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  1. This from: Mustang a documentary history by Jeffery Ethell "Official AAF procedure ...called for (85 gal fuselage) internal tank to be burned off first, followed by drop tanks...this was quickly reversed after many a frustrated pilot had ended up jettisoning full drop tanks when bounced by enemy fighters." but it could come in handy: "If he got caught with too much fuel in the fuselage tank,...he would whip into a right hand turn and high speed stall the fighter, snap inverted back to the left and then look back to see if his opponent had been able to follow" as long as you were very careful: "This instability was particularly dangerous in that a pullout at high speed was always accompanied by a stick force reversal which, unless opposed by the pilot, would quickly carry the airplane into an accelerated condition where the wings would fail" ""We had a practice dive bombing mission scheduled...the order went down to the line crews to drain the fuselage tanks to the prescribed level. For some reason it wasn't done to the plane of a good friend...When he tried to pull out of his dive, the plane broke in half.." hence the entirely new P51H was developed
  2. The Mirage 3 was the first Dassault fighter to incorporate the area rule. A Delta wing gets pretty close without much waisting of the fuselage as seen here on the Phantom.
  3. I think until Rayleigh Effect is modelled, air to air spotting against background will always be more difficult than it is irl
  4. Eric Brown considered the He 219 to be under powered and have very poor single engine handling and climb. It never achieved it's design performance, it was unreliable, it struggled to catch Mosquitos, it offered little performance gain over late Ju 88Gs. The night fighter version of the multirole Ju 388 airframe would seem to offer a much better ROI.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that some US fighter units went tracer free late war and as a result had vastly improved kill ratios.
  6. But controlling a hand held gun with slipstream and gforce to contend with in real life would be much more difficult than moving a mouse. That's why power operated gun turrets were invented.
  7. Not really, no wing has a perfect laminar flow, the sections used on P51 and Tempest just delay separation until further back on the aerofoil.
  8. This guy (and the US navy) disagree ;-) http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/WW2guneffect.htm
  9. Thanks for advice, Dakpilot, decided to get GTX1070 . I have i5 6600K, with reasonably good Noctua U12S cooler (biggest I could fit in mini-ITX case), so should overclock OKish if needed.
  10. Hi, useful info for me, I'm getting a 4k TV, and wondering which video card to get. In this part of the world the 1070 is around 1/2 the price of the 1080. I would rather spend the extra if I need to, but if GTX1070 is OK, then I can save NZ$750. What sort of performance gain there is for a GTX1080 vs GTX1070 in IL2? It seems from what I have read in reviews that the 1080 is much better for 4k gaming, but I'm wondering if this is the case for IL2 since it is perhaps more CPU bound? I don't really care too much about performance in other games. What sort of compromise would be needed to get reasonable frame rate from 1070? I'm thinking I will need some AA, since screen will be 55 or 60" and will be about 2m(6') away. Thanks in advance for any advice;)
  11. Hi, very interested to read everyones experience, hopefully someone gets a GTX1080 soon after release and reports back:), I have a mini itx system with only single slot so I have hopes pinned on single GTX1080 being enough for good 4k experience. From benchmarks leaked so for looks like good advantage over 980ti for single display (25-60% depending on overclock speed) , much higher gain for VR
  12. Hmm, just bought the game on sale, don't actually have a system strong enough to run yet:). I'm looking forward to even just learning to fly more complex modeled aircraft but....... this is pretty bad news for me, I have limited time to play game, I used to find the acceleration of old IL2 (16 or 32x?) a major problem on longer missions, 2x!? That means even single player combat missions (I have no time for multiplayer) will be pretty much a no go for me:(.
  13. Hi, thanks for very interesting post. I am curious about how human characteristics may be going to be modelled for example: field of view; target fixation, high Gs, etc causing reduced SA; morale; fatigue etc.
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