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    nothing new, invisability bug, and he becomes visable when he opens fire, you can probably fined topics on it in bug report and give them replay of it to help fix it. Hope that P51 learned that .50s are usless and go for airplane with real guns like hispanos as he would get you if he didnt have airplane with .50s, even invisability glitch dont help you when you have .50s to shoot at airplanes
  2. I only noticed this when server was overloded, i would have few seconds dely on my position and on like you say icons of enemy airplanes on my spawn base. When you have this check if your cockpit clock shows same time and seconds as on your tm8s, and if your able to press finish flight exctly when you landed or you have to wait for airplane gps icon to get to same place, that was also happening when i noticed that problem. But for me problem stoped when devs fixed bullet delay bug 1,5 years ago, didnt have it since then, basicly server would get overwhelemd and users with lower conections speeds or high pings would expiriance this delay in data from server.
  3. Historicly it kick spits butt, and in game it does same, A3 is quite nimble airplane in game, its only strangly not so protective for pilot like 109s for example.
  4. Speed you read from cocpit or digital read on hud place in equivalent airspeed, its more accurate. Also at 5000m ~690kmh is what is max true airspeed at emergancy for D9, in combat at autum kuban map at 5000m it goes to ~646kmh what is around 500kmh indicated.
  5. I opend map in mission editor and distances from citys are same as on real world maps, map is 1:1 scale like other maps in game, i dont have FC to check if icons show correct distances like on other maps but see no reason why they should not if mission maker shows map in 1:1 scale.
  6. As i expect we will go to east front 1944-45 in next DLC i think next collectable airplanes would be C-47 and B-25. Edit: if i could chose 3 that somehow fit in maps we have then: Meteor, Beaufighter and A-26 would be my 3
  7. In CloD if i remenber correctly pilot is not shotable when hes on parachute and no problems, devs can make problem go away by doing same here, there is no point in promoting shoting players in chutes its just sorce of bad blode online, and even if your aganst it youll start doing it as some one did it to you. Also problem with vulching could be fixed by devs by making one short range and long range flak unit for each side that can be 100% accurate, so mission maker can just place 1-2 of them on spawn bases and no more complains about it also, as now you cant place realistic number of flaks in missions and even if you have 20 of them per base big damage can be done before they even hit anything at high skill. 2 main sorces of bad blode in MP solved by simple options.
  8. I dont understand why air flow would not just blow pilot directly from cockpit if he opened canopy at high speed, bail out limitations are still to strickt in this game, not fun what so ever since they started to restict them more and more when G limits were added and pilots going in komas from every hit.
  9. Im not fan of bubble canopy version, visability is preaty good without it already, cliped wings would be welcomed do
  10. Select Parked option if your trying to start with engine off and not on runway in quick mission
  11. Here is why no PTO still and whats problem with it, from 27:55
  12. Nice suprise, looks great. ๐Ÿ‘
  13. Disapointed that plan is for no Spitfire Mk.XIV this year, didnt expect slow airplane manufacturing this year, Yaks, hurri p47 c47 and 190 only ? And what ALL rest of airplanes from BoN in 2021 ?
  14. There is no Yak-3, Yak-9U, La-7, Tu-2 in game so you would be stuck in 1943, if you go by only what game gives you for east front. But there is nothing historical on server exept axis vs allieds, its dinamic war with no aim on recreating historical battles from what i see so no reason not to have Tempest V and P-38s in late war planset rotation, and on top whole 3 month tour your just fighting on same Kuban map with early or late planset while if aim was real ww2 you would not have early airplanes there also.
  15. But people like american airplanes with most fragle engines WW2 had, and guns good only to scrach lotto tickets, no way British airplane can beat that ๐Ÿ˜„
  16. I may not play mutch here but i care becaue they use tank stats mod for their server stats i worked on that alowes players to even have tank stats displayed, i spend more time working on that then you played on server. Devs price of 70-80 dollars for TC is ripof for what they offer so im waiting for time its at 75% off as to me 20$ is what TC is worth in state it is, and seing how BoBp got to 50% off so swiftly after preorder end i expect TC price will drop like a rock when preorder ends also. Dont @ me bro
  17. SO best option is to have all options as modifications, Earla Hood, Longer Tail, MW-50 and AS option. I realy dont belive they gona be making 3rd 109 just to add AS version and fined enough succers who gona spend 20$ on another 109G6.
  18. From Hawaii i would go for one of two CombatBox servers, you should have good conection to them, its realistic settings (expert difficulty), if you play with icons i dont know what servers are american based, maybe you can see how your ping is to australian Unprofessionals server, i think its icons and also AI if low humans on it.
  19. server was overloded and bullet data was delayed, happend offten at begining of last year then it got better, dont happend so offten now if missions are in limits and not to heavy.
  20. Yes as devs didnt give any other option, and then if your MP player how you justifie spending 70-80$ on just 2 tanks per side. So servers then have to include all tanks but then no one will play for long time. Next tank is again clearly showing how misguided TC is, insted stug iii we are geting Ferdinand, LOL 3-4km sniper master, no wonder TC is in state it is in time when tanks games are so popular. If they added atleast one tank that can compeat eaqualy vs axis uber tanks insted fr example Sherman things would be so mutch differant now, people are not stupid they dont wont to waist time in tanks when odds are so low. Ort maybe force tank fights only in urban 10x10km areas, and kick all who exit it ๐Ÿ˜„
  21. Even on continuous (42MP 2550rpm) you can do abow 250mph ias on most alts(270-280). Close outlet cowlings full, oil closed full inlet at 50%, and turbo you can just place at 100% and dont even tuch it and use autolevel. Mix also you can have at auto, mix 100% is only good when using boost. And most of flight you have to fly on continuous as combat is recharging 2x long so you cant just use it at start to get to alt and then wait 30min to recharg it, your flying at speeds below 300mph all the time, and if your not using autolevel when level you will have problems geting abow 250 even if all you do is right, so i dont think your doing anything wrong, 250 is around what you should expect if your not using autolevel and your flying on ~42" and ~2550rpm (and on autumn temp maps, on summer ones your gona be even slower).
  22. I dont understand how they thought TC will be any popular in MP with tanks they decided to make, its so one sided that its comical to think you would have any balanced MP. So its up to servers to try to balanced it or just have it one side. From what i see you have limit of 2 tiger and 4 panthers, for 84 people server that would be good, but you usealy have what maybe 10 axis vs less red playing tanks, so thats more then half of tanks on one side are uber ones with no real life problems that made them problematic. And in next update youll get another one of thouse, TC is faild game, and its devs choice of tanks that done it, for servers whats left is make it only axis vs ai or remove uber tanks as population of MP tank players is so low that any limit exept 1 tger 1 panther is to mutch.
  23. You can end your flight at any time on berloga, so thats why you see airplanes just disapear when your on their 6, they just end flight to avoid geting shotdown, and you will not see any messages then. Server is based in russia so maybe thats why you have disconect problems.
  24. Well insted just keep visbility like that and extend bubble to 15km for example, they decided they wont to reinvent the wheel and make visability more realistic, so now we have mess of it more wors then before, so it seams its better they dont tuch visability any more as they can only make it even wors then its now i dont belive they understand what players playing video games need of visability in video games played on screens.
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