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  1. i didnt noticed any gain in speed by reducing rpms, so 100% gets you fastest, only thing to think about is that for max speed its better to switch to sup 2 abow ~11500ft insted what specs say, as your faster if you stay on sup 1 up to that alt.
  2. it should be ok, but check do you have turret images like _kv1s_t0.png (same name with numbers), and same for rest of tanks in your ...\il2_stats\static\img\Tank folder. Or there is just tank images named like for example kv-1s chtz(1943).png there. also when you go in your admin panel, in objects (filter tank), does "Kv-1s turret" have CLS of "heavy tank". if yes then changes are applayed and it tells you nothing new to change. if not check that you copyed pictures from 1.8 mod in your ...il2_stats\src\stats\static\img\Tank (differant path then previous), and check if classes.csv in your servers il2_stats\src folder is one from mod 1.8. i still dont know if after update.cmd is neccesary to run also collectstatic.cmd, but i run them when ever i change something just to be sure
  3. just lower your prop to around 83%, and its not mutch faster then 1.98K4, 2kmh at best best prop rpm settings per alt for top speed on P-51: 100oct 150oct 50m = ~75% ~83% 1000m = ~81% ~89% 2000m = ~88% ~96% 3000m = 93% 100% 4000m = 100% 100% 5000m = ~83% ~89% 6000m = ~90% ~95% 7000m = ~95% 100% 100% abow 7km
  4. in game La5fn can do around 580 so its a lot slower then Tempests or axis stuff from bobp. 1.98K4 can match Tempest on deck and last 10min doing that compared to 5min on Tempest, and it accelarates faster then tempest to that speed.
  5. Last time i check 11lbs tempest is faster then d9 on any alt exept 9.5km+, and 9lbs tempest is slower on deck by ~5kmh and betwen 3,5-5km, and also abow 9,5km. Autumn maps.
  6. version 1.8: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4diiezngpz9tkny/tankstatsmodv1.8.zip/file -added stats to count and show sorties for player in gunner position when 2 players are playing in some tank (driver and gunner). Stats of sortie log, where player is gunner in other players tank, will corectly show gunner players accuracy, bullets spend, log of who he hit and where. Both driver and gunner players in same tank will have number of destroyed targets in that sortie count towards their total stats , same way in their tankman stats if player is alone in tank. So the driver also get aword of playing that way with kills other player in his gunner did (his accuracy will be in - and number of bullets shot also in - but they dont count, its disregarded). -pictures, paylods for turrets of tanks added, and clases of turrets changed to tanks medium/heavy and object tank turet changed to tank for this to work like this. Its neccesary to run update.cmd after files are copyed from mod to your server folder. And if necceasry collectstatic.cmd to collect new pictures properly. It should look like this if all is ok : mission list: tankman sortie: tankman log: first post updated with link for this version of mod
  7. They would not make Hurricane as next DLC airplane if we go to again next west front where you get more British airplanes, its PTO 100% and one without Brits
  8. You can go in quick mission and set airplane in air with 10% fuel and start leve autopilot on go on max power and see when fuel run out, (you can use time accelaration so you dont wait full 4-9min depending on airplane). Then run more tests like that to see with what lower settings of power, or mix or rpm you get best extended time on what you got with max power, sometimes you can triple the time.
  9. You can test this in Quick mission if you turn on in realisam settings instrument panel, then you will see messages from game in tech chat that tell you when your timer is expired and when is recharged, so you know for each airplane when and how long it lasts and takes to recharge. For some reason this dosent work if that option in realisam settings is turned off, so you can not know when you recharg and can use it again. https://imgur.com/PH7C8pl On 109s its simple, ratio of expired to recharge is 1:1, so for 1 min on emergancy you need to fly 1min off emergancy to recharg it, and on any airplane recharg is posible on settings that are lower then one your recharging, so emrgancy can be recharged on combat , combat on continuous, and time is always same, it dosent recharg faster emergancy on continues then on combat. "the absolute (cumulated) time (over the whole flight) or max continuous time?" you use it for lets say 30s, and then go to combat for 30s , you recharged that 30s and you can again use it for full 1min. If you use it for 30s and then 10s on combat, you recharged only 10s and after that you can use it for only 40s. You can extend time of each settings by using slightly lower power, but again if the messages in tech chat dont work on expert settings then its gamble as you dont know when exactly timer expired. So as you gain altitude and power settings on 100% are lower (ata) time is no longer just 1min but longer, but as messages are buged and dont show in expert you cant know how mutch longer. Everything abow time that is specified in specs for airplane in game is random extra time, and risk of fail of engine. So in 1min limit,1min is safe time and no risk of engine fail. Abow 1min its risk, and it can be ok sometimes up to +1min or just +1s abow safe 1min limit.
