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  1. You really think the current map is adequate? Here are some maps from the era and they are a lot more detailed. https://relay.nationalgeographic.com/proxy/distribution/public/amp/culture/2018/08/soviet-russia-maps-captured-world-war-II
  2. I haven't really followed tank forums so I don't know if this has been discussed before. I find navigating awkward as the map is too undetailed. The map is fine for aerial operations but not for ground operations. For example in towns it is really hard to tell where you are when the only land marks are the roads. Same goes for trees and woods. There can be plenty of trees that are not marked in anyway in the map.
  3. I find it it disturbing that I cannot use head tracking when controlling the turret from open hatch. If I release the turret control to check out my surroundings the turret returns to 12 o'clock position. Or is there a way to look around you without the turret returning to forward position? I really hope the devs copy as much as they can how things are made in Steel Beasts Pro.
  4. You can change the curve to your liking also if you edit …/Data/Input/Current.map and then write protect it. Otherwise the file will be rewritten when you start the game. You will also get an error message when starting game and you will not be able to modify your inputs in game. So it is not the best solution. If you do it, look for this entry: [bc_head_zoom] data_row0 = -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row1 = -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -0.973684, -0.947368, -0.921052, -0.894736, -0.868421, -0.842100, -0.815789; data_row2 = -0.789473, -0.763157, -0.736842, -0.710526, -0.684210, -0.657894, -0.631578, -0.605263, -0.578947, -0.552631; data_row3 = -0.526315, -0.500000, -0.473684, -0.447368, -0.421052, -0.394736, -0.368421, -0.342100, -0.315789, -0.289473; data_row4 = -0.263157, -0.236842, -0.210526, -0.184210, -0.157894, -0.131578, -0.105263, -0.078947, -0.052631, -0.026315; data_row5 = 0.000000, 0.027027, 0.054054, 0.081081, 0.108100, 0.135135, 0.162162, 0.189189, 0.216216, 0.243243; data_row6 = 0.270270, 0.297297, 0.324324, 0.351351, 0.378378, 0.405400, 0.432432, 0.459459, 0.486486, 0.513513; data_row7 = 0.540540, 0.567567, 0.594594, 0.621621, 0.648648, 0.675675, 0.702700, 0.729729, 0.756756, 0.783783; data_row8 = 0.810810, 0.837837, 0.864864, 0.891891, 0.918918, 0.945945, 0.972972, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000; data_row9 = 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000, 1.000000; data_endrow = 1.000000 symmetry = 0; spline = 0; [end] The data_row5 first value (0) is the neutral position, the middle of assigned axis. I tried what happens with values below: Axis set for zoom was zoomed out in all positions except for the very end of axis where it was full zoom with minimal transition between max and min zoom. Basically just two zoom levels. [BC_HEAD_ZOOM] data_row0 = -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row1 =-1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row2= -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row3 = -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row4 =-1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row5 = -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row6 =-1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row7 =-1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row8 =-1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000, -1.000000; data_row9 =0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000; data_endrow = 1.000000 symmetry = 0; spline = 0; [end]
  5. My experience in WoL says that they try to get help from team mates when they flash the lights. Sonetimes it helps and this time it didn't. Going a bit off-topic here but something strange happened in WoL last night. I was chasing a Fw190 in my Yak. Totally fixed on my prey of course so I didn't notice those 109s behind me. The first 109 was going faster and flew past my Yak maybe 50 meters above me and started firing at the 190. I was like "What!?" and tried to get the 109 on my sights before he gets too far. Then the other 109 comes from my behind and starts to shoot the first 109. So two germans going for germans and everybody ignoring me. I managed to to score two kills and the my engine just died (debris I think). Very confusing experience 😁
  6. I got mine last month from here https://edtrackerpro.mybigcommerce.com If you're looking for the DIY set then I don't know
  7. I can recommend Edtracker pro also. I've been using it for a month now. I switched from Tir5 and I would say it's as good as Tir. My trackir is collecting dust at the moment but I'm going to keep it as backup.
  8. I think Jason posted it somewhere that this has nothing to do with the "bubble" around the player. Instead it was related to how much stuff is loaded around the waypoints in a mission.
  9. I got my edtracker pro yesterday. I've been tinkering the curves and testing it. So far it has been quite good, but I'm not sure if I want to replace my Tir5 yet. While the pseudo 6DOF works nicely there are still moments where you miss the real 6DOF. Like when you want move head forward without pitching to see past cockpit frame. With Trackir I agree with Blackram. Trackir could need couple of new features, but there has been none for a long time. I really liked the neck displacement option in Opentrack. They should implement this to trackir too. Otherwise the Trackir is a solid performer. I think both devices are good with their own pros and cons.
  10. I just ordered Edtracker Pro. Interesting to see how it compares to Trackir5.
  11. I had TrackHat Clip Plus couple of years ago. The charging port lasted about three months. It couldn't handle the daily plug in for charging the battery. I don't know how's the quality at the moment.
  12. One thing could be that in flight sims we usually have the gun sight and you notice it more easily if you're off center. In a racing simulator it might not be so obvious if your point of view is 10cm off.
  13. I would disagree that it is games fault. I wrote to Natural Point (maker of Trackir) and they said that they are aware of problem related to TrueView. And the problem was that Trackir is not always centered correctly after looking around. They told me that they plan to fix the issue. With TrueView you're always moving your head in the correct way regardless of what direction you're facing. Here is an example: Let's say you're looking at your 6 o'clock. TrueView on: When you move your head closer to where your nose is pointing your view in-game moves closer to the seat. If you lean to right your view in-game will move closer to left / port side of canopy. TrueView off: When you move your head closer to where your nose is pointing your view in-game moves away from the seat. If you lean to right your in-game will move closer to right / starboard side of canopy. So without TrueView your movements are inverted when looking straight back. And that is very, very confusing at least for me.
  14. With TrueView the centering is sometimes off. Without it there is less need to reset view but I get confused every time when looking back and trying to lean to side. I have TrueView on but I've disabled y-axis (up/down). And I use this trick that I wrote about in another section: Wirh these settings I don't need to reset the view very often.
  15. Unfortunately TrackIR software lacks those features what Opentrack has.
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