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  1. And its even wireless! wow now rest and then work on gRiJ dedicado server for BoX, was great fun in 1946
  2. Some crazy moves in new one: Looks good The Fighter Pilot Podcast reaction to it: C.W. Lemoine reaction also:
  3. Last game update made all airplane GUI preview pictures in same style, so here is pictures for =FB=Vaal and =FB=Isay IL2 stats system using this new style (previously used only on FC and few of new BoBp arplanes) for missing airplanes, so if you wont all airplanes to be same you can use it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9sztgl3zb59zi4s/newairplanepictures.zip/file place pictures in your server \src\stats\static\img\aircraft folder, and run collectstatic.cmd , so old ones get replaced with this new ones. Example on how it looks, Old look: New look: How it looks on stats:
  4. General: 1. visability is terible now, i can see contacts miles away now, but at certen mid ranges 4-8km they become almost invisable. If your chasing someone you basicly cant check your 6 as youll never reacvier him again, airplanes are lost so easy that its unbilivable. Also over forrests airplanes just disapere when your close 1-2km from them but you can clearly see them over same forrests from high. And from what i can read on russian forum, they are working on fixing this stuff next year. It dosent stop me from playing as i know others are blined also. 2. it was like that since game was made, but its only Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 Pe-2 propaganda is strong in this game so ppl think its only problem on that airplane, problem is in how AI of gunners work. They decided to give every AI gunner its brain so they dont shere your position info betwen them self, but it seams that dont work as you still have all knowing AI gunners that even if they dont see you, know where you are, and will hitt you. So you have high demand on AI and no use from it, great job to block any big bombers by doing it this way. If server have escorted bombers he can use low setting, if it has unescorted bombers then just use ace. When gunners are set to ace i only attack bomber when he makes big turns or when more players are vs 1 bomber. 3. I like G effects how they are, i dont wont them to change this. 4. They reduced that effect with last update, but i also dont understand why player cant bail out when hes going faster then 400kmh i think wind would blow him from cockpit if he relises his straps. Or why you cant bail out when your wonded, adrenalin gives you superpowers so i think if he wonts he would bail out if airplane is on fire, and your missing an arm, leg or have whole in guts, you would die later but you would bail out. But devs think players need to be aditionaly punished so we have what we have, i dont care mutch if they change it as i dont need to bail offten. VVS: 1. i didnt noticed any changes, but i use mostly 12.7 and 23mm, as since they made all airplanes more durable 30mm and 23mm are only realistic guns in game. 2. they could turn like crazy since they were made so no suprises, i dont even see any rason why 110s should not be able to turn good when light considering their wings. 3. With Il-2 at one point one of the upates made its tail fall so easy, and i see since then Kirill constantly complains on russian forum that they broke it. 4. i dont see any differances, maybe it gt more deadly because of new physiology effects when HE explods next to pilot, but same is on them with vvs HE
  5. In Il-2 1946, it was great turn fighter, there its 37mm when hit 109 didnt take 3 hits but 1 to shoot it down, and its engine in 1946 was not cripled by some fantasy timers that game here dont even tell you when they get expired or recharged even if you try to use them how game wonts you to use them you cant because buged techchat messages that should inform you when to stop. If you look just at game, there is no reason why would russian pilot wont P-39 insted any other vvs fighter airplane, and you see that online in practice, most fighters are russian made ones, p-40 p-39 are crap and main reasons are fantasy timers and in case of P-39 its terible modeling of 37mm gun after they buffted airplanes durability.
  6. Probably worst airplane in game, i liked it in il-2 1946, here its crap
  7. Last few weeks i played alot with free t-34 tank and when my engine was destroyed i cant move, and other tanks can destroy my tank with no problem, i dont know what bug was there before but i see that t-34 can be destroyed like any other tank either when i was in it or when i got other t-34 with pziii.
  8. Then they have good airplane for axis collector fighter, they can do Fw-190 A-7 as collector airplane as it probably dont block any future DLC. As its not easy to add more axis collector airplanes that are realativly easy to make and could not be used on mising DLCs. A-9 is saved for late war east front DLC. For BoN A-6 is better choice, and do A-7 as collector airplane near end of early acces, like now we have Hurri and Yak-9s.
  9. Better to get spit 14 then just spit9c, we have 9e you can use, differances are minimal. Mosquito is more asked for then beau so when you have choice betwen 2 its right choice to go for what they go for, and you can level Beau for Italy for example, same with A-20G. Ju188 Do-217 they can add with late war east front that is most likely to come after BoN, so keep asking for them and more chance they will have them, just look planes with BoN most are on most wonted list on forum... They have to select airplanes that fit and leve some that can fit other DLCs... even if they have all data for them. Also before BoN is finished they will probably have 1 or 2 more collector airplanes out, maybe B-25 or B-26 or easy to do Spit9c from existing 9e.
  10. Ju88s already are used as low alt pinpoint bombers so making one with more guns insted bombsight thats not used mutch is great selection, devs know what most players like in their game. For game where you can destroy factorys with 20mm, C6 is perfect selection. Planset they have for BoN could not be better, only improvment i see is needed is G6/AS and make Spit XIV one of first to come out in early acces so allied players se reson to preorder whole thing and not just wait to get it as collectable.
