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  1. No. I clean it regulary and no heat issues so far. Yesterday Combat Box was running Moscow map which I played 2-3 hours without problems. I'll post again when I've had opportunity to play a Bodenplatte scenario and we'll see if reinstalling game & drivers helped.
  2. You're right. The specs in signature are outdated. I've Rtx 2080Ti and using monitor. No other updates in hardware. And Windows 10? It has its own life and updates when it feels like it😁 In software I'm also running Opentrack and Simshaker. Somehow the Bodenplatte maps have been buggy for me. With distant buildings setting on I was getting different crashes (reported those). I haven't had problems with single player. I mostly play MP so I need to test SP more to be certain. Before Bodenplatte was released I don't remember having issues with crashing. And I mean since release of BoS. I try clean install of IL-2 and Nvidia drivers for start.
  3. Nvidia 2080s drivers were updated not long ago and it did not change anything. I find it strange that the issue comes only when respawning and choosing loadout. And only in Bodenplatte map.
  4. I've been getting crashes on Bodenplatte map (Edit: both autumn and summer). Mainly on Combat Box server but I don't want to point finger to server. They just run the Bodenplatte map more than other servers I play on. At some point after respawn my screen looks like this: And in Hangar skins get messed up. They are placed wrong way, like British roundel might be on the cockpit or the skin is transparent. Or like this: If keep playing after seeing red on map, the game will crash soon after. Some times there is a error message after the crash but last time just black screen. It has never occured on other maps (or other servers). There was no Crash dump. I try to include one if I get one next time. Any ideas?
  5. If you play single player you can check if this mod helps you
  6. Ok, I think I figured it out. I tried settings what buz13buz13 is using and the padlock stopped working. With "Allow Spectators" unticked the padlock doesn't function. So tick also "Allow Spectators" (enables external views) and you should be good to go.
  7. Here are the settings I used to test padlock. I only have binded keys 8 and 9 since I don't use padlock feature. I just tried it out for you. Last pic is padlock enabled and my wingman in centered in the view. I'm running windows 10 too. I think the colors in difficulty refer to Normal / Expert difficulty settings. In Normal you have green and red boxes checked and in Expert you have only red boxes checked. Edit: Padlock works both with head tracking (Opentrack / Edtracker) and without head tracking.
  8. Out of interest I tried the padlock. Just ticked the padlock option on custom difficulty and assigned keys for targeting friendly and hostile aircraft. Worked flawlessly in 2vs2 quick mission.
  9. Does uninstalling remove all the files from game directory? Generally speaking if find that many games don't remove saved games or user settings when you uninstall. In IL-2 the keybinds are in …/data/input/ folder. You could make backup of that input folder and then remove files inside it. Then start the game and it will recreate those files with default bindings. What are your difficulty settings? Is it the same thing with Expert and Normal? I just tried flying a P-51 with Custom difficulty and all help boxes ticked and it behaved very strangely.
  10. If you pull your Saitek your Yoke is still sending data that it is in neutral position. So there is a conflict where the game gets two kind of data for the same thing. You could use Joystick gremlin to set both controllers as virtual joystick. Then make condition or profile to enable only one.
  11. I personally don't pause tracking when I adjust default view. Instead I keep keypad 5 pressed, adjust position with keys, save with F10, release keypad 5.
  12. I suppose you mean seat position
  13. The current command system in Tank crew is rather clumsy and slow. I know Tank Crew is in early access and many thing could be just place holders but maybe this is good time gather some ideas here how to improve it. Currently the best way to control the tank for me is to do it all by yourself. I'm constantly switching between commander and gunner positions. It's not really feeling like commanding a tank, just controlling it. Using the tanks is still quite fun and so there is a chance to make it more appealing. Movement: Currently setting auto-pilot for the driver makes moving really clumsy. I'm not using it. It is easier to use throttle and pedals for movement. I really dislike the idea of holding a key for keeping speed up especially since we are travelling rather long distances in-game. I would rather see a basic WASD (bindable to what ever of course) type of controls. Since we have already slow / medium / full speed options in current command system. We could have a setting where on press of W would set slow speed, second press medium speed and third press full speed. S would reduce speed and if possible long press of S would bring tank to halt. And from stationary pressing S would set reverse. A and D for steering like we have now. Then a Move command for commander. Press a key and a then point & click a location and tank then drives to that location with medium speed. You could alter the speed with W and S once moving. If possible maybe giving the Move command and pointing to the sky would just turn the tank to that direction. So not opening command menu, click terrain, choose move, choose speed but press key and point & click terrain. Commander station: Sometimes the gunner fires at targets by his own and sometimes he won't do it even if you allow it. Pointing him a target works but once again it is painfully slow to assign a target. How about a Attack command? Just like the Move command explained above. Press Attack-key and point & click at terrain. If there is tank, truck, gun or such the gunner would fire at it (like the attack we have now) and if there is just terrain gunner would suppress it. And if possible using the attack key to sky would turn the turret to that direction. And preferably the gunner would fire what ever round you have in the cannon. We also need ability to the commander to choose what type of round is loaded. Now you could change the type of round after the first shot if you're in hurry and bad situation. Or if you have time change the round type before giving attack order. But I think it is pointless choose ammo type every time we assign a target to gunner. This needs to be a command you can issue quickly. To streamline the command system I would also separate Formation and Spacing. Assigning formation column, line and so on would not ask for the spacing. It would just use what the platoons spacing is currently. If you want to change spacing to wider or tighten it you would use Spacing command. Hold fire / Fire at will command. Maybe this could always be a command that affects the whole platoon. Mostly useful if you want to stay hidden or the target is far away. Usually affecting the whole platoon. The other crew members could call out targets if they see them. If this is to happen maybe we can have some more interaction with the gunner. If the gunner aims at a target he has spotted on by himself, he would announce it to commander who would the just give the fire order (just one key press please). This is needed so the gunner doesn't fire at a truck if there is a more threatening tank close by. You should be also able to give a command to gunner to engage targets at will without commanders confirmation. That's what I'm expecting to do as tank commander. Choose where to go and tell my crew who to engage. Of course less important commands could still be available in the command menu but the essential ones would easily available with just one to two key presses. Also ability to assign a waypoint in map mode would be nice. Gunner: Here I just miss interaction from the commander. He could tell my at what direction he sees a target. Maybe he could also tell if the round fired hit the target, was short or went over.
  14. Han replied that the jumpy movement is something they will take a closer look. And it got fixed with one of the patches. He didn't say anything about the auto-mode. I guess it is working as intended. I use the auto mode when approaching the target. I constantly re-adjust the crosshairs back to target. Just before drop I switch to manual mode and drop bombs. I think the auto-mode is very useful as it helps to take the right directon with crosswinds.
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