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  1. This is still really annoying. I kited a 109 around my airfield for 20 minutes and the AA didn't manage to shoot it down.
  2. Did you know that 250.000 (two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand) Chinese civilians were murdered by the Japanese because a few of them helped some American who were in this raid escape? Boggles the mind what consequences it had for a people that didn't really have much to do with the raid at all.
  3. I disagree with this. It's better to turn settings down and stick with a higher resolution VR headset. A Quest 2 supports up to 120fps now. It's also cheaper than a Rift S and can play wirelessly.
  4. I have the same problem. I tried changing IPD settings but that did not solve it. Please fix this. A lot of people will be playing this game wirelessly with the Quest 2.
  5. I have the same issue in wireless. It's still quite playable but a bit annoying.
  6. I just bought this stick and it should be arriving this week. I'm looking forward to it. I was wondering if anyone has a good optimized keybinds setup for this stick or where I could find them. I'm using a simple Saitek X52 throttle for basic throttle keybinds at the moment.
  7. I recommend trying it out with a shorter cable first, you can judge for yourself whether it's better. I heard that opencomposite rather than steamvr also helps (but you lose the important check-your-six-program).
  8. I hope you guys manage it. I really like the Battle of Britain setting but I'm really not going to fly outside of VR anymore. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to be flying in VR so that's definitely something to consider. I'm also looking at the monstertech chair so a chair mount might become an option. I guess it's time to save some more money up first though :P.
  10. Thanks for the tip. I'm a bit worried that that one is too big. I want to start out just using it on a desk, maybe with a chair mount later. Any idea about that? Also any idea what it costs? I was looking at this one:
  11. Hey Vitaly, what would you say is the best generic throttle for someone who wants to have the most compatibility for the most possible IL-2 planes? It doesn't have to be an authentic reproduction, I just want the most functionality in the most ergonomic way. And what would be the price?
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