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  1. server was overloded and bullet data was delayed, happend offten at begining of last year then it got better, dont happend so offten now if missions are in limits and not to heavy.
  2. Yes as devs didnt give any other option, and then if your MP player how you justifie spending 70-80$ on just 2 tanks per side. So servers then have to include all tanks but then no one will play for long time. Next tank is again clearly showing how misguided TC is, insted stug iii we are geting Ferdinand, LOL 3-4km sniper master, no wonder TC is in state it is in time when tanks games are so popular. If they added atleast one tank that can compeat eaqualy vs axis uber tanks insted fr example Sherman things would be so mutch differant now, people are not stupid they dont wont to waist time in tanks when odds are so low. Ort maybe force tank fights only in urban 10x10km areas, and kick all who exit it 😄
  3. Even on continuous (42MP 2550rpm) you can do abow 250mph ias on most alts(270-280). Close outlet cowlings full, oil closed full inlet at 50%, and turbo you can just place at 100% and dont even tuch it and use autolevel. Mix also you can have at auto, mix 100% is only good when using boost. And most of flight you have to fly on continuous as combat is recharging 2x long so you cant just use it at start to get to alt and then wait 30min to recharg it, your flying at speeds below 300mph all the time, and if your not using autolevel when level you will have problems geting abow 250 even if all you do is right, so i dont think your doing anything wrong, 250 is around what you should expect if your not using autolevel and your flying on ~42" and ~2550rpm (and on autumn temp maps, on summer ones your gona be even slower).
  4. I dont understand how they thought TC will be any popular in MP with tanks they decided to make, its so one sided that its comical to think you would have any balanced MP. So its up to servers to try to balanced it or just have it one side. From what i see you have limit of 2 tiger and 4 panthers, for 84 people server that would be good, but you usealy have what maybe 10 axis vs less red playing tanks, so thats more then half of tanks on one side are uber ones with no real life problems that made them problematic. And in next update youll get another one of thouse, TC is faild game, and its devs choice of tanks that done it, for servers whats left is make it only axis vs ai or remove uber tanks as population of MP tank players is so low that any limit exept 1 tger 1 panther is to mutch.
  5. You can end your flight at any time on berloga, so thats why you see airplanes just disapear when your on their 6, they just end flight to avoid geting shotdown, and you will not see any messages then. Server is based in russia so maybe thats why you have disconect problems.
  6. Well insted just keep visbility like that and extend bubble to 15km for example, they decided they wont to reinvent the wheel and make visability more realistic, so now we have mess of it more wors then before, so it seams its better they dont tuch visability any more as they can only make it even wors then its now i dont belive they understand what players playing video games need of visability in video games played on screens.
  7. Thats exactly way how to cathc faster airplanes in dive, i see them making that same mistakes so many times when i played with lagg3 and catch 190s that screw up like that. When you play with slower airplane you learn how to not make mistakes players do in super airplanes all the time, as you dont have benefit of mo power to fix mistakes. From what i saw in this game calls for cheats without evidance are usealy ignorance on players who call on them.
  8. With slow airplane like that if your aim is to stay alive its best used as bnz, also i dont take m70 as you benefit greatly only abow 8km and nobody usealy fights there. You usealy have to be higher then target in slow airplanes and Spit9 climbs grat so its nice for climb after attack and making 109s stall even in helecopter mode with flaps down. I always take cliped wings, better roll benefits you more, turn fights are overrated online as your on same place for long time not gaining on enemy, roll is where you avoid enemys and moving away from place you encounter him and make him overshoot easyer, so what you lost on turn by going cliped wings is not important for gain in roll that is more usefule online. But if you have Tempest V to take you should not be takeing Spit 9, Tempest is mutch better and even turns great.
  9. rgr , for red on WoL highest was 147
  10. Congrats, i expected youll gona get 200+ how hot you were last week, what hapend on that sortie that ended it, colision with enemy or crash ? For WoL thats highest streak since any disconections end streaks also.
  11. Thats all great, but starting point of all this was, your axis fighter player who play online, why would you buy BoN then ? i argued that you would not as its better to just buy bobp 109g6 and 190a3 on sales, and you aint gona be missing a thing online and even on bon map ( that you could play online without bon stuff) and missions youll encounter on it online... so then to make it more tempting its better to add as mutch stuff to 109g6 that comes with bon. And just to show that more drastic changes were done i give example of ar234, so why not add as most posible options to 109G6 from Bon to make it worth having, compared to mix of 109g6 and 109g14 you get with other option.
  12. Yes that should fix it, had same problem after last update on few airplanes, and i fix it that way.
  13. Couldnt you just use hat switch joystick to look around insted mouse, this is how people who dont have some head tracking device look around. High AA settings will help you ID stuff but then you aint gona be able to spot stuff untill its to late lol Icons in this game are only full on or off, they lack costumasation options previous Il-2 games had, so your option is join servers that have them on, also as game dont show you what realisam settings servers have like other il-2 games could, look for servers with normal in name...
