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  1. i always tought they didnt have ai dedicated programer, i remenber posts about APetrovich worked on some AI fixes at some point betwen other stuff he does but dont know of others, for me this was first time i see they have ai guy so i expect better progress

  2. there is not many groups that can do this effectivly online, but its posible even if you go with 110s and 109s, or f8s and g14s, and il2s and yaks, Tempests and Spits... and so on insted 38s and 51s.

    If you have 8 fighters protecting 4 ground attackers, and all is well cooordinated without confusion ( thats most tricky thing that usealy dont work ) then its best way to close objectives on any server, but in practice it dosent work as intended from my expiriance.

  3. On that first video i can se only 1-2 hit by 20mm on lagg, and by i16, and for colision i dont know why he didnt lose a wing but best guess is net problems.


    This last video is from last year, and it shows bug that was happening offten online after one of games updates, when damage was delayed if players had bad conection and missions were to heavy, that is fixed by now in most cases, only on few ocasions you can see messages about delayed hits by few seconds on heavy missions by players with bad net. 


    You should get better informed 



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  4. i usealy play up high and can spot contacts that fly low from there, but usealy loose them when i get lower, something 1-2km from them especialy if they are over forrests veary low. Its strange that you can clearly see them from 5-6km but you can so easy lose them when you get closer.

    I dont know if its resolution thing as i play on single monitor and tm8 on 3 monitors setup and he has it even wors down low close to contact.

  5. 18 minutes ago, apollon01 said:


    Exactly my thoughts. Until that is worked on as priority nr 1 I will keep my wallet closed (I am an SP career player).


    I mean, I understand that new content means much needed cash stream for the dev team. However, there is a good number of threads in this forum highlighting issues that were done in a better way already in Il2 1946. It would be nice to get on par before going extensive in my opinion.



    from dd-227

    • Improved AI maneuvering in a dogfight. Our new programmer is working on this (the recent formation keeping improvements are his work), but remember there is still a long way to go in this area.

    so you aint gona have to wait for long

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  6. On 8/19/2019 at 8:38 PM, Dagwoodyt said:

    At near constant 2-4lb. boost the engine seems to die within ~15 min. I have done QM dogfights of > 30 min. in other aircraft having much less automation. What am I missing here?

    Also you can turn on instrument panel in realisam settings, and youll be informed in techchat when time limit expired and its recharged, so you can track better why engine brakes on airplanes with timers, on experet realisam this stil dont work for some od reason.

  7. Here is data from my top speed test on Il-2 Great Battle airplanes for original Il-2 1946 compare program. 


    Original IL2 Compare was created by ROSS Youss ( as far as i know ), and you need to have that program first, you can get it from this link:


    Here is link for my test data files ( DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn, size 35.63KB ) :

    First download original IL-2 Compare program from Mission 4 Today link (if you already dont have it with your old Il-2 1946 game ), instal it, delete or rename original DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn foders containing Il-2 1946 airplane data. 
    Then download my test data files for IL-2 GB "Il-2BoXtestrdatav3.zip". Extract it and place its DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn folders inside original "Il-2 Compare" folder.
    And then when you double click on that "il2c.exe" inside "IL2 Compare" folder, you should only have listed airplanes from Il-2 GB game when program starts, and their data.

    If all was done correctly it should look like this:





    Data for Il-2 GB is manualy edited (its not generated by FM extractor mod like it was for original il-2 1946 version from my understanding, i dont know if that mode for Il-2 1946 still exist, and if it would even work with Il-2 Great Battle game).

    I use this for refreance for how airplanes in this game relate to each other in top speed, if you see something strange or wrong its probably because of my mistakes in tests or IAS to TAS conversion, test it your self and you can easy edit files with your test data to what you get as correct numbers. 
    Chart data for MAX TAS by Altitude is taken on Kuban Autumn map (no wind, no clouds), same for all tested airplanes. Mostly at 1000m intervals ( for some airplanes also 500m or less intervls ) 
    IAS is taken from game HUD when auto level is turned on, and airplane is spawned in air in QM at desired alt, flying strait on set power for 5-10min depending on alowed power setting. 
    TAS neccesary for speed chart is then calculated with this: https://aerotoolbox.net/airspeed-conversions/  ,( IAS from game is placed in "Equivalent Airspeed:" field )


