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  1. There are many posts on this subject, and an excellent tutorial by Requiem here , or here by another guy , but to summarize it please just make sure: 1) You touch down in 3 points, at a speed preferably not in excess of 170km/h 2) After you touch down, avoid using brakes, but instead use brisk but effective rudder inputs to stay aligned during rollout - be proactive! 3) Add some power near the end of the landing run to get some effectiveness from your rudder, and apply brakes ONLY with NO RUDDER INPUT - rudder centered ! 4) Only bellow 40 km/h can you start using brakes mixed with rudder input, but even so, very carefully!
  2. Yesterday I had a great time dogfighting at the "DED Freshmeet" MP server, above all because although the aircraft were apparently in NORMAL mode, there was something different in their feel ???? I want to believe I'm completely wrong, but the F4 felt lighter on the controls ? Now, there was absolutely no game update, so... I've been thinking about possible reasons for that, and one that came to my mind was the possibility of the Server having the OAT set to much higher values than usual - 23 ºC i.e. I didn't check it, and I also do not know I could have done it... but, do any of you know ?
  3. Yesterday night I spent a good deal of time flying online at both DCS and il2-BoS MP Servers, and it was, again, a great time in both sims :-) Finally found a server with a mod that allows me to glimpse other aircraft in DCS like I generally can't, but... sorry for starting with DCS comments, this is not the point of this thread... The point is, how much more realistic / believable / plausible / immersive the overall view perspective is, specially during dogfights, in BoS than in DCS !!! It's tremendously different, for better, in BoS. In DCS I have a strange feeling that the aircraft that I am chasing or running away from have 6DOF projections that are ... unplausible. Using zoom makes it even worst sometimes. In BoS the overall view perspectives, within the cockpit, under the most different situations, using Zoom / Pan / whatever, make sense! They actually contribute to make dogfighting and chasing / running away from other aircraft so much more immersive. I had to share this, since I sometimes also share positive aspects of the other sim... And... again, the absence of a more "active" atmosphere, makes flying in DCS feel really a bit "on-rails" compared to BoS... That's another big positive and immersive factor IMO of il2 BoS.
  4. Strange tittle, I know Well, what happens is that each time I re-install il-2 BoS, to give it a new try, I find more reasons for not being fool and uninstalling it again, but I know, from years of knowing my intricate mind, that sooner or latter I'll be falling in the same mistake - examining the week points of a sim, as some way to making me not like it and stick to the alternative, and then, feeling it doesn't match my expectations and... hitting that awful UNINSTALL button Well, the wobbling and overall flight feel of the aircraft, particularly the Axis fighters, has been one of my major complaints, so, I decided to fly online at a few EXPERT servers, no icons no nothing, an had, as it happened before, the immediate sensation that after all the flight dynamics felts just good, stable, plausible ? Had the version changed - no for sure, no update! Is there a difference in the way the flight dynamics are affected from NORMAL to EXPERT mode ? The most direct answer is a round NO! but that's not totally accurate for, specially on aircraft with pilot controlled CS or variable pitch prop, when this is done automatically, plus the management of the engine power, that impacts on the way the aircraft flies, for the good and for the bad, and can, in fact, change our perspective of the "flight dynamics" ... But, I found as I jumped, at the end of 3 extraordinary experiences flying EXPERT at the SYN MP server, that as soon as I got into one of the NORMAL servers, something was irreparably WRONG! In a few minutes, starting to chase those helpful but rather distracting icons allover the places, my Bf109 started wobbling, feeling strange, "elastic", too heavy ( when I had even filled it only with 40% fuel and no cannons ???? What was going on ? Well, I begin to have a theory about this... and it somehow compares to my experience in DCS World where, because I have a terrible difficulty identifying other aircraft around me, I choose to fly at servers that have icons enables and or the F5 ( external chase ) view, and then, I start breaking my K4 and even my P51d wingtips very easily, because I begin to be a lot more concentrated in a rather unnatural way of following the foes ( from a view perspective that no pilot could ever have had in ww2 - external with chase!!! ), instead of carefully flying the aircraft !!!! And actually, this is what I think happens as well with BoS when I start chasing icons, and using external ( F2 et al... ) views to ease my tasks, and forgetting about the correct way to fly ( vly ) the aircraft ! That is probably, at least for me, the biggest difference, and the only explanation I now have for the different feel ALL of the fighters, Axis or VVS, have when flying EXPERT vs flying NORMAL ! Unless one of the Devs can confirm that there are hidden differences in the flight dynamics between NORMAL and EXPERT modes ? Well, just to come to and end of this looong morning writing ( it's because it's early morning ... ) I'd say, il-2 BoS feels GREAT sometimes !... Well, most of the times actually :-)
  5. I intend to restart using il-2 BoS sooner than later ... I will probably try to dedicate more time to the Campaign missions, and I have a question: - When we start a Campaign mission we are given various options ( Short / Long and Normal / Expert ). 1) I guess "Long" mode includes all phases of the flight, startup, taxi, takeoff, climb to cruise and enroute to mission point... RTB, landing, taxiing to parking lot and engine shutdown... Is this it ? 2) So, if we have a successful mission, will flying a "Long" mission give us more points than using the "Shortcuts" :-) ? What about Normal vs Expert ? 3) And, so far I have tried to skip any bombing missions because I really didn't learn how to properly use the bombs / rockets in il-2 BoS. Do those missions give more points than the fighter-based ones ? Thanks for any help ;-)
  6. This is a Poll for finding out if this type of aircraft / scenery would be a viable investment for the il-2 platform. It would bring, I believe, more simmers not only interested in ww2 air combat, and allow them to profit from the superior flight dynamics provided by this platform.
