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  1. =FB=Vaal there is problem in web stats in situations when damaged airplane status in sortie log is ditched, and in aircraft status is Landed not on Airfield , that player who damaged him is not reworded with kill in web stats, but in in game chat and in game stats he is reworded with kill, like it should be. This situation happends from what i could see when damaged airplane either lands with gear down on airfield that is not active airfiel/spawn, this i could see in my and tm8s case, and what i can not confirm but from what other players say maybe also it happends if damaged airplane lands but dont brake airplane/or lands with gear down on random area on his side. EDIT: maybe % of damage have also something to do with this error in web stats recording kill on ditched airplanes
  2. 77.CountZero

    Kill crediting system since patch

    KOTA is using same web stats Vaal made ( same WoL uses), and in my previous posts i explain when i see this bug when kill is reworded in game but not in web stats (ditched=landed not on airfiels, for type of scenarious you describe in this post also ) , and this is not same as point 11 that works as intendend in game and in web stats ( as from what i can see that problem in this topic happends when enemy lands on inactive base or lands with gear down on field, not like point 11 says about active base ) . That type of scenario you describe should be reworded as kill also in web stats, type in point 11 should not (and it works like hat after 3.007 in game and in stats), and from what i can see this problem OP talk about is only stats problem, and should be fixed by Vaal, game works ok as intended after 3.007, as you did get kill message in game like other players when enemy ditches. Taw has its own web stat system not deendend on Vaal stats. I posted in web stats topic about this problem so maybe vaal can fix it when he have time.
  3. 77.CountZero

    Kill crediting system since patch

    that point 11 works as intended after patch, enemy gets your engine, and you still manage to land back to your spawn/active airbase, and no in game kill message or web stats kill reworded, game now waits to see if youll make it before giiving guy who damaged you kill. Befor 3.007 that didnt work ok as in game if you destroy enemys controls or engine, in game chat would imidiatly give you kill message, but if you bring that same airplane back to your spawn/active base web stats would not give you kill. After 3.007 they are sincked and game also dont give kills for airplanes that made back safe to ther base. example from yesterday on wol, he got his engine destroyed but managed to glide to his home base and land, no kill in game or in stats for guy who damaged him. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3807583/?tour=42 before 3.007 that would be differant, in game chat would imidiatly give kill not even waiting to see if player can land on home base, while web stat would be same as now. Thats why they fix that in 3.007.
  4. 77.CountZero

    Kill crediting system since patch

    So i check some more and see that even before 3.007 update that guys are pointing out as reason to this problem, same thing was hapening. example from 11.11.2018 before 3.007 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/log/3712574/?tour=41 also ditched and Landed not on Airfield and no kill for guy who damages you in thouse conditions. and i check for me and rip also and found one case when we get tis and he111 no kill for us, also ditched and landed not on airfield, and i remenber that both of us landed wth no engine at not active airfield in that sortie, after 111 gunners got our engines. http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3784877/?tour=42 http://il2stat.aviaskins.com:8008/en/sortie/3784878/?tour=42 so to me this is no bug of game, or new logic after 3.007 update but maybe problem how vaal stats consider landing (probably with gear down) on any place or maybe any frendly airbase ( no mather active or not) as no kill for guy who damaged you. To me this should count as kill and not no kill as its now.
  5. What combat or emergancy/wep limits we could expect o P-51, P-38, D9 and 262 ? i check manual for tempest v and it looks like same limits as for spit 9 should be for him, but didnt bather to look for other 4 airplanes we stil have to get in game. with lagg 3 if temps of map are +15-25deg, you have to climb at 100% open rads and 90% rpm and trottle or youl owerheat fast, then when reach 4-5km your ok on full and 70-80% rads. And 10% fuel=46L, will last you ~5min on 100% rpm and trottle.
  6. 77.CountZero

    DD today?

