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  1. Thank Jim, you are always ready to make immediately your knowledge available to others !So... 1) Yes it's a single player off line mission.2-3) I have never used the language options. I construct my missions without changing some of the BoS Editor's deafault options (I believe in english). So I can't answer your doubt. But mine was just a curiosity to understand if others had had my problem. I solved it just by copying the subtitles text from one of the previous versions. In fact, luckily I have the habit of saving every change in a new version, so if something is wrong, I simply go back to the previous version and try to understand which change caused the problem ...
  2. 1) While I was developing a mission with the BoS Editor, suddenly, some messages (subtitles) that I had entered and already tested, no longer appeared.I often use this option not only to inform the player of some situations relevant for the mission (as if they were radio messages), but also during the debugging phase, to understand if the program performs certain logical steps.You can imagine that I went crazy, thinking that I had introduced changes that conflict with some actions that previously developed correctly.Well, it took me a long time to understand what had happened!The text inside the various MCUS Subtitles was gone, simply deleted (certainly not by me, at least not intentionally ...).So I ask if anyone has already experienced such an inconvenience.2) Another completely different thing. I'm trying the Repair, Refuel and Rearm, a recent really very interesting update, which opens new horizons for missions, especially of ground attack type. With my Stuka I went to the service area, I turned off the engine. Automatically the plane repaired and I reloaded with bombs and bullets (the key I programmed for the Rearm is "y").However, while with bombs I have no release problem, the machine guns (I am talking about the front ones, not the gunner's MG) as they are reloaded with 2000 shots, do not work.Indeed, I have not tried if this also happens with other planes, in particular with fighters.Is it one of the bugs in the RRR option (I knew that the gunners cannot be rearmed, but not the main guns…) or am I doing something wrong?Thanks for your attention, Stebas.
  3. Indeed - as far as I could understand - the exact date of the arrival of the MC-202s in Russia is controversial. According to Wikipedia, when the 21st Group replaced the 22nd (maj 4, 1942), Major Foschini brought with him 17 MC.202 and 18 other MC-200. In the "Short History of Italian Air Corps in Russia" we can read that between August and December 1942, 12 twin-engine BR-20 bombers and 12 MC-202 arrived.According to other Italian sources, the Folgore arrived generically in the summer of 1942.Interesting is the site www.valka.cz, according to which already on July 24, 1942 the Macchi 202 were present with the 355th Squadron, having as their initial base at Voroscilovgrad (present day Luhansk) which is a hundred km. west of the BoS map edge. So, as I said, in the summer of 1942, at the time of the Axis's advance towards Kalach and the bend of the Don, while the presence of the MC-200s is sure, that of MC-202 in the Stalingrad scenario is very uncertain.But, from my point of view, it might be plausible - even if not strictly historically proven and therefore with a slight chronological force ... - to insert some Folgore in some escort mission to German planes.
  4. From Wikipedia: "On May 4, 1942, the 22nd Gruppo Autonomo Caccia Terrestri (Ground Fighters Autonomous Group), which had reached its operational limit, was replaced by the 21st, consisting of the 356ª, 382ª, 361ª and 386ª squadrons. The 21st, commanded by Major Ettore Foschini, brought with him 17 new Macchi fighters M.C. 202 and 18 new Macchi M.C. 200... ... In the summer of 1942, following the German advance, the 21st Group moved first to Makeyevka airport, and then to Tazinskaya, Voroshilovgrad and Oblivskaya airport. Italian pilots were increasingly asked to escort German planes ..." The above is confirmed by Major Hozzel himself, commander of the StG. 2 that in the late summer of '42 at the time of the offensive on Kalach and then on Stalingrad, operated from the bases of Tacinskaya and Oblivskaya ("CONVERSATIONS WITH A STUKA PILOT"CONFERENCE FEATURING PAUL-WERNER HOZZEL BRIG. GENERAL (RET.)/ GERMAN AIR FORCE AT THE NATIONAL WAR COLLEGE NOVEMBER, 1978) "Question: At the time when you had the Immelmann wing attacking the tanks just before Stalingrad, you had as many as 300 aircraft under your control? General Hozzel: I had about 200. I had four groups of JU-87s, and those groups had about 40 to 45 aircraft—about 170 JU-87s, 15 ME-110s as reconnaissance and destroyer aircraft for fighter protection, and 15 Italian Macchis as part of that protection. So I had about 200." Now, it is not sure that the 15 Macchis referred to by Paul-Werner Hozzel were "Folgore" and not "Saetta" (or perhaps both types), but - while there were certainly some MC-200s - it is however plausible that MC-202 operated, albeit very sporadically, as a escort fighters for the Stukas of the Geschwader Immelmann. And in fact, in the campaign on the German advance of the late Summer of 1942 that I am working on in BoS, some missions see the MC-202s in the escort of the Ju-87s of Hozzel.
