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  1. Please not...we don't need an aircraft, wich never fitted the role of a heavy bomber, nor we need a heavy bomber in a conflict, wich mostly were fought with tactical air warfare than strategic...
  2. Last mission I just got this results... The game was very laggy and as far as I know, I am not the only one with this result (StG2_ottogruibo).
  3. Voted. Just one thing, I'd like to explain here: Fornthevquestion with the capturable airfields: Wouldn't be it a nice idea, if you brought an airfield down, that some ai planes would start and players have to escorts them? And then they drop paratroopers at the enemy airfield. Would be nice with the Ju-52. For Russians we need the Pe-2 unfortunately at the moment. The paratroops may spawn once a mission. In addition you still should be able to capture airfields with landing a (empty) bomber. PS: Some feedback after successfully landing/capturing an airfield would be nice, too.
  4. Thank you VVS pilots for the try to stop the Wehrmacht. I felt a bit sorry, on my first raid with Ju 88 as I dropped the 2 SC 1000 from 4.500 meters onto your field and saw just a moment after the bomb dropped some people spawning. However, it war a really enjoyable evening...at least on Axis side, but I am sure, the tide of war will turn someday. Thanks for the work to the LG dudes.
  5. Nice work so far. One thing to concider: Maybe setting for fighter planes not x airkills AND y groundkills. Instead you should concider to take OR. The reason for me is: I am not a very skilled fighter pilot, while my bombing skills are decent. But for reason, I also like to fly fighters sometimes as well as fighterbomber mission. If you now say, you have to get air kills, too, I already know, after I loose the both planes, I will never can flight fighter(bomber) anymore. Speaking of the limit of planes: I vote for keeping the actual limits at all. They are balanced and fine in my opinion.
  6. Ok. I think I have to wait just a little longer. =) Will try it again.
  7. Just a small question: How long I have to wait for the truck? Regards zulu
  8. Ground Pounding: Scenic: More may follow later. =)
  9. It's fine how it is. May the small Minimap should return, but we don't need icons on expert. Where would be the historical correctness with icons, everyone wants to claim in every other topic?
  10. It isn't that we have not enough construction zones in BoS right away. Anyway, nice news and hope it will work fine together with Battle of Stalingrad, so you can use planes in Stalingrad as well as in Moscow. Would be great, if it works and I guess, the devs will do there best to merge both games. However, looking forward to see a better campaign mode - named dynamic one and for the summer and autumn map of Stalingrad and to fly 88s and 110.
  11. Autobalance for Dogfight Servers would be fine for me, too. As long as there are servers, providing missions for squads, I have no problem with digfighters and autobalance. Good idea. I like it. May some kind of system like CloD with AI planes all around the map. And I think wih the upcoming Ju-52, there will be possibilities to span AI planes on servers. May also fighters and bombers for both sides.
  12. For squads like the I am in, autobalancing "feature" would be a killing one. Yesterday we flew with 16 machines (9 Ju-87, 7 Bf-109) on DED. It' not the same server like Syndicate, but the message is the same: we couldn't fly together on an autobalanced server. If it really disturbs you, join a server from 777. As I remember correcectly, the autobalance is activated there...
  13. Dank Xeus gibt es von uns nun auch bewegtes Bildmaterial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YI0IoBpgy4
  14. Ok. Had the same problem again. In German. Thanks for the advice. =) Hope it will be fixed soon.
  15. Thanks Veteran66, helped to solve the issue. =)
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