    Airplanes engine power, and condition:
    Bf-109s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency. (on 109G2 2nd line is manual rpm up to 2800 for 1-2min) , (Default loudout, with 50% fuel).
    Fw-190s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency (A8boost = boost on, A5U17 = boost on, no bombs ). (default, 50%) 
    Bf-110s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency. (default, 50%) 
    Me-262A = first line is continuous, 2nd line is emergency. (default, 50%) 
    Ju88 = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions)
    He-111s = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions)
    Ju87 = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions)
    Il-2s = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat conditions)
    Yaks = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is continuous with 0% rads and overheat (only short time posible to fly like that). (default, 50%),(On Yak7 top speed is 0% oil, 45% watter).
    Lagg3 = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is continuous with 0% rads and overheat (only short time posible to fly like that). (default, 50%)
    La5 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) 
    La5supmax = first line is continuous (sup1 up to 4.5km), 2nd line is boosted (sup2 from 2.5km). (default, 50%), (no overheat) 
    La5FN = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat)
    I-16 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat)
    Mig3 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat)
    P-40 = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off on overheat low ). (default, 50%)
    P-39 = first line is combat (no overheat), 2nd line is emergency (Max Posible on overheat low ). (default, 50%), (40%/60% O/W rads for best speed )
    P-47 = first line is combat, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) , (P-47D-28rpmmax = 2550RPM below 7km, 2850rpm abow 7000m)
    Spitfires = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency (boost). (default, 50%), (no overheat)
    Pe2s  = continuous power (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat) 
    A-20 = first line is continuous (up to ~95°C oil), 2nd line is emergancy (up to ~105°C oil). (default without bombs, 50%)


    -MC.202, Bf-109G6, Hs-129, Ju52, U2VS top speed numbers are taken from extracted game data files in ai folder ( luascripts>ai folder , 0 is for no data for that altitude ) , as i dont have that airplanes yet.
    -Max ROC chart data is taken from extracted data files in ai folder (luascripts>ai folder) for each airplane, and not from in game test ( so thats mostly climb rate for airplanes at combat power or nominal if they dont have combat ).
    -Charts for turn time by speed and ROC at constant TAS have no data taken, so they are empty. 
    -In general airplane info (+) is value for turn rate for each airplane taken from :

    , or extracted data files from ai folder (luascripts>ai folder) at 0m altitude for airplanes not on JtD test. 
    -Data in general info (+) for each airplanes is taken from ai extracted data files ( take off weight value is standard weight taken from airplane in game specs ). Dive max speed values for each airplane are taken from in game dive test from high alt. ( its max speed at point when you first start to lose control parts of airplane , its not max dive speed numbers from in game spec ). Weapons data is not icluded so its not active.

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  8. their base is only 5km off map border, if they decide to make mosquito FB VI they can easy extend map area and make their home base and use them in SP campaign for SP missions, so if they wont to make Mosquito they can easy make it and fit all historical aspects neccesary for SP campaign. But i dont think next bunch of collectable airplanes is Mosquito. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, jokerBR said:


    EDIT: Besides BOS, I also have an extra plane and an extra campaign, I don't know if they're going to provide Steam keys for those as well or if they'll be kept at the "website version".

    But then youll just link your steam acount to this, and youll have all in game at one place even when you start it from steam. For what you buy from web store (exept this BoS), you dont need steam keys then and they would not give it to you. I think it should work for you same as it works for others who have Bos from steam and rest from web store. And you can free buy stuff from steam then when coversion its to mutch in web store.

  10. yes Kuban map is best map in game, and i forghot A-20 also, its good practice for P-38 :)


    if im him i would get thngs now when they are on 50-66% sale

    BoM premium 27$

    BoK premium 40$

    BoBp premium 70$


    and then you still have option to later get BoS either on steam (and link all from web with it) if you wont to play all on steam or here on web store if you like how vvs stuf is in game

  11. 5 hours ago, Mr_Steven said:

    Alright so I didn't realize buying maps was part of it. 


    Thanks for the replies guys. I guess I just don't want to throw a lot of money into planes I'm never going to fly, but if the maps are part of it, that definitely changes things. I want Spits, P51's, P40's, P47's, P38's, and Tempests, so I guess what I'm asking is what's the best way to go about this?

