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  1. This is mostly as if they wont to stay in europe they will have no where to go with 10 airplans per dlc and 5 v 5, and new maps are all most flat, this one would be Kuban map on stereoids. From the performance perspective you get Spit8 and Mc205 and other airplanes are mostly versions of already in game with few new models.
  2. Change edit to gamma last. As when ever you change any graphic settings in game, it will be reseted back to 0.8 if you have it edited in startup to below it. So maybe thats the reason you didnt noticed changes.
  3. You can turn of sharpen You can turn of antialiasing You can also try to adjust gamma to 0.8 or edit it to even lower in your games startup.cfg (from 0.5-0.8). You can try bigger monitor, tm8 uses 3 and he can see better then me ( but still contacts abow forrest from close get lost ) Check for other sugestions in technical section ...
  4. So from how it was in il-2 1946, Yak-9 was faster on higher alts, climb also better high it had better turn but just slightly nothing noticable to Yak-1b. Yak-9T was heavyer so worst climb and speed and turn then Yak-9, but haz good ns37mm. I think both would be better then Yak-7 we have in game in all aspects exept maybe ammo amount you have. f your into DF take Yak-9 If you hunt bombers ships tanks ground targets , take Yak-9T if you have yak-1b , you can wait on Yak-9, and get then Yak-9T now.
  5. You can use it on Kuban map, it (Yak-9T) was used historicly there, but just after the period they are depicting in their BoK career from what i can understand.
  6. I like this suggestion but i think they went far east so base of 234s is included near saint quentine.
  7. its like this for most if not all allied fighters even vvs ones, they are more white, axis is more dark when looked from abow, good for id bad for hiding , this started with that update when they extended vis ranges from 9,5- what ever you can see 100km regarding visability,, me and rip have problem with contacts on ranges 4-9km from us, they are so hard to see its like they are invisable. And down low if airplane dark as axis is over forrest you lose him when you come 1-2km from it but you can easy see it from higher ranges. This is all on Expert visability, not alternate on like on normal ralisam.
  8. "One month I had probably 6, 7, or maybe more disconnects; it was during a stay in Michigan for work where I had horrific connection in my hotel." " I have ceased to play on WoL and unfortunately the 77 crew doesn't get on the Western front servers. At least not as far as I've seen. Maybe it's because there is no one hit kill gun 23mm equivalent on the Western planes? Although I think the Tempest does a good job killing stuff with a short burst." 2+2 and youll maybe fuiger out why we see no need to play on server with wors pings for us then we have on WoL, especialy when WoL still have more ppl on it when we play. nobody likes random diconects and after devs fixednet code in begining of year we are pleased with what we got from it on WoL , disconects got cut 3 times, and devs got revorded by both of us buying BoK that we had no interest in it. As to the OP question, as our tactics are somehow questioned here in this topic: So your in situation where when you play wth vvs fighters where your constantly beaing BnZ by higher axis. Your airplanes operate best at low alts while their at medium high ones. So you can just keep flying on 1-3km and get BnZ by enemy that is at 4-5km and that never bathers to look up or you can climb to 6-7km and make them look up, and they maybe miss few of your vvs frends low then, as now they have to pay their atention also on thouse pesky russkys flying at higher alts. How dear they use our tactics ugenst us, blody cheters flying slow ass bad performing lagg3 at high alts, where axis can easy outmanover them, out pace them out what ever to them, and only chance lagg3 have vs us is suprise and one pass. But its cheeting they say, as they should just fly at 1-3km like other vvs and let us BnZ them, thats how its done on the east vvs is target we are pray not other way around, if only we could have also magic armor that protect us from one lucky 23mm hits also, as with our good high alt performance airplanes we have to fight poor low lat lagg3 up high, its juts to unfair lordy. Now if all vvs would do this they would lose every mission like axis do when all their fighters do this, as no one covers bombers, so there is need for low flying vvs fighters and high flying ones, as then axis cant just sit at 5km bnz in peace, they have to look up from time to time... and call lagg3 cheat airplane even though their airplanes at high alts outperform it with huge margines. Why lagg3 with 23mm, as its perfect 190 for vvs, highest dive speed for vvs fighter, big punch with gun, good roll. So you bnz with it and maybe run away as anything axis have is faster so its not as you can do with 190s as its like poor mans 190, but even that is unfair for axis and cheet as your using their tactics vs them so its just not fair... they only have 109f4s and 190a3s and numerical advantages in players online what can they dooooooooo
  9. They better make it so when you take droptanks your fuel % selection is automaticly set to only 100% and not posible to adjust. As in Il-2 1946 you could always see 109s or p-51s with Droptanks and 20-30% fuel. Online where useal sortie is 20-30min to max 1h droptanks are there just for one purpose and thats to take DT to have long range and have low fuel amount so when you drop DT you can DF like zero.
