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  1. What rockets 😄 and here i was hoping it wont even come with bombs, so GA guys dont take it 😈
  2. If they do go for hurriII + yak9/9T combo now in next 1-1,5 year they can do some collectables for bobp campaign time line. Im sure the next is PTO, so then you can in 1-1,5year time do some airplanes to please westfront guys who dont care about buying pto, give them some options to buy new stuff, now its time for east front fans as in last 1,5 year only new one to buy for east was U-2. There is no hurry to give more bobp timeline airplanes now when bobp is still new thing, its good choice to go for ppl who are fans of east front and give them option to spend some money on, like yak9 is.
  3. Give team that kined of budget and ppl to work on it, and they would do it better then Battlefield 1 team did. And then company would bankrupt as they cant sell 10s of millions copys to justify that big budget.
  4. I highly doubt that any of their devs play in MP long enought to see this problem most ppl have MP only, i can go ultra in SP and all max out and have no problems but if i play in MP like that i would have -FPS lol what he say is tests in SP, what works for me and my tm8 is what they say, but insted ultra go on medium preset, and clouds also on medium (they kill a lot of fps in MP as servers somehow think that is nice to use them, even though you can see anyone in clouds by its prop and cant see anyone neer clouds lol ) You just have to realise you cant play MP on ultra and all max even if you have latest CPU GPU combo, so just try adjust settngs untill it works for you, i have it ok and i just did what they say, and SP test dont mather to me as anything works ok in SP, problem is MP is more demanding so you ether adjust or wait for something that wont come... try turn 4k off i saw on forum that helps, before it was good to have it ON, now its maybe off better, didnt try that one yet. Also all thouse distance modifiers for buildings textures and so on just go on midle or low range, who needs to see them from that far, if that helps you get rid of shutters its worth not having them on max, game dosent look any mutch uglyer at medium stuff. Amount of ppl who play MP is to small for them to be diverting stuff there all the time, other stuff are neded, and from latest DD i see they go for better optimiesed clouds so that will help.
  5. rate of climb i didnt test that, i just calculated it from times in game files and added them, for most airplanes they are at its combat or continuous power seetings this is how they look in game ai files for 109K4 for example:
  6. Same, in game to low or to high mix affects your airplanes performance, even in 38, 47 and 51s, and not just climb and top speed but temp of engine
  7. I was attacked to get killed in my chute few times in last few months and they failed to do so, to me it seams like hitboxes are not so big and its not so easy to hit to kill, or my attackers had realy bad aim 😄
  8. From what i could see in all airplanes speed limit is around 400kmh ias, did you press bail out again when you got below that speed and unload Gs, so you can press bail out at any speeds or conditions and canopy will blow away, but if conditions for bail out are not met pilot will not bail, so you need to press bail out keys again when conditions are meet, so if you only press key once when conditions where not met pilot would not automaticly bail when thouse conditions are met if some longer time pased. I could bail from d9s at speeds close to 400kmh on differant alts, similar like in other airplanes i tryed.
  9. Is by any chance cinematic option turned on insted off, and thats cousing blurry effect
  10. Before when you see airplane just fell apart like that, it was because of missing bullet/dmg data on his side, so when enemy finaly recives it, his airplane gets 100% damage in one go, and then you get what you see, it fels apart on all peaces that can detach from it. EDIT: is this sortie in question? you can see from it that he gets critical dmg in just 1s, so im sure its delay data what coused it. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/124475/?tour=14
  11. From russian formu explanation on sutters and why limiters help: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12548-233-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=727268 Google translate it preaty good: "I transmit it as I understood from my conversation with our lead program:The video system spends different time for rendering each frame , it depends on the scene load. The engine and the video card are able to draw some frames faster, some slower, all this happens mixed up on each frame . A statter is the stuttering of a video system when rendering the slowest frame. If the load on the video system is gentle, then the processing of each frame requires relatively little time, and the overall average FPS will be high. Moreover, due to the small absolute time difference between the “fast” and “not very fast” frames, you will practically not notice these “not very fast” frames and the picture will go visually "If you increase the load on the video system (to draw a picture fatter and denser), then, of course, more time will be spent on rendering each frame, and the absolute difference between “slow” and “very slow” frames will become noticeable to the eye - this is how statters appear.The FPS limit in the graphics settings is applied in order to reduce the overall load on the video system.So that the video system does not try to draw as many frames as possible , while “stuttering” at slow frames (pulling the picture), and so that it evenly spends resources and allocates relatively more to each of the frames with a smaller number of them .But if you set the FPS limit, which the video system still cannot pull "average" on a particular scene with other picture quality settings, then the slowest frames will still be slower than the FPS to which you limited the game in the settings. And then there will still be statters.The scene is mostly a map, plus objects and effects, of course.Lapino is the most non-loaded map in terms of content, there are fewer staters on it (or even not at all = they simply are not noticeable).Bodenplatte is the most loaded map. Statters can begin to appear on it even if you hadn’t had them anywhere with the same settings before.Also, with the latest update, the quality of rendering the scene was increased in a number of positions, which naturally entailed an increase in performance requirements.Conclusions, and what the user can do to get rid of staters:- reduce the load on the video system by lowering the graphics quality settings- limit the FPS even more: it is better to have less FPS but more equal than more FPS and stutteringI observed on a fairly fast system how, with unlimited FPS, it was generally impossible to play in one of the scenes - the picture twitched simply hellishly and constantly with any evolution of the plane or turning of the head. Then they set the FPS limit to 60 frames (without changing the rest of the graphics settings) - on the same scene, the picture went better, but the stators became random and were still quite sharp. Then we set the FPS limit to 30 frames — the picture went absolutely smoothly, and when you turned your head the “rattling” of the picture — these were no longer statters, but simply a small FPS, since 30 frames, of course, would not give such smooth movement as 60 FPS did (but gave them with constant staters)." https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12548-233-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=727296 "your colleague’s explanation doesn’t say a word about stators at HIGH FPS (60 and above). The picture twitches even with FPS 60+" "It will twitch even if the FPS is> 100, if in general the video system does not "take out" such a FPS, although well, VERY hard.Reduce the load. Set the limit not to 60, but for example 50, 40 or even 30.If you don’t like playing at 30, then reduce the picture quality.The IL-2 has no analogues in terms of scene saturation, only one map, for example, of which it "weighs" forests (not to mention the unique development of large cities). There is still a project (not a demo, but a game project) in which a forest of the same density and the same variety of "seating" in the territory? Well, why be surprised that in the same Kuban, for example, if you see in a frame at some place maps for tens of kilometers around the “drawing” of the forest that has no analogues (not just a solid forest, but a bunch of dark edges, clears and bells) - then this will probably require the appropriate resources?" So guys with problems just falow advices, and try to see what setting is good for your GPU, try set fps you need and then adjust graphic demands that fit that.