    Also do you wont t play game with steam, or not. As if you plan to play it with steam, then you have to buy BoS there as thats base game by steam, and rest you can then buy from web store and all would be linked together.


    I remenber you as online player  so you dont have to worry about geting maps for battle of moscow or battle of stalingrad or kuban if you dont wont thouse airplanes,, as like other say online you can fly on any maps even if you dont have them, only thing you need is that mission have atleast one of airplanes you buy.


    So if you dont wont to use steam you just buy Battle of Bodenplatte 70$ till preorder ends: 



    and separate P-40 and Spitfire V from here, 20$ each:



    one more airplane you miss is P-39 that comes with standard Kuban, and its only 25$ now,( but if you now buy premium kuban you also get spit v for only 15$ more):



    Also as BoM is on sale, you can get premium version with P-40 for 27$, so you get 9 more airplanes, for only 7$ more, insted buying only P-40 for 20$(if your not waiting for sale for collector airplanes).




    Online on most servers ( if you aim is to not have russian airplanes ) you would be able to play on early missions with P-40, so P-40 is one you have to get if only DLC you wont is Bodenplatte, to be able to play on early missions also as allied player.

  12. 54 minutes ago, kendo said:


    I really hope that we don't end up getting this watered down to some simplified token gesture like that because the devs get pressure from the 'competitive' crowd, who when they said they wanted a more realistic spotting physics, actually just meant they wanted it to be 'easier'.

    and they said they dont wont to do just simple thing like make things in artificial dot , they are doing it right way, so no need to worry.

    Insted big airplanes like bombers just jumping in existance from 9km youll be able to see them gradualy apearing, and so on... dont expect things like in old il-2 1946 or other flying games, i expect same principal as now just with longer posible range, now that dont mean youll always for example see fighter from 15km, or bomber from 25km, it will depend on conditions and positions on maps and so on... it will not always be black dot if contact is more then 10km from you and so on. What ever incress is im sure it will be worth it. Just to be able to see contrails and ships from more then 10km is big +

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  13. From what we see from existing maps and its accuracy,, i have no concernes that new maps will be as accurate as humanly posible for ww2 maps, and wip pictures of airbases shows whats to expect from bobp area. Most pictures of airplanes are from kuban as thats best looking map, so why not show it :)

  14. 2 hours ago, jokerBR said:

    I have a rather curious (and opposite) situation: I always bought my flying sims (RoF, BoS, DCS, etc) outside Steam, but now I was wondering if it is possible to put my BoS account INSIDE Steam, to be able to purchase new modules (i.e., Bodenplatte, FC, etc) on Steam. The reason? Well, my country reached an exchange rate of 1:4, so its like paying $320 for Bodenplatte or Flying Circus - each! (Using the Summer Sales, it would drop to $280, still heavy). To make things worst, I'm running on a very tight budget at the moment.
    On Steam, they use a different rate for every country, trying to make the games cost more or less the "same proportion of your salary" in different parts of the globe - or at least it seems to.
    Right now, spending the equivalent of $300 in a module is out of question, so I was thinking about moving to Steam and then purchase it with an additional 20% discount (which is more or less the difference Steam has on top of original web prices at the moment). Still salty I know (for my wallet), but at least I can somehow keep helping the development - the alternative is worst (not purchasing it).
    Dunno if this is possible (somehow registering BoS purchased on 1C inside Steam and then purchase the rest on Steam).


    i think you would have to buy bos again from steam, maybe on next 66%+ sale. I dont think they give steam keys for BoS from here, but maybe ask support as your one of early founders by the look of your silver BoS so you realy didnt have any option when you got it long time ago.

  15. 11 minutes ago, Jason_Williams said:


    Only one of these circles is right. At 4K it's a bit easier and I knew were to look. There are lots of factors that will determine if planes far out are easily spotted.



    That one in top left can be clearly sean as airplane, but i dont know what other black dots are then if not contacts some sure look like they are chasing each other in distance.


    But just from picture its hard to know for sure, so if its only one then its only one

  16. Just now, ACG_Herne said:


    you are probably right, I just checked original pic and these old eyes couldn't see anything beyond that scratch lol. 

    from 2nd picture where you can see dots and some are brighter depending on light at them if im not mistaken




    PS. its better to look at original picture as this one lost on quality 


    on first picture i could count 12 airplanes in there

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