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  1. but how to play any more , only way is 262 , but sone that will be gone as they dont know how to controll them self in it and abuse other players
  2. and i was getting window like on B1 when asked to link also by buying bobp from here insted wait untill is available on steam, you saved 10$ (still at preorder price for few days), and devs got atleast 20-30$ more as steam would take its cut. And after linking you get all the benefits of steam but steam dont get your money cut you spend on game when buying stuff from here muhahahah
  3. found offical guied how to link: https://il2sturmovik.com/m/SteamAndIL2AccountGuide.pdf so when you download game from install, lanch it first from that install, as like you see here: It's Live Now, when you launch the game in Steam, you'll see a prompt asking you if you want to link your IL-2 and Steam accounts (if you have launched the game from this install before) or ask you if you're a new user (if there is no local login data found). It's highly recommended to link your accounts especially if you have bought content both on Steam and our webstore, but if choose not to do it now, you can click 'Steam login only' (in this case, you'll see only the content you have bought on Steam in the game). then you should close that game when you log in, and start from steam and then youll get option to link both to steam. OrLoK: he didnt select option to link when he first buy BoS and other dlcs from steam, and thats why steam cant ask him again to link, and cant see that he buy bobp from this webstore and this acount
  4. He has all games from steam, only this one from web store, steam dont know that he bought bobp as he didnt link acounts from here and steam. If you know how he can link acounts without downloding web instaler post to save him download time, i just toled him only way i know how and how it worked for me.
  5. Once instaled you should try to start game from steam and see if game will show you window askin you to link acounts, if it does then link acounts and all what you buy from steam and webstore will be activated on your steam game. And then you can remove to save space what your downloading now.
  6. the way it worked for me is when i started game on steam, game poped up message window saying that it detect that i have instaled also game from web downloader, and asked if i wont to link them to steam. So if you download game from web link of your profile, and instal it (not in same place where your steam game is) and play it once from there, then when you start game from steam after it, it will also detect that you have two games, and ask you if you wont to link. Then all will be on steam after you link, and you can remove not steam one files as you dont need them any more as steam has it all.
  7. as i see only bobp badge under your picture, do you start game from steam? have by any chance other DLCs (BOS,BOM or BOK) game on steam? if thats the case you should first link both acounts to have what you buy on steam and in webstore linked. if you dont use steam and this is only game DLC you have on this profile (like your badges show) then you need to download game instaler from your profile https://il2sturmovik.com/download/
  8. what ping limit you set, also maybe your mission is to heavy, youll get better/more answers if you ask in general topic about multiplayer or dserver
  9. updated post to version 1.5 -fix so all sorties are corectly counting for airplanes (from take off event) and tanks (from spawn) in coalitions and speciality bars. If squad has pilots and tankman, squad coalition is combined sorties and now shows correct sortie count per side. Squad speciality bars are displayed separatly, for tank and airplane types, and now also show correct sorties counts per types. -minor changes to naming of stuff picture:
  10. version 1.4 of mod: -updated mod to work on new Il-2 stats 1.2.38 -add small ground streak icon for tanks
  11. version.1.1 of mod, -fix to tank pictures for t-34s and kv1 not showing up on russian language version of stats, -and added active pilots and tankmans separate on main and tour EDIT 1: version.1.2 of mod, -fix to count all airplanes and tanks sorties correctly (for airplanes its like in original where sorties count from take off event, and for tanks count is from spawn event). EDIT 2: version 1.3 of mod, -translated changed stuff to russian to correctly display when that language is selected ( post if you see any wrong translation, im not russian, so i used google translate and existing words already translated to help make it fit ). New translated words to russian, if any russian speaker see mistake in it, post and ill fix it in future versions: first post updated with link for mod version 1.3
  12. Hi i modifed and added some files to show tanks sorties also, posted mod here Dont know if it will work for all tanks in game, also im not programer so i was just editing stuff to best of my knowledge, and it works ok when i tested it on local webstats with basic 2 tanks. Untill stats for tank missions get officaly added by Vaal you can try using this.
