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  1. New campaign starts this Sunday. Join up now and fly with us. 109s or 190s ? you choose. Help us defend against the VVS onslaught in Kuban.
  2. Sign up now for a chance to fly either 109s of 190s in our new campaign. Press the button and sign up !! There is a war on you know !!!
  3. Operational Training Unit. Basically, 4 assessment flights by one of our OTU instructors to make sure you can take off, navigate to a degree, shoot at something and then land. Once passed, you will become an Operational pilot and join us on Ops Missions.
  4. 56Raf_Roblex, Tangmere pilots have been around for 10 + years and we have flown IL2, IL2 1946, CLOD and now IL2 BOS. I don't think we ever took part in Warbirds. You and your comrades would be most welcome but we do have a strict OTU requirement. You may not like us of course and that's why we do it. I'm sure you would though..... Bunster
  5. Bump for Tangmere ! More pilots required for our Mig and I16 Squadrons.....
  6. Malta is an easy win for this simulator. Not much of a map to develop. A lot of the aircraft we already have just need to make tropical versions of some of them. A great way to introduce torpedo attacks and some Italian aircraft. We could have the:- Gladiator Hurricane Beaufighter Wellington Cr42 Italian bombers British aircraft carriers and introduce carrier takeoffs. Operation Pedestal springs to mind. But will they venture anywhere near the med after the deal they did with Cliffs of Dover ?
  7. Recent Ops mission brief from our new campaign. Would you like to fly in these exciting "hand built" and unique missions every Sunday night ? Click RECRUITMENT and change your virtual life forever! Zashchita Moskvy - mission 02 09.30 - 26 December 1941 Mig-3 Squadron/27IAP Khimki airfield. I-16 Squadron/27IAP Vnukovo airfield. BRIEFING Comrades our Christmas present to the enemy is their defeat and our victorious capture of Naro-Fominsk [Grid 1920-3] a key city with rail and road links to the West. Our advance is currently stalled as engineers need to repair the road bridges blown by the escaping German forces. We need to provide air cover to the troop s building up on the approaches to the city transport bridge repair teams for at least 45 min. Mig 3 Squadron Depart Khimki fly at 5,000m via Zvenigorod and patrol over Naro-Fominsk. Intercept any bombers before they can bomb our ground troops to the east of the city. I-16 Squadron Depart Vnukovo fly at 2000m and patrol the main roads in the zone west of Naro-Fominsk. Bomb and strafe any areas of resistance spotted. Once bombs are used provide close cover for the bridging engineers in case of low level attacks by fighter-bombers. Recon Units are operating and will send messages to assist. INTELLIGENCE:- We expect the enemy air power is struggling to operate in the cold temperatures nevertheless they are still determined and experienced. I-16s should maintain as a minimum half their force to protect the engineers at any one time. If needed the MiGs can drop altitude once their main objective is completed. METEOROLOGICAL REPORT:- Clear and cold. Winds 4-7m/s from the North. Temperature -17. SIGNALS:- MiG Sqn 27 IAP - Zyablik (Finch) I-16 Sqn 27 IAP – Yastreb (Hawk) AIRCRAFT:- I-16 Skin: TP Personal BoM 2b campaign skin. Arming: One-piece windscreen, 2x ShVAK, 2x FAB100; 100% Fuel Mig-3 Skin: TP Personal BoM 2b campaign skin. Arming: 2x ShVAK, 100% Fuel MISSION SUCCESS: 1MP for each squadron if the repaired bridge is intact after RTB message I-16s 1MP for locating and destroying 2 enemy trenched positions MiG-3s 1 MP for shooting down 2 confirmed bomber kills
  8. Make it your New Years resolution to fly a Mig or an I16 in the Tangmere Pilot's latest campaign:- Zashchita Moskvy (Defence of Moscow). New pilots required, come and join us! Bunster
  9. Attention all Mig and I16 pilots, your assistance is required to help stem the flow of the enemy advance on Moscow. Our defence starts in January 2019. Want to help us ? Join up now, pass the 4 OTU flights and become a valued member of our squadron. We want new and advanced pilots whatever your skills. The best fun you can have on a Sunday night...... Bunster
  10. We are soon to embark on a new campaign (after Christmas) flying Migs and I16 for the VVS. You have a chance to start the OTU (Operation Training Unit) assessment flights (4 of them) now and be ready to fly on Ops for when the new campaign starts !! Join us now !! Did I mention the free sex and beer ? You know it makes sense....... Bunster
  11. We still have space for new and experienced pilots. Come and see what we are about. We are currently flying 109E7s in a jabo campaign. Bunster
  12. Just some of the things our recent new pilots have said about us :- "I got free beer" "the best sex I have ever had" "I learned how to start my engine in just a few short weeks" "best to avoid Hatter" "who knew you could do that in an A20 !" Tangmere Pilots. Never taking ourselves too seriously, unless we have an aircraft in our sights.... Sometimes it's even an enemy aircraft..... Don't miss out.... Join the coolest outfit in the virtual world. It's the most fun you can have for free..... Bunster
  13. Hi Gamington, please come and check out the Tangmere Pilots. We have many pilots of all levels of experience from a number of different countries. Im sure we can help you to become better at the game and if you like flying with a Squad, I'm sure we can help you. Please check the website http://www.tangmerepilots.co.uk Cheers Bunster
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