert), is this small thing realy that hard to fix?
  8. it shuold like any other previous preorder Looks great, map planset all look good , hope they get all neccesary data for making them its best option to go forward with if not pto
  9. first message didnt say anything about pto, just that anouncment is on 26th, we only tied it to pto because of date(maybe they picked that day by accidante maybe not), other messages say whole story, so its more likely d-day
  10. Was hoping for italy 43-44 if not pto, mostly because of interesting map area, normandy was my 3rd choice so its all ok, now to see what airplanes they plan to have. Its safe option for them to do and probably easy to gather all documantation needed, and on top you can use map with existing planse from other DLCs from 1941-42 probably for all kined of missions. oh snap: everything you could ask for (exept maybe do-217 squized in somwhere in future ) Battle of Normandy Plane-set: P-51 B/C P-47D “Razorback” Typhoon Mk.Ib Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI Spifire Mk.XIV (Collector Plane) C-47 Dakota (AI) B-26 Marauder (AI) Bf-109 G-6 “Late” Fw-190 A-6 Ju-88 C-6a Me-410 Ar-234 (Collector Plane) V-1 Buzz Bomb (AI)
  11. Finaly DLC without 109+190 combo then 😄 They will probably have long campaign like we have in bobp not just that one day, so im sure they will have missing 190s and 109s
  12. blip is just bombers flying in from San Francisco, dont wory about it
  13. I expected them to be separatly, they are similar to 109f2 and f4 or g2 and g4 or even 190a3 and a5 we have separatly in game, maybe even more differant then thouse when you look at moved cockpit. Would be nice to see what modifications they will have.
  14. they probably lowered ping limit on server as i saw many ppl geting kicked because ping limit from server, so best is just to avoid server where you have high ping, and play on servers with better ping, its better for you and better for players with good ping as you for them warp all around when your attacked by player with good ping so your problem then.
  15. if we had G limit displayed we could see, but its strange that on that low speed you lose wings and other airplanes dont, pulling same or harder as i tryed full trim(stab) help on other airplanes to pull as hard as posible ther, and you can try 262 that has 12.5g limit and pull as hard as you can at mutch higher speeds of 800+kmh and nothing fell off, and is wings carry engines. Also if tempest was this fragile in ww2 every axis pilot would know you just have to get to 570kmh when you have tempest on your 6 and pull up and tempest is gone.
  16. Its bug, as it says airplanes stuructural limit is 12 G (highest in game for prop fighter) and yet if you go close to 570kmh (355mph) and just pull up you lose wing, and other airplanes with less limit on G at same or mutch higher speeds dont lose a thing doing same manover. And 570kmh is not that high speed for Tempest, so you would have some ww2 info (or pilot warning in manuals for them to not fly faster then 355mph ) about Tempests falling from skys chasing V1s or 262s as they lost wings doing simple pull up on not so high speeds.
  17. Your 5min limit will last in game 7min sometimes, but only 5min is safe zone, extra time is random it can be just 1s or up to 50% of safe time. For me problem is that they still didnt fix messages that tell you exactly when your safe time limit expired or when it got recharged. As when you know that, you can play with more confidance and use airplanes power to exactly how its made by game. Because time limits that brake your engine when you pass them is pure game thing, you have to inform player when game timer thing gets recovered and expired, so player can use it how you set it in your game. How its now, when messages only show up when instrument panel is turned on in realisam settings, player cant use it on 90% online servers. So to me its broken, and airplanes that use it are to be avoided as im sure aint gona be conting minutes or seconds of some fantasy timer that didnt kill engines of airplanes if real pilots go over 5min. If it was working like it works in game, airplanes would have 3-4 timers and alarm bels informing pilots when they go over 1min, 5min , 15min, or 30min limits manuals in his airplane says so. I understand why timers have to be in game, i just dont understand why they dont fix broken messages that inform player exactly when timer expired, so player know when game wonts him to stop using that power setting, and everthing abow it is random fail if player decides to use it more, its simple fix, messages are in game, they work on normal settings, so make them work on all setings like all other techchat messages and problem is sloved.
  18. only thing that should be changed is from last 4.001 update: "43. MiG-3 flaps have been corrected - any change of the flaps limiter position retracts them first and then extends to a new position;" Edit: Just tryed it in QM, and i lower flaps by seting flaps limit (if i just press F they would not get down as limiter is set to 0 by default), and i raised flaps by seting flaps limiter back to 0 (if i just press raise flaps lshitfF they would not get raised) , only limiters are used for lovering/raising flaps it seams. And like change in update say if i change limiter from 40 to 60 fr example, flaps will first fully raise to 0 from 40, and then get lowered to 60.
  19. I dont know why game devs alow use of 3dmigoto in not moded MP servers as it gives players big advantage over players who dont have it. You can play with my mod in MP , but only if server alows mods on. My mod is made like any other mod game devs alow to be make, to be used when you turn on mods option in game, and when that option is turned on you can see only servers alowing Mods and play on them in MP.
  20. I know that i played many coops in il-2 1946, im questioning their decision to split coop and dogfight servers in multiplayer in game. pic: In 1946 in HL you could see all servers at same place, so i was in mood for some coop but i see nothing interesting so i join DF server, i get out and i see oh mike is gona host coop in 5min i like i join him on coop server, with them spliting that in two i dont ever see who is hosting interesting coop if i exit df server, now days i dont even bather to check coop section i just go in DF. So them spliting this in two is also reason why you aint gona get new players in coop, they will try DF , be just nothing more then target there for veterans to farm kills, and then quit MP. Coop is more frendly for new players as its so similar to SP, but most will never try it as they will never see coop server as they automaticly go in dogfight section in multiplayer, and squad coops are usealy locked.
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