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  1. They fixed my problem after they processed my support ticket on website. idk if they did a update and fixed everyones but mine works after i sent a ticket. they sent via email that it was fixed and i launched it works just fine now 😄
  2. i have been all over the steam fourms and stuff and i dont see a fix i have also made a support ticket. idk why steam dident give a cd key, its annoying
  3. Hello i have bought IL2 6 months ago and refunded it since i had no flight equiptment and now i do so i rebought it yesterday. When i launched the game and attempted to login to my account, it says an error " #5 License key not active. Steam does not have a way for me to view the cd key like all my other games do. Is there a way to go into my files and find the cd key so i can register it on the website. This seems to be a very common problem with no fixes that i can find. I have tried doing steam login and it says same error, i have tried to link my account and same error. Please help im eager to play
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