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  1. I turn it off in game and force it on in Nvidia settings
  2. My gsync works very well in Il-2. It's a 100Hz monitor and I see no tearing with 100fps or when it drops to 90fps. I don't know about Free-sync.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I think I can resist the temptation of upgrade now.
  4. I currently have 6700K cpu @4,8GHz, 16Gb DDR3 2666 and RTX 2080Ti. Playing with Reverb. PWCG campaigns run nicely with higher graphics settings but quick missions (Bodenplatte, 8 p51 vs 8 bf110g) and the scripted campaign Sea Dragons give me trouble. At medium preset, medium clouds, medium shadows, no ss, 2 x fxaa I can't maintain 90 fps. In quick mission it runs around 80 fps with drops down to 60 fps when the furball starts. In Sea Dragons it is 90 fps until I get close to target area and fps drops down to 50-60. With Low preset the performance is 15-20 fps higher so I use it at the moment. Altough the cpu overclocks nicely, it's getting old. Do you think there would be performance increase if I would change it to 10600K (specs say 4,8GHz in turbo mode)? So without overclocking the Ghz would be same but will it be faster just because it is newer design? (I would oc the heck out of it if I get it). I would also upgrade memory to faster DDR4. I think my current mobo supports DDR4 so I could also just upgrade the memory in case cpu upgrade is not worth it. Only interested in IL-2 VR performance.
  5. This. You can notice that the shadow of a plane can be seen sharply from higher altitude.
  6. You could also make copy of you tir profile. Disable negative y-axis movement in othter. Then assign a key in tir to momenteraly activate the profile with negative y-axis enabled. Then you just press that key when you want to enable negative y-axis movement.
  7. I'm going to try a powered usb hub next. Someone said something about similiar problems that were fixed with a powered usb 3.0 hub.
  8. I updated Windows back to version 2004 and disabled all the USB power saving options. I still get the issue of 60Hz mode with distorted image. I noted also when the image is distorted changing refresh rate from Windows settings doesn't do a thing. When the Reverb is working properly I see Mixed Reality Portal flicker briefly (restarting prehaps?) when I change refresh rate. After setting the power saving options off I haven't seen the error of not being connected to USB3. Now I just need to unplug and plug Reverbs USB cable to fix the issue. Not sure if crawling under the desk pulling cables is anyway faster than rebooting though.
  9. Indeed they were in power saving mode. I'll try this. Thanks.
  10. Hmm... I reverted previous Windows 10 version but the problem remained. I tried to disconnect and reconnect USB but Mixed Reality Portal gave me an error that it wasn't a USB3 port (it is). Tried another USB3 port and Mixed Reality Portal launched ok and the image was good (without rebooting). Something wrong with my motherboards USB-ports apparently. Oh boy, you gotta love computers. My last computer ended it's days in a firing range😁
  11. You misunderstood. I ran the patch that fixed the 60Hz image and Windows is showing version 2004. 60Hz mode worked fine, but I want run the game in 90Hz mode. I have 90Hz mode selected in Windows settings. Somehow the Reverb is in 60Hz mode (regardless of my settings for WMR) and the image is distorted. As soon as I reboot the computer all is fixed. So everytime I start computer I need to reboot it first to get VR working properly.
  12. Does anyone have experience with this? When I start computer and start Mixed Reality Portal in Windows the image in my Reverb is distorted. It is kind of zoomed in and the image gets bend or curved near edges. If I launch IL-2 it is the same thing in the game. From game FPS counter I can see that it runs in 60Hz mode although I have selected 90Hz mode in Windows settings. Now if I restart computer everything is ok. The image in Mixed Reality Portal and in-game is correct and FPS is limited to 90 as it should be. I think this began as I was eager to test the 60Hz mode of Reverb and installed a Windows update that fixed the distorted image in 60Hz mode. I tried uninstalling Mixed Reality Portal and removed Reverb and installed them again but it didn't help.
  13. I'm confused. How do you enable or disable reprojecton for Reverb? In Steam Vr I can find motion smoothing under Video tab in program specific settings. I tried setting it for Windows mixed reality but I don't see any effect. Il-2 is not listed here since I don't have the Steam version. One of the options for motion smoothing is "use global setting" but I can't find this global setting anywhere. Or have I misunderstood how reprojection works? With my prevoius Rift it was 90 or 45 fps with ASW. With ASW disabled fps could be anything up to 90. With my Reverb it doesn't go 45 when it goes below 90fps.
  14. Fuel mixture bindings messed?
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