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  1. quick search for example, shows on slow speed, on higher speed its also more effective:
  2. Yes going up down fast (dont need to be in dive ) when enemy is on your 6, you dont get any sideeffects for long time ( even when they added wobbly view that happends after long time its not harsh) and with bad net game has your even lagging for enemy, he can hit you only by luck and you get guy on your 6 extrem frustrated and usealy make easy overshoot as hes not focused.
  3. Delphin move is effective, more then trying to outturn or scissors enemy, yes all airplanes can do it and its most offten moves you see online, big + is when you have Tempest on 6 then you can laugh at him also after you do the delphin and he trys to aim and by by wing lol
  4. I was on reciving end of german 20mm before they got buffed and see no problem with them i could get shootdown by them all the time and saw no reason for them to be "fixed". Also i shoot down mayn 109s before they decided to make its tail undestructable and saw no problem with it before and now its somehow tuffest airplane in game to shoot down from 6. Also i had no problems with how .50 worked before they nerf them... strange how this all works.
  5. If they plan to fix anything it will probably come with Typhoon some time in spring 2021 when they somehow discover new data. I could not fined anything on net that shows that real ww2 ppilots of tempest were droping like flys when intercepting enemys, like its posible in game where fast interceptor is most fragile in that job. But in real world enemy could not just delphin around in their airplanes like they usealy do when enemy is on 6 as it seams is main defencive move in video games like this, somehow pilots can do big -G and then +G with not big side effects for long time, so Tempest with either broken wings structor damage or broken elevator autority at high speeds is easy to be detach to dirt from your 6 just by going in high speed and do delphin moves. Something is clearly broken, and my bet is on autority of elevators, but problem would not be so visable as now if they fix delphin up down and give it harsh penalty to better simulate what you can not do in real life if you have human pilot and not superhumans as we have in game that can with no problem go from -3G to +4G in 1s for many times.
  6. If your talking about online stats that Vaal ad Isay created then damage will not show for small amounts of damages as the lines would be taking so many space as it would show also ricosha and so on, so that system only displays in events damage abow certain point. It will corectly count all but just display dmg abow amount set to show. Logs have all damages shown, i think TAW system also shows all dmg no mather how small. You can install IL-2 stats on your PC and insted path to your server you just set path to your game and it will read stats from SP missions and display it, this is how i use it for testing and when i was editing that stats for tanks and so on... Or you can read from logs manualy by enabeling them in conf file, but thats even more complex then instaling whole online stats. .50 is not weapon of war, for that you take hispanos game works fine in middle range guns from .50 up to 37mm, .50 is crap 37mm is crap rest do what expected no mather if you forgoth to aim all of sudden after 4.005 patch or net thinks you hit moon insted 109s tail. I remenber reading that when they said they reduced AP damages and buffed HE as they were week and AP was to strong, and i was like what game they played all this years it was totaly oposite HE was always strongest and AP was crap, now they just incresed that devide after 4.005, before it only good thing on merican airplanes waz power of .50 cal, and then they had to nerf that also so only good merica airplane is 38 as it has gun that can do proper dmg.
  7. It looks great but its mutch smaller map area so its easyer to go in thouse details, i dont expect same level on BoN map. my guess money and time, so its focus was on great looking AF, and rest is to min standard for today, im under impresion that on all maps when mod is on in game anyone can modifie them and add textures in mission builder so some moder could make changes to BoBp map if he has will and time.
  8. [EDITED] Please keep politics off of these boards.
  9. If devs made pilot who can run from airplane after crash i bet there would be guys saying we need to be able to run over them with tanks and pilots cant respawn for 5min ๐Ÿ˜„
  10. lost mine in PTO prediction wars...
  11. same engines and some how A3 produces more ata on some alts then A5 and A8 ( both have same ata, only a3 has more making it fastest german airplane abow 7,5km in game up to 1945 where only 109k4 can match it high alt speed ) Picture showing this comparison of Fw-190A3 (red), and Fw-190A5 (blue) TAS top speed: Differance in ata shown in game betwen both airplanes on thouse altitudes: at 50-1000m all looks ok at 1500m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.36ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.29ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 2000m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.29ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.23ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 2500m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.26ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.21ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 3000-6400 all looks ok, and at 6400m both airplanes show ~1.41ata at 100% throttle and top speeds look normal at 7000m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.41ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.26ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 7500m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.31ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.19ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 8000m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.28ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.13ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 9000m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.14ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~1.01ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed at 10000m Fw-190A3 shows ~1.01ata while Fw-190A5 shows ~0.9ata at 100% throttle , resulting in Fw-190A3 show strange spike in top speed and same problem A5 had when it was made, and it got fixed when they made A8, fix clearly got skiped on A3 model I dont need to ask same question for 109f4 and 109g6 because their max speed look realistic, and not broken like history books famous best high alt interceptor 190A3
  12. compared to other 190As in game its 10kmh faster at 1500-2500kmh and 20kmh faster up high for no obvios reason exept something is wrong with it. Only thing on axis side faster then it up high is 109k4 and 262, if what we have in game is real A3, then why would axis even build any other airplanes for high alt when they had best airplane for it in 1942 with 190a3 ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. if you look charts he posted you can see that, so count on 10mph slower B model down low, still faster then A3 we have in game, your best alt with only few kmh differance to 51B will probably be 1500m and 5,5 to 7km if A3 dont get fixed by then.