  7. I've really started to give good use to RoF. On many occasions, and flying some of those beautifully represented ww1 warbirds, I really had to be careful with managing my engine(s) mixture(s) and it was remarkably evident. In il.2 I am yet to be able to tell the difference, on aircraft that I think should be sensible to mixture adjustments like the LagG3, il-2 and Pe-2 ?
  8. Under some circumstances, particularly with the type of weather the SYN server was set to during this weekend, we can experience in il-2 BoS the most AMAZING cloud formations I have seen represented in any of the flight simulators I ever used, reminding me about the same situations when found flying gliders IRL... Cloud Streets, where cumulus clouds merge together along huge distances, forming a sort of streets of cumulus in the sky, with the patterns repeating side by side. The only aspect not agreeing with the meteo effect behind it is the wind I found under such situations, but no big deal... Speaking of wind, again, I really like the way BoS models it's variability and the turbulence, even having just sparse control over these factors when we create a Mission.
  9. I recently learned from DCS's Bf109 K4 that I couldn't fly inverted for much more than 10'' without having my engine starting to work strangely and eventually quit... This is due ( as per the Manual of the K4 ) to the oil and not the fuel system. In il-2 BoS I can fly for a whole session inverted on either the F4 or the G2... Were there any diferences in the oil systems in these models, or is it just not ( yet ) modeled?
  10. So... enjoying as I am this new, SUPERB, flight Dynamics, I couldn't resist starting a few sessions at the EXPERT servers yesterady. Spent practically all the 25th and 26th, when PC slot's available ( a lot of them are reserved for Facebook sessions by the rest of the family :-/ ) playing my two preferred flightsims EVER - il-2 BoS as of the latest two patches and DCS World ( RoF too, but didn't have the time to give it a turn... ) And, since I was up to EXPERT stuff, I went DED and SYN :-) In il-2 I can at least glimpse other aircraft, start approaching them and identifying if friend or foe, and eventually even entering a dogfight, and sometimes even scoring 1 out of each 3 dogfights :-) But as I managed to taxi ( BTW: I even love the táxi physics now, specially on the G2 and F4, although I don't think the latest patches changed anything in this área ? ) and takeoff from my base and started climbing to cruise, looking for something to shot at.... Nothing for more than 5 looooong minutes, so, I headed to one of the enemy airbases, and straffed a truck :-), then a parked Bf109, and as I was getting ready for my third pass, I heard someone commenting: "noobs..." "yeah, the guy just straffed a truck hehehe..." Now, this is more than I can stand!!!! Where are my scores for that straffed truck? And my Medal of Honor for not even glimpsing the guy who shot from my 6 in just couple of minutes after my 3rd pass, without me even knowing he was there ??? Well, joke appart, I wonder if it is offensive to straff, on those SYN and DED servers set for EXPERT mode? Shouldn't I do it? Heck! Isn't this "realistic" ? Did those ww2 fighter pilots stay away from straffing other than for reasons pertainig only to the risk they would incur in by getting so close to the AAA ? Well, it certainly felt good to me, until that Yak-1 got on my 6 :-/ :-) Lovin'it!!!! il-2 BoS got new life with this last updates !!!!!
  11. As much as I was critic about the aspects of the FDM I wasn't satisfied with, namely some strange damping in yaw and pitch, I have to acclaim the results achieved with the latest patches - il-2 BoS feels "right there" for me now :-) I spent this morning flying Axis and VVs fighters, SP and MP in Expert and Normal modes and I am really very satisfied with the overall behaviour of all aircraft, regarding prop effects, picth, yaw and roll stability, and even ground handling although I'm convinced that has more to do with my training :-) Big THANK YOU to the Dev Team!!!
  12. Today I earned Level 3!!! Got a few additional skins, and a 250kg bomb too :-) Slowly getting there ;-)
  13. Hmmm, ok, no data that I can provide you with, other than rather simple tests I have run myself, and those included simple phugoid tests with the A3 in il2-bos I did run a few months ago... I was surprised to find out it shows pitch instability, both "positive and negative". Tests were run starting from 3000m, 100% fuel, aircraft trimmed ( as much as possible ) for level flight. Divergence was quite pronnounced. Yet, neutral pitch stability of the Fw190 is mentioned across various sources over the Interenet, such as: http://www.mnstarfire.com/ww2/history/air/fw190/fw190info.html Regarding the p51d, this text has some interesting info too: http://www.southampton.ac.uk/~jps7/Aircraft%20Design%20Resources/Brandt%20Introduction%20to%20Aeronautics/Ch6Stability.doc and also , i.e., this interesting presentation: http://www.calpoly.edu/~rcumming/SnC_Intro2.pdf
  14. JtD, do you mean, for the Fw190, or the concepts as described i.e.: http://history.nasa.gov/SP-367/chapt9.htm http://www.dept.aoe.vt.edu/~lutze/AOE3134/Vehicleproperties.pdf ?
  15. I don't know, but I always set VSync OFF on my sims, and FPS at 30. I'm running on a 60Hz LED Monitor, at a resolution of 1920 X 1080. It works :-)
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