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  1. Thank you for your time and useful replies guys. Indeed the tanks are not the reason why IL-2 was initially made, but this idea, if later improved will undoubtedly "boom" this game's reputation up as more and more people will see it's potential. If IL-2's engine is powerful enough to allow many things to be done, all we need is ideas to exploit it's potential! Thank you again IL-2 and it's wonderful developers.
  2. Hello, It's been a while since I've re-entered IL-2 BOM/BOS and I was incredibly happy to notice that we can even control tanks on the ground now. Such a pure aircraft and tanks simulator. This is mind blowing realistic. I've been playing DCS with armored vehicles so far and those are only realistic at weaponry and sensors, while the vehicles driving simulation and physics are arcade like. But here, I see a tremendously well modeled tank driving behavior from all aspects, like tracks and wheels modeling..., we even have a control cabin, I'm just out of words..., different ground grip simulation, environment interaction (trees, etc.). For short, the most realistic tank simulator on earth is here. "World of tanks" has nothing to do with what it should be. IL-2 Sturmovik is the only truly enjoyable world of tanks, first of all because it's meant to be realistic. Being a real life pilot (private license) and having this game for this very old name that I've enjoyed since 2001 (my first IL-2 Sturmovik series simulator), I cannot believe the passion this simulator brought me now for letting me drive a tank, and at such a realistic simulation...! THANK YOU 1C and 777. Thank you creators of the most realistic flying and ground rolling vehicles on the planet. Now, leaving aside my long thank you speech, I'd like to address a few things, some which may already be listed for further improvement and some which may not necessarily be improved if not discussed yet. Here are the things which from my perspective, which may be more or less correct, that's why I'm willing to discuss: When you get shelled with machine guns by other tanks or simply with lower caliber guns, your whole tank is shaking like it's being shelled by similar caliber as the main gun but with high explosives at a very high rate. That's just how it feels. Now I many not know exactly (probably nobody does without a fair mathematical model and good experimental data) how much should your tank/turret shake when shells hit it, depending on caliber, rate of being hit and type of ammunition, but the image vibration levels that we encounter right now are definitely exaggerated. I mean, small caliber like 7.92mm shouldn't do more than scratch the paint on a tank, yet if some vibration should occur due to a high rate of hits being taken from such machine gun, the turret oscillations (taking the best reference) should barely rotate beyond 0.5 in any direction from the neutral position. How it is modeled right now your image oscillates almost 30 degrees about the 2 axis and it doesn't make any sense. The turret indeed doesn't oscillate when hit by any rounds (yet it should do so for higher calibers like a main gun shot), but only the image, yet it's exaggerated. Regarding the ability to ride over different stuff of the environment, it's acceptably realistic how the tank may bring down some relatively thick trees, but not being able to bring down a thin wooden wall of a house is probably something that will get fixed sooner or later. I am not here for the critics and again, the developers have done an incredible job with this game, something that we may rarely see somewhere else, yet I was only hoping that these issues are not getting forgotten or maybe slip unnoticed (the extreme camera shaking for example), otherwise I am all thankful! Kind regards!
  3. Hi, It seems that with the latest patches, the IL-2 warplane can only drop bombs if and only if it hasn't been "scratched" even with a tiny bit, cause the slightest damage or unharmful hits taken from anything won't allow you to drop any more bombs that you have left. I've seen this after training a bit in quick mission mode on ground attacks and found out that i could drop bombs as long as i don't take any kind of hit...! One bullet, even if there's NO damage at all being done to the plane..., and you can't drop bombs anymore! So far, this is happening to the IL-2, I haven't tested all other aircraft to see if the same thing might repeat to them also. Please check! Have a good day, Cheers!
  4. Hello mate, That's because you haven't probably pressed F5 to see the enemy AA gunner when you were closing in on him to see how he reacts and aims in relation to where you are. The fact that he fires so late is usually going on because he's pointed somewhere else than your position and they only get into action and try to turn the turret towards you only after you are like 2km away or something, so if the AA gunner has you at his 6 position (he has to turn 180 degrees towards you) he'll take the time to turn almost as much it takes you to fly over it, so i've also encountered this situation and never hit me well from afar after I passed it. Yet if you are closing in less than 1km from it and it's already aimed at you..., you're having little chance to escape from it's mouth without trouble no matter how good you are!
  5. You've told exactly and in detail what I was trying to mean about the AA guns! Thanks mate! I personally was able to destroy 4 particular AA guns at an airfield when I chose a Quick Mission scenario with the IL-2 aircraft and landed safely afer that, so my skill isn't bad, yet that was a 1 in 100 chance that I don't get badly damaged/hurt after doing so. And yes, I was doing all the needed moves, yanks, climbs, etc. while I was ingressing for a shot and then egressing to turn around again, and still, those robot like humans behind the guns knew exactly where to aim for an instant moment (so indeed they only predict the instantaneous aiming solution and won't compensate for curved trajectories (climbs/turns)) without any second thoughts and had a very good chance to hit you now and then althouth you did the best manoeuvres, so that's why I also think they have an exaggerated aim. I propose that the devs could try the following scenario to clarify if the AA guns AI is too good, too poor or if it's OK as it is in comparison to a real human's aiming precision/ability: They could try to manually control (probably with the mouse) an AA gun and try to shoot down a player aircraft that is doing fly-byes, turns, yanks and all kind of evasive manoeuvres in front of them and at a 90 degree flight path from the AA gunner's view..., and this way they can compare their accuracy with that of the AI AA guns and see the results. I bet the AI AA gunners are having a much better prediction and accuracy than the majority of real human players.