  5. The proposal that was made to me is as follows: - CPU: Intel core I7-9700 12M Cache up to 4,70 GhZ - Video card: PNY RTX 2060 Super dual Fan XLR 8Gb Gaming - RAM: Ballistic Crucial 8Gb 3000MHZ DDR4 Cl16 (32Gb) - HD: ADATA SSD 1 TB SATA NAND What do you think about ? Thank for your attention, Stebas.
  6. I am purchasing a second desktop PC and obviously want to play IL-2 Sturmovik. My first question is: - which is the best hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, Video card, monitor etc.) ? I point out that the maximum budget available to me can be around euro 1500. Stebas.
  7. My question. Having a holiday home it is possible to have a second free installation of IL-2 Sturmovik and possibly how to proceed from a technical point of view. I point out that I purchased the simulator on DVD and installed it via Steam. Thanks, Stebas NB. Obviously the two programs would never be used simultaneously
  8. I have seen somewhere in this forum they are speaking about a new feature concerning RRR. I wish to know if it is a new function of the last version and how it works both in planning the mission with the Editor or flying the mission itself. Thank you , Stebas Sorry I have just found a topic about the object in the General Discussion section...
  9. Ah very interesting ! I will look to find these levers in the cockpit...
  10. Now everything seems to be solved. The problem was that the default mixture commands gave no effect (perhaps due to a keyboard configuration problem). I set the controls on the joystick and now the message indicating the correct value of the mixture appears. So I can set it to 100% and everything works properly ... Thanks for your suggestions...
  11. Yes Talon, I was meaning prop RPM at 100%. But, when I intend to set the mixture value, I see nothing that confirms what I am doing and I suspect that the keys I actually use do not take effect. Where can I see that the mixture is correctly set to 100% ? So, I go back to ask, politely, to operate the motor, for example of the Spitfire Mk VB, which keys operated, in particular to bring the mixture to 100%? Thanks.
  12. The prop pitch is 100% But I would like to know how to set the mixture 100% full rich for example with Spit. Which keys do you use x default?
  13. Hi guys thank a lot. Now I am able to start the engine of Lagg-3 (with about 20% of throttle before switching on and then immediately at least 30-35% to prevent shut off). The Yak 7 need2 about 15% before starting and then is OK. The Airacobra is equal. The Spitfire does not want to remain on. But I encounter another issue. When I push the throttle to take-off (sometime tested with Airacobra and LaGG), the speed does not increase to take off value and the engine run off before the end of runway. I suppose it could be a wrong mixture setting, but I don't know how to do, because if I set the mixture with RCtrl + M (automatic) or with RCtrl + add or minus key, I don't see any indication in the hud message (with Hud on), nor any gauge or lever showing the actual mixture value. What can I do ?
  14. I was out of IL-2 Sturmovik for a few months, now I'm back, I updated my version and I also downloaded Kuban (BoK). I find several novelties in the way of flying airplanes, some commands have been modified, Russian planes are now better controlled during taxiing, etc. All things with which I will have the chance to experience, but now I have to ask a question first of all. With some planes, starting from the "parked" position, after having switched on the engine, it will turn off immediately (i.e. Spitfire, Yak 1, LaGG 3 etc.), what should I do? Thanks Stebas. NB. if I start in the "runway" position, then with the engine running, then I try to turn off the engine and then turn it back on, everything is OK.
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