  11. In real life pilots had time limits to consider, but if they go over limits their engines would not blow up like its in game with this fantasy timers. If like in game engines would blow up when pilot used over 3min or 5min or 15min, then this is most important thing in airplane to be thinking about in DF and pilot would have aditional gauges or warning lights in cocpit with info how long he used emergancy or combat and so on... and they didnt have thouse, as they could go over limits and nothing would happend and when they land time would add to engine overhaule schedule. When in game you have to be this strick because its game, and make that engines blow up if you go over safe time limit, then messages that tell you when alowed time limit is expired or recharged need to show in techchat like other more stupid messages that for example tell you that your overheating even though you can see that from gauges and steam behined your airplane. But you cant know when your timer is expired or recharged from any gauges in plane, as that was not so important in real airplanes like its in game with fantasy timers and mariocart type recharges. So if you have airplane that no one wonts even as a gift like P-40, with multiple timers that will kill your engine and NO working messages that tells you when safe time run out so you know how to play the game inside this fantasy limitations, your basicly haveing broken airplanes and working airplanes, ones that have random failure build in compared to other airplanes like Yaks Laggs and so on, that dont have random failures becuase you never know if you go over fantasy limits or if you recharged mariocart boost again.
  12. Map is of quality i expected, textures near rivers are only thing that i see as bug with it, other stuff i dont care mutch as long its playable. From devs when map come in question i expect bare minimum, even making airbases look like they did in ww2 is abow my expectations.
  13. Maybe error is just in forum specs for airplane that say 5min limit. In game spec say limit is 3min, and in game you get message that your over limit after 3min use (you can see message when you turn on instrument panle option in realisam). If we have to be forced to use this fantasy braking of engines when you go over limits, then we have to be informed when that limit time game wonts us to be limited to , to work, and now it dosent work , as it works only when instrument panel is on. I dont care what kined of fantasy timers they select but make it bug free atleast so i know how game wonts me to play, and not just count on random failures how its now without any info when exactly engine timer run out, or got fantasy recharged like in formula E or mario cart, they atleast tell you when boost or magic starbar is recharged.
  14. Your tolerances to G are lowered drasticly, i had this happend few times on long sorties online.
  15. One of early pictures show it with vvs guns, so it will be full of differant modifications i expect for west and east fronts use. When they ae doing it why not do all at once, iia iib iic iid, hurribomber version of them and vvs mods
  16. Velki Luky was build by moders if i remenber correctly, thats why its higher standard, and thats why im more excited to see Leningrad map build by moders then any map devs plan to make, as moders have all the time in the world to make it and work for free, devs dont.
  17. Maybe engine timers are killing your engine, if your in SP, turn on instrument panel in realisam settings to check if you get message that your emergancy timer run out (you dont get that message in Expert as its still bug that didnt get fix). Are you in this limits for rpm and boost, even if your boost is low maybe you have rpm high to activate timers: "Max Cruising power (unlimited time): 2650 RPM, boost +7 International power (up to 30 minutes): 2850 RPM, boost +9 Emergency Max All Out power (up to 5 minutes): 3000 RPM, boost +16"
  18. Even if you just try to add airplane like this or (B-17) as AI only it would be pointles, as the way game works now you could not have many in air. They would have to spend time to make AI B-24 have simple FM, and simple AI gunner brain, so even more money need to be spend on it then on for example AI B-25, B-26 C-47, that later on you can try to sell as playable, what you could not with B-24. So chances for B-24 in this game are low, even if its just AI.
  19. version 1.2 of mod is in first post, I noticed with more tests, that change i did for disco player to get shotdown when damaged and to give kill for that, was making also situation when you rtb and was damaged in that sortie to also give a kill when it should not give kill. So i fix that with this changes to report.py file in version 1.2. Now disco and damaged give kill to attacker, and rtb works as in original ( not give kill when you land at home base). I tested also if situation when your damaged and in air at mission end, or server crashes and your in air, is same like in original and not effected by changes neccesary for disco kill, and it works like in original, your in flight and dont give kill for just being damaged.
  20. I did one pass didnt do mutch damaged i saw you turn back to your base, and i broke attack and rtb, no point geting in fight with spawn base aaa. I noticed you on that secound far airbase when you spawnd, i was then over my targets. So i tought they use alt vis as to me that was realy far.
  21. What this guy posted happends offten when contact is close and over forest, hes totaly invisable. You could see contact from higher up but when closer hes just gone. And icon shows that he should be there ( and this didnt happend before visability changes, so its not old bug ): https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12833-видимость-контактов-проблемы-идеи-предложения/?do=findComment&comment=742859 You can see from post by devs that they are doing something.
  22. i belive it was said they have vvs bombs so ppl would complain and ask for western loudouts and so on ... give hand they take a whole arm thing i guess. So best to leve it in ai use only for west.
  23. I think impresion is differant, as we here post more in correct topics, and they on russian forum usealy just post all in one DD or update topic. So it seams like problem is more noticable there then here, when here its scatared in 10+ differant topics. Problem can be do to weather or time of day conditions in mission, game graphic settings for player, is it online or offline, and so on... but its clear that airplanes dont show up sometimes in mid ranges, but why who knows... https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12732-235-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=742482
  24. Nothing odd, from what i can se its because more of players on that forum have reported problems with it, so they try to get good data for it. if you have video or track you can just post link for them there also your acount is same on that forum, no need to understand russian or speak it to just post that to help give more data.
  25. for ppl who are having bugs with visability ( not, i like it or dont like it, type problems): maybe post recordings or videos, i see they are investigating in topic: Visibility of contacts: problems, ideas, suggestions A big request to write VERY briefly.The topic is strictly moderated.UPD: as visual materials, it’s best to give a link to the video (with timing) + apply the track. https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12833-видимость-контактов-проблемы-идеи-предложения/
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