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  1. That would be good idea, Il-2 sometihing ww2 DLC, and at same time Il-2 something Korea war DLC at same time, like we had ww2 and ww1 now. They can do it!
  2. in il-2 1946, there was 2-3 servers with big number of players using icons ( that you could modifie , frend or enemy side to be displayed how ever you wont as server host, alot squads used them ). even in clod where you have same options to costumise icons like il-2 1946 there was ppl playng online with them in big number ( for that game ). but i belive now most of them just play WT, or SP.
  3. icons now in game are just to agresive this is just enought, small mark, no ned for rest, atleast for start if full options like 3Dmigoto has is to mutch work to add to game
  4. Early zero vs wildcats (especialy F3 model) are good match, prob even better then 109f4 vs yak1 now. Only thing good later where axis are not outmatched heavy is F6F3 vs A6M5s in Philippine sea carrier vs carrier, but for bombing allieds have mutch better stuff by that time even in that battle.
  5. what would suprise me is them anouncing another 109 or 190 as collectable airplane 😄
  6. Your one coming on server you clearly dont like, then spred fals info about that server and then promote other servers on its topic where its server admins cant defend as they cant post. So i call you out on your BS when your wrong. Ill informed ppl like you make other ppl belive in fals info about server. If you dont like how things are on this server go play and spend more your limited play time on servers that you promote, that will get ppl to play there, but i see from time you spend on servers you promote in this topic, you still spend mutch more time on wol server you spred fals info about then on them
  7. Buffalo is coming with midway, so no need for it to be collectable now
  8. lol didnt last one day (22th im not playing here any more, 23 oh well, where els to play) : http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sorties/1309/=VARP=Tvrdi/?tour=51 i see you have disco fever so less players like you on WoL its better You played 20h on WoL, 11h on kota and 4h on box for someone who likes thouse servers and dont like this one maybe practice what you preach and play on empty servers more Also you have few fals points there: weapons are lock for both sides for same reasons all targets on both sides are protected by same number of AAA many maps have clouds on differant altitudes, and differant types of them, and even double layer
  9. there was ~40 Ju88G1 and G6 participating in BoBp operation, so its good chance to be Ju-88G if they go for prop twin engined axis airplane.
  10. De Havilland DH.98 Mosquito (XIII or XVII) and Ta-152H dont fit any map in game as no bases to operate from so hard to imagine they would go for airplane like that with history of collectable airplanes choices. Other are posible, only Mosquitos that have base to operate from on bobp map for now is PR Mk. XVI.
  11. i always tought they didnt have ai dedicated programer, i remenber posts about APetrovich worked on some AI fixes at some point betwen other stuff he does but dont know of others, for me this was first time i see they have ai guy so i expect better progress
  12. there is not many groups that can do this effectivly online, but its posible even if you go with 110s and 109s, or f8s and g14s, and il2s and yaks, Tempests and Spits... and so on insted 38s and 51s. If you have 8 fighters protecting 4 ground attackers, and all is well cooordinated without confusion ( thats most tricky thing that usealy dont work ) then its best way to close objectives on any server, but in practice it dosent work as intended from my expiriance.
  13. Han posted not long ago that he would like liberation of Poland, but its not his decision https://forum.il2sturmovik.ru/topic/12273-227-я-часть-дневников-разработчика/?do=findComment&comment=711212 but its PTO 99.97%
  14. On that first video i can se only 1-2 hit by 20mm on lagg, and by i16, and for colision i dont know why he didnt lose a wing but best guess is net problems. This last video is from last year, and it shows bug that was happening offten online after one of games updates, when damage was delayed if players had bad conection and missions were to heavy, that is fixed by now in most cases, only on few ocasions you can see messages about delayed hits by few seconds on heavy missions by players with bad net. You should get better informed
  15. i usealy play up high and can spot contacts that fly low from there, but usealy loose them when i get lower, something 1-2km from them especialy if they are over forrests veary low. Its strange that you can clearly see them from 5-6km but you can so easy lose them when you get closer. I dont know if its resolution thing as i play on single monitor and tm8 on 3 monitors setup and he has it even wors down low close to contact.
  16. from dd-227 Improved AI maneuvering in a dogfight. Our new programmer is working on this (the recent formation keeping improvements are his work), but remember there is still a long way to go in this area. so you aint gona have to wait for long
  17. also bottom one is probably two seater so pilot is more forward quick serch:
  18. Also you can turn on instrument panel in realisam settings, and youll be informed in techchat when time limit expired and its recharged, so you can track better why engine brakes on airplanes with timers, on experet realisam this stil dont work for some od reason.
