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  1. Remontti

    BenQ ZOWIE XL2735

    I think spotting and tracking contacts below you got harder with recent patches. I struggle with the same thing from time to time. My monitor is Acer Predator x34. It has IPS panel with 100hz refresh rate and that was very noticeable improvement to my old 60hz monitor. So high refresh rate is big plus. For the size, my philosophy is that you can't get big enough. First your new monitor looks big, after 6 months it's regular and around 2 years it starts to look small. Same applies to TVs. There are plenty of reviews about monitors so be sure to check them out before buying. And check that if your resolution increases your graphic card is beefy enough.
  2. Remontti

    GPS delay

    Wait, you say that there are people who don't have this delay? Is it a bug?
  3. Remontti

    BenQ ZOWIE XL2735

    No, I don't have that monitor. You should consider If that monitor has features you're looking for. Do you want those shields, do you need remote for monitor settings or would you choose tn panel over ips panel?
  4. You could also use two different profiles on TrackIr: The normal one and another where you have disabled unwanted axis. You could make it also less sensitive. There is hotkey in TrackIr named profile. Bind a key to it and check enabled box. You can set it on/off style selecting toggle option. Otherwise it is only working when the key is pressed.
  5. Remontti

    Turning head tracking on/off

    You could set up a snap view for aiming and bind it to joystick button. The head tracking is not in use while you push the snap view button.
  6. Remontti

    IL-2 Survival

    I set the flap limiter to 33% in Mig. I think this is what was instructed in devdiary video back when Mig was released.
  7. This is what I'm about to get. There is also a roll wheel for index finger what you can't see in the picture. Man, this is going to be great.
  8. Remontti

    BoBP - Tank Busting

    Not much a tank can do to an aircraft as you want to keep those hatches closed. But infantry firing at a tank with mg. That is a situation tank can take care of. Pretty much what it was designed for. Can't blame any of those who did not try. Suicide, that what it is.
  9. I have inverted roll also when turning head over 90 degrees. Using Trackir 5 and TrackclipPro. In 1CAG_Darrylx444s video the other sims seem to work ok. But I get this inverted roll in Trackir before I even start IL-2. Can others confirm this? I noticed that someone posted this this also at Naturalpoints forum but it was not mentioned if he was playing IL-2. Maybe it would be good idea to bumb that forum post also if you have account there.
  10. Remontti

    Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    I had 2 buttkicker amplifiers and both broke within 2 months. Not going to get another buttkicker. Hopefully yours lasts longer. I admit it was fun while it worked.
  11. I'm using Trackir5 with trackclip pro. I don't experience problems with stray light and I consider quite accurate. Would you say that Edtracker Pro is still better? And what is pseudo DOF?
  12. I did this at one point by editing the files with key commands. I made leaning work with same trackir axis what turning your head uses. But I lost the ability to lean when looking forward. I wasn't able to get normal leaning work same time with "auto-leaning". Gave up and forgot the whole thing.
  13. Ram0506s fix worked for me. Thanks.
  14. I got the same problem today. I tried that fix earlier today but it didn't help.
  15. Remontti

    to behead the CPU, tools

    This Finnish store seems to have them in stock https://www.jimms.fi/en/Product/Show/127194/fsd8-019/n-a-der8auer-delid-die-mate-2