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  1. Volendo usare il programma anche su un pc in una seconda casa come devo agire ? È necessario acquistare un altro IL2 oppure si può effettuare una seconda installazione. Preciso che utilizzo steam con il dvd fisicamente in possesso. Grazie.
  2. Thank you Zooropa. This operation is taking a lot of time, I hope that in the end everything goes well ... However I saved a copy before proceeding ... Ah thank you Jaegermeister. In fact it seems to me that the last time, using the "Resave" the thing was very fast ... now instead with the "convert to binary" is already working for 15 minutes ...
  3. A few minutes ago I launched IL-2 Sturmovik, I waites a few minutes for an automatic update from Steam and when I launched the program I realized that none of the missions I created were loaded. How to solve the problem by courtesy? PS. I remember last year that I had to resort to the "Resave all missions in folder" option in the Mission Editor. Is it possible that we should use this option again? Isn't there the risk of losing all the hardly accomplished missions?
  4. Tank you Sketch ! So, while I am looking forward to the Jim's manual to create campaigns, meanwhile I go on with the refinement of the campaign missions ! Stebas
  5. Thanks Leon. I have a good experience of campaigns with the old IL2 and honestly I thought it was less complicated to assemble a series of single missions in a sequence to play as a campaign. But the first reading of the DD # 142 has left me a bit perplexed .. we need a series of files and parameters, seemingly a bit complicated. Perhaps studying them and dedicating some time, will not be so difficult. One thing, for example, I would like to know. Since my campaigns, to be more interesting and varied, usually require that the player uses different types of aircraft and not just one type, is this possible in the new IL-2 Sturmovik or not? Point 3. & tows = * is expressed like this: "required theaters of war divided by commas (BoS = 1, BoM = 2, BoK = 3.) Player aircraft used in the campaign must be included in these ToWs (for example, campaign that is taking place on Stalingrad maps, but where player should pilot MiG-3, should have this parameter set to & tows = 1.2) " ... and this would let me suppose that in the example above the player can only fly on the MiG-3 and not on other aircraft ... Thank for your attention, Stebas.
  6. I am realizing a series of single missions and, at the end, I want to put them together in a scripted campaign. I don't find anywhere the relative instructions... So, how can I create a "scripted campaign" ? Stebas.
  7. While I'm building a campaign for BoS, I just experienced this problem. So I searched the forum for a solution and came across this topic. Now I expose my experience. Labeling an airport as a Home Base is not enough to make the landing at that airport determine a Successful Landing message, but it only happens that once the mission is loaded the map is centered on the Home Base. From the tests I carried out it was found that only if the airport where you land is equipped (during the construction phase of the mission) with a "fakefield" linked entity of the same nationality as the player, the final message of Successful Landing is activated. And this regardless of the direction in which you land and the presence or absence of the Land command. I have also noticed that, in the presence of two airports, both with "fakefield", giving the flight wingmen the order to land, they go to the nearest one, regardless of whether it is labeled as a Home Base or not. Probably also if the mission includes an entire flight plan, including Waypoints and Land Command, if the player follows it, he eventually gets the message of Successful Landing. This, at least, is what I have been able to experience, however without having devoted much time to investigate this problem. So probably we should enter the Mission Editor and understand how the mission was built, but I realize that this is outside the interest of those who are flying the mission. Stebas.
  8. You are certainly right Gambit. I have no doubt that the new Mission Editor, however complex and difficult to learn, is very powerful, compared to the old IL-2 Full Mission Building and theoretically you can do almost everything you have in mind ... above all very powerful commands like Complex trigger, Spawner, Check zone, Proximity etc. that allow objects to appear, for example, only when they can be seen by the player or simply when you want. That said, this does not take away from the initial problem ... no German tank is capable of destroying a Soviet tank and this is a very serious bug for such a powerful and realistic simulator as IL-2 Sturmovik. I hope it will soon be corrected. Stebas.
  9. Not being a native English speaker, sometimes I can not very well understand what you mean to say, that's why I explain my concepts in a simple and repetitive way, to be more certain to make myself understood. I wanted only to explain what I was going to do and what were the difficulties I'm encountering (remember the topic's subject: the superiority of Soviet tanks against German). I do not think I've invented anything about missions, nor do I want to disrespect anyone. I'm sorry if my words were misunderstood. Stebas.
  10. In this moment I have only the vanilla BoS and not Kuban, so I can not test the mission you mention. But I think it's something that comes close to what I intend to do ... Thank Plurp. Stebas.
  11. Having realized and published on MT4 several campaigns in IL-2 46 (the first "Kuban Campaign 1943", now ten years ago ...), I had a lot of satisfaction with thousands of downloads (maybe you've downloaded some of them, too). In all these campaigns I spent many hours in historical research and then also in ground battles, difficult to build and long to test, even in the old IL-2, with a minimum of historical realism, but for me it is a MUST. So, I'm trying to do the same in this new IL-2 Sturmovik, with the difficulties we have now well known and with the risk, as Gambit wrote, of wasting so much time and not getting anything ... But, right now, I have time to spend and I want to try to do something that forces the player to take care of what happens on the ground ... The concept is that, in some close support mission, the planes must help the troops to win a battle, but at the same time the player needs the contribution of the ground forces, because alone he is not able to reach the goal. You have understood ? So there is a need for a part of the enemy units to be destroyed by friendly ground forces and a part by the player and his wingmen. The known difficulties and disparities in the balance between the German and Soviet tanks complicate the thing, but I think that, putting in the field also the artillery, something good can be done. I'm trying...
  12. He is right Sketch when says that during the mission the player rarely understands what actually happens on the battlefield. because the creators of missions often deal only with air combat. on the other hand, I sometimes like to build tactical support missions (especially with Stuka and Sturmovik) where the player cooperates with ground units to beat the enemy. for this it is necessary to know and set the correct behavior of tank and artillery. fortunately, the latter is more balanced between the Soviets and the Germans.
  13. Also when German tank (pz Iii because AI does not use Tiger) hit enemy tanks the bullets jump on the armour and no penetrate. So the dvs should intervene on the single tank and guns models.
  14. I am trying to study the characteristics of the BoS ground units, so as to generate, during the missions, ground fights as realistic as possible. I realized, however, that the Soviet units, especially the tanks, are clearly superior to the German ones and no match is possible, if not, perhaps (but I haven't yet tested), clearly varying the skills and odds in favor of the Germans, but this does not correspond to the reality. Try to make a frontal battle between 6 T-34s and 6 German tanks of your choice: at any distance from 300 to 1000 m. the result will be always 6-0 in favor of the Soviets. Yes ! German tanks are not able to destroy any Russian tank.... I would be happy to be denied, otherwise you tell me how you can set a realistic ground battle ...? Stebas.
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