  13. If anyone wonts here is modified Vaal stats to display tank data on that stats system pictures how it looks: Also you can check how it works in use on Finnish VirtualPilots - Dynamic War server http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/ Thanks LLv34_Temuri for testing mods. Thanks SpocksOddSocks for testing mod on his OhMyDog server also: http://ohmydog.mooo.com:8080/en/ Link for mod v1.9 that works on Il-2 stats from Vaal version 1.2.38: http://www.mediafire.com/file/sucykjn3hp7fvh2/tankstatsmodv1.9.zip/file old 1.2.37 mod: IMPORTANT: If any of files from this mod you already modifed before for your webstats, youll have to make thouse edits again on this mod files ( for example if you have main.html or base.html edited to display mission planer or aditional tags or links and so on...) This is mod for 1.2.38 version of stats, you have to have that version of original Il-2 stats by Vaal instaled first Original files that are modifed by this mod: in \il2 stats\src\stats folder: models.py, models_managers.py, stats_whore.py, urls.py, views.py in \il2 stats\src\stats\templats folder: base.html , main.html, mission.html, missions.html, online.html, squad.html, tour.html in \il2_stats\src\locale\ru\LC_MESSAGES folder: django.mo, django.po ( same for de, es and fr folders ) in \il2_stats\src\mission_report folder: report.py in \il2_stats\src folder: objects.csv classes.csv How to install: 1.unzip "tankstatsmodv1.9.zip" and copy "src" folder in your "il2 stats" folder 2.run collectstatic.cmd in your ...\il2 stats\run folder ( to collect corectly new tank and icon pictures ) 3.run update.cmd to load changed objects, and classes for tank turrets 4.run stats.cmd , and then run waitress.cmd and then stats should be modified to include and display tanks stats like on pictures Bugs i noticed: -tank shots fired and accuracy dont work, also in tanks sortie log only events when player is hit are displayed. But what was destroyed counts properly to tankmans stats.(this is probably do to game missionReports not having in them ID for gunners, so stats cant collect that data. Player is spawned first as driver, and that ID i shown, and missionReport log dont detect switch to gunner (later in reports ID of gunner is shown)), if player in tank is by default span at gunners position in game maybe this data collection would work correctly. -in list of players online, when clicking on player name link by default sends you to his pilot stats, like in original. If server is orianted mostly towards tank play, server host can change pilot to tankman in online.html file ( located in your servers ...\il2_stats\src\stats\templates folder ). Then link when clicking on players name will go to tankman stats by default. When ever new offical Vaal stats update is out if any of files modifed in this mod are updated, they will have to be modifed again same way for mod to work again on that version. Try it out and post if it works correctly or there is any aditional problems i didnt found as i dont have all tanks or was not able to test it with multiple players.
  14. They could cover all this with one DLC with 4 not demanding maps as 90% is sea (more work is on ships), and 10 airplanes. Planty stuff to do for SP and MP, and some what if scenarious. Basic planset: F2A-3, F4F-4(F-3 as modification), SBD-3, TBD-1, TBF-1, P-40B, ( PBY could be as AI only for start, other airplanes as static only to be targets on airbases) A6M2-21, B5N2, D3A1 (A2 as modification), A6M3-32 or that recon F1M2 4 maps: Pearl Harbor, Midway, Aleutians and one just sea map for carrier vs carrier battles. Pearl Harbor, 7 ‎December 1941 A6M2, B5N2, D3A1 - Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Hiryu, Shokaku, and Zuikaku P-40B The Battle of the Coral Sea, 4–8 May 1942 A6M2, D3A1, B5N2 , Shokaku and Zuikaku + Shoho F4F3/3A, SBD3, TBD1 , Lexington and Yorktown Battle of Midway, 4-7 June 1942 A6M2-21, B5N2, D3A1 - Kaga, Akagi, Hiryu and Soryu F2A-3, F4F-4, TBD-1, SBD-3, TBF-1 - Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown Aleutians, 3–4 June 1942 A6M2-B5N2-D3A1 Junyo and Ryujo P-40E (that is already in game for SP on US side) Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 24–25 August 1942 A6M2, B5N2, D3A1 , Shokaku and Zuikaku, Ryujo F4F4, SBD3, TBF1 , Saratoga and Enterprise Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, 26 October 1942 A6M2, A6M3, B5N2, D3A1/A2 , Shokaku and Zuikaku, Junyo F4F4, SBD3, TBF1 , Hornet and Enterprise
  15. i read only map, so why would then devs make map agin for DLC when map is in game for free made by players. And most airplanes in game now can be used over that map, if anything comes from devs i guess some collector fighters that can fill in gaps.