    Yak-9T ๐Ÿ˜„ or first look at P-51D i expect DD to continue this month but to take brake in january as thats time they have holidays in russia
  7. 77.CountZero

    Kill crediting system since patch

    This is probably error in web stats detection, wol guys use defolt vaal stats with some modiifications, so best is report this with srtie in question to vaal and maybe he knows how to fix it, i think this is just weeb stats detecting something wrong in some situations when enemy crash lands. i see if status say: Crashed and sortie log says same crshed, then is counted as kill, but if status says Landed not on Airfield and sortie log says ditched then it doesent count as kill, so did guy landed on with landing gear down in that 2nd case, maybe thats comon for all thouse cases where you dont get kill if enemy crash lands and not near or on his airbase.
  8. 77.CountZero

    Silly Question Quick Answer.

    if you goggle steam sail, they predict it around dec 20, maybe this game will be on that holiday sale also. regarding bobp, now its 10$ of, and will be like that untill relise some time in 2019, so if you look for bigger discount then 10$ you can look how it went with BoK for example, when it ws relised it took around 6 months to get 25% off ( 19$), so maybe same will be for bobp, so you can expect bigger discnt then now for bobp maybe at 2020, so do you wont to wait 1year to save 9$ is the question, and thouse airplanes are so nice looking, and well be playing with them fr year and youll be waiting for that long for only 9$ differance ? i say get it now when its 10$ off and play them imidiatly ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. 77.CountZero

    Good Allies higher altitude bomber?

    It would be nice to be able to do like in clod was done, that some objective is not visable or available to be bombed if recon airplanes first didnt fly over it, or also target/objective can not be confirmed destroy if recon airplane dont fly over it after its destroyed. That give real purpos to have recon airplanes and protect them offten until they land in clod online, it was all done with scripts, dont know if great battle mission builder has something like this already builed in game.
  10. 77.CountZero

    Good Allies higher altitude bomber?

    My view is that if you wont to see more human bombers attacking from altitude in online mission, mission makers need to make targets that are more revording if they are attacked from high alt. On servers that i could see, all targets are better suted to be destroyed from low alt, and pinpoint type of attacks, drop 1 bomb on one hangar or house and so on even if target is af or factorys or ports instalations, so bombing from high alt will not be as effective as low alt pinpoint droping bombs one by one. In 1946 mission maker had objects factory plates, it was invisable area that would be destroyed if certen amount of bombs hit it, in clod mission makers would use scripts to have some map tile areas in targets to detect how many bombs hit that area and when certen number of kg is reached target is destroyed, this is more realistic then what you have in box, and gives bombers better chance to bomb from high alt and in groups then one by one low alt bombing each house to finish objective like factory, port or airfields, ment to be carpet bombed from high alt. Devs can make b-24 or 17 or Mosquito or what not, and if missions have same type of objectives most people will use them as they use bombers we have now in game, low alt bombing. Ju88 or he111 guys would like to bomb from high alt in fancy formations and use their escorts effectivly where vvs cant operate that good, but when you need to bomb port/af/factory and do 10 runs from high alt, and no mather how precice you are you cant hit every building separatly but just carpet bomb (and targets are not build to be carpet bomb like you had option in 46 and clod), and still dont hit that one last building to finish objective even the most stubern bomber guy will get tired and see its better to just do 4-5 low alt attacks where your every bomb count and hits target one by one and finish it faster like vvs guys do in pe-2s, you can see that option of low alt is better for online and all fights are then at low alt, and new bomber will not change a thing untill targets ment for high alt guys are same as now.
  11. 77.CountZero

    Double kill or kill participation

    This started after 3.007 update. Expirianced this on WoL server also, so its probably game bug. It happends only when enemy airplane you hit bail out, so you get 2 kill messages, and 2 kills in in game stats ( counts correctly as only one on vaal web stats) If enemy player crashes in ground and pilot is kia, or you pk pilot in air, or he crash lands you get normal 1 kill message. from what i see this double kill message hapends only when enemy airplne player bailes out after hit.
  12. 77.CountZero

    How do you dogfight the P47?

    my perception of airplane is same as yours, and thats why its so fun on berloga as you can outturn anything with flaps down and max power, and then when they try to out climb you they cant, now with ne dm guns are not as effective as before, i could get 3-4 before by cuting their wings, now 1-2 at best in flight, so i miss .50 power from 3.007
  13. 77.CountZero

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    So 37mm shooting at axis fighters should not brake them in 1-2 shoot, and 30mm shooting at allied fighters should brake them in 1-2 shoot, or your only see problems for one side with high cal guns in 3.008 ? Reading most complains about new DM people make it sound like only problem is 30mm HE and nothing els, but i guess that stalinwood coment tels me all i need to know ...
  14. 77.CountZero

    A-26B For Sale in Canada.....Eh! =o)

    dont know, what fm and dm it uses, also does it suport VR and how is MP whats the slot limit, graphic is good but looks fishy to me ๐Ÿ˜„