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  1. THX. I fly both IL2 and DCS and I am using Joystick Gremlin (great tool BTW). What I cosider is that axis are way too off-sync with animated trims in the sim. May be encoders would be better in that aspect....?
  2. I am considering to buy trim wheel box like this one form GVL (see vid 0:38). In the video author says that both wheels are encoders (not axis). Well what would you think what is better for trims - axis or encoders?
  3. Well, there are ultra wide LCD 1440p (e.g. DELL Alienware)- IMHO very convenient for sim enthusiasts πŸ˜‰ EDIT: sorry, did not noticed that SCG_ErwinP aleady mentioned this one in one of the previous posts...
  4. Type of improvement: HOTKEY to switch gunsight ON/OFF Explanation of Proposals: It was not common for WWII pilots to fly all the way with gunsight ON. That would lead to gunsight electric bulbs attrition and it would also distract pilot while taking off, flying in formation, navigating, landing etc. Pilots usually switch gunsights ON only when approaching combat zone and switch it off immediatelly after combat. IT WOULD BE NOT NECESSSARY TO ANIMATE THE SWITCH ITSELF. ASSIGN HOTKEY TO SWITCH GUNSIGHT ON/OFF WOULD BE SUFFICIENT. (Hopefully this IMHO would not be time demanding job) Benefits: Possibility to switch gunsight ON/OFF brings this sim closer to reality and add more immersion as well because switching gunsight ON just before combat is cool πŸ™‚
  5. Wow!!! I wish we have such neat details on Rheinland map...
  6. Yesterday I tried to lock FPS to 60 (in-game) and to my surprise, there was no stuttering noticeable on WOL as well as on Combat BOX. But of course there is noticeable ghosting (or visible moving) while viewing with TrackIR. This is not the kind of viewing I prefer but it is way better then jerky viewing because at least it is smooth. Then I tried to Lock FPS to 80 and found out it is probably for me the best compromise fro MP. Ghosting is nearly gone and stuttering is very little visible on WOL and Combat BOX remains nearly perfect. Not to mention TAW where I can get 120 FPS nearly everytime. BTW: I would like to know why the TAW server manage to deliver so high FPS but other higly populated servers not? Is TAW somewhat better optimized? If I look at the objects on the ground and count the number of players online I do not see any difference...
  7. As for the details, I miss evergreen trees (pines, spruces) and the trees without leaves on winter map...
  8. Question: where can I get single JPG file of Rheinland IL-2 map with high quality resolution? This app use it but cannot be downloaded as single file: https://il2missionplanner.com/#rheinland THX
  9. Well I like to play career too and I do not think the AI is rubbish. AI is constantly improving. I just wanted to point out that there are still some weakness in AI logic. You seems to be right in the reasons when AI chase player back to homebase. In my mentined mission homebase was close to front and FW 190A-8 followed me all the way rather closely with the same distance. As for the fight, AI is definitely better now then a year before. Nontheless still it is often very easy to win the fight...
  10. My yesterdays' mission of my Tempest carreer (Difficulty = Hard, AirDensity = Moderate): Our 4 Tempests were bounced by 8 Fw 190s over target area. Though all AI teammates tried to shoot at enemy and demaged some of them, finally I had to shoot down 7 of them. But then I was out of ammo so I flew home. But the last Fw 190 followed me all the way back to Volkel. So the only thing I could do was to sharp turning over the airfield and wait till AA shot down the last enemy... Then I was able to land. Too easy combat and so not much fun... πŸ˜•
  11. FPS limiter set to LCD native refresh rate IMHO should does more or less the same as V-Sync ON i.e. do not allow FPS exceed native refresh rate of LCD and so prevent tearing. BUT now I tried FPS Limiter set OFF and V-Sync set ON and tearing is gone πŸ‘ So in-game FPS limiter probably do not do exactly what is expected, because with FPS limiter set to 120 (my LCD is 100 Hz with overdrive to 120 enabled) and V-sync OFF I had tearing even BELOW 120 FPS. In regard to this thread: tearing is not the factor for stuttering (it was only problem of my setting) NOTE: Interesting G-Sync V-sync analysis and recommendations: HERE especially recommendation to set FPS limiter 3 frames below target FPS (not tried yet, because it is not allowed in-game but only via external limiter like Riva Tuner) Back to the MP stuttering: I tried now to set all my settings to MAX with these exceptions: Mirrors = OFF , HDR = OFF and Custom skins = OFF And I think (subjectively) there is slightly better performance of the game. I can confirm that HUD OFF improves performance a little too. I tried very little populated servers now WOL (30 users) - still noticeable stuttering, but less then before Combat BOX (12 users) - nearly no noticebale stuttering, I can say pleasant experinece BUT I expect noticeable stuttering as soon as the server is fully populated My actual conclusions: 1. max in-game settings helps 2. HUD off helps 3. less people on servers --> the less stuttering 4. the more stuttering --> the more jerky trackIR viewing 5. the lower FPS --> the more jerky TrackIR viewing (in my case in SP below 80 FPS viewing starts to be jerky, but above 90 FPS is much better and above 100 FPS not noticeable) NOTE: IMHO we should separate stuttering per se and jerky Track IR viewing. While the first is probably caused by the game (CPU load with AI computing, net code etc.), the second is caused by TrackIR technology that works best only at 60 or 120 Hz but not in between (see e.g. HERE ). BUT the stuttering has negative impact on smoothness while TrackIR viewing (though it is not the main casue of it), so there is a connection between these two. The same for SP and MP. Actualy the best is all to max (see above)
  12. Today I tried MP again after some time and found out that nothing has changed πŸ˜•. I tried WOL and Combat BOX. Both servers had severe stuttering (though WOL was noticeably worse). This was too much for my eyes so I quit after very short time. I noticed one weired thing: To my astonishment while at MP I noticed very visible tearing while looking around with TrackIR and this was noticeable especially at higher FPS (cca 90-100) - at lower FPS tearing was not noticeable. No such thing occured to me in SP so far (I use G-sync while V-sync in-game setting is OFF. I have locked FPS at 100 in in-game settings).
  13. Please help me: Where are placed original awards .dds files? I have Steam version and there is not folder "Achievements" in my installation: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\swf\il2\ nor folder "Countries"... Thera are only folders "Userdata", "Usersave" and "Worldobjects".
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