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    Try if there is difference running windowed vs full screen. I've gsync monitor and I had stuttering issues in windowed mode.
  2. Remontti

    Who can replay Flights Records made by other?

    I'm not sure. My bet is that flight records would work out fine. I can't test your file since I've the expansions. Edit: If you want to try it yourself here is a short track with Mig-3 in Moscow map. Edit2: Removed attachment.
  3. Remontti

    Who can replay Flights Records made by other?

    I belive you have all the files (maps, plane models and such) regardless of what you have bought. You just don't have access to use that stuff. When you buy for example a collector plane, you don't need to download anything extra. You just activate it in the website and boom, it is in the game.
  4. I tried editing curren.map in inputs-folder. With TrackIR active I could get head forward/backward working with joystick axis but not with keyboard keys.
  5. You might be able to achieve results if you edit files in input folder. Namely disable the forward trackir axis and bind it to keyboard. I'm not sure if it works but it causes some troubles because you need to write-protect the file. You will get error messages in start and you can't change bindings in game. Note that you can adjust head forward if you keep keypad 5 pressed even if your trackir is active. You would need to save it with F10 while you're still pressing the keypad 5. Not optimal but easier than editing files.
  6. I'm pretty sure I saw something about right hand throttle in hardware subforum. Most like GLVs post since he makes custom throttles. I don't how hard it is to learn using right hand for stick, but I would be reluctant to learn to use my left hand for it (as right handed).
  7. Is reshade/sweetfx supposed to work after latest updates? I used them at some point but now I get crash to the desktop when loading a mission. I can get reshade work in hangar menu but not further.
  8. Remontti

    Customized labels

    I'm used to the no-label-expert setting but it would be nice to have custom labels available. In expert setting mp-server it would be nice to see team mates name when you're within 100m. I guess this is one the topics that show up from time to time and nothing happens in the end.
  9. Remontti

    Bombsight Violent Shaking

    I have run into same issue couple of times in multiplayer. I think it happened after map change.
  10. Remontti

    Noob Can't Go Fast

    I did some flying way back with Battle of Britain and Secret weapons of Luftwaffe. In IL-2 Forgotten battles I had zero idea about energy preservation or how to utilize effectively different aircraft. Just turning and hoping best. Got interested again with RoF and BoS I decided to learn engine management and play multiplayer. These forums have been a ton of help. I might suggest that you don't try to learn all aircraft at once. Pick few and go with them. When you're comfortable with them then study new ones. There is lot to learn, but for me that is what keeps this interesting. And in multiplayer it can be very rewarding when you eventually get success despite all the difficulties.
  11. Remontti

    What size monitor do you run?

    I have placed mine to the window behind the screen. I used a cell phone mount intended for windscreen.
  12. Remontti

    Noob Can't Go Fast

    Uh, my bad. Sorry about that. +1 for checking out Requiems videos.
  13. Remontti

    Noob Can't Go Fast

    Here is link to game manual
  14. Remontti

    BenQ ZOWIE XL2735

    I think spotting and tracking contacts below you got harder with recent patches. I struggle with the same thing from time to time. My monitor is Acer Predator x34. It has IPS panel with 100hz refresh rate and that was very noticeable improvement to my old 60hz monitor. So high refresh rate is big plus. For the size, my philosophy is that you can't get big enough. First your new monitor looks big, after 6 months it's regular and around 2 years it starts to look small. Same applies to TVs. There are plenty of reviews about monitors so be sure to check them out before buying. And check that if your resolution increases your graphic card is beefy enough.
  15. Remontti

    GPS delay

    Wait, you say that there are people who don't have this delay? Is it a bug?