  10. Thanks i missunderstod your post Would realy like to see that reaply, wonder why you didnt post it if your so sure it was intentional disconection, how far were you... Also why would any of us disconect and lose streak and points, if we can just bail out and not lose anything ??? heck even if we are over enemy side you still have more then 50% chance of not getting captured by stats system and not lose anything compared to 100% lost of streak when disconecting. If guy disconects when im on his 6 and shooting on him i report him to admins of server as thats most probably intentional disconect, for others i know they happend randomly, i can say same for you you have what 10 disco this year in 300-400 sorties on wol, thats double of disconects in half sorties i have so it must mean your disconecting like crazy compared to me, and i see no damage done to you in that sorties or anyone reporting that you disconected when he was exactly on your six, but heck lets just say your frequent disconecter anyway without any proof of it, why not ?
  11. But look how it will be during preorder/early acces period. New players atracted to game by bobp and bon will come and then see standard bobp with 8 airplanes for 50$, out of witch you can easy use 4 or more for Normandy missions either in SP or MP. And thats 50$ compared to 80$ for BoN, and in 1-1,5year it will be first discount of 25 or 33% on bobp, and on top he can just get 109g6 that is collectable for 66-75% off price any time. So why would he then buy BoN if they are axis fighter type that is prevelante in this type of games, but if you add AS engines as mod for its 109G6 in BoN he will see oh thats 109 now that is better at high alts and eaqual on mid-low to g14 from bobp so its easy win for devs to offer this mod for example. And its more of tricking/encuriging player to see value in buying alo BoN then balance thing as online youll have G14s and A8s and so on so axis will not be screwed there, and in SP you make your own balance. And lesons learned from bobp airplane engine mods i belive it would be nice addon to game. When this BoN was anounced i talked with tm8 and hes saying to me why would he buy bon when he can just get spit14 as separate airplane as its collectable and will probably be made as one of the last, and he can just use tempest and spit9 p-38 from bobp online on map in meantime. Now if hes not under my direct orders to buy whole bon thing or play alone next year he would probably not get it and just wait for end of early acces and get spit14 and later on maybe rest as razerback 51/47 dont atract mutch any of us with its poor rear view compared to bubble ones.
  12. lol when did i or ripgrunwald disconected when someone was behined us or shoot at us ? usealy you get on my 6 you shoot me down same for rip, we dont disco when we make mistake, we try to stay alive by chosing how and when to attack if we make mistake we get shoot down. This year on WoL 800+ sorties each 5-6 disconects, not any when someone is shoting at us or damaging us. Show me video or replay , your full of BS, and you lose your streak when you disconect, so whats the point of doing it when you can bail out and keep streak, you aint the brightest bulb aint you lol EDIT: nice nick change, i see your III./JG7-MarkWilhelmsson , so no suprise your full of crap
  13. This one is still posible in maybe 4 years (as well probably go back to finish late east front after BoN), proposed airplanes are still free and not yet in game, and we will run out of axis fighters to have at some point so i think Italy 43 is good option to go to. Probably also good chance to have some carriers outside of pto and map area would just be dream to play over.
