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  1. I downloaded the update, but, as always, I have a big problem: all the missions (built by me) do not be loaded. It is necessary to operate in the ME with the "Resave all Mission in the folder" and this is a very slow operation! For a folder, I don't know ..., with 30-40 missions to resave, an hour has already passed and the operation is still far from the end ... This is very, very annoying. It is a shame that no solution to this problem can be found! Note that I have a rather fast PC and in any case I will inform you about the exact number of files and the time taken to save them ... Now, after 1h 10m, I go out for shopping, i leave the computer to work. Hoping that, in the meantime, a blackout will not come ... so I lose everything! FINAL REPORT The missions in the folder were a little more (about 200), but the final time was 2h 25m ... It is better to do this at night or while one does not have to use IL-2 Sturmovik ...
  2. Thanks Jim, it's just what I needed, because this saves me the time to continue with a series of tests ... the difference between the various shapes, in fact, as I see, is very small and you need to experiment to find the right one. Thank you, as always you have been kind and precious, with your great experience ...
  3. Thank you Jim. I want to ask you if you can edit my test.rar file (attached to my post), so I can better understand which must be the sample... Thank...
  4. Very interesting picture Kokakolo. I have another question to ask about attack line types to draw the direction of an attack. The manual explains how to position the icons to create an arrow, but despite the fact that I move the angle and the distance between the last two icons (the ones that form the hook ...) the shape of the arrow's tail is always very wide . How can you create an arrow with a narrower tail? I attach the test file which produces on the GUI a very large arrow's tail. Thank. Test.rar
  5. Problem solved, friends !!! As Firdimigdi suggested... We must go into Steam and Library and then right click on the name of game >>> properties >>> local files >>> verify. Wait some minutes however for updating... and all is OK ! Thank you.
  6. HELP ! I have the same problem. It happened that, while the launcher was performing a long update via Steam (I think 4.006 version, waiting something as 49 min to download...), I had a blackout of electricity. When I turned the computer back on it continued the update from where it was left, but then, at the time of launching the program, the damned error message appeared. # 10027 Packed data verification fail. Please restore the original packed data files. Now, the problem is: how to restore the previous data? Every time I reboot the system, we are at the usual point and it doesn't go on.
  7. It had already seemed to me, on some occasions, that in the statistical summary, but, even earlier in the messages during the mission, I was attributed shootings of planes which, in reality were not my work, but of wingmen or friendly antiaircraft guns This morning I had further confirmation, when, flying on a He-111, I was assigned a kill, without - in my opinion - the shooting of it was my gunners. Possible?
  8. Thank you Jim. I am comforted by the fact that you too have encountered the problems I have mentioned. We must probably conclude that the AI plane's behavior is not in line with what we expected. It is desirable that the developers can intervene on this aspect, because it would be very interesting for mission builders to have AI planes that, when they suffer a certain percentage of damage, can independently decide not to continue their action and to return to home. Thanks for your experimentation.
  9. I have tried several times, changing both the type of damage (threshold or step) and the percentage values. But I can't produce the expected result, namely that the plane hit: 1) issue a message that the condition has occurred 2) go to the landing Every time the enemy plane continues to fight to the end and only when it is now hopelessly hit, it tries to head home, but without being able to get there. In any case, the message always comes when the plane is crashing. So if I am not wrong, it would seem that the program could not distinguish between "damaged" or "critical damaged" situations, compared to "killed", "destroyed" or "crashed". However, I attach a simple mission where the player must hit an MC-202 with short bursts of MTG, in order to progressively damage it and understand if it manages to send a "critical damaged" message and then go to landing. Thanks for your attention. Test.rar
  10. Thanks Jim, you are always very ready, courteous and competent in replies. I'll try what you suggest ...
  11. I want to ask you how goes it work this option, when activated in the advanced properties of a plane. In the manual i can read: "If the AI autopilot is on, make the plane return to the nearest friendly airfield object under the following conditions: โ€ข The plane is critically damaged (50% damage or more). (...)" Assuming that we are not speaking of the player's plane... an AI plane shoul be always in autopilot condition. So, I have tried several test, but the outcome is not satisfactory. Whatever the value entered in the "Damage" box, the AI aircraft gets massacred, before attempting to return to the base and is then regularly forced to an emergency landing. To check the occurrence of the damage condition I activated an On event >> onDamaged >> subtitle "Plane damaged". But this message appears only after the plane (in critical condition) has attempted an emergency landing outside its designated airport with a "fakefield". Thank for your attention.
  12. I have found two interesting titles: - Black cross red star vol 3 - Fighters over Stalingrad Does anyone know if these books are available to download in pdf? or to be read directly on the screen ? Thank
  13. In order to enrich historical knowledge and to be able to create realistic missions, I ask you if you are able to show me articles, books or other publications concerning a detailed description of the air operations that took place in the battle of Stalingrad 1942 and in Kuban 1943. Order of battle, operations diary, units involved, names of pilots, losses etcetera ... both for the Luftwaffe and for the VVS. Of course I am aware of the existence of books, but I specify that I am talking about resources freely available on the web and not of books to buy ... Thanks, Stebas.
  14. Thank Butzzell ! I have tested your solution and it works! That was exactly what I was trying to accomplish, but I couldn't, basically because - who knows why ... - I never imagined that the Deactive could be used with the Timer, blocking the path! Beautiful idea ... Then I had looked for other more complicated roads, but then I also ran into the Check Zone problem that cannot recognize the unit alive from the destroyed ones ... Below I attach what is the flow chart that I used, using the Damage MCU to immediately destroy the number of units needed to test the mission. As I said, the key point, the joint of all is the timer X, which works like a traffic light ...๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  15. OK Gambit, but if you read the discussion, I am of your idea, that Force Complete has no effect on the rate of fire ...
