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  1. All Russian tanks are destroyed by a single shell, maximum 2. Panther can be destroyed by a single shell from the side or from the back and it is necessary to still somehow go around it, the Tiger can not be killed by him all for nothing ., like peas from the wall. From SU-122, SU-152 after the first corrective shot you will be taken to the cemetery.On Russian tanks, you have to try hard not to die at the front. The tiger and Panther can go and not be afraid that the caterpillar will be damaged
  2. No one will transfer from the tiger and Panther to the Soviet tanks, otherwise they will have to admit that there is no balance. Thank you stupid developers!!!
  3. Unfortunately, non-killable objects did not disappear. You can drive through them. Video https://ru.files.fm/u/pjcp6ebx
  4. https://ru.files.fm/u/yzngv47c#sign_up Unkillable military equipment at the front, even icons are not 95% in the record. Sector 0818 - 9 I tried to bomb, shoot at tanks and other equipment, the result does not change. All projectiles fly through without causing damage.
  5. Still on the untouched fronts there were empty breastworks without guns, tanks and machine-gunners.
  6. Yesterday I could not destroy the bridge in sector 0818 sector 9. tank Shells flew through the bridge and exploded on the other Bank on the ground Video from the front. https://transfiles.ru/fsoak
  7. Tank shells fly through the equipment standing on the enemy's front without damaging them
  8. Good afternoon!! I Often encounter this problem #30: invalid response from the master server # 10009: Connection to the game server is lost
  9. CCG_Pips what, destroying artillery positions with impunity and leaving the server until the next mission is no longer possible. You are afraid to go to the front, because there you can ruin your statistics. The admin did the right thing to protect the artillery positions from such players. I'm surprised that Colosky is still silent.
  10. It will be correct to provide artillery positions with protection from ground equipment, as at the front.
  11. Happy victory day! С Днём Победы !!!
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