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  1. How i see it in last 18months only new vvs thing was Po2, so for next 18months if no Yak9s then nothing new to buy for vvs only crowd if we go pto or westfront as dlc, i expected Yak9 as its most famous and fits, but Yak9T also is suprise,any west front collectables they can add later if need for them is there. its just to small numbers on any poll, few 100s vote at best of few tens of thousands probable costumers having game, and most likely ppl who dont care about airplane in question would not even bather to vote.
  2. https://vvsairwar.com/2018/06/20/the-soviet-unions-hawker-hurricanes/
  3. makes sence to add vvs as collectable if next dlc could be again not east front, so vvs only players have things to buy Yak-9T was on northen part of area in kursk battle as far as i know, so would not fit Prokhorovka map.
  4. That skin is only for users who were founders of Battle of Stalingrad, ( also special skin for 109f4 was for them only )
  5. in russian that word is hurricane Харрикейн and Typhoon is тайфун , and then other users talk in post after developers on what hurrican it could be and with what guns Edit: rereding last DD229 i see both Hurricane and yak-9 are name droped, maybe they were giving us hints
  6. Dont know i was happy suprised when i noticed that post, had to read it twice and look if it was joke as it was to good to be true, i hoped for yak9t for long time in this game Yak9 also fit kuban, and yak9t in late 43 did some antiships so its also posible to have some sp campaign for it
  7. and its coming from guy who says hes not robot, so that can only mean hes robot, and if hes robot he cant lie to humans, so its like its official, now just what type of hurri it is, maybe iiB and with aditional 2x20+2x12.7 option.
  8. https://vvsairwar.com/2018/06/20/the-soviet-unions-hawker-hurricanes/ fits maps and can be used in campaigns and probably would have planty of modifications
  9. They are coming 😄 https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12391-229-я-часть-дневников-разработчиков/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-718214 I am somewhat surprised that this has not yet spread throughout the forum, but Daniel at the meeting with Virpil Controls on Saturday explicitly announced the Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane. Discuss it better than turning another topic on the forum into something completely unreadable and toxic.
  10. stumbled on this: https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12391-229-я-часть-дневников-разработчиков/?do=findComment&comment=718214 I am somewhat surprised that this has not yet spread throughout the forum, but Daniel at the meeting with Virpil Controls on Saturday explicitly announced the Yak-9, Yak-9T and Hurricane. Discuss it better than turning another topic on the forum into something completely unreadable and toxic. dont look like joke 😄 should be good news atleast 1 i like out of 3, but ill probably end up getting Hurricane also as its Rips favorit from clod
  11. from what i remenber only guy who made squad can see url and then send it to player who wonts to join (by pm or mail and so on), then guy who wonts to join that squadron have to be log in on server webstats, and use that url in his webbrowser and that should do the trick
  12. Jason has all right to be angry or iritated, i apologize for my part in all this and behaving like spoiled brat and bringing u its engine again. I just got frustrated when i realized what engine type means for it, and developers dont deserve this level of nitpicking for sure, especialy after all its done for airplane and game improvments since Jason took over. Like its said its only devs working and doing good job on making quality ww2 air combat enviroment for us, and it would be sad if they give up because vocal minority nitpickers like my self. There is planty good said about them by most others, but i know its easy to focuse on negative so wrong impresion can be sean that they are not aprisiated by costumers, when most of their user base is greatfule for their work. I play the game that i like and will be glad to continue to buy other stuff they make for it, no mather for small stuff that dont feal right for me, and pipe down on complains.
