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  1. Small change in mod version 1.4, i added so event disconnected show up in players sortie log at time of disconnection from server. So its now easyer to know that disconnection happend in sortie where disconnection is turned in capture or bailout for example. Pictures how it looks: Changed files from 1.3 are: report.py, sortie_log.py and stats_whore.py
  2. I check your last mission and it looks like fix works ( i guess v1.3 was applayed before that mission ended) mission ended at 20:03 http://combatbox.net/en/mission/3750/ 3 examples of in flight at end of mission and damaged: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317742/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317740/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317666/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317770/?tour=17 in all cases their sortie is counting as in flight , and no kill/shotdown is given like it would be before fix. now ill check if i can fined some disco sortie where player was damaged to see if attacker got kill/shotdown for him. edit: found one: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317667/?tour=17 disconection when damaged ( his last damage event happend inside time you set in sortie_damage_disco_time , and then his sortie is turned in captured from normal disco), and his attacker gets the kill like it should with this mod: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317687/?tour=17 Also i see disco where last damage hapend outside time you set in sortie_damage_disco_time so his sortie stays normal disco, as its probably not intentional one. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/317668/?tour=17 good to see that also works like planed. So it seams all works as it should, post if you get players reporting any strange behaviors in their stats that could be resoult of this mod, and again thanks for trying it out.
  3. Yes that should be correct, last 3 lines are change that works to give shotdown only when disconected under fire when i try it on test server and with missionreports, and not when player is damaged and in air at mission ends.
  4. I expect 109s and 190s first with P-51s and P-47s falowing up and maybe Typhoon to end the year, but it would be nice if they do Spit14 first, as its collectable and best performing allied fighter if its made early in early acces ppl would be tempted to buy whole BoN insted wait to get it as collectable if its one of last to be out.
  5. I check today missions on original stats and then compared them to stats with mod and it looks like fix works as intended so i updated first post with mod v 1.3 Post if you test it on your server and if there is any problems with it, from what i see it should work as planed from start now. EDIT: checking your server forum i see player got reported for disco when in df, and i see his sortie is turned into capture insted disco as he was damaged short before disco, and his virtual life ends and ranking points go down also. http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/313359/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/313359/?tour=17 so it seams that edit in mod works as planed and player gets penalised automaticly
  6. Was going no where for few days and had to do brake and do something els to get fresh start, try again today few comnbinations and i think i found one that works : if in "report.py" file in "def killed_by_damage(self, dmg_pct=0)" section, insted this 2 lines i added for mod: if not self.is_rtb: self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True) i use this: if self.sortie and not self.is_rtb: if not self.sortie.is_ended: self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True) i get kills/shotdowns for damaged players when they disconect only, and i dont get kills/shotdown when players are damaged but in air at mission end like it was on thouse problematic missions when you run mod on server. I try my test missionsreports and all the ones you send me from your server and it seams all looks like it should from start now. Its late so ill do more test tomorow and recheck all sorties just to be sure it works ok now, and then update mod with fix.
  7. i did notice they place there for some new airplanes emergancy power, insted like it was before for most combat... for example for tempest it looks like this: // Тест в МСА, режим боевой (3700/+9), топливо 100%, радиатор открыт ////// ClimbTime = <float ALTITUDE>, <float TIME> ClimbTime = 0, 0 ClimbTime = 1000, 50 ClimbTime = 2000, 104 ClimbTime = 3000, 167 ClimbTime = 4000, 233 ClimbTime = 5000, 301 ClimbTime = 6000, 378 ClimbTime = 7000, 470 ClimbTime = 8000, 587 ClimbTime = 9000, 754 ClimbTime = 10000, 1049 and then i just placed in il-2 compare ROC numbers in seconds i get when i just devide 1000 by seconds betwen 1k intervals from file, so some airplanes have climb numbers on combat some on emergancy and so on. I dont know if you would be able to make calculations to get emergancy for ones that had only combat or not, nor i know how Devs got numbers i used from thuouse files, i belive they have their own AI who does all testing so they are most accurate. To me to do climb tests manualy like i did for speeds looked to mutch time consuming, and i would never be able to get it correct so i just used numbers from thouse files for what they had. Its usealy one engine setting per airplane there. From what i pick up on forums DerSheriff has some good climb data for airplanes on his discort, so if im not wrong maybe he can give you beter info regarding climb performances of airplanes.
  8. Great server for all kined of training 👍
  9. still not able to make it work so kill is not given if player is in air and damaged at end of mission. I was able to make changes so atleast his sortie is not turned in lost airplane and shotdown, but he would still give a kill to guy who damaged him. Im not able to make is_ended (what i see is differant betwen disco and in flight sorties) to work in class Object section, it works in Sortie class section, and other things like killed_by_damage dont work in other class sections wher i try to use it for damageddisco sorties only, so im still trying to see how to make it so kill is only reword when disco player is damaged, and not also when damaged but in flight at mission end.
  10. Thanks thats the missions, i try them and i get same resoult, and then i try add what i tought would fix probem, but it didnt work, so ill keep trying other stuff untill i fined what works. For now, you can just remove problematic lines from report.py , so others dont get shotdown resoult when damaged on mission end.
  11. I think this change should fix problem that i see in that sortie, in report.py for line 677 i add: and not self.is_ended , so it looks like this: if not self.is_rtb and not self.is_ended: self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True) and also i add in report.py in line 491: self.is_ended = False i see it works in giving kill to attacker for disco damage, and dosent effect any of the test missions i have, but to be sure it works i would need your missionReport for that mission http://combatbox.net/en/mission/3598/ to see if this will eliminate shotdown from situation when mission ends and player is in flight but got damaged at any point.