  14. both Late and AS are historicly correct, and when your in buisnes of making money so you can continue making more DLCs you should set it up so more ppl see value in buying it, considering its going back in time from bobp. So desision to have some fighter (as most users considering heavy aim on fighters in this product are fighter lovers) that give performance boost from what you have is best to get most pll to buy it, so if they insted spit14 make p-47 or typhoon as collectable they would get more ppl to buy BoN just to get that better performing airplane, same is if they make AS option for G6 (i think this is more crutial as more ppl are axis players from what i can see), they would get more ppl to buy in BoN as its better then G14 they can have with bobp, its simple when you aim to get more ppl to buy in main product, G6 AS option is must.
  15. regarding map size/area its said its not final, and if you see how it was done ith bobp map map area will probably be modified as they collect more info about bases neccesary for airplanes they are making and campaign they will build, size will probably differ from what we see, bobp map area grew in size from first example considerably so no fear this one will also to include neccesary stuff.
  16. Considering that just G6 late and 190a6 will not atract axis players that already have bobp to buy bon it would be crazy for them to not have AS option as that would be only reason for axis fighter player to buy BoN, i guess it wil be as modification, as if im only axis fighter player i have no reason to buy BoN, but when you add AS option then that is a carrot for performance only players to see some value in bon if they are axis only. EDIT: But seaing that they give best performing allied airplane as collectable, rest are not so atractive when you have bobp, so allied only player can just skip on BoN and wait for Spit14 to be 20$ as separate airplane and just get that, maybe they are that crazy and will not have 109g6AS lol
  17. And what units had G10s in Normandy area ? and what would you have axis fly in SP as they could not fly G10s in before or even later D Day ? and what will you have for axis then when you need late war 109, G10 is latest G model so you save it for other expantions. If they didnt have G14 and A8 already in Bobp you would have them in BoN. So the only thing they could give axis is G6 and A6, its not like they had any options when you see whats already in game. And in MP its no problem as youl be able to use A8 and G14 from Bobp as they were there, and probably they will have them in SP campaingn also, but G6 is neccesary for pre D day, and for ppl who dont have bobp but will buy bon so you have 5 axis airplanes... imagine if they didnt give later model 109g6 but one more allied airplane insted..
  18. and it looked so good when that first morse message come out lol i was 110% sure its pearl+midway and all carrier battles in 1942. now for me its clear we aint gona see pto long long time or ever, no mather what they say i aint gona get my hopes up.
  19. And thats probably what well get after BoN if game is still alive, move to east front and probably finish it of with late war airplanes missing for vvs. La-7s Yak-3s, P-39s late Yak-9s maybe and add late Il-2 or Il-10 and Tu-2s, thats why they have to save 109g10 and 190a9 so axis have some fighters for dlc.
  20. So guys who buy BoN and dont have BoBp will have nothing to play, or what just sell again G14 in BoN and in SP they will have no 109s untill G14s show up. Its same reason why they added G4 in BoK when we already had G2 in BoS, its neccesary for SP and ppl only buying that one DLC, and also its better to get new type then just copy of existing one even if differance is minimal.
  21. when they anounce b-25, that we have as AI in bobp, as playable collectable, then ppl better buy it like crazy. As that will influance them to make other AI only as collectable also, its only way when making them takes more time/money then fighters. Them anouncing AI C-47 and B-26 is already good sign, so when time comes for B-25 collectable thouse hoping for more bombers in game better get as many b-25s as posible.
  22. where is that guy who was posting pictures of it on daily bases, he must be pleased with how things ended up hope they get all data neccesary to make it in what ever version
  23. judging by plane set and previous dlcs first 5 out are probably 109g6late, 190a6, then p-47d and p-51B/C typhoon to get things going with easyer ones and then to fully new ones like mosquito and spit14.
  24. it just shows bobp was bargin, 4 seasons big map, 15+ airplanes when you see all modifications airplanes got... and its still 10$ off for few weeks so easy to see ppl should get bobp while they can for 69.99$
  25. from wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Focke-Wulf_Fw_190#Variants "At least 963 A-6s were built from July 1943 ending in April 1944," for a7: "Production totaled only 80 aircraft before the advent of the Fw 190A-8" https://www.ww2.dk/ also most units in normandy had 190a8, and a6s mostly in pre d day, so a6 is good choice as you can cover early timeline and with a8 from bobp later one also ar 234 is collectable in BoN from what i can see not 190a6 if i understod it corectly
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