  16. Thats coming from players with map they are making , no need for devs to do that when players/moders can do it for free
  17. what will they have for main DLCs if they give any more axis fighters as collectables, even any aditional mod for G6 is to mutch to give, 190F8/G8 were also to big to give for free considering their heavy use on east front in 44-45 it would be better if they just saved it for later DLC.
  18. I dont see how you could buy collector airplane on steam and then link it here, as they are considered as DLC so you cant just buy DLC without having main game ( and thats BoS on steam). So you would have to buy BoS on steam and then you could get collector airplanes from there. But there is no reason to do it like that, they have webstore sales freqently, and if not soner youll get probably same type discount in december, last one they had 50% sale on collector airplanes in september.
  19. They already answered why no custom skins on page 3 of this topic: i would also like to use nice P.51 skin for lagg23 but not posible
  20. if its that usefule more ppl would buy it and devs would make more airplanes like that, but they are making fighter airplanes that i like so my opinion is you guys should buy 10-20 more of ju52 or u2 each if you wont to see more useless airplanes being made, Untill then im sure well see more fighter airplanes and b-25 probably as only bomber. I sure dont see any reason to buy in ju52 u2 or airplanes like that, and by colector airplanes selection i think you guys are in minority as if thouse airplanes sell well then we would get more of that type.
  21. I would wait for same sale on webstore for collector airplanes, i think that you have to have BoS on steam to be able to link acounts, i dont belive you would be able to just buy collector airplane (witouth having BoS first on steam) and link with this acount. They have freqent sales so probably you wont have to wait for long for same sale on webstore. PS. ask suport is fastest way to correct answer on this if you plan to try it before this sale ends
  22. if ppl wonted another usless airplane like u2 or ju52 they should buy 10-20 of them each insted just 1. Fighter airplanes are more popular, so why waist time on airplanes that wont sell or dont have any purpes in game, im glad they didnt go for c-47 insted one of fighters. If ppl ask for some obscure airplanes they need to understand they then need to buy more then just 1 copy of it to make it worth wile to make...
  23. OP is talking about deck with P-51 and 150 octan fuel mod, and if you use 84% prop you will have best setings for max speed at that alt and that mod, you can do 624kmh IAS but that setting only work on deck with 150 P-51, when you fly normal P-51 then best is 75%, and higher you go % is changing, so at 1km best is 81%, 2km 88%, at 3km 93%, 4km 100%, at 5km 83% and so on... but if your using 150 oct mod, then at 1km best is 89% at 2km 96% at 3km 100% and so on... rpm value is differant, its not like on P-47 where you should be at 2550rpm up to 7km to get best speed
  24. From what i could see its not one set rpm or % value (like 84% or 2600rpm), best setings depends heavy on altitude. And how i see it work is you need to set prop % to few % higher then when emergancy techchat shows up, and best gain is at around 5000m, it works only with emergancy techchat on, you have no gains in speed on combat or continuous by reducing rpm. Why it works like that i dont know.
  25. But carriers are best for PTO as they are flexible, you can use them for historic ranges for offical campaign/carer, then easy use them in playable ranges for single missions or user made campaigns, or in fast food df ranges that MP need, and there is few good carrier v carrier/islands battles that can be done with almost same 10x airplane set.
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