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  1. Right, that works! Another thing, and something that is apparently keeping some of my mates from flying on Finnish... Would it be possible to remove the invulnerability of airfield AAA? I'd suggest two things to make this work without encouraging reckless vulching, making it rather a tactical option: 1. Destroying airfield objects should not count towards the score of the frontline. That said, the airfields can be closed by flattening 80%(?) of the objects. 2. Make the airfield flak respawn very fast (this will also make the airfields open faster again). The realism/immersion aspect is another thing, which I won't press. The main thing here is to give the players another tactical option. Finnish used to be an "all out war" server, and this will help make it so again!
  2. Makes sense. Would it be possible to disable them when enough people are on?
  3. I really have mixed feelings about the AI fighters. What are the best arguments for keeping them?
  4. Is there any information about how many AI planes there are and where they usually patrol? I really wasn't expecting AI planes anywhere else than on the front line.
  5. Lost my career because of two AI LaGG-3s at 5k above a rear depot. I guess the solo Junckers 88 raids is a bad idea with these buggers around. Just parked on my six and exchanged fire with my rear gunner until my first enginge blew along with my left fuel tank - one of them got so damaged that the AI decided to bail. Lack of fuel forced me to belly land behind enemy lines after a long flight on one engine...
  6. Perhaps the award can be special payloads as well? For example access to SC 1000 or SC 1800 bombs. It seems the most effective way for Axis pilots to take on tank bases right now is to dive bomb with big bombs (looking at ITAF_Cymao's stats). Limiting those again may be a good idea...
  7. Does it make sense to have the Bf 110 E-2 and JU-88 A-4 as award planes? I mean, weren't they available from 1940 already? (pretty much at the same time as the 109 E-7).
  8. The problem with only having two tank battles active each mission is that the missions become too short (which is a real issue for people flying high altitude/long distance bombing runs for example, and I'd imagine a nuisance for most people when they get constantly interrupted by mission roll over). We saw this issue the last time we tried with only two TBs. EDIT: Maybe a minor lowering of objects on all tank bases would be a better solution? Depending on what's most taxing on performance. Do we know?
  9. Ah, I see. Cheers! I updated my spreadsheet showing the plane sets:
  10. I don't know why, I always assumed the 7b was later than the 1b. Perhaps because of the numbering and because Yak-7b is included in the BoK pack...
  11. Thanks! That's a pretty nice and not too restrictive plane set. I wonder, though, did you mix up the Yak-1b and the Yak-7b? The 7b (yak7bs36) is introduced in the second plane set while the 1b (yak1s127) only arrives in the fourth.
  12. Could we have a look at the current planeset settings by any chance? Just the raw data.
  13. Yeah, well, except that doesn't work at all when we take into consideration that most of the time the server is either empty or populated by a single or two-three pilots working at leisure without any opposition. The current system, especially after the tank base repair times were decreased, makes it very hard (at least time consuming since you have to deal with depots or even factories first most of the time) to solo the tank bases. Which I think is good.
  14. I think we should rather make factories more relevant by activating the closest intact factory for each mission (just like the depots), so it has a big impact on repair/resupply times. This will also make defending factories very important since losing one will result in the enemy having a factory right next to the front with super fast repair and resupply time for the next mission. Of course, this will also make attacking said factory easy/faster, so perhaps having two factories active isn't such a bad idea. How about having two for each side, where one is the closest to the front and the other is the furthest from the front? (This will also make it possible to close two factories, e.g. Staritsa and Rzhev, during the same mission).
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