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  1. I know that making new maps is hard. But Kuban is already tired. When will there be other maps?
  2. The red won 5 maps destroying the navy of opponent. A server does not give beginning of new war!!!
  3. Good day! One more question. Previously, defenses and other fortifications fired from cannons, tanks and anti-aircraft guns at the approaching ground-based enemy military equipment. Will it be implemented?
  4. Good day! Tell me why the game is missing IL2 43 years.
  5. 1/SG2_Hummels Joint departure SG2 and III./SG77, accompanied by WG, LwS, ZG26 and single pilots. 25 Aug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSknb6TwPNo It was fun
  6. Tired of playing on the map Moscow fly around Staritsa and Rzhev. I'll pause and wait for better times.
  7. Pilots always go to other servers in search of the best and where serious battles start (I do not want to advertise), where team play is needed, and not where one pilot moves the front line. In the old il 2, there was an ADW server and everyone was waiting for a new war to begin. If the creators of the server do something, new, or improve what others have. All will be here))
  8. And if you destroy the supply going to the warehouse then the defense will not form, and the attack from the enemy will capture the target without resistance. That's the war will be) Pilots will need to protect against enemy attacks, supply, warehouses, destroy attacks. A full-fledged strategic war will begin. Want to seize the airfield, protect your resources, that would have formed attacking troops. and not just destroy the enemy's defenses. Attacking troops must be protected from air raids
  9. Я понимаю, что всем угодить нет возможности, спасибо что сервер вообще существует. Возможно для других будет интересней, если завод, все таки будет расположен глубоко в тылу, от которого едет колонна снабжение ( танки, автомобили ........, или поезд ) по железно или простой дороге на склад. Склад формирует фронт. Когда линия фронта близка к раю карты, то в этом случае завод становиться виртуальным и на карте не отображается. Мне кажется колонны снабжения ( подвижные или нет ), сделают игру интереснее. Склад усилить зенитками и если не уничтожить колонну снабжения то полное восстановление сделать 30 или 40 минут. Ваш сервер, ваши правила. I understand that there is no way to please everyone, thanks that the server exists at all. Perhaps for others it will be more interesting if the plant is still located deep in the rear, from which the supply column (tanks, cars ........, or a train) is traveling along an iron or simple road to the warehouse. The warehouse forms the front. When the front line is close to the card's paradise, in this case the plant becomes virtual and is not displayed on the map. I think supply columns (mobile or not) will make the game more interesting. Warehouse to strengthen anti-aircraft guns and if not destroy the supply column then a full restoration to do 30 or 40 minutes. Your server, your rules.
  10. The plant costs at Staritsa, defense is completely restored in 10 minutes. The following purpose airfield - 10 minutes. A question, how many years it is necessary to bomb the plant prior to a victory))) It is necessary to remove the plants from airfields.
  11. Plants should be located deep in the rear, supply warehouses near the front line. Supply of equipment and weapons must be handled through the warehouses of supply and not otherwise ( Factory - Warehouse -Troops ). Factory can not directly supply equipment and weapons to the front !!!
  12. Staritsa is not an unconquerable city hero with a warehouse and a factory)))
  13. Eternal standing. The army receives direct supplies from the factory, but must from the warehouse. Correct this error. Otherwise, we will always fight with Staritsi and Rzhev.
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