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  1. Hi Vagner. Great to hear from you. Click on our website and click on the recruitment option. Let's get you into OTU and take it from there. It will be good to welcome you on board. Bunster
  2. Stuck at home for a few weeks ? Perfect time to get a shiny new Spitfire out of the hanger and join us in our battle with the LW on the Rhineland map. New unique co-op mission every Sunday at 9pm UK time. Pass 4 x OTU flights first and your in! Free virtual toilet roll to anyone who joins ! Bunster
  3. Hi Riksen. Ops night is sunday at 9pm uk time. We also fly on a Tuesday and friday at the same time. Sunday is the critical one and you must be able to fly on a sunday. If this suits, click the recruitment link and let's take it from there. Bunster
  4. Ah, yes. I didn't really research my post before I posted it. Not to worry. Thanks for the heads up EAF_Ribbon
  5. Hi all, Thought it would be a good idea to start a specific thread where we could "gather" together all the great ideas that I have seen posted in other places. This thread is aimed at ideas to make the simulator better, more playability, specific WW2 aspects of the air war that are missing or would be good to have in future releases. IT IS NOT aimed at complaints about Flight Models, Damage Models, Engine performance or any complaints at all. I would like it to just offer ideas to the developers that they may not have already thought about. Lets see how it unfolds.... I have a few to start with:- 1. Path finder flares (especially for Mosquito and BON). This would add a "pathfinder" aspect to missions. 2. Craters that appear on the ground after bombing takes place that stay there till the end of the mission and can not be driven over or taxied over without causing damage. 3. Torpedos ! Another aspect that would offer more variants of mission types, mentioned a lot. 4. Dams that can be damaged or destroyed..... you know what I'm thinking of here... I know we don't have a Lancaster. 5. Smoke generators for ships, used by the Germans for larger battleships. 6. Photo-Recon aircraft, and the ability to take photos with it. Just a few, I'm sure there's a lot more ideas out there. Post your ideas below, even simple ones. thanks Bunster
  6. Hi Skpcarey1 It is a UK server yes. We fly Ops missions on a Sunday at 9pm Uk time and also fly on a Tuesday and Friday at the same time.
  7. Starting our new BoBP campaign this WEEK! Join us now... a Spitfire IX awaits you!
  8. Some recent comments from members who have joined us:- "I didn't get the free sex that was promised, although I had to run away quite fast sometimes to avoid it" "Which way do I point the pointy end of the aircraft ?" "Ooops Moggy that tank got us in the tail, ahem...." (attributed to a rear gunner, but no one knows who) "I didn't even know that I had undercarriage!" "Head SW, I meant NE, errr... somewhere over there..." (possibly said by the same rear gunner as above) "Thats the wrong end of the runway to land from, and its the wrong runway and its an enemy one" "Who's got Novembers copy of Big & Bouncy ?" Tangmere pilots, refusing to take ourselves seriously since 2002. Come and join us, I promise that you will have the BEST time of your virtual lives!!! S! Bunster (never been a rear gunner for anyone, ever!)
  9. Join in the fun as we embark on a new campaign on the Rhineland Map flying for the RAF, USAAF and the LW. We have space for new pilots whatever your skills, we are a friendly bunch and will help you become a valued squadron member. Join us now!
  10. Just because and its in honour of one of our Sqd members. Thanks for the generosity busdriver, should I win I will gift it to one our own sqd members
  11. We have sooooooo much amazing stuff going on in Tangmere Pilots, that I cant possibly mention it all here. Not enough time !!! Just get in the cockpit and join us now.... we need more of you RAF types.... Lots of Tempests and Spitfires waiting..... Make one yours now !!
  12. Check us out at Tangmere Pilots. We already have a number of eastern European pilots who fly with us. You would be more than welcome. Bunster
  13. I wouldn't restrict the scope of this simulator. The development team have gone above and beyond in providing content in the sim. I honestly believe that given enough time that they would develop all the important ww2 aircraft. Why stop adding aircraft ? Makes no commercial sense. I'm sure the Mosquito will make it into the game at some point. Keep buying stuff and supporting the team and the aircraft will come.. My only personal wishlist would be for 4 engined bombers but I think they may have to develop a new game engine to accommodate the extra resources required. Imagine flying multiplayer crew in the dark over Berlin in your Lanc with Mosquitos dropping path finder flares surround by heavy flak. I'd happily pay £70 for a properly developed multi crew Lancaster. Doubt it will happen....
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