  19. There is atleast ~15 playing on wol reguraly from nbsi and 343 and maybe more, maybe one of them see this
  20. Here is data from my top speed test on Il-2 Great Battle airplanes for original Il-2 1946 compare program. Original IL2 Compare was created by ROSS Youss ( as far as i know ), and you need to have that program first, you can get it from this link: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&file=details&id=329 Here is link for my test data files ( DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn, size 35.63KB ) : http://www.mediafire.com/file/sn9a20qiugoumau/Il-2BoXtestrdat_v3.zip/file First download original IL-2 Compare program from Mission 4 Today link (if you already dont have it with your old Il-2 1946 game ), instal it, delete or rename original DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn foders containing Il-2 1946 airplane data. Then download my test data files for IL-2 GB "Il-2BoXtestrdatav3.zip". Extract it and place its DataCraft, DataSpeed and DataTurn folders inside original "Il-2 Compare" folder. And then when you double click on that "il2c.exe" inside "IL2 Compare" folder, you should only have listed airplanes from Il-2 GB game when program starts, and their data. If all was done correctly it should look like this: Data for Il-2 GB is manualy edited (its not generated by FM extractor mod like it was for original il-2 1946 version from my understanding, i dont know if that mode for Il-2 1946 still exist, and if it would even work with Il-2 Great Battle game). I use this for refreance for how airplanes in this game relate to each other in top speed, if you see something strange or wrong its probably because of my mistakes in tests or IAS to TAS conversion, test it your self and you can easy edit files with your test data to what you get as correct numbers. Chart data for MAX TAS by Altitude is taken on Kuban Autumn map (no wind, no clouds), same for all tested airplanes. Mostly at 1000m intervals ( for some airplanes also 500m or less intervls ) IAS is taken from game HUD when auto level is turned on, and airplane is spawned in air in QM at desired alt, flying strait on set power for 5-10min depending on alowed power setting. TAS neccesary for speed chart is then calculated with this: https://aerotoolbox.net/airspeed-conversions/ ,( IAS from game is placed in "Equivalent Airspeed:" field ) Airplanes engine power, and condition: Bf-109s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency. (on 109G2 2nd line is manual rpm up to 2800 for 1-2min) , (Default loudout, with 50% fuel). Fw-190s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency (A8boost = boost on, A5U17 = boost on, no bombs ). (default, 50%) Bf-110s = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency. (default, 50%) Me-262A = first line is continuous, 2nd line is emergency. (default, 50%) Ju88 = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions) He-111s = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions) Ju87 = first line is combat (Climb power), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off power). (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat conditions) Il-2s = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat conditions) Yaks = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is continuous with 0% rads and overheat (only short time posible to fly like that). (default, 50%),(On Yak7 top speed is 0% oil, 45% watter). Lagg3 = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is continuous with 0% rads and overheat (only short time posible to fly like that). (default, 50%) La5 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) La5supmax = first line is continuous (sup1 up to 4.5km), 2nd line is boosted (sup2 from 2.5km). (default, 50%), (no overheat) La5FN = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) I-16 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) Mig3 = first line is continuous, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) P-40 = first line is continuous (no overheat), 2nd line is emergancy (Take off on overheat low ). (default, 50%) P-39 = first line is combat (no overheat), 2nd line is emergency (Max Posible on overheat low ). (default, 50%), (40%/60% O/W rads for best speed ) P-47 = first line is combat, 2nd line is boosted. (default, 50%), (no overheat) , (P-47D-28rpmmax = 2550RPM below 7km, 2850rpm abow 7000m) Spitfires = first line is combat, 2nd line is emergency (boost). (default, 50%), (no overheat) Pe2s = continuous power (default without bombs, 50%), (no overheat) A-20 = first line is continuous (up to ~95°C oil), 2nd line is emergancy (up to ~105°C oil). (default without bombs, 50%) -MC.202, Bf-109G6, Hs-129, Ju52, U2VS top speed numbers are taken from extracted game data files in ai folder ( luascripts>ai folder , 0 is for no data for that altitude ) , as i dont have that airplanes yet. -Max ROC chart data is taken from extracted data files in ai folder (luascripts>ai folder) for each airplane, and not from in game test ( so thats mostly climb rate for airplanes at combat power or nominal if they dont have combat ). -Charts for turn time by speed and ROC at constant TAS have no data taken, so they are empty. -In general airplane info (+) is value for turn rate for each airplane taken from : , or extracted data files from ai folder (luascripts>ai folder) at 0m altitude for airplanes not on JtD test. -Data in general info (+) for each airplanes is taken from ai extracted data files ( take off weight value is standard weight taken from airplane in game specs ). Dive max speed values for each airplane are taken from in game dive test from high alt. ( its max speed at point when you first start to lose control parts of airplane , its not max dive speed numbers from in game spec ). Weapons data is not icluded so its not active.
  21. their base is only 5km off map border, if they decide to make mosquito FB VI they can easy extend map area and make their home base and use them in SP campaign for SP missions, so if they wont to make Mosquito they can easy make it and fit all historical aspects neccesary for SP campaign. But i dont think next bunch of collectable airplanes is Mosquito.
  22. But then youll just link your steam acount to this, and youll have all in game at one place even when you start it from steam. For what you buy from web store (exept this BoS), you dont need steam keys then and they would not give it to you. I think it should work for you same as it works for others who have Bos from steam and rest from web store. And you can free buy stuff from steam then when coversion its to mutch in web store.
  23. yes Kuban map is best map in game, and i forghot A-20 also, its good practice for P-38 if im him i would get thngs now when they are on 50-66% sale BoM premium 27$ BoK premium 40$ BoBp premium 70$ and then you still have option to later get BoS either on steam (and link all from web with it) if you wont to play all on steam or here on web store if you like how vvs stuf is in game
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