  14. The thing is when devs decided to incresee bubble of 9,5km they planed to not tuch visability to 9,5km but onlly add ability to see contacts mutch furder. BUT something got wrong so visability up to 9,5km got messed up and they didnt even know how as they planed not to mess it up, and on top 9,5+km visability in first patch was messed up also so contacts got extra big ( this is what is caled alternate setting now). So fix to that extra big contacts abow 9,5km was made and its expert visability. Basicly there should be no differance betwen thouse two settings up to 9,5km, then with alternate contacts that are far from 9,5 are mutch bigger. Problem with messed up visabitlity up to 9,5km is not solved by any settings.
  15. Its just short name of servere, full name is: EU Official 1CGS server Planes and Tanks Normal by DED with SRS server Like you see there is nothing like in hyperlobby or old il-2 games or even in rof that shows you what settings server have, before or even after you join it, so server host need to place Normal or Expert in name, or if its some costum settings then youll have to check if they place in briefing what settings they use or in forum topic of server. its stupid to not have this like all other games but its what we have so you have to do extra job of fuigering out what settings each server have by doing some dora explora work.
  16. Yes game dms prove that 47 was not durable, 109 was tuffest airplane in ww2 and best engines were build by slaves in underground bunkers in germany, history is clearly just american propaganda and that guy in video is just repeting it, also .50 cal was just good for paint scrach, americans clearly hated their pilots when they build airplanes with only .50s, brits atleast wonted to hurt their enemys so they used hispanos on airplanes.
  17. Yes they should realy fix more imprtant airplanes that are brken like 109s with titanium tail and helecopter type hovers when using flaps, 110 can wait
  18. This is turned on (1) or off(0) in expert: &aimingHelp=0 &allowSpectator=0 &alterVisibility=0 &autoCoordination=0 &autoMix=0 &autoPilot=0 &autoRadiator=0 &autoStart=1 &autoThrottle=0 &autoThrottleLimit=0 &courseWeaponsAimingHelp=0 &easyFlight=0 &engineNoStop=0 &hotEngine=1 &invulnerability=0 &navigationIcons=1 &noBreak=0 &noMisfire=0 &noMoment=0 &noWind=0 &objectIcons=0 &padLock=0 &simpleDevices=0 &SimplifiedPhysiology=0 &unlimitAmmo=0 &unlimitFuel=0 &techChatMessages=1 &techChatAdvices=0 so alt vis is off
  19. same propaganda as always, hard hiting, tuff engines and durable wings and so on, we know from game thats not true ๐Ÿ˜„ Someone should introduce him to power of british airplanes engines and guns, he probably never heared about Tempest V, now thats heavy hiting , great engine and durable airplane.
  20. i send han pm about that wrong max speed on a3 at full power a year ago, then few months later he rederected it to their fm team and thats all i know about it since then, to me a5 and a8 are correct and a3 is wrong:
  21. When im spawned on server and try to locate others that are on ts3 with me i can bearly see them only when they come few kms from me, im also static there, its nothing like i can observe in real life, its not even close. And its same cler skyes. Yes and servers can chose up to 25km what max distances contacts are visable for players, by default is at 14km if i remenber. Also there is more options for icons like it was in old il-2, when visability is compared its clearly supirior product.
  22. Make better bets with your right one then as youll be losing your left one, hurri is not coming for next few weeks
  23. I would buy BoS and BoBp if im MP player, you will have airplanes to fly no mather what mission is running on server. For SP i would go with BoK and BoBp, BoK map is best in game and both campaigns are lenghty and various enought. Collector airplanes you can buy separatly no mather what DLC you have. If you aim to play on steam then you have to have BoS first like others said, its considerad as main game there.
  24. Laying on bech i can see airplanes landing and taking off from airport that is ~12km from it, single engine prop types like cessna 172 and have no problem tracking them when they fly few kms abow me all way to the airport, i can glance at "flora and fauna" on beach and then have no problem to reaquire airplane again in distance its so easy to see them, and when choppers take off they can also clearly be sean, and are noticable bigger then cessnas, what we have in game is no way realistic to what is posible in real life. And at no point airplanes were invisable or imposible to fined after looking at other places for some time ( more then when in game you lose guy who your falowing jus by glancing on your 6 for 1s).
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