  6. You are right if you say that there's a low chance in being shot down or even hit when flying around AAA defended areas, but not so much when you are close enough to see their actual perfect aiming accuracy (except the bullets spread along the path which is realistic) and when you have to actually destroy an AA gun if the mission requires such task, it becomes almost impossible to destroy it without being seriously hit or dead already way before you could even shoot it. I have indeed destroyed many AA guns so far with different tactics, some tactics that I've invented helped me to get even closer to the guns untouched before being able to shoot them, then still I had only a 10% chance that I destroy them without getting severely damaged after they started firing at me.
  7. Yeap, but you're talking about the flak, which indeed should not in any way be able to shoot below a certain elevation angle (so the further you are from them, the higher you could get without getting shot at) so this might also need a tweak by the programmers, but there are these nasty AA guns men that are like "ROBOCOP" when they spot you and hold a 100% accurate tracking on you all the time. The only realistic thing is that the bullets don't go on a straight line (example: when the AA gun is shooting with little or no movement), but are spread through a cone/funnel, otherwise all the bullets would've hit a target giving their actual aiming accuracy.
  8. We all know that the WW2 AA guns didn't have any kind of aiming computer or system (like modern AA's do which have radar) which can predict a precise aiming ahead of the target. Why are the AA guns having such great accuracy and continuously predict the interception aiming with no delay? Is there a possibility to reduce the human handled AA guns accuracy in the future, or at least to make them predict harder and with some delay how much ahead of the target the gun should be pointing for the bullets to hit it? That would bring a more realistic experience from my opinion when you go up against AA guns or your chances to destroy any without being seriously hit are very thin and in contrast for those times. Please correct me if I exaggerate but I believe that a normal human anti aircraft gunner can't have such precise aiming. Thank you!
  9. That's War Thunder in "all it's meaning", lol, because the server probably doesn't force the clients to have the same graphics settings it does, so "cheating" in this manner is possible! Now I might change the subject a bit and talk about some non-existent benefits from lowering the graphics in other flight sims like Rise of Flight or DCS where you can't seem to get any advantage from playing with the graphics options until you can see things/objects better and hopefully in BoS too, with things like: lowering the resolution will help you see bigger, much more visible dots for distant targets, but perhaps will make the dot vanish at a much lower distance than using higher resolution..., so this old trick with lowering the resolution might've found it's end! Yeah, but "yet" he said..., so as "REFLECTED" suggested in the beginning, the presets might remain until the game is finished or maybe after the possible bug issues that are avoided this way, might no longer be a problem.
  10. Lol, my eyes hurt! We hope this kind of focus will be highly tested to be more appropriate and comparable to real life, if it were to be introduced in BoS as well! Nice landing though!^
  11. Roger that! The idea of motion blur..., as it tries to simulate a level of blur when a perfectly healthy human moves his head (not when moving the eyes alone, cause there should normally be no blur at all) is highly exaggerated. From my point of view (i'm also a pilot who did enough crazy stuff in the air, including spins) about this feature, either the blur should be reduced or the rotation speed of the pilot's head in relation with the world outside must be way higher for the level of blur that we encounter in the sim right now! So not cancelling the idea is an option, no..., it's very good to simulate this for the human's eye, but for a much lower value! Have a great day, Mav!
  12. If i had a bit more money right now, sure thing i would, that way i could also fund 1C and 777 a little more for their promising product!
  13. Wow, brilliant...! Thank you very much "Uther" and "Furbs" for the replies..., and i'd also like to thank the producers of this masterpiece new flight simulator, along with 777 studios! I'll contact Zak right away. A great day to everyone!
  14. Hello guys, I wanted to pre-order the Premium Edition a couple of days ago, and due to the fact that i was about 6$ short on my card, from buying it..., i didn't think twice at the moment and pre-ordered the Standard Edition instead! Now i have the rest of the money that i needed (for Premium) before pre-ordering Standard Edition, but as i've said, i've already pre-ordered the Standard Edition and i was wondering if i could have a chance to turn the Standard Edition into a Premium edition just by paying the rest of the money needed, or if i could recall the pre-order and get my money back, in order to buy the Premium edition, as I inteded in the first place! I must say that i didn't have time to activate the pre-ordered Standard Edition, so it's still untouched! So if is there any possibility to turn the Standard Edition into a Premum Edition, or to get my money back with the condition of buying the Premum one, i'd be a very happy customer! Thank you very much for any suggestions and help, and i apologize for the problems created! Have a good day!
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