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  1. It's been a while since I used trackir but couple of things came to my mind. Check if those IRLEDs in the camera are working. You might be able to see the IR light if you use your phones camera. I think there is a setting for how strong the light is in the tir camera / receptor. I can't remember this setting is for IRLEDs or if it was just for the looks. Could there be some automatic setting that got the light power toned down when you used tv remote? Just guessing at this point.
  2. I have Acer Predator x34 ultrawide monitor. It is curved but the curvature is very light. So it is not like center of a circle at all. It's great monitor. The extra width brings sensation of speed and immersion. But you lose a bit of vertical visibility. I don't think curvature brings you distortions. In my monitor the image near sides is bit distorted (stretched) with maximum field of view. Doesn't trouble me at all. I'm usually looking at center part of the monitor. Head tracking is set to somewhat sensitive so I'm hardly ever looking at ends of the screen.
  3. I can't say for sure but I had a similiar experience on Wings of Liberty server. I was flying 109 G6 and 110 was attacking a tank convoy. I couldn't not see the BF110 or the tank column. I had the exact location and I was there where the tanks and 110 should have been. I did see an explosion but I don't know if that was a bomb dropped by the 110 or the time when he crashed to the ground. I made a recording of the flight but no tanks or other planes were there to see.
  4. I'm also having a blast with this in VR. It runs very well with Reverb but performance is somehow choppy with monitor. But the menu controls with hotas are horrible. You need like 10 different buttons for choosing things in the menus.
  5. I just wanted to be sure that you were aware of normal zooming. But like LukeFF said you can't get more.
  6. Could it be USB power problem? Some USB power saving settings enabled in Windows. I recall reading something like this happening to someone else too.
  7. Are the normal zoom options not enough? You need more?
  8. Maybe you are using monitor speakers? They are generally pretty lame. You can change it in Windows. I need to check output device everytime I upgrade Nvidia drivers. Somehow upgrading always chooses my monitor as the main speaker.
  9. I also would like add that when you use binoculars or pistol I can't aim them with mouse but with headtracker instead (Edtracker here, don't know if it's same for TrackIR). Hopefully this is looked into also.
  10. Did you try editing grass radius in startup.cfg? Setting it too high will bring your computer to its knees. For shadows I don't know other than putting them on ultra.
  11. 60 as I use 60Hz mode. In the 90Hz mode I get 90fps when there is nothing or little happening around me. In a dogfight with multiple planes the fps drops to 80-85. It can drop to 70 or lower when there is also lot going on on the ground like in scripted missions. Bit hard to give you good answer as it depends so much on the situation. I can play a track with my setup if you want.
  12. I installed fpsVR for steam. Mostly the frametimes for GPU were slightly higher than the CPU ones. And there were a lot of short red spikes for both frametimes. Today I received my new DDR4 3200 (Highest that my MoBo support, it's bit old I know). I installed them and flashed Bios also to newest version. I did some quick testing with 8 Mustangs vs 8 109s in Bodenplatte summer map (Ultra preset, High shadows, 2xFXAA). Now the frametimes for GPU were constantly lower than the CPU ones and the red spikes were gone. I think there is major improvement here. Thanks
  13. You should be able to use any of your planes in quick mission regardless of the date/theater
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