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  1. It is great you improved the clouds. Screennshots looks beautiful. Even a small improvement concerning clouds rendering would be very welcomed. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Just in the middle of the campaign. It is great and I enjoy it, THX' One question: just finished mission Trainwrecks (attack on trains near Velikie Luki with low visibilty (snowing) and low clouds) Blown off two trains but got hit from AAA and all gauges were broken including compass. With a peace of luck I managed to successfully land on the other friendly airfield south of my homebase. But I received "mission faults"... Would be nice if script would be capable to evaluate landing on any friendly airfield as "Mission Accomplished".
  3. Very nice setup! VR cable hanging on the pulley looks like a good idea. But is not the force made by pulley too strong to overcome while looking around with headset on?
  4. Marvelous screenhots! Thanks very much devs.
  5. Thanks for an interesting link Fenris. According to the author there is unfortunately very small sweetspot which, toghether with halo style head-mount, leads to the not very good ergonomics for longer sessions...
  6. Cosmos looks like a good alternative to Index: + resolution 2880 x 1700 (Index 2880 x 1600) + inside out tracking (Index has lighthouses) + price 700$ (Index 1000$) + weight 645 g (Index 800 g without cable) + screen flips up (Index does not) + mechanical IPD (Index too) - ferquency 90 Hz (Index 80, 90 ,120,144 Hz) - FOV 110 (Index 130) https://www.vive.com/us/product/cosmos/ https://uploadvr.com/vive-cosmos-everything-we-know/
  7. The author of the article probably wants to say 2K x 2K, ie 4K, per eye.
  8. I hope for the foveated rendering as a road to ultra high resolutions. Raw power of the grahic cards (even of the not yet realeased ones) alone won't be suffficient enough to give us spectacular graphics...
  9. https://www.roadtovr.com/vality-is-building-a-compact-vr-headset-with-ultra-high-resolution/ + ultra high resolution 2K + 2K + very lightweight (200g) - small FOV (85ยฐ)
  10. Here are my opinions: I hope no other eastern front si comming next - the three eastern theatres are more then enough for me (well Finland is the only acceptable exception) Hope we stay within WWII period (I would like to see Korea theater only in a long time distance horizon) Though I admire the amount of the work the Team Fusion does, I am sorry but I would strongly preffer Africa and Battle of Britain in IL-2 Great Battles (better graphics, more up to date engine, possibility of offline campaigns, connection with other modules etc.) Though some aspects of CLoD are great, I regret to say, as a whole the CLoD is IMHO just the kind of obstacle for full potential of IL-2 GB (at least in the two theatres). As for the new theatre I would preffer Malta, Italy, Normandy, France 1943, CBI or New Guinea - hope for some not too demanding theatre to give devs time to work on the game engine and some important improvements we long for. But at the and I will buy everything the dev team is going to produce because I LOVE THIS SIM! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Surely there (BOBP) will be english comms (devs confirmed) but not sure if already in the Septmeber's patch. The map is imho nearly ready and it may be included in the pach.
  12. Well, I tried in-game AA off and PD set to 1.5 but the rendered scene was not as good as with AA 4x and PD 1.1. Moreover the GPU render timing was higher (cca 13-14) so there was cosiderable FPS drop.
  13. @von Tom: what graphic card do you have? Thanks.
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