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  1. 34" Acer Predator here too. I occasionally use Oculus Rift but prefer monitor.
  2. Yeah… I've seen those also after being wounded.
  3. I managed to jump on him while he was turning and preparing to attack another allied plane. I guess he spotted me as he dived down and seperation was growing fast. Few more seconds and he would have been too far away.
  4. I got a me262 on my first flight! A nice burst set his starboard engine on fire. A great success!
  5. You've been around for a while. I suppose this is a new issue? Did something change in you system when you started to get these flickerings? How are temps in your graphic card? Fans rotating ok and no dust building up on them?
  6. I've been flying mostly on the Kota and Combat Box server. Yesterday I was on WoL flying the mission (final assault?) on the Moscow map. I had constant micro stuttering that I haven't experienced on other servers or in single player. There was also constant messages about delayed hit registrations. Others experiencing such stutters or have tips how to deal with it?
  7. Check that you don't accidentally enable a profile with x,y and z-axis disabled.
  8. This is one of the reasons I got Edtracker and have not used TrackIr anymore
  9. My problem was with trackir that the view sinked and didn't return to normal without a little nod like movement. Happened also when flying level. I'd say there is a bug with trackir. There is also game feature of head moving when manouvering but no problem there.
  10. I'm all in for stronger zoom levels for VR as identifying at longer ranges is a pain. I don't mind if VR users get snap views too. I have Rift but I'm mainly flying in 2d. I don't use snap views and I've limited my head rotation a bit so it is a bit less than 180 degrees. Why? Because I find it more pleasant for my preferences. And that's what I consider important. That people can set up the game for their liking. One thing that I consider a major advantage in VR is that cockpit frame won't obscure your view like in 2d. When the plane you're looking at gets behind cockpit frame, the view is blocked for one eye but not for the other eye. So you you don't really loose the plane from your sight like you would with monitor. Something that I didn't realize before flying with VR.
  11. The head image in edtracker program is never straight when I start edtracker because my headphones are usually laying on the table. So I use Set level every time when I put headphones on and start IL-2. I've noticed there is less drifting if rotate the edtracker in every direction before setting level.
  12. There is a issue of "sinking to seat" with trackir. Naturalpoint (trackir developer) confirmed this bug and said they are working on it. But that was months ago when they said this to me. I've switched to edtracker... But as a fix you can disable trackir y-axis or try to minimize the bug by editing trackir curves.
  13. How is this bug still there? It has been over a year since discovered.
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