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  1. Thats all nice but in game you get spit from 43 and tempest with engine from 43 to fight 45 stuff, no wonder no one play on allied side on servers and late war missions are empty...
  2. From game... ”Send a picture home to your girl with you sitting in a Jug. Come home to her in a lavochkin-gorbunov-gudkov” 😄
  3. Thats +9lbs in video, maybe it can do 11 down low, well have to wait and c
  4. Nice story, great pictures and video, Tempest cockpit looks awsome and as exected. And thouse 4x20 hispanos.... o my... cant wait to try and see that kaboom online, true one punch allied airplane for late war maps. Plane worth bobp price. Also map looks good.
  5. Your memorie is good, devs made this stupid and totaly unnecesary change, so now on any airplane that have manual mix you have to insted just pressing E, now putt mix to 100% and press E to start engine, its totaly worthless change that just gets on my nerves every time i have to start my engine in airplane, for years you just had to press E, and now for no reasons thats not enought lol i hope every time i start engine online guy who made this change gets hickups either leve it all automatic like before or make it full manual, this change it is stupid...
  6. i hope pto its coming as next dlc, its time for it
  7. for 6.6$ yes its worth it, for 20$ hell no, your better of geting kuban standard on sale for 25$ where you get G4 and A5, and wait for collectable airplanes sale for G6.
  8. what you get when you go here, (when your already log in): http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/squad/ this is where you manage squad info, so i guess its where you create one, i dont remenber how it was a two year ago when i did it, but if i did it it was probably not complex.
  9. you probably just have to login in top right, and when your log in then click on your Profile also top right next to log in, and then in profile section you should have option to make squad and manage it and so on...
  10. Thats why they could try to do 1ww2 dlc and 1 korea dlc in next 18 month development period, to not scare of ww2 fans if they go just fr korea dlc for next 18 months. I think one ww2 dlc have to be in development as player base here is probably mostly into that. And in this dev period they did 3xdlc at same time, so who knows maybe they will do 3 again at same dev time.
  11. in real they crash airplane and its done so you start with instructor and on easy airplane, in game you can crash it as many times and learn from it so you can start with what ever, so i dont see point of having trainer airplane if devs will at same time not gona make effort to make trainer missions for it, so your left with videos on youtube for it. so then its hard for new player to see whats going wrong, you can see videos and think your ding it same as guy on video, but usealy its not same, and not having someone watching you and correcting you in flight (AI or human) is missing. so then best option is fined someone who can go online with you, and get on ts3, and be in other airplane next to you or using ouside view looking at your airplane in speculator option and see whats the problem, and for that you would have to fined someone who will be able to teach good and spend his time to train players, and thats hard to fined without joining some squads and geting lucky with ppl there. so in the end its up to you alone to try and fail untill you fuiger it out. 109f4, 109g2 or yak1, lagg3 is good start, just flying, landing or take off and fighting is good in thouse airplanes
  12. It fits map area 😄 http://www.historyofwar.org/air/units/RAF/119_wwII.html July 1944-January 1945: Fairey Albacore IJanuary-May 1945: Fairey Swordfish III October 1944-May 1945: B.83 Knocke/ Le Zoute and on last picture of map area that town is here: so next airplane is Swordfish III its done deal, their secret is out 😄
  13. All good, i dont mined or think tanks delay any air stuff they develop, its just to sim for my tank taste, i like arcade and fast food level wt gives, so dont know how mutch tanks are popular here. As long as it alows them to make more dlc no problem. It would be nice to see if they could pull another 3 DLC, but this time insted ww1 go for korea and new player base with it.
  14. Just saw this video showing same thing i reported in quoted text, and you can see same thing happend to him as to my tm8 in this sorties: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4652794/?tour=51 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/4655032/?tour=51 Video shows player bailed out to low to servive, and in game he was killed, but web stats detect that as normal bail out like when player servives: http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/4546242/?tour=50 I asked WoL admin if they maybe modified your web stats to alow this for some reson and they say they didnt, so problem is not coased by them.
  15. I hope so, but i still play from time to time tanks in WT, and see no reason to buy them here. Probably it would not be big distraction from airstuff to do TC 2 in next 18 month development cycle
  16. by default i could not here guys on ts3, so i have to have game volume lovered to 5% in windows volume mixer ( in game sounds at 100%) , and that works ok for me, i can hear all ok from game and ppl on ts3.
  17. For TC just do 2x collectable anti aircraft trucks and 2 new tanks For FC also just 2 collectable airplanes Then full WW2 DLC 10 airplanes and map And Korea DLC 1952/53 so you just need to do north part from Kimpo to china bases map that is not so big, and do it 4-6 airplanes with Mig15s vs Sabers as main dish, avoid navy stuf ( if posible ad later ).
  18. That would be good idea, Il-2 sometihing ww2 DLC, and at same time Il-2 something Korea war DLC at same time, like we had ww2 and ww1 now. They can do it!
  19. in il-2 1946, there was 2-3 servers with big number of players using icons ( that you could modifie , frend or enemy side to be displayed how ever you wont as server host, alot squads used them ). even in clod where you have same options to costumise icons like il-2 1946 there was ppl playng online with them in big number ( for that game ). but i belive now most of them just play WT, or SP.
  20. icons now in game are just to agresive this is just enought, small mark, no ned for rest, atleast for start if full options like 3Dmigoto has is to mutch work to add to game
  21. Early zero vs wildcats (especialy F3 model) are good match, prob even better then 109f4 vs yak1 now. Only thing good later where axis are not outmatched heavy is F6F3 vs A6M5s in Philippine sea carrier vs carrier, but for bombing allieds have mutch better stuff by that time even in that battle.
  22. what would suprise me is them anouncing another 109 or 190 as collectable airplane 😄
  23. Your one coming on server you clearly dont like, then spred fals info about that server and then promote other servers on its topic where its server admins cant defend as they cant post. So i call you out on your BS when your wrong. Ill informed ppl like you make other ppl belive in fals info about server. If you dont like how things are on this server go play and spend more your limited play time on servers that you promote, that will get ppl to play there, but i see from time you spend on servers you promote in this topic, you still spend mutch more time on wol server you spred fals info about then on them
  24. Buffalo is coming with midway, so no need for it to be collectable now
  25. lol didnt last one day (22th im not playing here any more, 23 oh well, where els to play) : http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/1309/=VARP=Tvrdi/?tour=51 i see you have disco fever so less players like you on WoL its better You played 20h on WoL, 11h on kota and 4h on box for someone who likes thouse servers and dont like this one maybe practice what you preach and play on empty servers more Also you have few fals points there: weapons are lock for both sides for same reasons all targets on both sides are protected by same number of AAA many maps have clouds on differant altitudes, and differant types of them, and even double layer
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