  12. Also 4x.50cal, but for me bird cage or even malcom hood are big disadvantage in visability department compared to bubble canopey we have on Ds. I would probably play with razerbacks with open canopy like on laggs to be able to see anything (and then close canopy when runing and pretend its 20kmh boost ). But they do look great, when i can i was using great P51 skins made for lagg3, they look great on it.
  13. I would be happy if they are able to fix that, so thouse important messages show up like all others on all realisam settings, as then i can just stop using emergancy or combat when timer is out by game standards, and start using it when its recharged by game standards, and no fear then that im in random failuer area without knowing it.
  14. If you turn on padlock in game, and then try to bail out after you padlock enemy airplane, you will be in first person view when you bail out. Was just playing some qm df without track ir so i was using padlock option, when all of sudden when i bail out and was in first person view, and after few tests to see how that happend it seams if i padlocked enemy airplane and then bail out (even after enemy airplane that i had padlock on was destroyed) i will be in first person view.
  15. But that random factor starts only after specified time is exided. So if i dont wont to gamble i would stop using combat or emergancy when timer run out, but thats not posible now as game has bugged techchat messages, that tell you exactly when timer run out or got recharged, as they work only when instrument panle is turned on .
  16. Midway movie comes in November at cinemas, thats the time to anounce Midway DLC, PTO is inevitable
  17. He just need to read back what devs were saying and its all clear
  18. What Kemp say is correct, you can see it from DDs topic. Basicly Alternate ON is 3.201 version, that had bug alowing players to see bigger contacts and Alternate OFF is 3.201b what devs wonted to be from start, and what they belive is realistic so users can now finaly play with seaing contacts when they play on alternate on opotion or they can be blined like before and see nothing pass 4-5km, and be jumed by others like it was before but now others can see you from more then just 9,5km 😄 both options use new visability of teoretical 100km
  19. dont bather to check before november
  20. Yes there is countless posible options ( like we saw when 47 was introduced ) , and you as player will not know if they work and when you need to stop when messages that tell you that you exided alowed time dont work if instrument panel is not on, and as you climb your not able to maintain MP neded for max so timers are no longer same, and without messages its pure guess work.
  21. Your at missunderstanding here, both visibility options alow teoretical 100km visability. Differance is that with alternate visability ON (normal realisam setting ) you can see contacts in game from thouse far distances mutch easyer as they are big. And when alternate vis setting is turned OFF (like it is on expert setting, you have what developers belive is most realistic option), contacts get slowly reduced in size as they get far from you, you can see them depending on conditions from far but not as far or easy as when this option is turned ON like its on normal realisam setting.
  22. its guied line what you see in spec regarding thouse type of info They cant place all info in spec page it would be 20 pages long 😄 So for example fly P-51 at 9km youll have 15min combat timer, then try it at 10km and youll have 1h+, as your MP will be around 52" there ( and at thouse altitudes your using 100% trottle and rpm to be in combat regime of airplanes engine ). And you can see that only when you turn on instrument panel option ON and see games messages that tell you when your timers realy expired, Thats why thouse messages are important to work like others on all realisam settings. Depending on how mutch lbs MP or what not your using timer gets extended or shortened, its not if it says for example 15 min that it will be 15 min every time on all alts. And im talking about safe time untill message shows up that it expired ( as thats what spec say 5, 15 or 30min is ), im not adding extra random time that you risk on if you go abow when message shows up.
  23. Considerng how good they made Tempest, Spitfire XIV would be a dream to play in this game, hope it happends.
  24. P-38 is almost as fast as 47 on deck up to 5-6kft on emergancy power, and on combat is faster on any alt then 47 on its combat. If messages worked correctly ppl would be able to use atleast to in games timers power of american airplanes, but when you dont know when timers expired or recovered why fly random fail engine airplanes when others are mutch safer option and dont have risk of random fail so high. Tempest for win 47 for hangar display 😄
  25. If you buy main DLC from steam, NO badge shows If you buy during preorder procces golden badge shows if you buy after preorder procces bronze badge shows before you had one more option where if you preordered standard version of DLC, you would get silver badge also for tanks its green badge
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