  16. PLOT TWIST ! I had TESTED the "target defend area" mission with the use of Check Zone triggers, as indicated in the flow chart above and it worked fine. But now, when I go to use that in a mission, it doesn't work anymore ...! It seems that the Check zone detects stationary units object-linked by it, even if they are destroyed ... Is it possible? I explain better. If I object link Check Zone trigger to a specific stationary enabled vehicle or artillery (not setting plane or vehicles coalitions as true in the Advanced Properties), the Check Zone itself, when activated during mission, detect the unit and fires ... But if fires also after the unit is destroyed, during the mission! How is it possible that it detects a destroyed object? I specify that, of course, the Check Zone is activated after the object to be detected has been destroyed and that the object is in the range of CZ...
  17. Here I learned that even the most experienced often do not have the ready solution ... and in any case every problem can have different solutions and all of them can be effective. This is a very beautiful thing !!! Regards, Stebas.
  18. OK Gramps. I will try the solution I have adopted with the Check Zones, but if it proves too heavy, I will certainly use the count of the destroyed units instead of the surviving ones, the failure of the objective, rather than its achievement. In practice, nothing changes, and the final result of the mission is not affected ... Thanks for your attention.
  19. Thanks Gramps. Yes, I know this method and have also used it in other circumstances. But now what I would is a different result. I don't want to activate a failed goal, but I want achieve a positive goal. I want to see, after a certain period of time, the green label on the map that says "secondary protect area completed" and not simply wait for the the lack of the "secondary objective failed" red label. And in the final screen I want to see: Mission accomplished, primary obiective (land) and secondary 1 objective completed. Perhaps, for most people, it maybe a small and useless difference, but I wanted to understand if and how it can be achieved ... with an easier way than I have experienced with multiple Check Zones ... Thank, Stebas.
  20. Dear friends, good morning ! I am still asking you a question, concerning the construction of the missions and in particular the realization of a mission objective. The player's job into his plane is to defend ground units (stationary vehicles and artillery) that are attacked by the enemy. The goal will be achieved if - after a certain period of time - at least a number of units manage to survive. I remember that in IL-2 Sturmovik original it was very simple: there was a target, called Defend Area, in which it was simply necessary to indicate the percentage of units that had to be saved. In this case I would need an MCUS that could count how many units are still alive in a certain group or in a certain area, but the thing seems to me not so simple. If it were airplanes in flight or moving vehicles I could use the Complex Trigger, but this does not seem to work with stationary objects, as the related options in the Events Filter section, such as, for example, Object Stationary and Alive, seem not to work or not be implemented. So, also in accordance with what is said in the Manual about TCT, "If you want to detect objects that are already inside or outside a zone (in addition to detecting objects entering or leaving a zone), use the check zone trigger" Therefore I used the Check Zone trigger with object links to the units to be detected. The problem is that this trigger, unlike the TCT, does not fire for each object, but makes only one detection, so my solution was to insert as many Check Zones as there are objects in the area. This solution seems to work, but it has the problem of weighing down the mission layout , because, for example, if there are thirty objects to monitor, I need thirty Check Zones and as many Timer delays which are then all linked to a counter. Basically and more generally, the problem is: how to count the number of (stationary) objects present in a specific area and at a specific time. I believe that you, friends, will probably have better ideas than mine ... Thanks for your attention, Stebas PS. I attach a simple flow chart, showing my solution, referring, as an example, to only three objects to be detected
  21. One hypothesis that I would like to verify is that Force Complete can be applied, to adjust the rate of fire to those individual artillery units that shoot alone, without the need for the Attack Area command... perhaps it could be possible...
  22. In the meantime, I have experienced what we are discussing in a small ground attack mission, where two ML-20s shoot from a convenient distance (about 7 km) to an airfield where some vehicles are stationed. I tried using the classic Attack Area method (setting HIGH priority, Ground Area AND Ground Targets) and then putting a Force Complete command (setting HIGH priority), 3 seconds after activating Attack Area function. The classic solution works and the two cannons each fire with a rate of fire of about 3-3.5 shots per minute, achieving some kills. The second solution paralyzes the two ML-20s which evidently interpret Force Complete as a stop to the previous command and don't fire. I also tried to place the Force Command before the Attack Area, but in this case it is ignored and the cannons fire with the same rate of fire that they have in the absence of the Force Complete. Ultimately it seems to me that the artillery follows the last command it receives, ignoring the previous ones (moreover, as it would seem logical ...) But, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I attach the files with the two different solutions. Stebas. Artillery Test.rar
  23. You said very fair things Icky. I had already experienced many things, others not of what you say. But the fairest thing you say is that there is nothing 100% certain, you just have to try, try and try. This is, in my opinion, the beauty of this Mission Editor, where everyone has their own way of working and where the same actions and identical objectives can be achieved through different procedures and logics ... Nobody has the truth in the pocket and there is no text that is the Gospel. Yes Jim, naturally I didn't mean to give you any fault. I had understood that this function emerged after the writing of your manual, as it also appears from the fact that currently the Force Complete command has now three priority levels, while you had described only two, reffered to the on/off lights.
  24. Well job, Thad ! Only a small correction: I think LeFH 18 is German and not Russian. Sorry Icky but I didn't know about this third function for Force Complete, as I don't think the Manual mentions it. But it intrigues me. Normally I place an Attack Area (maybe with high priority) and Object link it to the guns. So this is not enough? And where do we put the Force Complete, before, after or in substitution of Attack Area? Thank you.
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