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  1. I wouldn't restrict the scope of this simulator. The development team have gone above and beyond in providing content in the sim. I honestly believe that given enough time that they would develop all the important ww2 aircraft. Why stop adding aircraft ? Makes no commercial sense. I'm sure the Mosquito will make it into the game at some point. Keep buying stuff and supporting the team and the aircraft will come.. My only personal wishlist would be for 4 engined bombers but I think they may have to develop a new game engine to accommodate the extra resources required. Imagine flying multiplayer crew in the dark over Berlin in your Lanc with Mosquitos dropping path finder flares surround by heavy flak. I'd happily pay £70 for a properly developed multi crew Lancaster. Doubt it will happen....
  2. We are getting ready to mount our Tempests and fly in a new BoBP Campaign. Can you handle the Tempest ? Want to fly for the RAF ? Free Beer and Pickled Eggs ? You know where to come.......
  3. Join us now and fly for the RAF in a specially designed campaign when BOBP is released. Get ready now !!!
  4. Hi Sublime, please check us out at Tangmere Pilots:- http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk If you like what you see, apply to join ! S! Bunster
  5. Hi Dog1, We do use teamspeak, however we fly our OPS missions on a Sunday night at 9pm UK time. Does that fit with your location ? You will also need to pass our OTU 4 assessment flights. Pop along to our website and have a look, if you think you can attend Sunday nights, press the recruitment link and apply. S! Bunster
  6. All you RAF types ! Join us now, pass OTU and get ready to join either No1 or No601 Raf Squadrons as we fight in the skies over Europe. Click the link and apply now - Your country needs you..... http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk
  7. Hi there. Please check out The Tangmere Pilots. We are currently recruiting and have over 25 active pilots from all over the world. I'm sure you could find a home with us. Www.tangmerepilots.co.uk
  8. New campaign starts this Sunday. Join up now and fly with us. 109s or 190s ? you choose. Help us defend against the VVS onslaught in Kuban.
  9. Sign up now for a chance to fly either 109s of 190s in our new campaign. Press the button and sign up !! There is a war on you know !!!
  10. Operational Training Unit. Basically, 4 assessment flights by one of our OTU instructors to make sure you can take off, navigate to a degree, shoot at something and then land. Once passed, you will become an Operational pilot and join us on Ops Missions.
  11. 56Raf_Roblex, Tangmere pilots have been around for 10 + years and we have flown IL2, IL2 1946, CLOD and now IL2 BOS. I don't think we ever took part in Warbirds. You and your comrades would be most welcome but we do have a strict OTU requirement. You may not like us of course and that's why we do it. I'm sure you would though..... Bunster
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