  13. unicorn budget is spend on 1.98k4 and 262 with unbrakable engines, allieds get at best engines from 43 or early 44 to fight campaign in 45 so for bobp tempest 11lbs should be default option for boost, and 13lbs modification and iib engine, not 7 and 9lbs iia engine only and hope they make modification for 11lbs
  14. So they make Tempest V with engine that cant be use in SP campaign, and even make bombs for it that they didnt use untill may45 so not for campaign timeline ?!? but not engine that fits lol why then even bather making Tempest , its better to make Typhoon and you can use it in SP campaign historicly, and you can use it with bombs, and RP-3 rockets and it has same engine why insted Typhoon go make top performing fighter for allied side, and then give him worst posible engine out of all available options you have, makes no sence or logic especialy when you had Typhoon and Spitfire XIV as top performer, something is not computing here , did they realy tought they are making Typhoon and make mistake caling it Tempest on anouncment, as i remenber they had picture of Typhoon when they anounced bobp...lol must be batle of normandy is next when they make tempest for that and not for bobp, atleast cockpit is great as expected, and 20mm are deadly as expected (untill they also get nerfed) so old engine will have to do... did it even had worst option then this for its engine from 43 ? maybe hurricanes engine from 1942 ? or gloster gladiators from 39 ...
  15. "Alex says, "The Tempest is a bit of a mystery plane in history. Not a lot of books and no flying examples like you get with say the Spitfire. There are several different versions of performance numbers in the data we collected and trying to weed through all of them and find the truth was a challenge. In cases like this, our aero model and our systems start to tell the story instead of the data telling us, which happens on more well documented planes. It's a bit like a detective story. We search for the truth with our advanced aero modeling and see what starts to line up. As I measured its shape and entered more and more data points into our aerodynamic and power models, its real flight envelope began to emerge and it began to line up with one or more of the data sources. The end result is a really great war-winning airplane that Allied pilots are going to like and we think is the most accurate Tempest ever made for a PC flight-sim." With the info we gathered, the Mk.V sub-variant we decided to build is the Series II with the Sabre IIa engine. The initial results of FM tests are very promising for fans of British airplanes and Alex has done another outstanding job. The Tempest is indeed a deadly plane and British pilots were lucky to have her." so what to expect? smels like basic 7lbs 1h combat and 5min 9lbs, bearly as fast as normal k4 at deck and ugly as heck, did it even use that old engine from sep44 to april 45?
  16. Thats all nice but in game you get spit from 43 and tempest with engine from 43 to fight 45 stuff, no wonder no one play on allied side on servers and late war missions are empty...
  17. From game... ”Send a picture home to your girl with you sitting in a Jug. Come home to her in a lavochkin-gorbunov-gudkov” 😄
  18. Thats +9lbs in video, maybe it can do 11 down low, well have to wait and c
  19. Nice story, great pictures and video, Tempest cockpit looks awsome and as exected. And thouse 4x20 hispanos.... o my... cant wait to try and see that kaboom online, true one punch allied airplane for late war maps. Plane worth bobp price. Also map looks good.
  20. Your memorie is good, devs made this stupid and totaly unnecesary change, so now on any airplane that have manual mix you have to insted just pressing E, now putt mix to 100% and press E to start engine, its totaly worthless change that just gets on my nerves every time i have to start my engine in airplane, for years you just had to press E, and now for no reasons thats not enought lol i hope every time i start engine online guy who made this change gets hickups either leve it all automatic like before or make it full manual, this change it is stupid...
  21. i hope pto its coming as next dlc, its time for it
  22. for 6.6$ yes its worth it, for 20$ hell no, your better of geting kuban standard on sale for 25$ where you get G4 and A5, and wait for collectable airplanes sale for G6.
  23. what you get when you go here, (when your already log in): http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/squad/ this is where you manage squad info, so i guess its where you create one, i dont remenber how it was a two year ago when i did it, but if i did it it was probably not complex.
  24. you probably just have to login in top right, and when your log in then click on your Profile also top right next to log in, and then in profile section you should have option to make squad and manage it and so on...
  25. Thats why they could try to do 1ww2 dlc and 1 korea dlc in next 18 month development period, to not scare of ww2 fans if they go just fr korea dlc for next 18 months. I think one ww2 dlc have to be in development as player base here is probably mostly into that. And in this dev period they did 3xdlc at same time, so who knows maybe they will do 3 again at same dev time.
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