  14. I also think you should try out first server with icons, you learn how to DF mutch faster there, and then go for servers without icons . Visibility in this game is bad so if your not using programs to enhance it or fly in crapy graphic you will be at to big disadvantage there, compared to icons on server. Berloga is good option but to caotic at times, DED normal is good option like some sugested.
  15. For me i just dont get what is wrong with buying 109G6 for 5$ and 190A3 for 5$ and then BoBp for 50-75% off and be able to play on all BoN missions youll enounter online insted geting BoN with 109g6 and 190a6, you get better deall and not miss a thing more smarter way to spend money when deal of fighters ofered is basicly same. Even if server is full historical (something that dont exist online) you could still play with 109G6and 190A8 for less money spend.
  16. But i can just play with G6 that is 5$, why buy G6 from BoN if its basicly same airplane if they dont add more modifications to its engine. They added modifications to airplanes that dont fit before, i just give you example of whole airplane that they added in BoN that is wrong type and dont even have base of operation on map so its no problem to just add more modifications to G6 that comes with BoN to make it more differant from G6 that yu can get as collector airplane. And post you quoted gives you all historicly correct airplanes for battles in normandy, but somehow you think they are unhistorical ? Every single popular server online is not full historical you have airplanes from other dlcs that dont fit that timeline and so on, and yet you said theat people who play online like that are " minority of the minority. " So i ask, as i realy dont know, on what servers you play that is full historical you got picture that major part of online players are for historical play only, to me from what i see that is not true in practice. So again you dont need BoN if your fighter player to be able to play on online missions on it, and again why buy BoN if your fighter player for axis when you can just use airplanes from other DLCs or collector airplanes for mutch cheaper price and have historical planset for missions youll encounter on most popular servers online where major amount of players play and have no problem with bendings of airplane types so all DLCs owners can play on most missions.
  17. Yes they should add this
  18. All thouse airplanes flew over Normandy at some point in time and some at same time as airplanes you get with BoN ( Ar-234 you get in BoN dont even have base on map it operated from and its not even type that flew there and you still get it with BoN ) and on what full historical servers your playing on ?
  19. I guess new people who get atracted to game from WT for example would like to get most for money, so i would be suprised if they dont go that way, even when you look at allied fighters, for BoN you just need to get BoBp at sale and then Spitfire MkXIV as its collectable, if your fighter guy you dont realy need wors cocpit view you get with razerback 51 and 47 when you can use BoBp versions, and you get Spit9 and Tempest also. If player is ground attacker typpe then yes you have benefits of going for BoN in adition to BoBp, map you dont need to buy to be able to play online on it... so to me they need to add few interesting things for all in long run, and adding few engine options for G6 is not so hard when benefit would be good.
  20. 190A3, A5, A8, 109G2, 109G4, G6, G14, SpitV, Spit9e, P-38J, P51D, P-47D, Tempest V they will all be available at some point in MP on 1943, early 44 or mid 44 time missions using BoN map.
  21. And i think most axis fighter types will just do that if devs dont add more engine options for G6
  22. If players is axis fighter type (most comon thing in MP univers in this game) why would he even buy BoN, we already had BoBp at 50% (even if you buy standard you get best fighter airplanes you need for BoN or BoBp and any late war missions on east front maps) and by time BoN is near end it will be at 75% price, and also you can get best anton 190a3 at 75% and 109G6 also at 75%, both can be used in MP on BoN missions so for 22$ you have all what you need, why spend 60$ for standard BoN just to get A6 and same G6. So if they dont spice up the offer and add as most posible G6Late modifications they can, why would axis fighter player buy BoN and just BoN, most will have BoBp as it has best airplanes and its gona be cheap and airplanes can be used alot.
  23. Wait for summer steam sale that should come in 2-3 weeks and get it at 75% off full price, sales are frequent so no need to buy yearsold DLCs at full price if you dont wont to.
  24. On WoL they have now 2 west front only maps, one is late with all mods and bobp airplanes exept cheat 262, and other is normandy with no boosts for reds and no k4 and d9s and cheat 262s for blues, and no problems they still have more blue players on them. You aint gona be fighting only g6 and a6 vs Spit XIVs online on bon missions, i expect to have pre invasion missions with g2 g4 g6 and a3 a5 a6 vs early 47s 51s spits and after invasion similar to what they have now on normandy mission. If players advocate for historical airplanes then numbers on side also need to be historicly set, and you aint gon have that so balanced is what you get in most cases.
  25. G10 be coming with late war east front DLC, they cant just be making 109s willy nilly when every DLC haz to have atleast one of them, who would be buying DLCs without 109s, if japanese had uzed atleast one squad of 109s in burma or new guinea we would already be there 😄
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