  12. Thanks for testing it, i think i se problem: http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/log/288468/?tour=17 http://combatbox.net/en/sortie/288468/?tour=17 I belive this should be player in flight at end of mission. Would be in flight sortie in original, and here i see its shotdown as he got damaged before mission end. His sortie end time is same as that mission end time. http://combatbox.net/en/mission/3598/ I belive this mission is after you started to use this mod, if yes, then he got shotdown status because of changes i did to get kill to attacker when player disconected in report.py in def killed_by_damage. Can you send me mission reports from that mission, so i can use it to test and see how to eliminate this and still keep that when disco player is damaged guy who attack him gets kill for disco player. To prevent this from happening again (untill i fined differant way to get kill to attacker for disco guy), in report.py just remove this 2 lines or place # infront of them: if not self.is_rtb: self.got_killed(force_by_dmg=True) I tested that situation before, and it was not giving shotdown status when player was damaged and in flight at end of mission, so i tought this situation is not changed with my edits, but from that sortie it looks like it did change if you started using mod edits before that mission.
  13. why they dont actvate techchat message i simply dont understand, we have many more miningless messages showing up but this important one dont
  14. Thanks for sharing it, its probably faster to implement changes from edits in mod that way
  15. Its old topic from when BoBp was anounced
  16. Did anyone test how many B-25 AI you can have for simple intercpt mission?, B-25s escorted by P-51s at high alt bombing some factory and axis fighters intercepting. For any mission you need B-17s/B-24 AIs you can use B-25s and probably double amount of them then if you had B-17/24s.
  17. Problems started on friday from what i could see, i had no problems but tm8 got offten disconections from server and also from WoL ts3... worked ok on other ts3 or servers. I reported it to their russian forum. When DenLerik fined time they can use this stats mod to edit that based on disco sortie time, disco is turned into bailout (if no damage) as most random disconections happend short after take off, so no streaks/virtual lifes are lost for not intentional disconections, and there is more options to punish intentional ones.
  18. Older games had smart aproch to things by not lisening to SP players demands to have AI that uses same FM and control of airplane like human do, and have all gunners controled by one brain, not every brain for every gunner. Now you have AI that is hard to program and uses extreme amount of PC so you can have small numbers of them in air or ground compared to previous games, with no benefits as players still se AI behavior as main problem, and it cant be esay fixed as when you had them using simple FM like AI got fixed by TD in 1946 and is stil best behaving one i saw, and no need for it to use same complex FM like humans.
  19. You can turn off instrument panel in realisam settings
  20. let me chanel my iner Bernie here, thats like catering to 1% of 1%, just so they can not use ju-52 in vvs skin for same thing, and pe-2 is mutch faster and better protected and more gunners so 500kg+ is not worth it for players or devs for few ~100ppl that maybe use it few times. If there is not other options ok make it, but when your limited in what you can make then its pointles to make it insted other more usefule stuff.
  21. Out of 3 AI only airplanes C-47 is probably on 5th place to make, B-25 and B-26 are mutch better options to do flyable for humans C-47 as AI is more then enought, time and money they would have to spend so few ppl can play with it once or twice every leap year is not worth making it, and it will probably be posible to have big numbers of them in air as AI because they dont look like performance heavy airplane, so you get what you need from AI only version.
  22. not long, as they can do 217s with late east front dlc after BoN, same with He-177 if they wont you cant have all axis airplanes in BoN 😄 if they didnt do Me-410 or Ju88C6, ppl would be asking what about 410s or 86C6s, why 188 and 217s... its never ending story
  23. This is good read also: https://vvsairwar.com/2018/01/09/the-douglas-a-20-havoc-boston-in-soviet-service/ "Indeed, A-20Gs were initially meant to be used solely by USAAF units; neither the Soviet Union nor the RAF were meant to receive the gunships. Nevertheless, due to the VVS’ need for and effective use of the twin-engine aircraft, a total of 1,606 G variants, nearly half of those produced, were sent to the Soviet Union, where they were given the nickname Zhuchok, meaning little bug (the suffix G is pronounced Zh in Russian, thus leading to the nickname). Given the G’s forward firepower, the VVS utilized the new variant as a ground attack aircraft as opposed to the light bomber role given to the B and C models. The first Soviet unit to receive the new gunship was the 244th BAD, with the 861st BAP being the first to use the G in the ground attack role. Unfortunately, the G Havocs proved to be too vulnerable to the heavy German anti-aircraft fire that was nearly ubiquitous when flying at low altitudes, and by November of 1943, the 861st had withdrawn their A-20Gs from ground attack operations due to heavy losses. Instead, Soviet forces typically used the heavily-armored Iyushin Il-2 Sturmovik for ground attack purposes. Consequently, a significant number of the Soviet G Havocs were modified, either in the field or at Factory No. 81 in Moscow, to resemble earlier B and C variants, with a glazed nose and bombardier position (most of the forward-firing guns were, of course, removed). Several other strategies were employed to install a bombardier position elsewhere in the A-20G, including behind the bomb bay and behind the pilot, both of which allowed for the retention of the forward-firing armament, but in the vast majority of cases, the nose was simply replaced. In any event, the VVS’ A-20Gs, whether modified or not, were used extensively in all the Soviet Union’s major offensives in the final two years of the war, participating in Operation Bagration, the Jassy-Kishinev Offensive, and the advance on East Prussia. Similarly, Zhuchoks were very active in the skies over Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Germany in 1944 and 1945, and in the final month of the war, Soviet A-20Gs carried out bombing missions against German-held positions in support of the Red Army’s operations against Berlin."
  24. Beaufighter and Ju-88A-17 save for Med and Italy in 4-5 years
  25. And its even wireless! wow now rest and then work on gRiJ dedicado server for BoX, was great fun in 1946
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