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  1. Remontti

    Advice please

    How about your graphics cards temperatures. Are they ok? Fans working?
  2. Remontti

    Help please with external view

    Keypad can also be used
  3. I use joystick gremlin and it works. But it was troublesome to bind those new axis to BoS. BoS was seeing the regular joystick axis and then the new virtual axis. After many tries I got the BoS to pick the virtual axis instead of the original axis. It helped when I did not move the axis from 0-100% but like 10-90% of the movement range. Maybe there is more elegant way to bind those virtual axis?
  4. If I remember correctly there is also command for default zoom that gives you saved zoom level (saved with F10). If you haved saved wide zoom level you could use this command to instantly zoom out regardless of your inertia/speed settings.
  5. Remontti

    Problem with joystick button assignment

    If the OP is talking abot fw190, the machineguns and cannons are on same trigger.
  6. Remontti

    P40E questions

    I would check your bindings for brakes since there are two different methods for them. Most Russian planes have break lever and you need to apply rudder to break individual tyre. In German planes there are pedals for left and right tyre. P-40 has the same system as German planes.
  7. I'm afraid it is not possible
  8. Remontti

    can anyone help me with a "senior moment"

    Remember to enable mods on mode
  9. I belive shift (maybe alt & ctrl) + axis work, but joystick button+axis doesn't work. I've no experience on Thrustmaster or what kind of software it comes with, but there are 3rd party programs that allow you to bind joystick buttons to keyboard commands.
  10. Ok. I managed to solve this little problem with JoystickGremlin program. I use my VKB Gladiators throttle lever to choose Single engine / Multi engine mode. I can now have the GLV Main Throttle lever for engine 1 or engine 2 depending VKB Gladiators lever position. Nice.😀 Well, then there is the Ju-52 with three engines. Didn't go there yet as I rarely fly this thing...
  11. I remember that someone posted about this kind of problem while ago. The problem or bug was linked to "Engine auto control" difficulty option. If you have Engine auto control ticked, the LA5 throttle doesn't work. Just tried it myself. With that ticked my throttle moves the mixture RPM control (I also have seperate throttle axis for different engines, so I don't know what happens if you use general throttle control. Edit: Same thing with general throttle binding). Edit: A quick fix is to disable the automation Left Shift+M when flying La5, La5FN or A20.
  12. Remontti

    HDR and SSAO on contacts visibility

    I would post a screenshot but my nvidia panel is not in English. But in nVidia 3d-settings you should find a section with two tabs: one for general settings and one for program specific settings. In the general settings tab look for DSR. You can choose multiple options (1.5 x native, 2.0 x native…). After that just run a game and now you can choose higher resolutions what your native resolution is.
  13. I've had mine maybe 6 months. One of my buttons is less sensitive than others. A light tap won't register as push of a button. Otherwise the throttle has been working great.
  14. Remontti

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    Yes. And that is why it would be nice to see just those on the same team and only when close. Maybe even realistic as you would know pilots of your base. But there are so many opinions how icons should be so it easier to just turn them totally on/off for all. But one can still dream...
  15. Remontti

    Request: Allow configuration of icons.

    I hope we get more options at some point. I wonder if mp servers that have icons disabled would consider a option where you see friendly pilots name when range is less than 100 meters. It would be nice to see who is by your side when starting engines