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  1. I have inverted roll also when turning head over 90 degrees. Using Trackir 5 and TrackclipPro. In 1CAG_Darrylx444s video the other sims seem to work ok. But I get this inverted roll in Trackir before I even start IL-2. Can others confirm this? I noticed that someone posted this this also at Naturalpoints forum but it was not mentioned if he was playing IL-2. Maybe it would be good idea to bumb that forum post also if you have account there.
  2. Buttkicker review (attached to joystick)

    I had 2 buttkicker amplifiers and both broke within 2 months. Not going to get another buttkicker. Hopefully yours lasts longer. I admit it was fun while it worked.
  3. I'm using Trackir5 with trackclip pro. I don't experience problems with stray light and I consider quite accurate. Would you say that Edtracker Pro is still better? And what is pseudo DOF?
  4. I did this at one point by editing the files with key commands. I made leaning work with same trackir axis what turning your head uses. But I lost the ability to lean when looking forward. I wasn't able to get normal leaning work same time with "auto-leaning". Gave up and forgot the whole thing.
  5. Ram0506s fix worked for me. Thanks.
  6. I got the same problem today. I tried that fix earlier today but it didn't help.
  7. to behead the CPU, tools

    This Finnish store seems to have them in stock https://www.jimms.fi/en/Product/Show/127194/fsd8-019/n-a-der8auer-delid-die-mate-2
  8. gunsight keeps moving downward

    Sorry jokerBR, I totally forgot this thread. Here is how you do it: 1. Make a copy of your original BoS profile and name it something like "BoS - No Y-axis". 2. Now in this "Bos - No Y-axis" disable the Y-axis. 3. Then under Hotkeys (see picture) choose Profile from Action menu. Set Key to what you want to use to activate this profile (it can be joystick, keyboard). 4. Tick Enable. If you don't tick Toggle, this "BoS - No Y-axis" is active only when you keep the key pressed down (the one you chose in step 3.). Note that if you use toggle, you need to enable Profile section in your original BoS profile and set a key. Otherwise you won't be able to switch back to original profile.
  9. gunsight keeps moving downward

    You could also use TrackIRs ability to use multiple profiles. One with reduced or disabled Y-axis movement for combat and another with Y-axis allowing to duck inside cockpit. Switching profiles can be set as switch or so that other profile is activated only while button is pressed.
  10. Target frame rate

    If I remember correctly, this option is locked (to 90) when using VR.
  11. I tried VR (Rift) with shadows off couple of days ago. It didn't crash.
  12. VR vs. TrackIR 5

    Recently I've been flying more and more with TrackIR. While the Rift is great for immersion, I seem to prefer the high image quality and smooth performance. I agree what SimpleThe1st wrote above. One thing is worth mentioning that annoys me more than previously. With monitor the cockpit frame blocks your view much more than should. In VR you have seperate views for both eyes and the cockpit frame doesn't usually block the view for both eyes.
  13. Graphic settings

    I think roads and forests get rendered in shorter distance in balanced settings. Trees in towns are also drawn at shorter distance. Clouds seem to be in lower resolution also and can be bit pixelated sometimes. With low settings you loose details in plane textures, but I dont't know if that happens with high->balanced.
  14. I wouldn't recommend Buttkicker. I had Buttkicker gamer 2 and it lasted 2 months. After waiting 6 months I got a replacement for the broken one and it worked 2 months before the electronics died. I took it to local electronics shop and they opened it up. They said it was made of cheap Chinese parts and is not made to last.
  15. performance

    These results seem to correspond what I got when I tested the track. I wonder what kind of super computer is required to keep those min frames near 90 fps. In the linked chart there are guys with cpu clocks running at 4,9 and 5,2 GHz and their average fps don't differ so much from those with more modest overclockings.