  10. when they offer standard vwesion of BoBp youll be able to buy separatly P-38J and Fw-190D9. From latest Update 4.001: "Also, a Standard Edition of BOBP will be coming soon with the P-38J and Fw-190 D-9 offered as Collector Planes to give users more buying options. BOBP will also be available on Steam in the coming weeks, there are still a few details we must work out there first."
  11. Is so exaggerated when some one hits my airplane, but its not exaggerated when i hit someone, funny how that works 😄
  12. After update to stats it takes some time to reapply changes they have specificly made for their server to new stats so its normal that they are down untill that gets done. Should be up sone.
  13. December 6th 😄 Probably early in the morning , under the radar as big suprise
  14. version 1.7 of mod: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1j2zydaqpr8a36k/tankstatsmodv1.7.zip/file -in misson, squad and tankmen ranking, added sort by GK/D and GK/H (icon added also) insted K/D and K/H for tankman -in missions, sorted missions by player should work now -crashed tank status changed to disabled, in tankman sortie -added link below player name, in his tankman/pilot stats, that leads you to same players pilot/tankmen stats. -fixes to Russian locale, thanks to Vachik for checking my added Russian translated words and sentences and providing corrections. as there is new icon added its important to run collectstatic.cmd in your ...\il2 stats\run folder to avoid errors with missing icon
  15. version 1.6: https://www.mediafire.com/file/is022ftvdpk3r1r/tankstatsmodv1.6.zip/file minor fixes to : -correct display top tankman in tankman rankings by ground target streak ( was by air target streak ) -correct placment of top tankmen and top 24h tankmen on main page Thanks i tryed to add as mutch stuff that pilots have working so it works in same way for tankmen, to best of my knowledge as im not coder or programer. if others wont to add missing stats stuff to their modified tank stats i think it should not be big problem to see and compare what i changed. Only big thing missing is tankmen sortie log details, to best of my knowladege it seams that they dont show up because player is in mission reports shown as driver on spawn and then when he switches to turret game missionReport dont detect that. AID (attacker ID) later when you hit something shows number of turret and what is hit by it, but players is in ID number of driver at start. If game by default spawns player on tanks in turret i think this logs would work. Or maybe its posible to make Vaal stats to display actions of attacker (when turret or gunner ) in players airplane/tank even when hes not player so it would say its AI but atleast it would show when something got hit and what. ( thats why ammo count and accuracy also dont work as ammo is in turret ). What is destroyed is correctly conted, so if player kills other player in tank it should correctly count even though events when that happend in sortie and when bullet hit will not be displayed. I didt have ablity to test what happends when player hits player but i guess that will not show up (same like its in original when player or players AI gunner hit something) for same reason as player at start spawns as driver/pilot, and actions of AI in your airplane / tank are disreagarded (im trying to see where is this turned off and if i can turne it on and see what happends) from what i see, and when player switches in turet games missionReport dont show that event for stats to pick it up. Maybe someone who is more skiled and knowlagable about missionReport can fined a way to make it work.
  16. Support will ask you to confirm this is you on both acounts and they will just link them, you dont have to worry, but youll have to wait for them to do that probably when next work day starts. I realy tought lanching game out of steam wil prompt steam to ask you to link but it seams it dosent work for you like it works for me, and in Ribbons example in post abow.
  17. Thats strange, it worked for me just now, i turn off steam, i started game from il2.exe and then log in , then closed game and start steam and start game on steam, and it asked me to link acounts again, and when i link them all works. If that dont work for you youll have to wait for suport then, but atleast over weekend youll be able to play on bobp untill suport links your stuff to steam
  18. no problem i understand, just take it slow, they would not lanch game without all stuff that you already had before, i just made it more confusing then neccesary by forgheting that you can just lanch il2.exe from steam folders and you didnt have to download separatly lancher again (but it wont be problem) try to lanch game from your: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\bin\game il2.exe and then from steam, it should ask you to link
  19. But you both stuff before they added option for linking, he didnt he buy stuff first at steam and when asked does he wont to link he said no as all he had is on steam. So now when he buy from web, steam will not just ask him all of suden do you wont to link we see some dog1 guy both bobp is this you ? he needs to lanch il2.exe and login with email and pass from forum he uses for dog1, and after that when he trys to start steam only then will steam see oh you have other game do you wont to link them. This is how it was for me.
  20. create mission in editor and just make new folder like i created in example of QMKubanP47
  21. Thanks for testing it out, hope all continue work same for pilots like before.
  22. but he dosent use same acount from forum on steam, so he has to link them first, and steam dont ask him to link them as he had game long time on steam, so he neds to lanch game from il-2 exe first to trigger steam to ask him to link
  23. yes i understand, no missions as there is no missions scenarious for bobp, mission editor is in your game and skin viewer also in proper bin folders to have it all together with bos bom bok you have to link the games acounts start game from il2,exe in steam folder, and log in there, then start game from steam and it will ask you to link
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