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  1. I also would like add that when you use binoculars or pistol I can't aim them with mouse but with headtracker instead (Edtracker here, don't know if it's same for TrackIR). Hopefully this is looked into also.
  2. Did you try editing grass radius in startup.cfg? Setting it too high will bring your computer to its knees. For shadows I don't know other than putting them on ultra.
  3. 60 as I use 60Hz mode. In the 90Hz mode I get 90fps when there is nothing or little happening around me. In a dogfight with multiple planes the fps drops to 80-85. It can drop to 70 or lower when there is also lot going on on the ground like in scripted missions. Bit hard to give you good answer as it depends so much on the situation. I can play a track with my setup if you want.
  4. I installed fpsVR for steam. Mostly the frametimes for GPU were slightly higher than the CPU ones. And there were a lot of short red spikes for both frametimes. Today I received my new DDR4 3200 (Highest that my MoBo support, it's bit old I know). I installed them and flashed Bios also to newest version. I did some quick testing with 8 Mustangs vs 8 109s in Bodenplatte summer map (Ultra preset, High shadows, 2xFXAA). Now the frametimes for GPU were constantly lower than the CPU ones and the red spikes were gone. I think there is major improvement here. Thanks for the advice👍
  5. You should be able to use any of your planes in quick mission regardless of the date/theater
  6. I admit that I prefer my curved monitor. I usually fly couple of weeks with VR and then get bored of it and change back to monitor. Until I get that VR spark again... I like the butter smooth performance of 2D, clarity, better colors and most importantly comfort. I don't like to use VR more than hour. Mostly because of the heat.
  7. I might just do that since memory isn't that expensive. My biggest problem with VR is that I actually like my monitor more. I tend to fly in VR for week or two and then go back to monitor.
  8. I can't maintain 90fps so I use the 60Hz mode. Mostly it is 60 fps. At least with quick missions and PWCG. Yesterday I was flying on Combat Box and fps was in the 35-50 with a rather quick mission at low altitude. Made a track of it and viewing the track I got 57-60 fps. I suppose I was limited by Cpu there. I changed my settings a bit: Fxaa off Clouds medium (no clouds on that Combat box mission) Disabled 4k textures Now with these settings I was getting 60 fps in the track. I joined back to Combat Box and now I were getting constant 60 fps. MP performance in VR is total mystery to me. Lol. I think I have 16Gb DDR4 2666. Super Sampling is at 100% I've not used fpsVR. I've used steamVR setting that shows a colored box in the corner if you are cpu or gpu limited. It was disabled now.
  9. I think the spotting is alright. Identifying planes is also good with the new zoom. For now I have High clouds, medium shadow and 2xFXAA. And 60Hz mode for Reverb. I was little disappointed that RTX2080Ti can't run it flawless but it is what it is. Mostly it runs ok but in certain missions you get some severe fps drops. Like Sea Dragon campaign where there is fire and smoke everywhere and all kind of action around you.
  10. I have RTX2080Ti and Reverb G1. My fps drops below 90 from time to time with High settings. SteamVR shows that it is usually the graphics card that can't keep up when getting fps drops.
  11. Check if your graphic settings were changed after update. You could also try checking if there is a difference running full screen vs windowed.
  12. I had Acer Predator Z35 for couple of days. I think it had a VA panel. At least in that monitor there were horrible ghosting. The black and white cockpit instruments were ghosting a lot when ever you turned your view. Annoying as hell. I returned that monitor to the shop and got a monitor with IPS panel.
  13. I turn it off in game and force it on in Nvidia settings
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